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hey everybody it’s brandon the weekend cruiser where i go on a weekend cruise just about every weekend and this video is probably my last one in the series of videos i’ve been making about my time on virgin voyage’s scarlet lady now as you all may have seen in the comments section here on the channel or with other videos their pool deck has gotten a really bad rap and so i wanted to get on the ship myself to just see is it that bad is it as bad as people are making this out to be or

is it manageable can i figure this out and still enjoy myself up at the pool deck so stay tuned to the end of this video where i’m also going to call out some alternatives so if you want to find a similar pool kind of experience we’re going to talk about some different options that are available to you as well so let’s start with the positive sides about what i found positive for the pool deck the first thing was i really like their shallow area this is on some of the royal caribbean ships but for the

most part it’s just where you jump on into the pool and it’s pretty deep i personally enjoy being able to sit down get a little bit of water on me splash around

some without feeling like i need to fully submerse myself in the water the other thing that i’ll call it is they’ve got this really neat purple couch concept around their pool and those were super comfortable i did get the chance to enjoy one of those on a sea day or excuse me on um our bimini day not a sea day but i really enjoyed

them they were super comfortable um and they didn’t get too terribly hot so they are right there in the middle of it all they are a great location and if you can snag one of these they are a wonderful place to be able to hang out by the pool one of the things that i also liked was the pool turns into a day club so if you think about a nightclub and what your experience looks like there um this brings the music the vibe and the energy of a nightclub to the pool area they have

a fantastic dj who’s playing r b hip-hop songs and it’s just a really good energetic time people are dancing in that shallow pool area that i really like and now i know this isn’t for everybody this kind of vibe by the pool you may want a relaxing atmosphere but i personally really enjoyed the energy of the day club experience there’s also another pool that i didn’t even know exist i thought they had just this one pool in the middle and that that probably is the only pool but they have this other i considered it to

be a pool but it looks like a very large waiting tub if you will where you can go sit it’s designed in lounge section so it’s easy to meet people easy to sit with people you came on the cruise with and the water is not hot it is not a hot tub or a jacuzzi it is just the same kind of water you’ve got in the pool it’s just sitting in a different environment so if you do go make sure you check out both of these pools as i think they’re both a great option all

right so those are the things that i really liked about virgin voyage’s scarlet ladies pool deck area but let’s now talk about what i did not like and you’re going to see that this is a pretty good sized list unfortunately um so the first thing that i’ll say is there is really limited shade at the pool deck so if you’re looking for a place that is not direct sunlight in the caribbean or in the bahamas um it’s going to be really really tough to come by they do have these triangle shaped chairs on the sides

of the pool that are under the the deck 16 section which provides the most shade but these go really quick and the seats are really odd it doesn’t look like it actually seats that many people if you do snag one of these you can lounge in it but i think that it has like a max capacity of two and there’s not too many of these the purple chairs that i also talked about were also in really high demand they have a lot of these they are spread out throughout all the way around the pool um

but they’re really limited if you want one of these you got to wake up early go and reserve it you kind of got to be a chair hog to make sure that you’re getting one of these seats as comfortable as they are that might be your thing but they are absolutely in direct sunlight the entire time and people are constantly going to be playing at your feet so as much as i did like these purple chairs it’s really not a great fit for everyone i’m also thinking through you know the floor so when i was

there the floor was scorching my feet especially on deck 16. you’ve really got to wear your flip-flops or your shoes while you are outside especially in areas that are getting that direct sunlight or you’re going to roast so make sure that you’re taking those to the pool so you don’t wind up getting blisters on the bottom of your feet now if you go up to deck 16 so i consider this to be part of the pool deck area or the outdoor space when i’m reviewing sections of the ship and i personally enjoy deck 16. that

is a great spot for me especially if i can find a little bit of shade up there on the scarlet lady there is absolutely no shade whatsoever to be found on deck 16. it does not exist all of the chairs are also angled out towards the water which is a little bit different so on royal caribbean ships that i’m used to you have chairs that are angled towards the ocean and chairs that are angled towards the pool deck so you can also people watch something that you all know that i love doing but here all

of the loungers are going to be pointing directly at the ocean and there’s no good place to people watch they also have these really weird red chairs that are up there um that are facing the ocean in the largest section of them and they’ve got two rows so the first row faces the ocean the second row you’re looking at the chair directly in front of you and you can’t even see the ocean i don’t know who would ever sit in these chairs but i tried them out because there was a little bit of shade that

could be found there about you know my waist up if you will um but the padding on them were also very hot so the sun beat down on that red and it had a lot of heat to it and i was still in the sun from you know my waist down which isn’t ideal for me when i’m trying to just relax i did find four of these that did overlook the pool so i put a towel on me down at the bottom these were the only chairs that overlooked the pool and gave you a little

bit of people watching if one thing to note as well is the videos that i’m showing you and my experience is a cruise ship on scarlet lady that is about 30 to 40 percent of capacity so that’s not a lot of people the ship felt empty except at the pool deck it still felt a little bit crowded at the pool because it is so small if this ship would have been sailing at a hundred percent capacity or heck even 60 to 70 capacity with double the amount of passengers this would have been a total game

changer and i would have really not enjoyed this experience because all of the seats would have been taken and there’s really just no way that that many people can fit in the pool or in the other like lounging pool there’s just it’s not enough space so let’s talk about some alternatives to this pool there because it’s going to be packed for you so one of the alternatives is going all the way to deck 15 aft in the back of the ship this is a bar lounge area it’s also where they’ve got the netting that looks

all the way down to the ocean which is a pretty cool experience if you’re not afraid of heights like i am this is a great place to hang out it does have two hot tubs as well so it’s not going to be a cool off experience it will be in direct sunlight unless you’re sitting at one of the cocktail tables that they have but they have the same style purple couches just in red so it’s catching a lot more of the heat and it’s a place that you can hang out as an alternative because i

found most people didn’t even know this area or these two hot tubs existed the second thing that i would recommend is go down to deck six so this is where a lot of the shops and everything are but virgin voyages scarlet lady really did a good job on their deck six outdoor space so they’ve got some really comfortable loungers there’s no music out there so if you’re looking to squirrel away read a book this is an awesome spot for you at midship or you can go to the dock at the rear or the aft section

of the ship on deck six and they also are gonna have loungers umbrellas a bar drink service and food all to take care of you as an alternative to hanging out by the pool if you don’t really want to get in the pool and there is more shade in the dock as well so overall is it as bad as everyone says yeah yeah it kinda is it is not a good experience up there especially if this cruise would have been packed with people which i enjoy having people on their cruise but if that would have

been the case for this pool deck it would have been a disaster because there’s just not enough space not enough shade and certainly not enough water to go around for everybody with all that being said you know i still really enjoyed the virgin voyages scarlet lady i did not enjoy the pool deck area itself but make sure that you’re tuning into this next video that’s gonna walk you through the five things that i loved about the virgin voyages scarlet lady alright everyone this is brandon the weekend cruiser hoping to see you on a weekend crew


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