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citizens of the reject Nation after months of requests and since uh I’m out of town from the 12th to the 20th I figured it’s about time we answered the call and I got my buddy Aaron Alexander to join me today for this r r r Aaron how are you I’m doing wonderful I’m in the Christmas spirit I have never seen a frame I’ve never seen a clip a trailer a mini thing on YouTube I’ve never seen anything about that have you I haven’t the slightest clue I have no idea what we’re walking into but I’ve

been bombarded forever to watch it so I was like all right here we go gonna do it guys smash that like button and as always full length three action watch alongs where you sync up with your own copy of RR available for our super sexy Rejects at our patreon page we also covered exclusively several shows over their reaction Heights and watch alongs included I’ll move reactions you see here full length watch Longs over there I hear it’s exciting I’ve had people at parties be like you should do RR so apparently it’s an exciting film no

idea what we’re going to get into right now but let’s see there’s white people in this yeah I think this is

uh Brits uh it’s amazing Who’s the artist I want to have this little package on our mantelpiece Edward yes sir okay there we go oh Jesus no do you comprehend the value of the bullet in your Barrel it was manufactured in an English Factory using English Metals it crossed the seventh season in English vessel by the time it reached the barrel of Yorkshire it cost one pound one pound sterling and you would want to

squander it on Brown rubbish ouch damn clear the road oh Jesus oh my God oh why oh wow the production design on this is gnarly that’s powerful that’s a great shot you should recruit this guy arrest that buster bring him to me got into the crowd rest that one guy but throw down oh my god oh dude Mr Officer what are you doing ah damn this guy’s deal it’s a claustrophobic wow he’s in a man cave oh oh my God he’s gonna really make his way out this crowd he’s gonna he’s gonna finish that assignment

laughs I think I want to understand is why is he fighting so hard for the Brits I know oh jeez Louise oh God he’s powered by Vengeance and good mustache jeans oh that’s cool that’s a beautiful shot the fire is reflective of this man’s passion trouble then very good why are those buckets labeled fire oh to put out fires oh right back to his post foreign contribution they are Philip Anderson Charles Langford Frank Pooh you gotta be me wow The Swinging on that rope actually saved him time no but it looked cool yeah damn there’s

some gnarly visuals oh no no that’s awesome foreign together you can do it Flex like you’ve never flexed before now you can really tie it together actually knock it out oh my God just those claws alone right oh damn thing won’t stop removed something earlier and attached it now so you can charge me again you cheating bastard you have no idea who you’re messing with man we have a hunter to roaming free we have nothing on him you mean nothing it’s quite an impossible task how the hell are we supposed to catch him the one

that accomplishes The Impossible um will be promoted to the rank of special officers where’s my stash boy do you want him dead or alive there he is there’s Mustache Boy are you hitting him like that he’s forgotten his ID mom that doesn’t give you the right can animals sorry ma’am is good she’s beautiful hey we’re watching the ploy that he’s playing at you damn wow how are they doing a shot super drone well he’s somewhere in that region oh that’s not good holy God Jesus it’s going to hit that child whoa foreign nope I don’t

have the slightest clue okay cool yikes awesome hell yeah he’s gonna catch him with the flag oh they’re gonna trade oh dope cool oh God that will last forever this is just the beginning hey rise for revolt Brothers oh my God they’re gonna work together yeah I thought they’re gonna fight this is better I mean he’s got to be like trying to work his way up the ranks in some way to get he must have some type of vet and data mission right seems that way I love this friendship is if you don’t squat you’re

homie you’re not really friends bang the white lady bang the colonizer two motorcycles we’re gonna throw these needles at her get her attention yeah throw them playground rules here just be really mean to her proper tires I think they’re gonna do that yeah yeah we’re such Rascals you’re just gonna pop some tires for fun they watch as 10 men mugger instead of put it in a terrible yeah it’s the perfect plan North poor tram station nearby huh oh are you going that way I’m sorry I can’t understand what you’re saying he wants to go inside

your home and make a love to you and you have his children passionately oh don’t call me memsaab it’s just Jenny yes Jenny yes just Jenny is it it’s not for me there is a small girl staying with us Molly I love the music dude foreign what’s he about to make oh a bracelet wow that was really fast how beautiful she’s going to love it there is a party at the Gymkhana Club hmm yeah baby please do try to come bye you will learn English in the next few hours I will study diligently Aaron will

also learn English I will fix it before a bangle it’s a clue hell yeah they go uh Feb 14th it’s Valentine’s Day if you’re in need of a dance partner Jennifer you need to look any further I’m your perfect looking at the best dance around him I second that oh dorky isn’t how small he is um let’s join the party you bought carry on I’ll join you in a while a pipe I love how this whole movie he was full of Fury until he met him a guy he’s neither bro yeah would you like to

dance oh this is where you speak the love language oh he knows how to dance you have no idea he’s about to make a literal hole in that dance floor baby I run from tigers in the jungle yeah I Dance with the Devil I’m sorry oh no you hurt a white woman whatever dance off oh snap oh dang let’s get this on the road man let’s go let’s go show them up show them up come on can you do it break dance yeah yeah baby go let’s go support your brother hunting it always starts with

the Bob not salsa not Flamenco my brother do you know Desi Notch homie’s so Suave dude yes hell yeah hey yes look at him go look at him go hey yes look at him Joe oh they are perfectly safe this is the best Series this song right can’t hang homie what are they gonna do what are they gonna do yes oh my God hey blues for her lose Elevate him elevate your brother don’t block him which is what he does with the tiger oh we can go home now why don’t you carry me like that

you know what he’s got a bad cramp can you drop him at a new buzzer of course of course yeah they’re barely even sweating would you like to come to my place it’s almost so much like Roseburg before I drop you home Molly yo you’ve lost sight of the mission the prize man there’s a oh my God he’s about to put together right now oh please don’t put it together right now right in this moment wait how was it got the color of the thing is that’s not our guy no no but it’s the first

guy who um earlier in the movie when he was chasing him yeah yeah when they’re at the gate oh there’s that anger there’s that Fury open the gate be cool man be cool servants could not use the main entrance man he is not a servant friend let him go As You Wish ma’am can’t wait for these people to die I’ll break it down you know how to do it foreign jungle oh oh no it’s got beautiful fingernails oh it’s really confused there for a second I was like he’s really nice you did mention that this

must be this must be his backstory to it somehow this will get him back to her right as this has got to be the reason why he’s doing this the real question snake get me out of here snake come on come on snake bro snake bite through this for heaven’s snake get me out of here got him that was really good timing man hiker today whoa whoa damn oh damn he got him it’s pretty calm about this oh no notice him oh you got me me noticing oh it’s frustrating jungle gotta go back hi he’s

got a great run foreign damn together oh no uh you better remember this all right when you’re fine foreign you’re fighting the wrong guy oh poor guy oh my God I thought they were sneaking right nope oh they are no snake eat it here I did not see that coming this is like some original Jungle Book right here all right go spread murder murder Mayhem no wrong person yo this movie is bastardly added yeah very well done there’s like 4 million shots slap the out of it that’s what I’m talking about oh it’s right whip

him how does it feel does it feel to be whipped by chains huh how does it feel I like the way you scream Jesus yep our boy it’s our other boy no it’s like Revelations up in here oh come on is he back to the stash come on man he’s a man of the mission you both didn’t know he’s like freaking Four Horsemen um oh my god oh come on surrender Ken he really can’t look him in the eyes huh oh my God oh my God oh here we go Jesus oh my God oh my

God go for the kill shot of there whoa whoa damn this is amazing choreography damn that’s an epic ass shot it’s like Mortal Kombat over here this is so sick ouch oh my God how is this foot more powerful than do it you know you can’t do it you love them you also can’t bring him in dad remember oh you gotta be kidding me that is so messed up instead of bringing bad luck jeez what a shot oh my God the blood infection doing that man hey Rama Raju is being awarded the rank of special

officer got what you wanted hope you’re happy was it worth it Raju they’ll squats me nothing squatted you man you dance together oh now it’s a flashback yes I know tomorrow oh my god did he send his son in there to be like the ultimate undercover guy um foreign oh my God what that turned so fast we scared him sir thank God yikes got him in the finger and the back yeah baby show them how it’s done oh no no no no no no no no no no no oh you gotta be kidding me you

no no oh no Lord okay I’m gonna leave him there it is oh in the face got it yeah she’s playing a real long game here yeah exactly yeah foreign of Daring to rise against us and begs for Mercy this music is great too no it’s really come this far foreign Jesus lady oh he’s making him Bend he didn’t kneel she has to die first oh he was making sure it didn’t Neil officer Passion of the Christ come all right so you gotta be motivated in some way Jesus Christ damn oh oh my God that’s

awful rise there we go yep it is didn’t realize it they’re wanted to make an example out of it and the opportunities give more fuel foreign yes and what was blatantly obvious was your abject failure at bringing this brute to his knees I’m sorry sir what did you do we’ll find out it’ll come in handy right okay perfectly slid that in there very good it’s a fascinating world it’s like starting to question the rules like this but the movie imagined to be like so serious too go faster I said faster damage oh yeah oh he’s

gonna grab that gun isn’t it here damn what the hell what the you gotta be kidding me no no foreign oh face smashes on these men all right it’s brutal man oh oh it’s not what you think it is homie no oh he has no idea oh no no oh next to his head next to his head right he’ll be so starving he’ll be gnoring at his chains that’s what I’m talking about yeah damn okay well I’m in a solitary cell ouch yes get it to everyone oh she came over here in foreign shoot oh

my God really sacrificed himself huh damn that is a haunting memory right there to kill his own dad man but he became a great dancer along the way not if he can stop it gotta save his boy in return he’s dancing the pattern the Rhythm yes Brothers yeah let’s do this fight is one go oh my God it’s so sick crap that’s incredible yes do it man yes they’re one Superman oh oh cool yes it’s gnarly yes I love it I love it so much this is awesome oh my God oh yeah go yay oh

my God they’re becoming a centipede he’s gonna flip him up there oh yes yes they’ve just had no yeah one shot that’s what we’re talking about my man hahaha this is so insane so creative yes I love it I love it oh man he just knows an herb for every situation you don’t even know where he’s at dude oh it’s so sickness hell yeah oh oh holy God yikes right in the jugular sick wow that’s beautiful yeah though you saw the bridge scene yeah they don’t need words shoot hey nice oh no way that’s what

I’m talking about it’s like What’s it gonna do are we just gonna grab it all right all right ah the reprisal hell yeah look at them go I love that twist under the the horse that was amazing yes Ghost Rider this is TNT oh yeah amazing oh they’re destroying the British Empire oh my God why’d you go inside when did you go inside he’s trying to get guns for everyone it’s a little too late for that man is that my blood he’s moving oh this hurts your sadistic wife is dead sucks too so whoa she’s

like covered in the barbed wires and everything the weapons for all the villages yes oh the bullet bullets the bullet Lord oh this is great this is so cathartic this is great I love that they’re the best the greatest chemistry ah they finally get to be together friendship he really does look like a warrior I mean he pulls off the long hair really well it pulls his full of every look he’s had in this you know Screw you man you can look like both it’s not fair it pulls up both looks too well oh yeah

her story right here yeah a little focus on rap stories she’s gotta get her back home that’s right beautiful wonderful all right wow okay I’ll listen to Netflix I’ll just watch something else now but on Wednesday just keep it rolling same video three hours why don’t you just watch something else bullet trains only on Netflix what that was awesome dope dope let’s talk about it after I go to the bathroom really alrighty okay well didn’t look up anything in that bathroom breaks I’ve hit a record we’re going we just went so blind with this I

was like keep it blind keep it blind just go from here uh it was fascinating going into this because like I said I hadn’t seen like a a frame of this movie before watching it but you know the talk I always heard was like this film was crazy this film’s wild you gotta watch this movie it’s crazy and so my preconceived notions before watching it were that it’s like it’s just going to be three hours of just insane visuals and action scenes from beginning to end like this is what I thought based off the way

everyone described the experience of this movie and to me I’m like well it’s not that at all like I mean like they have their sequences that are like crazy you know that don’t get me wrong they have secrets that are like so visually expression it and insane and enthralling like obviously like without a doubt but it’s not this like non-stop chaotic thing that the way how people have sort of like talked this movie up in that regard doesn’t like this movie is actually a lot deeper than than anyone like no one literally nobody no and

when you heard about this wasn’t it that’s not like mainly what you would hear like this movie was crazy it’s like three hours of the non-stop actions they go long stretches without action they go like very long stretches I could probably count on like like a couple of hands and I heard nobody talk about the dancing yeah that’s true I mean it’s a Bollywood movie so I guess you would expect that but I’ve never seen and my brother jabby Coy obviously very much in that whole International Market but this is my first um I think

this is my first feature film out of and I’m afraid to get this wrong because I know a lot of times you get these regions all messed up and it can offend him and we don’t intend to just look at this as dumb Americans okay um but yeah the a first Indian movie Bollywood film ever experienced uh me personally you yourself too so I’ve never watched one before not for camera or just in my own life so they must all be the same and they must all be this way right right all of them are

three hours long and they’re all exactly like this biggest Market in all in the in the entertainment field yeah um but no I mean for a first time experience with that I thought it was a lot deeper than because it deals so much with the anti-colonialism and Grand like my history is not the sharpest when it comes to this stuff but you know it you can pick up on it even if you’re not super familiar with it obviously dealing with the the British Empire rule and then it’s it’s a story about overcoming oppression and coming

together and also you know you have these two guys on uh who are fighting for the same cause anti-colonialism they’re fighting for the same cause and they you know one’s more tribal and one’s more westernized culture uh indoctrinated into it and then by the end of it it’s like they learn through the Revolutionary Ways and through the causes that it’s kind of have to be a blend of both well they’re revolting you know and I think it was kind of a really cool personal story I think I did hear forever ago because we were saying

this in between filming that it might you made it joke is it based on a true story but I actually heard him it might be based on a true story I did hear that like it must be inspired by something true because obviously like it seems like historically like I don’t know exactly what in that final dance number everyone it’s showcasing I don’t know anyone they’re really showcasing there because yeah my history on the on that side is is not that large um but obviously it was like this must be in reference to real life

people you know these must be real life people and uh who who did stand up against all this they had to deal with but it is so much more than just bang bang cool sweet visuals and it’s neat to get a movie that has so much of uh about like real life War themes happening throughout but then also to combine it with some of that 80s like action cheese in a way that looks super sweet so yeah man yeah dude I just think that we talked you talked a lot about how everyone talked about how

crazy it was in terms of action I think the thing that surprised me the most was how much hard it had and the relationship between the two main characters I never I’ve not seen a bromance that strong in a movie and I don’t know how long and you know it was really heartbreaking watching these two guys come to head because you’re just even though there’s a song at the beginning of the movie that kind of foretells the things are gonna happen even when it is happening you’re just like no you guys are so great together

you guys just had a dance number and you like you do squats and and you’re riding motorcycle that came back around like at the beginning this is like it’s just kind of funny and then it comes into playing the in the big rescue scene yeah hilarious and it’s badass and yeah man I think it really told a story and it really made you dislike and have like a a bitter resentment towards the the British and the and anticholonialism and I think that watching these two guys come together in the end super satisfying in spite of

the fact that you know I for the most part I didn’t really feel the run time I was just kind of super invested in everything that was going on and yeah like three hours no it didn’t feel like three hours I’m like two and a half that’s exactly yeah but yeah dude I think that you know I what really made the movie for me was like the music the music and the sound design was incredible in this the stunt work was incredible in this movie like all of the the different wire work and how creative

they were with the action scenes it was like yeah it’s you can tell that I think it was a what my takeaway is like great action and great storytelling is international it’s made everywhere Grant obviously I’ve we’ve both watched foreign films on this channel before I don’t watch as many foreign films as I would like to uh in my personal life but I think doing stuff like this with Greg really kind of opens my eyes up to the different types of of film that’s out there you know and the way they they utilize the camera

and the way that they utilize slow motion to uh to kind of elevate their storytelling and yeah just you see that they Infuse both their culture with this uh with the way that they elevated their characters for example like the the dancing scene with them having the dance off so he’s kind of wing Manning so his boy can get the girly at the end of the day and I was just like I thought that was a very clever use of using something that’s traditional in more Indian films to kind of I don’t know Grand I

don’t know if how they’re used in other films but I was just like that’s that’s smart I like that yeah uh yeah I think there’s just a lot of really clever uses of of uh all the things all the stuffs yeah oh yeah super no it’s a massive technical achievement in in every regard because like cinematography wise everything really pops it’s gorgeous it looks like it was filmed on like IMAX cameras or something because you can see that the way that I I really love IMAX cameras and there’s Parts about it that felt like did

they shoot this on on that type of HD lens um but yeah the everything really popped and it is very imaginative and it is so many different styles and tones all meshed into one yeah and it flows uh it’s kind of like a very different movie but I would use similar nouns and adjectives to describe is like everything everywhere all at once yup like this is wild and I’ve never seen anything quite like it and it’s a bunch of different things on a big blender and somehow it all communicates well and I’m never laughing at

the movie you know exactly and I and I felt some kind of a similar experience here you know and especially to get that that Bollywood dance number when um beam is with uh Jenny and and then they go into the Bollywood dance number I thought that was such a a beautifully executed sequence and you felt like you felt like to pump me up about it you know because it took me a little bit of time to be like okay what exactly is this movie what exactly where exactly is this going but when they do come

together when they do like touch Brothers in Arms you know like it’s about how they have to unite together and embrace their different parts of where they come from within the same hemisphere here that that is the thing that could lead to Conquest over this oppression and so that’s the journey like that’s a deeper part of this journey you know and I think it’s kind of a beautiful story like there’s it’s actually a beautiful story in a lot of ways so I get why this resonated so much more Beyond just like it’s a big Indian

film like it it seemed to really make its way over to here and I was kind of surprised just because I I’ve never heard of it and I never even saw a trailer for it but seeing what this movie is now I’m like no I could get it because you know we’ve we have our own dealings with uh with Wars in history and I feel like themes about anti-colonialism and oppression and and overcoming the racism and all that like all those things we’ve I think that’s a universal thing as much as this is very specifically

tied to the Indian culture and the history those subjects and feelings that can be a very Universal uh attainable feeling that we all can sort of connect to in some way shape or form and I think this movie really hits that Mark Strong because they keep it as an intimate story between the two of them and I love the arc like I really like beam a lot like he’s great he kind of reminds me of an anime character yeah just like this who’s ever like shocked by things like every time he’s like a reveal happens

you know an anime character is always like whenever something yeah you’d make a great reaction Channel um yes but um the IMDb is kind of confused you have IMDb full in front of us I thought his name was RAM for the subtitles wrong Netflix was kind of bugging out on us when we were watching yeah a little bit I mean right there yeah but I thought sometimes the subtitles his name was Ram it was the actor’s name oh yeah that’s what it says on IMDb but in the subtitle sometimes it said RAM on the subtitles

that’s weird Netflix is tripping Netflix was was bugging out on us while we’re watching I’m like well there’s only so much we can do because Netflix is wrong I think they I mean let me just type this RR character names let me just look here let me just look here um of course they don’t have his name the one guy’s name I’m looking for right now is the one not the name not listed right now Rama Rama right that’s what was confusing me sometimes the subtitle said that because the subtitles couldn’t be contained by the

sheer epicness of the movie that it got confused that’s the only logical explanation for why it would mix things up because it was like oh it’s amazing but look right here what uh uh Sita Rama raju’s fiancee no I’m saying they’re like maybe that was like his I don’t know it’s weird that it would have one no it’s the same characters yeah I’m a little bit confused Beyonce but it’s not in his his actual like legal name I suppose it was using a fake name when he was in the British uh I don’t know we

picked up on the main things we did that’s the main thing that matters uh Rama Raju I think it’s I think that’s his name Rama so yeah with Rama like his character portrayal I thought was great because it is such an at odds and it is that kind of relatable story of the detective who goes so far undercover that he loses sight of everything and has to get nasty and dirty but beyond that you know it’s someone who like I love the goal at hand was he had to go that far into the into the

the depths of it all and or and no matter what went in his way nothing nothing could get in the way of that and he had to provide guns for his villagers put a weapon in front of it for his whole all his people and uh watching that Journey that it’s not worth sacrificing certain it’s not worth sacrificing people though for it you know and this and like their friendship mattered above all there’s also like a really fun movie and cool like it’s kind of crazy because people talk so much about how gnarly of an

experience this movie was and it is an experience but I feel like not enough people talk about like no it’s an actual story it’s a real movie with a real plot and real characters yeah and a real journey and real themes and real life subjects they’re dealing with and everyone just talks about like the there’s like there’s not it’s not the action stands out but I wouldn’t say out of three hours it’s like a lot of action I think the character stuff stands out more than the action in my opinion I think maybe they’re about

on par I think the coolest thing about the movie for me is the fact that it is able to have this crazy wild action yet when it’s happening even though it’s ridiculous you still buy into the stakes of what they’re doing yeah and you still care and you’re still rooting for them because you’ve invested so much time with them when when the movie is grounded that by the time things are going bananas you’re just you’re just cheering or you’re having high emotional reactions because we really didn’t want to see them fight when they when they

stormed the the British Castle or whatever and you really didn’t want to see them come to head when he was when he was whipping him you know and I thought that was a powerful scene watching him kind of sing the song and like not bending the knee in front of all the people and inspiring them I was like man like we need to see like some of that stuff in more movies it kind of reminded even though it’s it’s the opposite side of the world like some of their aspects of it that reminded me of

like American slavery and and like obviously the whipping and like the knee and other aspects surrender me of Jesus you know uh like inspiring people and like being like the Martyr to get the people to revolt and I think that it’s it’s cool that both of them had this goal to do it but but neither of them saw it and they end in some ways there was like this this unspoken kinship before they knew each other’s intentions and maybe that was part of what bonded them because they sensed each other’s each other’s Souls you know

and I think that yeah the movie really demonstrates a lot of cool callbacks and symbolisms like the whole necklace thing like they each they each had to reveal a realization when they saw the necklaces on each other’s person and yeah and yeah it was just a lot of really cool stuff the music really really worked for me my music was brilliant brilliant it really drove to help Drive The Narrative that much further well I think like you know uh one represents fire and one represents water and you and they are such opposites that Clash but

the whole point is that you’re supposed to be a blend of both together yeah and it’s kind of like the movie Inside Out can’t have uh can’t have joy without sadness you know just watched it it’s fresh I know so everything’s gonna relate to inside out for the next six months now okay I definitely see and see what you mean about everything ever all at once because it did have a lot of those elements to it as well you know the balance of Comedy the balance of drama the balance of action the the Celebration The

Whimsy of it all the comedy yeah yeah cartoonish nature yeah it’s just a well-balanced film a well-balanced breakfast I’m full I feel I feel good after watching it and the guy plays Raja man I thought he was freaking brilliant both of them are great yeah they’re both great the Raja guy though it’s like he’s he just has that they both command the screen but he commands the screen I mean he got the more I think he got the more interesting character you know like it’s the one with the real conflict and the real like messed

up past you know that’s it was crazy watching his whole family die yeah and sacrifice his father and like and that like that’s like a core wound memory I can say that it’s a core remember for uh of like not don’t let anything get in the way like that he was at that moment that that’s the moment that defined him and the journey that he put on and he had to learn along the way like maybe you shouldn’t operate like this since yeah you know um but yeah I thought it was beautiful I think there’s

a lot of beautiful things about it and I think the the way this movie’s composed overall like it’s really well thought out and calculated in the symmetry of the shots like the the editing of this it just seems like a nightmare to me to try to put this movie together I’m like this seems like a vast headache because as much there’s like crazy visual effects with like the animals and you know certain other key moments that look beautiful I really liked how how much of the production design felt like oh you got real extras here

you got real like weapons here you got real costumes you know like you got real set pieces I thought that was great to bring it all to life too to mix it with the with the CGI that way it feels more attainable and I think that’s what helps have something that’s heightened but believable when you when you mash the two together so I thought it was gorgeous to look at and it just made for a really interesting experience and then unlike any other movie I’ve seen so sorry I’ve put it off for so long but

here we are Merry Christmas made it Merry Christmas Merry Christmas it’s a universal time for a lot of us here and um yeah I’m not sure if there’s I think we did it I think we did I think we talked about the main things we wanted to mention here checked all the boxes it was fun great stuff everything was great everything was great maybe the women characters could have been fleshed out a little bit more we could have got more Jenny could have got more of um yeah I think it’s her name both of them

we need more both of them I mean I like them I thought they were good but I don’t know the movies it was about the two guys thought of romance Brotherhood this is good let’s go oh and the Ray Stevenson was a good villain too he really I think him being the the bait the main Baddie was um a good call because he had that right level of he wasn’t too over the top but it was like just cheeky enough and the wife was like she was like devious oh she’s the worst she’s the worst

she’s the villain she was like he wouldn’t have done half the things he did if it wasn’t it’s the woman’s problem it’s the woman’s fault why the man messed up was this world coming to since this is the 1800s woman a big good strolling man or 1900s 19 with eight hours nine this could be 1900 it could be like before World War II a little bit before 1920s that’s right here 1920 1920. okay yeah all right we figured that out of that right before this video alrighty guys well thank you for being here be sure

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