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citizens of the reject Nation I am very excited to be watching this with Johnny Boy over here who I know is as an Enthusiast I am for he even brought his Blu signed Blu-ray to demonstrate sign W this smudge is Edgar right smudge smug is what I would say ladies and gentlemen we’re going to watch Scott PM takes off I haven’t even seen the trailer for this but I heard original cast is returning animated to look a little bit more apt to its comic book property I cannot wait to see what’s going on people go

ahead leave a like like that button subscribe and click that notification Bell cuz you best bet that we are going to be covering the rest of this series also if you did not catch my movie reaction that did right here on this channel that is up here on this channel that’s the sentence and as always full length rtion watch Longs where you syn up with your own copy available for our super sexy rejects over at our patreon page John and Greg that’s us cover several things exclusively over there with highlights and watch alongs included with

this being the first episode though this is made public the watch along for everyone so if you want to get a taste of what

that’s like go ahead check it out Link in the description box all righty guys let’s get our groove on o la la okay cool that’s what I like to see nice it’s like an authentic anime op this is so exciting yeah that’s cool to see it in the actual with the combination of both I love that this property has a very inclusive you know love of both versions they said they wouldn’t

do it like if they couldn’t get everybody ett said on Twitter go in blind and what we’re doing doing just that written by Brian Leo M it’s a manga I guess you you would call it that yeah it’s presented in that style the dream world the sands of time that’s neat I’m so whoa alone alone precious little life here she come wow there’s such a vision to this whoa Yes W the scope on these shots my God Ramona Flowers the girl of my dreams it’s time to wake up dude wow what a trip I had

a dream about that girl again he just woke up so specific when are you getting your own place anime angles could you at least get your own stuff I have a stuff Wallace looks kind of like asro boy oo can I have some some of my wow what a great reversal so leave I was just about to anyway I love how it feels like a classic dub anime Toronto Canada not too long ago who’s the voice this time oh I’m excited to see how the music visuals are brought to life we hey hey that’s right

the movie had the opening credits with this Steven I wonder who’s on the music this time more on that later SL Bas oh it looks like 3D want to do it again let’s do it again it’s cool how they’re doing the focus like how they’re representing the depth of field with the different lines in animation it’s interesting because it’s a kinetic world but because it’s a show is actually able to Pace itself slower yeah I know sort of my girlfriend Scott your life is so interesting thanks Kim great camera work that was sarcasm it’s okay

I fell for it too Scott seems more optimistic little less listless and depressed gorill of beard dreams unknown unkknown she might be real POV hey hi you know Sonic the Hedgehog so wide ey there were two different Sonic cartoons airing at the same time one was dark and dramatic the other was a hilarious comedy about chili dogs just staring off at space the same guy playing two different versions of the same guy that’s a meta maybe you didn’t watch cartoons or or you’re not into chili dogs oh I mostly watched older stuff when I was

a kid Columbo reruns reruns cool got it did you just ask me if I was real uh no I was talking to someone else Bye accentuated by the robotic sound effect there were no plus ones everyone here is someone I invited personally she think Scott sucks so do you know this one girl with hair like this Ramona Flowers she’s from New York City the big app his eyes are just tiling she’s single got a job delivering DVDs for Netflix DVDs not much longer I forbid you from dating her Scott Pilgrim cool thanks Julie bye Wallace

quick what movie should I rent yes something starring a hot guy oh there’s got to be a Netflix genre for hot guys Lucas Lee best chest in the business who Chris P uh Chris P yeah oh the game is over too it’s over a second time Evans took me forever to get there how long could it take So Meta Netflix they were pretty fast back in the day oh this must be at the beginning wow actually experiencing the passage of time Sonic guy Wallace Wells Scott Pilgrim Wallace is my cool gay roommate so like a

sugar daddy situation yes sugar what enjoy your DVD Mr Wells bit with a crow are you the person in my dreams I thought we went over this already he actually seems like so much more innocent there’s just a really convenient Subspace Highway running through your head it’s like 3 miles in 15 seconds space Subways totally I get it anyway want to go out sometime oh could be a lowkey team up Canada and America joining forces what do you think huh actually feeling the romance more too here I like the sort of ethereal chill Wave Music

feels sweeter it’s probably cuz all those focus on knives Chow prior yes and now she’s in high school what’s with the X anyway oh this X-Men one of us went to Professor Xavier’s School for gifted youngsters and one of us did not yeah is that a Sonic thing is it Sonic no his eyes are smaller you don’t have the same fandoms why’ you moved to Toronto well I got the job delivering DVDs for Netflix and Gideon always said Toronto was one of the great cities Gideon what a very specific job yes what do you do

well my last job is a really long story filled with size how slow the snow falls we don’t have to talk about our pasts it’s my least favorite subject God look at the textures too I love how they actually look like kids but they got these adult voices yeah in True Hollywood fashion I grew up in the mountains man did you do a lot of skiing no not really yeah it’s true their voices are lower than in the movie uhoh oh we’re breaking perspective man dark bring me Matthew Patel the game has begun o that’s

a change yeah or more accurate to its original material I don’t know this really picked up freezing Rona I can’t see you there should be a door around here whoa yes into the cosmos oh what a great transition to her eyes whoa good thing this wasn’t a real date otherwise it would qualify as a major disaster I’ll make us some tea sleepy time you look like you’re dying even though their voices are older it still matches so perfectly with the animation counterparts even though they don’t look like they’re liveaction coun just shows how perfectly cast

they are and their chemistry playing off each other even just in voice yes that’s what I tune in for ah sorry I’m just cold and innocent does this help oh oh I’m cold too oh oh leveling up and up and up and up Sparks uhhuh achievement unlocked were you just going to bring the blanket from your bed maybe we could both get under it while it’s on the bed I changed my mind from what to what I’m not going to send you home in a snowstorm or anything you can sleep in my bed oh I

reserve the right to change my mind about the sex later it’s like a no warish feel now fatal and it’s much more like straight about these things I really love the tone of you sent for me oh yeah I did cool it’s like sabber puny thanks for creating this league it’s pretty concept yes it is it seems our dear Ramona has a new Suitor it’s really happening who is he oh Scott Pilgrim awesome 23 years old wow jobless hopeless he’s in an indie band of subjective quality hey hey that’s great they’ve been on one date

but he’s currently sleeping in her bed that bastard Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler uh uhoh wait I I’m sorry interesting way to present it they did hold hands once okay does Ramona know still odd what’s his fight experience he’s been described as quote the best fighter in the province unot by who I’ll relish this Victory Ramona’s new guy’s going to wish he was never born oh wow is this fun because of me because I’m going to kill him and then he’ll be dead is the final few days of his precious little life yep

what time is it not quite 8 a.m. I have to work I really feel like this is excellently executed in such a way where you don’t need to have seen the movie or the comics or you could just be a brand newcomer either way you were first introduced to this world it’ll make you appreciate it I like the restructuring it hits on a completely different way my band has a show tonight you have a band uh oh we’re terrible please come 900 p.m. the rocket I’ll be there uhoh and you know who else going to

be there honest sees oh no you need to break up with your fake high school girlfriend do I have to I mean knives is an angel you need to end it immediately knives is an angel I challenge you to a blah blah blah something about fighting League of evil AES more like a league of B ring rocket rocket whoa lowkey kind of like the DARE video I am 16 kinds of pump to see sex bomb tonight I feel so excited I might actually pass out oh God boy sure seems like nobody delivered crushing news to

you today you’re better than him just know that okay better than who these like 3D holographic effects are so interesting yeah eyes are literally popping out of its so I I have to go oh nice perspective the opening band pulled out they flaked crashing employ flaked uhoh you can’t call A Band Crash crash is a cold classic car crash sex film shot right here in Toronto coronin BG if we suck then the audience won’t like us they’ll think we suck this delivery is great there’s only one way to find out if we suck and that’s

by playing just open for yourselves you know I love the movie but I actually feel like everyone’s more likable already yeah and everyone’s yeah got just a little bit more of an approachability or something that’s a great would have put it I’m kind of seeing someone in the band that’s crazy I am too who are you dating in the band yep I think it helps too they actually look like kids oh Mr Pilgrim and the boys awesome he’s so dreamy why are we fighting aren’t you Scott Pilgrim depends who’s asking it is Matthew Patel Ramona’s

first evil ex-boyfriend uh-oh didn’t you read my letter kind of I hand delivered it during a blizzard a I had delivered itard flowers has seven evil exes all of whom you must defeat in order to date her my God they’re like demonic entities there’s definitely some Jamie huet in this in the inspiration and you really dated this guy in middle school for some reason all the little jocks wanted me Matthew Patel was the only non-white non jock boy in school nothing could beat Matthew’s mystical Powers combined with my brute strength woof he didn’t even get

truly evil until high school and by that time he lived Far Far Away simmering all’s fair in love and uh war time to fight I love his super dry H response round one oh waa it’s like an actual Street Fighter Zach that it oh okay I one I won believe in yourself man you’re on a league whoa cool yo that was awesome yeah I really thought that was fantastic very much so I I love the Contra I mean I love how it complement and contrasts with the movie and brings at least the vague amount I’m

familiar with from The Source material to to life and then brings its own style on top of that you know yeah man I thought the animation was great I love me some animated properties you know sometimes I look at our shirts like and I go wow what you can do when you combine liveaction with animated counterpart part www. reation you get shirts like the shop Protection Services one right here hey or the classic movie tickets there you go or space babies of the G who influences The influencers Watchman inspired a soda a soda snip

snip dude the characters on this show would wear all of these T-shirts they really would wear all these t-shirts as should you cuz it is the best way to support the channel ding my favorite way personally so thank you to all thank you seriously to everyone who has bought a shirt because I think you will feel very I they’re also very comfortable that’s thing I really want to emphasize they’re extremely comfortable shirts and that’s why even before having this shop uh I would always alternate between the same kind of shirts because I I prioritize comfort

more than anything else and so yeah when crafting the shirts you know you went to factories all over the world Tred around fac yeah yeah this one little children in sh yes until we finally found one in the Himalayas who made the perfect softness and stretchability th he just hooked up to tubes most of his limbs been retrofitted with Machinery we’ve removed a pain sensor in his brain he’s a husk now leading for a merchandising husk um on a lighter note on a lighter note uh I did think this was a very impressive ethereal experience

that had such a softer Hue about the whole tone to it cuz yeah it’s like you expect that what from just knowing the liveaction uh counterpart part where it’s already very expressive and you’re like wow look at all these like video game and Anime influences when you’re watching the liveaction one you’d only expect it to go kind of more Bonkers with it its expression yet I actually feel like Pace wise and tonal wise they dialed some of that back so you actually get a great balance otherwise this just could have been an over stimulating experience

and maybe they’re gonna get crazier as it goes I don’t really know but what was fun was watching okay yeah like uh some stuff we’ve seen in the live action because live action’s adap adapting the know it’s pretty faithful from what I understand to the parts of the novels that it’s adapting yeah but you got to find a structure within a movie yeah and and and condense things and yeah so versus here where some stuff might feel like oh this is coming a lot earlier than maybe I was expecting it to come but then it

surprises you with oh we’re cutting to this origin of things and like seeing Gideon very early on or getting the introduction of the league it and it’s fun seeing the surprises and how they they sort of let it unfold and it’s like I like watching the contrasting differences too between Scott’s world where he does feel more innocent I I think that is one of the biggest critiques I think of the film experience is Scott seems like a very unlikable guy it is a real journey to him becoming yeah a more soft likable character yeah it’s

like the world of Scott pil it’s like he’s you like him because he’s funny um but he’s very much immature and needs to come of Age and and be humble and he seems like an and maybe he’ll become more of an as it goes but hear him like this seems like a sweet kid he probably making some like not so great I mean he’s 23 but he seems like a kid you know yeah he seems a little more a bit more innocent in the precariousness that he finds himself in absolutely um but I thought this

was a a beautiful experience and I love I love like the visual language of how it differs in so many ways than what I was expecting like there’s a lot of these like downward shots that really emphasize how much larger than life a lot of this is like a lot of the camera comes from the below yeah yeah yeah looking up at various things and really kind of enhancing perspectives and stuff like that like yeah it’s funny this is going to be like the most expanding experience because once all this visual you know moving media

is done I will finally read you know the the the stories but but it makes me want to go read the Manga uh comic but you know I don’t know I don’t know which terminology we accept for where it was published but yeah but yeah it really nicely contrasts and I think you said that thing about the movie uh I can’t remember exactly what you said but but you you drew a comparison that that this being animation almost normalizes some of the more stylized elements and makes it feel more breathable anyway and I think that

that some of it is them deliberately making something that has a more gradual Airy tone and and just in this format that’s kind of striking to me because I feel like this is bringing the slice of liess about this and the sort of malays of just being in the age group these people are and and you know the concerns that they have uh and and that provides a nice contrast so that when the more anime specific flourishes and the video game ones too kick in like they’re you know especially kind of bright and captivating and

I think the movie it’s weird it’s like they’re both using anime and video game stylization as part of the fun of their style but there is something that does feel different this iteration of that than the movie and I feel like where the movie maybe while it has a lot of anime stuff kind of leans a bit more video game to me I feel like this will then lean a bit more anime and have the video game stuff be a bit more of a garnish well the other one really felt the the live action feels

still like an edar right movie yeah this does not feel like an edar right show it doesn’t feel like a watching yeah but that but in a good way because you because right was taking inspiration from something and then I’m sure like he’s got fingerprints and his DNA in here still yeah where it’s here I’m just absorbing the world because the writing feels different the the the execution feels different and Beyond just hey we’re looking at an animated versus a liveaction the actual execution of the story it’s it’s like when you watch like a different

type of restructuring placement of events where you choose to put your focus like even by this point in in not I I look it’s it’s a r it’s it’s some people might get annoyed by the amount of like kind of comparing to the movie but I think there’s going to be millions of millions of people across the world doing it right now it’s fun contrasting going it’s not the it’s not the movie and I’m mad it’s different when you’re like oh this is cool that they complement and contrast each other yeah yeah and and like

you said it is actually making me want to read uh the an the actual Source material because looking at this I it makes me go oh how how different is it and and I like watching these differences unfold like I think the voice actors are are great so much to the point where I’m not hearing a celebrity talking which is what I thought the characters I thought that’s what it would feel like yeah but I think that’s the nice primer is like you have this sort of sense memory in the back of your mind of

like I’ve heard all these people be these characters before but then yeah it is so animation feel different though yeah and I a beautiful thing and edite isn’t involved in this but I think it is a beautiful thing about letting you know I’m sure Brian leoi he’s he’s you know the credited he’s clearly writing and authoring and co-writing these and and heavily you know involved with the authorship and whoever the directors are as well like I think it’s again it makes me want to go back to the source material and see how before I lose

this thought I have to interrupt you I think I know what what feels different about it I think the movie the biggest voice about that movie is the style yes and here I’m actually really feeling all the emotional undertones no 100% yeah yeah yeah it’s like there there is that stuff but the movie is really dazzling you and it’s also like breaking ground for a bunch of other things quirky and fast and and but here I’m like oh I’m really feeling the emotion and I I don’t quite think of that when I think of the

movie yeah you know it just lets you sit in the space and it takes time for these interludes and even though it is compact it’s not that long like I think the the full kind of 27 28 minute experience allows you to have these interludes that are quite beautiful like when they they they’re they have things that are fleeting but very beautiful when they’re in the park together and then you know that leads up it’s like a nice just back and forth scene and it’s very beautiful but kind of sparse and then they take the

you know space tunnel back to her house and even the scene between them in the house yeah you just you kind of feel the cold and you feel you know the kind of want for the warmth of the bed and the warmth of intimacy and yeah it’s like it’s fascinating to think of those things and now I’m curious to to go and look and see okay so how did the source material represent this emotionality and how did it represent the stylized homages to all the pop culture stuff that we love well you said warmth because

yeah like saying feeling the warmth I’m like well actually emotionally that’s I feel the heart I feel the warmth of these characters more even though you know some of the more I’m sure the resides will come through right now I I I’m I’m endeared to the characters and not in a way where I’m just kind of observing and really enjoying and giddy like I’m it’s it’s strange and I thought it would be the antithesis I thought this would be way more style like like a fun sugar rush but what I’ve left with now is like

the tonality and the and the the atmosphere and the feeling of it it’s weird it’s like this has you even this is more I this is not a slight whatsoever but in a way you could kind of just like put this on and chill to this you and there is something also too about the combination of the voices and the animation because the animation like I am kind of endeared and impressed by only in that I guess in you know we live in a world with like stuff like what if which I really like uh

in lots of ways but you know that’s clearly like computer animated with some nods to what handrawn stuff looks like whereas I don’t know I guess something that’s produced by Netflix here I’m a little bit like are they going to go full on with how the animation production values are presented and here I don’t know I mean this could all be done in a computer it probably is but this has the look and feel at least to me of something that has that handdrawn anime tangibility to it and I think the modern ways in which

they you you mentioned the stereos scoping like the way they represent depth of field and and camera glass and stuff like that that through these stylized things especially in like a post spiderverse world is like really lovely and this is reminding me of like other graphic novels or other animation not wholesale but just in the way that they feel kind of tangible and not like the exact aesthetic it’s nice because this Harkens to anime has a lot of the you know uh uh color and Line work that evokes that but this also has the benefit

of the book’s art style which is inspired by that but is also kind of adapting that you know kind of colliding it I feel like I don’t know exactly but I feel like the anime is Brian Le Ali like is in America right like he’s not like in Japan I don’t know but I always he sounds Japanese it’s it it feels like well you know he’s he’s he sounds like a guy who comes from a mixed background and certainly this is about you know like Canadians hanging out in Canada so there there feels like a

kind of melding of traditions in terms of the animation that is certainly skewing way more anime but yeah it has something that’s that seems concerned with the art being kind of beautiful and ethereal also well I I felt like there was a little bit more in the live action a little bit more entitlement and snobbery in some of their characters and here what I thought was neat is talk about the characters me sound like I don’t like they’re a little more edgy yeah um but there a bit more of a cnic cynicism to the approach

of the characters I would say um and and the world of the characters and that and that supports the whip crack tone yeah yeah yeah the contrast of that but the what was cool about the structure here of introducing the league he you need that for a show cuz like in the movie it’s it’s like a surprise like whoa this came out of nowhere and it’s a surprise and then the action happens you’re like what the hell like this is and it’s supposed to have that effect and I think what was different about the vibe

here is a not going through knives Chow uh so early on yeah and and letting you just get so acquainted with like man he’s a dick in this relationship and so you’re just you’re just connected to the romance to henra Ramona and then having the introduction of the villains or the tease of them which does feel like anime demonic kind of villainy with the evil and the eyes and stuff but what’s really cool about that is then you have a threat to the relationship yeah as opposed to just a fun game you’re going to go

through well yeah you’ve got the compounding of like oh the stakes are already high cuz they’re both here and now we’re going to get multiple reveals you know because her Ramona’s pass is going to be revealed to some extent and also I mean you know Scott is Small Change on the floor right now so you know that kniv is gonna have something to say about that I didn’t think we’d have so much to say about the first episode I thought we’d have to like kind of settle with it but hey we got uh seven more

of these to go through uh but I’m I’m on board for the journey man I’m on board for the journey uh that took me by surprise in a way I really wasn’t expecting yeah this this this like I thought it was just going to be like fun this fed me more than like you know like I’m already excited and I’m already like inclined towards liking it and this engaged me well beyond that in ways I wasn’t expecting it to along with all the the stuff I understand to be the earmarks of this so like I’m

I’m just surprised that yeah it’s like especially because Netflix is getting into making more anime I’m like this actually gives me a lot of Hope for that % th% feels really crafted and that’s beautiful all right guys well what did you think about this um I’m sure you guys are already done with the series if you’re watching this reaction uh but let us know your thoughts down in the comments and uh keep a lookout for our reaction to uh episode dose uh we’ll try to get these out every other day hopefully we have holidays coming

up so please be patient if we uh fall behind a little bit on schedule but thank you so much we’ll talk with you all soon

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