Superhuman: The Best in-Class Email App? | Review (2023)

superhuman today we’re going to be diving into this email application giving an idea and a breakdown of some of the features and an experience that I’ve had over the last couple of years I’m going to be talking about other email applications in this video and also how this application Compares with them so hopefully this will give you a judgment on whether this application is any good and whether it’s right for you so welcome everyone my name is Francesco if you’re new here hit subscribe and if you did want to we’ve got a brand new course

called the Bento methodology 2.0 it’ll be linked below but essentially this brand new course helps you to Priority task manage helping you to add a layer on your task management experience to give you effective and practical techniques to managing your day and it’s something that we’ve developed on from our first version of the course and we’ve expanded on it much further so I’m excited to announce that that’ll be linked below so superhuman it is a really interesting application because it’s priced quite heavily it’s thirty dollars a month and I think it’s even increased to 45

dollars a month but I think that’s for teams I’m not entirely sure but the application itself is very much targeted at those who spend a considerable amount of time

on email I formally used an app called Tempo which I loved and another app I use called massive both were really really good I think missive is much more suitable for those who are looking to collaborate on email and who are looking to expand with team members I think that’s pretty good setup there but superhuman landed on my plate uh probably about a year and a half

ago and I really just jumped into it and I thought okay I’ll do one of these onboarding experiences that they do and sort of learn how it works and to be honest I was very skeptical to start but actually I was pretty impressed and there’s a couple of features I want to talk about and show you before we begin so I think the first thing that really makes superhuman different to other stuff is the command bar what’s different about the command bar is when you press command K you really do get the power of it

but you need to learn the keyboards I’m not somebody that likes keyboard shortcuts but once you learn these it actually saves you a huge amount of time like I’m so used to using like H to remind me which is essentially snooze and things like create Snippets that I can routinely create something that I’m sending over to somebody which is really helpful but the command bars are sort of power of this and to be honest with former email applications temper didn’t have a mobile application to my memory or they did it it was not very good

on iOS missive had one which was fairly good no problem with it but I never really used email much on my mobile but the command bar relates so well out of the mobile version that you can use the command bar on mobile pretty easily so actually I’ve been using email on my phone so much more than I was before and able to clear inbox items but what’s most notable is I don’t know whether you can see from this the speed of superhuman is very fast and it does work very smoothly I’ve not had another email

experience that’s been this fast tempo was fast but this is a different level of fast it like loads instantaneously and I’ve never had like a fault with it in terms of speed and function more recently I’ve been trying the AI functions like just playing around with AI and email and to be honest I don’t get on with AI in email I think it’s weird to have an email I think it’s I’m maybe it’s a generational thing that I’m just sort of in the Middle with um but when I’m trying to formulate an email I only

write in my own words whereas I think it probably is quite good if you’re trying to to reformat something to convey more detail and things like that but I haven’t really gone deep on the Superhuman AI but in itself it’s probably a feature that I wouldn’t use as much but they do have a more recent AI feature that they have introduced other smaller things I like about superhuman is the um the unsubscribe button I quite like that um I like the ability to tab stuff so what you can do is when you have like a

specific a topic that you are like you’re getting considerable man emails for like VIP news other Etc you can create a new sort of tab for it and it it re-routes your emails into there each time which is quite nice any other function I do like is the ability to see your calendar and net to some extent because it helps me to see okay when I type in Thursday 17th of March it allow me to see the what whether it is a Thursday 17th of March or just 17th of March so that’s quite a nice

feature other elements I do like about it is that you can switch between multiple accounts pretty easily on Gmail and they’ve added more abilities as well and overall the experience is really Snappy and fluid so who would I recommend superhuman for now if I wasn’t handling a lot of email a day a lot of sponsorships I would say me four years ago wouldn’t have needed superhuman because I was in a place where I was editing most of the day and I was doing elements but now I’m not doing editing thank you Steve and I’m not

doing um as much writing and I’m doing much more like high level management of stuff and having something like superhuman with email helps me to do that so I’m more of the customer now than I was in the past so if you’re somebody that probably sends two hours or more on email and you’re reaching it from a high level perspective then this could be good for you if you’re a freelancer and you’re spending a hideous amount of time in email then this could be a good investment of your money but at the same time it’s

working out are you starting out as a freelancer because I probably don’t recommend it for you but if you’re somebody that’s a bit more grounded and you’ve got revenue cash flow coming in then maybe it might be a bit better for you I would say this is much more structured for individuals that are looking to go much more Hands-On with their email and faster so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone but they’re probably the use cases I’d say are best for superhuman so that was my overview of it if you’re interested in asking any

questions I’ll be available in the comments below um if you did want to explore more email applications that are on the the internet then you can go over to tool finder my brain isn’t working today and uh you can actually find some more that are there and if you’re interested um you can check out the Bento methodology course 2.0 today wasn’t a very good episode for my brain it’s not switched on today but thank you very much for stopping by and I hope this gave you an overview for superhuman and whether it’s right for you

thank you very much and I’ll see you all very soon cheerio thank you foreign

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