Saw III – Movie Review

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the third film in the franchise with saw three saw  
three is a very mixed bag for me as there is so 
much of this film i really enjoy mainly with the  
story and how they handle most of the characters 
especially with jon amanda and dr lynn dylan but  
everything else with this movie is just not 
all that great without wasting any time let’s  
head right into the positives starting with the 
acting so far this has the strongest performances  
out of the three films this is because the film 
decides to focus on jigsaw played by tobin bell  
throughout the film he again delivers a fantastic 
performance being very sinister sophisticated and  
a true sociopath i bought every scene he was in 
making the film work better than the second film’s  
random characters we get shawnee smith is 
also great again playing amanda

as she gets a  
ton of room to shine i thought the new character 
in the film dr lynn dellen played by bajar sunke  
also had a pretty solid performance as well the 
second positive is the visual effects as much as  
these traps are incredibly violent and gratuitous 
i have to give the visual effects artists and  
production designers a lot of credit for making 
these traps and locations they are set in look  
marvelous all these practical effects are 
all built by hand adding these prosthetic and  
plastic fake effects you see how over 15 years 
later this film still looks great and honestly  
way too believable especially the infamous brain 
surgery scene i have no idea how that made it into  
the theatrical cut but it was disturbing as all 
hell all three of these films have stayed very  
consistent in how gross and disturbing all these 
films look with this one being no exception here  
personally i think this is the best looking film 
so far with having the most significant budget up  
to this point i really love the green dark colored 
filter this film has that offers this sinister  
cold feel i really think this story is right up 
there with the first one and i think that’s why  
many people enjoy this a lot more than i do all 
the story elements involving jigsaw amanda and dr  
lynn dylan are fantastic so now let’s get into the 
negatives starting with the editing and directing  
it’s so annoying in your face that has some of 
the most cringiest montages i think this film  
in particular has the worst case especially toward 
the end that went on for way too long i don’t know  
what their obsession is with this style of editing 
i can’t fathom it come on tell me what the issue  
is i found this film to not be as scary as the 
first film at least in the second one there was  
loads of tension and suspense in this film there 
is a lot less of that where we start to head into  
the torture porn sequels that really got annoying 
pretty quickly when watching the behind-the-scenes  
footage for this film you can tell that this 
movie’s focus was mainly on the traps and  
how creative they could get with them i mean they 
are imposing and extremely graphic which i will  
give them credit for but i felt as if the film 
didn’t need to be this graphic because it really  
didn’t add anything to the story the only one 
i thought actually worked was the brain surgery  
scene that fit the narrative so perfectly and 
it actually felt a lot more plausible because  
it was part of the main trap i feel that all the 
movies will have a bunch of twists to them as we  
all go along with this franchise which i’m 
okay with as long as the continuity is there  
and it sounds plausible this twist was good but 
it felt very messy and kind of all over the place  
lastly i didn’t care for the second subplot in 
the film involving the man i understand what  
they were trying to do with it but all the traps 
felt pretty much almost impossible to win which  
doesn’t make for good suspense or tension it is 
simply in the film just to extend the run time  
and basically go from one trap to the next while 
telling this more compelling exciting story on the  
side overall i think this film is straight down 
the middle for me that has a pretty great story  
being right up there with the first one because of 
juan and winnell creating the story for both but  
besides that and the decent acting this film isn’t 
scary and just a shock gorfest that i know is only  
going to get worse in the later films but with 
most of the traps practically being unwinnable  
it becomes very still and boring to watch people’s 
bodies being decimated after a while all i can say  
is it was much better than i was expecting i am 
giving saw three a five out of ten so have you  
seen saw three and if you have what did you think 
of the film and where does it rank in your saw  
film rankings next week we will be talking about 
the next film in the series with saw4 so be sure  
to check it out before next week’s review as 
always i will see you all in the following video

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