Rolex Datejust Steel White Gold Silver Linen Dial Vintage Watch 16014 Review | SwissWatchExpo

The Rolex reference 16014, and not another 
Datejust like it. If you asked me the linen  
dial is just something that you just don’t see on 
any other watch. You’ve seen them on Rolex and not  
a ton of them to be quite honest with you. Heck 
we only have 4 of them in inventory ourselves.  
And that may not last long. This is just one 
of the coolest that I think they have. Now, if  
I was going to do a silver motif Datejust with a 
Jubilee bezel on a fluted — excuse me, with fluted  
bezel and the Jubilee band. This is the one I’d go 
with. It doesn’t matter what angle I put this at.  
The dial is completely readable. I think the other 
silver dials — on occasion — will get in their own  
way. And it just makes the watch not as readable 
as this at no point in time. Can I not read where  
the hands are pointing when in relation to these 
markers? And to me, that’s everything that watch  
should be something — definitely readable. And 
the — I always talk about how good our guys  
are at refinishing. Just look at that line. 
Just look at it when you — just look at it.  

/> It’s absolutely beautiful. These guys are 
amazing at what they do and the Jubilee band  
is absolutely wonderful and this is a cool thing 
to wear. Come check it out at

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