THE EQUALIZER (2014) MOVIE REACTION!! Denzel Washington | Full Movie Review | First Time Watching!

oh that was great oh it’s like they’re quite live in Boston yeah what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation we are gonna do a movie reaction today for The Equalizer time to be upfront about a couple of things koi he has never seen The Equalizer one I did see this one time when I was a lot of that back then in 2014 needless to say the only thing I kind of remember a little bit of action other than that I really don’t know the plot anymore something about protecting I I is it

Dakota I forget who it is some Johnson one of the Johnsons this will be my first time re-watching this and I remember walking out going it’s good but I don’t remember it so and part of the thing I want to start by the real rejects is like re-watching to see if this movie’s still good I have Armageddon on my list like I have a few movies well you don’t know that so so that’s my this is for me my journey on that and this is Corey’s first time watching and if this goes well we’ll cover

equalizer 2 both we have not seen too long of an intro koi should they leave a like they should leave a like because

this is about a quiet man living in Boston who I assume is a mathematician because he equalizes things perhaps he taught good with London should they fall somewhere page five I was on the patreon page where you can watch the entire reaction start to finish you can watch our resting faces sync up with us and then we can see what they equalize I’m excited to see if you like this movie I’m ready

to see what equalizes what is her name it’s not Johnson oh wait no I know which actress it is shots is Man Apart I just remembered there’s a little girl but I just remember who the actress was yeah I thought you meant the name of the model today I thought there was like a Johnson actress in here and and I’m realizing it’s a different little girl yeah there’s a different little girl in this movie yeah oh wow this movie’s deep 7 30 the most equal of times everything balanced as they should be left notice these

doors are not evenly shut equalize them but it does it’s an OCD freak I remember it now make your hairline very equal I gotta cut this out it’s not gonna stop screw you guys the rest of the movie’s gonna be that two hours drama I believe that this was a show first and then they made the movies and then Queen Latifah’s in the show now and then they have a part three coming up is it all one Universe like John Wick I do not believe so okay how’s it going all right bro what you got

that it’s tuna right whole grain gluten free okay condiments it’s a bone in the tuna potatoes are a vegetable security guards you’re going to lose weight you got to test in one week now you asked me to help you but if you’re not willing to apply yourself God damn that’s like a real life Denzel it’s just in 10 lessons this guy’s taking out his board life while making sure he loses weight I was something once you better start being something you could have projected my boredom under you it’s nice to see a movie in Boston

that’s not about the Irish mob you fight them well I don’t remember who he fights actually his mom I hope it is just a bunch of Scorsese extras this guy runs on Mark Wahlberg schedule gotta pray gotta wake up gotta work out gotta sleep I don’t understand some of these meticulous quirks I do think it’s an OCD thing Chloe Grace Moretz yeah thank you oh 100 Johnson he got that fish yet bought a little machine for making demos I bet you’re good it makes you say that intuition cool let me know what happens with that

uh fish okay you picked up on her occupation I think she might uh be an architect yeah just saying she’s probably got a hyphen and her name you know what I’m saying a little Terry Lynn action old man tied to fish to the side of the boat had to roll back to shore the fish bled in the water Sharks game and ate the whole fish well it’s just kind of a waste isn’t it oh that’s clever the old man met his greatest adversary just when he thought that part of his life was over he saw

himself in the fish I like that a lot I get what you’re telling me movie Russians I don’t think I’ve ever met a prostitute really I’m from this it’s a pretty common job You’re Gonna Leave me to die I’m smoking inhalation I’m a buck name how you gonna pull me out of a burning building if you can’t pull a tire 20 yards hey don’t doubt yourselves on doubt kills get up doubt kills I like his little morsels of wisdom come on security guard it’s a smart movie because it really gets you invested into his personality

and mindset yeah and he he cares for everybody yeah it’s really it is and we’ve met the fish and I love the old man being like I’d follow a Trilogy this old man hooking fish exactly it’s not gonna change he’s not just like stoic and or charming he’s he’s got like a full human Personality yeah Robert Robert reads books like this Bobby sharper yeah okay different Vibes though Robbies Bobs Roberts fair enough okay it’s not professional just tell me what you think okay wow Alina oh on your wedding figures no Mrs Robert at home no

was there ever once he’s gonna break her heart just broke my eye I hope you murdered her equalized guy who thinks he’s a knight in shining almond only thing is he lives in a world where nights don’t exist anymore he reads a lot of apps books convenient this list is it called the equalizer’s 100. you’ll see if you can clean things all right whoa call this number I send you another one better he smells so confident that’s great it’s like what reaction is he gonna give oh man that was so much for badass today so

in control you could smile like that damn we’re like 20 minutes in her hasn’t been an action scene it’s my favorite kind of action movies I love the tension they’re like letting build like the lighting’s doing so much heavy lifting she’s at the ICU at Shawmut someone beat her up real good damn this is a good movie yeah I don’t remember any of this it’s too young ten years ago yeah oh my goodness and she hit him back a guy called sloppy so it’s loving made an example of her I burned one girl’s face with

batteries 2014 at the time when Russians were always like bad guys in movies and stuff you mean since 82. that’s myself I’m here about a certain girl this girl she got a name her name’s Elena I understand it’s like you’re an investment give you 9 800 dollars Freedom Looking Americans think that you could come into my place of business and just buy whatever you want capitals nine thousand dollars one month that’s it one month let’s go oh he’s got chills Goosebumps it’s so cool it’s like Sherlock Holmes in it he’s like picking his weakness spots

nice tail oh oh cool it’s been past 16 seconds dude that shark glare of his oh you can see oh 19 seconds Helena the girl you beat half to death her life’s gonna go on yours is gonna have right here on this funky floor over ninety eight hundred dollars consequences I remember there being an action scene I don’t remember it being that violent that was like at all so intense let me just go ahead and gut this guy with a corkscrew of course yeah that was gross oh I love the like the focal points of

weakness you saw across the room and then like the timing of him marking it and then like executing it yeah oh that was great this guy’s a great multitasker he’d run a wonderful YouTube channel got the timing down testimon used to Leading that salty stuff these are for you I made the way oh what happened hit it on something stupid it’s fascinating watching this back because I remember it like fragment images like a trailer in a way oh yeah like Memories like that was familiar I think there’s a like there’s an action scene here don’t

remember what it what happens you know my heart rate went down take me to the Madison look at that guy about to go with this guy I don’t remember his name sure is a bad guy a lot we figured two maybe three guys kill them all that quickly none of our informants heard about this going down security systems hard drive was taken drive me to my residence uh yeah wait a second Mr Sunshine um what do I look like to you chauffeur Town you’re a guest doing a Boston accent I think uh something like that

I’m the one Mr Bush can calls in when people like you I’m accountable now listen pal I don’t like your time with me Mr pushkin’s money for years I’m here to tell you what to do nice is cool good villain he found his equal I’m just excited David Harbor pre-news room is in this movie my mom had a little accident here last night there was a fire I see okay looks like arson a little bit John you know I got respect for your business you understand why I’m compelled to make this physio if I want

to take over anything there’d be nothing left to you people I hate you Russians they’re all crazy and you’re arrogant more reasonable man Mr Mooney I appreciate your kindness It’s refreshing and and lets me understand that you’re not smart enough to have done this we pay you 15 to do business here the additional 10 you steal we ignore we anticipated as your people are such a cliche you think you are coming down to me what I am who I am is complicated what I am is easier I’m a threat I alter outcomes oh geez oh

damn oh damn oh so much more brutal that was uh that was a lot that’s a lot right I uh whoa I feel like David Harbor right now it’s so unsettling about it like violent about how uh aggressive he was what the what’s that it’s a message says I’m here that guy must be so tall oh that was intense it’s a great illustration of a villain because Denzel is so efficient and clean and Swift and this guy’s just brutally messy this guy’s like a brawler and he’s telling us he’s giving us a message yeah was

there anything unusually strange about slavi before he was murdered did he mention the name perhaps agitated about something who’s this actress she’s very cool looking Daddy where we might find her sorry all of our Associates Irish Italians Armenians are all denying any knowledge or involvement there’s Armenians in Boston some they’re all in the mob recording movies whoever did this specialized in I don’t think it’s someone we’ve encountered before it’s an interesting structure we’ve barely spent any time with Denzel in a while yeah we don’t really need to because they’ve established them so well and then

it’s like charming and then leave again and now they’re really building up the threat it’s pretty clever it’s different it’s more like a mini series it’s more like a show where you can live in an episode an episode let’s watch The Queen Latifah one now I think it’s going to be very similar I’m sure she does such brutality she’s playing this role I like this red dragon shot good call oh who puts the lotion on the skin but they’re making him like so animalistic and like an alien threat with these wonky angles is crazy there’s

like a hellish vibe to it yeah especially with the satanic symbolism on his body it’s very subtle someone else’s clothes what the uh uh see you pay on time no more problems come on let’s go to the banana hey officer whoa I’d like to report a crime really call 9-1-1 when I got two corrupt cops right in front of me how’d you get that number it wasn’t hard yeah it was this pay like everybody else how did he get that those people you took the money from maybe you should give it back would be the

best interest of everyone involved maybe our best interest is to tie a cinder block around your waist and throw you in the Mystic it’s a good idea that’s a terrible idea foreign Justice remember I’m The Equalizer cleaning up the streets of Boston yeah hurt more than the beaten sincerely zero no recollection of him cleaning up anything else I was like I thought it was just like bad guys this is part of the movie now the lights come back to the movie The Sun’s shining like in the first 10 minutes when did you last talk I

went to the hospital yes ah nice man not black man she wanted to know what happened to her no one saw her did she like damn this guy is scary terrified oh it’s so so off but I was born in killing her just because she lied I think she lied and because I mean leave a message to the people that were friends with her that you know they’re gonna find that body they’re gonna find out they’re gonna have people to send messages man all the angles is so intense like they really it’s interesting how they

maintain a level of Gore or like violence with both our characters so the protagonist and antagonist but one feels like a positive one feels like a cool action movie The Other feels like super Grim yeah that’s a really good point and all of his angles are so uncomfortable like whereas all of Denzel’s are cool there’s a lot of lurking in the shadows kind of and the frames are really oh yeah you got the security job now gain that weight back it’s time I mean the restaurant’s probably making way more money now frankly it’s kind of

curious in this person walks in the front door several minutes off the slot arrived but never comes out still shadowed and obscured that’s how the movie’s lit it’s actually accurate another movie maybe not open there I just said oh move perfect your mother give me that ring Boston some of the worst people it’s okay Jenny whoa crazy lighting damn there’s some great visual language in a lot of this what a perfect store to work at for him so excited to hear Denzel say Somerville it’s a Boston kid it’s like I’m saying Eagle Rock out here

it’s just a little town it’s exciting hey we saw the hammer he put he put inventory I love the way we need to see it that’s great I wonder if it was deleted it’s way more intense it works without scene yeah because we’re like was it probably more violent and we did not score well with testosters but our imagination is way more terrifying than whatever actually not in this movie I take it back this movie’s very graphic we’re looking into a homicide it occurred two weeks ago Russian restaurant oh yeah I heard about it on

TV I happen to be there that night are you aware yeah you wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t I was meeting a friend it was her idea then I guess Sheila Saunders but she won’t be any health she wasn’t there daughter had a fever don’t you want to leave me your card officer must have given them all out how’d you find me I paid cash we didn’t have a reservation how’d you find me we need to find we who oh that was awesome what a great scene You’re such like a buildup yeah and it’s not

like it’s a finale there’s just a dialogue confrontation that was beautiful so that’s why I killed her to have a threat oh okay yeah get under his skin that’s how disposable everybody is man that was intense more movies need that scene where like the bad guy and the good guy meet and it’s intense yes and they go to dinner and it’s awesome I want to know who he really is I want to know who he’s working for still sits confidently by the window same Diner they know he’s going to be at our roll no cheese

please is it just you are we waiting for someone else fans if you really work the power lines down there your hands wouldn’t look like that I know we got to be waiting for somebody else respect oh I love it here’s where I could see him I’m gonna take a little walk across the street me and you black Denali here we go no way yes nice let’s go no Witnesses and he knows what the hell is this guy doing yes now he’s got oh man that’s good I love this movie laughs if he bleeds man

that book kill was gnarly it doesn’t like book stuff like the Bourne movies and everything but I don’t think I’ve ever seen like a neck snap with a book like into the table with that crunch great Batman scene you know what this movie manages to do really well where I feel like a lot of action movies fail they managed to have a main character who’s so in control and and you trust will handle all the time yet there’s still manages to be tension throughout yeah at no point am I not worried but I know he’s

got normally there’s no tension because of that also the wiser 3 comes out this year and I know I’m still invested it’s pretty crazy and you’re right the juxtaposition of like control versus brutality even though he’s brutal so interesting oh when did he get cut who cut him first scrape himself by accident and all that moving he wouldn’t go to his own house where did he go neither following the trail yes oh I love this plane ticket to Mexico two days ago he’s not going anywhere he’s watching us find him or I will bring people

who care so you have two apartments it’s the dream one to watch the other one checking in somebody hit my house cast is great what’s her name ah it’s really bothering me it’ll come to me it sounds like I’m reading the credits Melissa Leo yes yeah I consult on a few things that’s it Susan I just need to know who this man is tell me what’s going on please equalizing the streets I like that I’ve ever done it cuts he says something like that they cut out all the ziggers let’s keep them cool she couldn’t

count for his oh no not Robert and not from something as trivial as a car bomb Oh his name is actually Robert yeah okay similar to the other oligarchs who jumped in bed with funds everything gasoline weapons girls you name it he’s built an intricate Network on both U.S coasts One Stop Shop your friend here is who Pushkin sends when he’s got a problem real name Nikolai kitchen oh that’s where the photos I guess it’s an explosion and everything no no found basically the sociopath for the business we kept this it’s like super clean that

was the actor’s headshot I found them yesterday suffocated testicles blown off and shoved down their throats third one detective Masters hasn’t shown up for work in several days oh he’s a cop I didn’t realize I didn’t realize that one day somebody does something do something about it because you can because it’s who you are a pain in the sick that’s the theme I know a part of you guys she did die okay how much recover that wasn’t when Rocky were you able to help him I don’t trust you Bill Pullman came for permission yes yes

what a good line let me read the clouds when talking how can I use the clothes in my disposal to win this one right on the Russians now foreign hope they all take place in Boston it’s a good question equalizing all the streets have you ever seen the trailer for the third one so I don’t know oh he’s gonna make it look like he killed himself and he plants in it all that’s genius there it is at the carbon monoxide love it yes that’s awesome you’re about to get equalized what does it even mean to

equalize equalized horrible way to go I am a cop you I’ll be back this is made me question how many movies I’ve seen David Harbor and if I didn’t know it was David Harper I think it’s one of those like career actors you’re like all right yeah who’s in this movie have you seen The Newsroom no okay that’s excusable wow wow how cool is a criminal it’s profitable who’s this piece of new guy that was great oh damn they did one shot that was awesome it was so good guns down lay down lay down with

the hands behind their back they’ll do that won’t they indulge me Andre it’s not easy to do that before that was really impressive yeah it’s really believable yeah I was a good cop do the right thing good cups fiction Harper’s great in this too I mean I imagine he’s always been a great actor yeah but he gets more to do than I expect it’s more than suicide I thought it’d be like that sir it was Boston in that too right Black Mass oh yeah yeah he’s gotten progressively better at the accident I was that one

scene through me but I’m very impressed check this out how did he get them all to get tied up got him laying the floor at a time you made things worse by looking for him it’s on you it’s cool it’s not just burning it like most action movies my men will find him good I got the pace Bono the fake beer he’s not coming back that was amazing you can call your boss and tell him to shut down his operation that’s not much of an offer that’s the only one you’re gonna get When you pray

for rain you got to deal with the mud too cool I like that famous scholar lived in Moscow he was a humanitarian and even though he had five beautiful children he opened his home to a sixth okay could have been pounded by the system from an early age prone to violence a lost cause stop me if you know this one until the boy who had never felt anything like being wanted or loved he finally did one week later Intruders broke into the man’s house killed the man they said some small things were stolen things a

child might steal okay I think the boy did it and he couldn’t bear the thought that this man this good man would do that to him would throw him away like a piece of land or the man I killed your men they made their decision I’m giving you the opportunity to make yours Bank you’re welcome I promise someone that I love very much that I would never go back to being that person but for you I’m going to make an exception what do you see when you look at me will never be this cool that

was so awesome he made him emotional they had the heat scene they got a lot it’s funny Senator I gotta get into politics I mean agent Mosley please heard you found some money today check your personal email make sure you’re sitting down when you do wow half a billion dollars cool we’re in the wrong business you know YouTube’s just not cutting it for the half these good shot movies earned it they’ve earned it it’s earned it’s definitely look away don’t watch it foreign ER for A Man Apart the one with the Johnson girl no man

on fire is the man of parts of Vin Diesel damn it the other ball guys dude he’s just walking out of the explosion wow they really threw down for this well there’s that setting on fire thing I was talking about Brick by Brick but your life for that rules from a call oh unless you’re here in 29. Dad’s all just got equalized all things balanced you Glen it out when you see him shoot him which way are we getting a Home Depot fight sorry to spoil it for you but Chan’s dream location I remember any

details about the fight I’ve always wanted a Home Depot fight oh what the hell moved out of the way just step to the side oh you just lures him into that room one at a time when he hit him that was risky oh listen everybody out of here don’t leave anybody behind you can use the service doors in the back okay go only two people with the hostages I guess they assumed they were just you know Home Depot employees very clever Mr McCall I decided to come and see you I’ll be waiting for you find

the hostages was this pretty John Wick I think it is some of the same stunt people too oh is that Barbed yeah oh what a way to go yo he likes to kill yeah he likes to watch oh Jesus Christ damn starting in a freaking Jason Voorhees this is so intense oh no he’s human he brought a gun to a knife fight she’s doing Denzel the little pipe bomb what’s it supposed to go oh is he cauterizing the wound Maybe nope oh Megan making a little doorknob Bob oh he just got arrested a little doorknob

you pushed him right into the oh God I would love it if you actually hit the water after all that the big guys are always harder to take down especially with mustaches I can’t even see what he’s doing he’s like taking blades and just chop suey in him he’s pepper cutting them no oh ouch yeah oh it’s me Mr McCall that’s Ralphie I should not leave anybody behind who’s gonna try again beautiful come on oh no no not the buddy not his buddy he lost all that weight can you make it to the breaker box

40 seconds exactly this is such a dark Warehouse I wonder for the edit they planned this to be 40 seconds too it’s exactly 40 seconds I think earlier was actually the 28 seconds felt like about accurate I wonder if okay oh damn no did he know that guy was gonna be in that room was that nail gun nail got him in the rain foreign cool great looking shots damn oh sexy when it rains you gotta be prepared for the mud blood Bud hardcore dude that was crazy now that guy knows friends is a mercenary you

should be working security not me his training makes much more sense and it’s much scarier now you said so many threatening things this man can murder me contextualizes every conversation we’ve ever had I’m terrified of this man he goes to Russia to take out the boss yeah oh no way I was thinking like like 40 minutes and like what this battery takes him out here won’t they still just keep it I was going in my head like is that what the sequel list they just keep coming back from every bigger boss yeah that’s like the

end of Blade he’s going to Moscow to take out the lead vampire come to kill me yes what’s he doing with the light disorienting let’s do the game from my dad peace yeah whoa for the second movie was a lot of fun too I hope so because this is great yeah I want more equalizing so much more and by the last few days I’m gonna run into you yeah I’m reading now oh no when they giving myself back at the hospital there was this envelope my name on it almost ten thousand dollars inside nine thousand

eight hundred roughly if someone else told me I could be whoever I wanted to be Body Mind Spirit nice remember you got your own thank you and catch you around all right oh my God they should do a spin-off with just her focusing on her music career the whole series but call it hit girl about making hits hahaha next I’ll battle the sea now the sea man those you see stories there’s uh themes they’re all nautical oh my God is he writing a book now The Invisible Man this list is very topical to his goals

and I respect it oh damn he’s just a full-blown vigilante now badass For Hire Denzel Craigslist vigilante I thought it was not as good as equalizer I see why they went with the one they did I wonder what the original shows like common two what come on gonna do it’s too late to start over the song made for this I’m wondering yeah we’re friends because he did Southpaw yeah which is based on M’s life but as a as a boxer Jason Blumenthal is that Jason Blum oh that’s interesting yeah well free blumhouse action horror would

make sense because that was brutal well if there’s no credits I mean if they’re if Amazon is recommending this watch The Mask it just means there’s no post credit no post credit well um I mean we said a lot during the reaction but koi take it away for your first time watching what did you think uh that was whichever came first inspired the hell out of the other with John Wayne yeah I don’t know which one came first I’ll look it up right now it was a hell of a chicken uh man she was rad

um I loved that it was um it trusted the audience to be ponderous and also to be brutal and then go back and forth I love the lighting I love the pacing I loved it was like almost um over the top of the lighting at first but then like it set the tone of the movie really well I really loved the framing there’s a lot of shots of the bad guy that are disorienting on purpose that make you just uncomfortable and you don’t realize why you’re so uncomfortable you just have this like uh and uh

I think that really is beautifully juxtaposed with all the moving shots and the emotionality of Denzel’s character because they cut to his eyes a lot and that gives you you the like ability to like lean into the character and I was saying at the very beginning the you have to cast really well to do the extreme close-ups they do I didn’t realize the theme of the movie was gonna be like looking into the soul of Denzel and he’s got these great like shark eyes where he does look lost not sad but lost and they kept

making that a a way to make you endeared to him as opposed to the villains so the brutality he was just brutal as a bad guys but like it was the fire with fire thing that made you love him I really this was a sensational action thriller check this out what do we got none of the movies influence each other how they this phone only came out a few months before is that crazy this is Armageddon Deep Impact yeah isn’t that crazy how like there’s somebody’s there are similar lines to draw wow like they’re so

different enough in an execution in style but there’s a lot of similarities yeah between like Russian bad guys dead wife pass coming back back into the field yeah there’s it’s thinking I’m back but with the equalizer it is funny how but he’s like from government in in John Wicks from like fantasy Hitman yeah like that’s a little bit more they both have a fantasy world uh but this is this is uh I mean they’re very different it wasn’t cool to see them pair up oh Angela Perry she’s the Caspian stuff yeah this is this is

crazy yeah you would think that there might be but they actually came out the same year that’s incredible that was so good I can’t believe those come out the same year and now three is coming out the year four came out for John Wick they’ve kept going so good that’s true except John works at four but like I mean Denzel’s been busy being awesome well so is Keanu but that was that was so good what’d you think for an accidental uh not remembering I mean I really didn’t remember I I would the only time I

remembered a couple of things were was like oh yeah Chloe Grace Moretz so I kept thinking is not Johnson Fanny I can’t get her name this has been such a journey I’m like Ashley Johnson from uh voiceovers and The Last of Us she kind of looks like a Fanning what is her name Dakota fan yeah Fanning’s in A Man Apart amazing man a man of fire my god there was like an era of those kind of movies so um a Man on Fire which um that’s a fear such a banger good choice that’s another movie

about as in Denzel like trying to like who I I kind of just got revenge on something I think no I think she’s kidnapped and he’s trying to save her oh okay but it’s another one with the him and a little white girl hey let’s watch all the dimensions this second one does as well if this one does well in the second one does well let’s move over to the saves White Girl Movement is in that train movie they do with Chris Pine is Chris Pine the little white he’s a little white girl and that’s

an eye I have not seen that little white girl movie have you seen I haven’t seen it yeah I’ve seen pieces but not tonight I’ve missed a lot of Denzel actually I haven’t seen like I was moved I haven’t seen safe house safe house I’ve seen half of and loved it I was working in a movie theater then so I like saw it in pieces where I’d like walk in and be like Ryan Reynolds and leaf there’s another one called out of time I’ve not seen that one the remake of taking a Pelham One Two

Three haven’t seen that um equalizer two uh equalizer two tinsel has like there’s a lot of like Denzel action movies and then Liam took his jobs yeah but I feel like Denzel really kept bringing because like this is my memory told me it was just a straightforward action movie which is brutal which it is it’s a straightforward action movie by plot but the execution around it had a little more Soul than I was expecting I recall at all like I just I thought it was just a typical like yeah he’s I don’t remember anything about

him like helping out the neighborhood which feels a tad a tad like it didn’t need to be in this no that’s how you like them otherwise he’s just killing people for that girl you got to save the neighborhood it seemed like if it was it didn’t really serve the plot overall it’s happening from Boston I love the neighborhood I like it I like that it’s here it didn’t seem like it really was fully fleshed out it was a bigger part of like him him helping the guy as a security guard the next step is to

help help stop people for like 15 minutes maybe that’s the show between Latifah well I feel like the original show that this is based on if I were to take a guess oh that would be what what has happened and accelerates into boss fights yeah like they needed a main plot to focus on which was you know the whole thing with Chloe Grace Moretz of the show is like helping the town out yeah yeah I could see that yeah I still like it in here it just it kind of seemed like oh it was setting

up to become more and then it it doesn’t because we got busy because we got to go kill that big bad yeah what was the bad guy’s name did we check was it Kieran is not he’s not uh his name didn’t pop up uh so I I don’t know who it was okay but he was great he was great really great formidable villain I did feel like he lost some of his menacing threat towards the finale the finale did feel the only time I didn’t love the pacing this is the third act had a little

bit of me being like okay I’ve really enjoyed the intensity to this point and now there’s a couple times where I was like this feels like they’re drawing out the suspense for the sake of it as opposed to like with uh the drive the rest had I mean yeah yeah that’s true I would agree with that because I I did I do wish that they kept the villain truly menacing by the end to the point where he did feel like a formidable match yeah because that heat scene both of them the one the one on

the stairway is like one of the best action threat scenes I’ve seen yeah and then I enjoyed the dinner quite a bit because that definitely was heat like that was really great there’s great acting between this between the two of them they know how to bounce off of each other and play the cat and mouse game really well and I like the pairing when you take that first scene where they meet and then that second scene it’s really cool to watch the juxtaposition and how the Dynamics have flipped around yeah that’s really cool what happened

to Haley what was that girl’s name she was in um she died no but she was also in that Uh Oh you mean the actors like the actual actress I thought you meant uh yeah it was very important and very brutal yeah that was one of my favorite shot scenes because they kept like cutting outside the room to make you like Ah that’s like right in the neighborhood too yeah feel it in the room no she was in that cowboy it could happen in your neighborhood if you go to selfie you might get strangled it

should happen anywhere man but no she uh she was in that Chris Pratt cowboy movie uh Magnificent Seven yeah and then I haven’t seen her anything since don’t remember her or not yeah I think it was yeah oh man he’s great make more movies I like Southpaw quite a bit but I haven’t seen I guess I haven’t seen some of his other work because southpaws I think really slept on I haven’t seen southpaw it’s crazy to see the trajectory of when you go to training day which was a David ayerscript and an Anton fuquan movie

and then the directions they’ve taken yeah Dave there has tried recapturing the magic of training day yeah and Anton Fuqua was like I’ll make anything I’m an action director I’m gonna make everything over there which is not training you know he’s just like I’m an action director here on out I’m making action movies and like Anton except for like Southpaw I guess but there’s like an element oh there’s actually yeah there’s an action element but like you’re right there definitely went other ways and David air was like End of Watch and I’m gonna try to

make training days gonna get a full stomach tattoo for me why we don’t know oh yeah that’s right and no one saw the movie but he got a tattoo for real right I remember that that’s right yeah oh my God he’s got a career man I’m sure he’s incredible but that’s also him not trying to make a David air movie David like that action they both need to do good action movies it would be cool to see them re-team again yeah because of that but I I did well the first movie I ever saw of

Anton Fuqua was a movie called The Replacement Killers not The Replacements Keanu Reeves Replacements is the football movie The Replacement Killers is chow young fat I think that was his first American lead film it’s cool it’s a cool ass movie uh him and Mira servino and Michael Rooker uh yeah that’s a and that was the first movie I think Anton fuco made that was like a hit and then he did Training Day following whoa so yeah sometimes you guys are like you’ve not seen any movies yeah it’s so funny if you’re like you haven’t seen

this it’s like hey look at the 4 000. there’s like millions of movies sorry we missed the one you love a lot which is why we’re watching it for you but like there’s so many movies um but yeah I thought overall that this movie was so much better than I expected it to be I didn’t remember being impressed by like I don’t know I watch movies a little more lazily back in the day 10 years ago can watch right so watching it now I I appreciate it so much more about it that the the the

the um the actual efforts they made with unveiling and getting to know who this character is whose name is Robert oh who getting to know who Robert is throughout the course of this film and underst and they actually lean into the fact that you know there’s a part of him that wants to kill he’s a killer yeah you want to do it they don’t need some Spiel of like I know who you really are Robert you’re a killer like you don’t need to say that it was kind of neat to kind of get that conversation

from attraction from through action and from the government person who’s like okay she’s like you you this is who you do yeah go be him go be that person you were born to be you’re a killer like she doesn’t say it but that’s essentially that dialogue that you get in every action movie of this guy is you’re a killer just admit it you know and but they play into it with the action when he watches them like he likes to watch them die uh there’s there is a violence that he is drawn to and I

think Chloe Grace Moretz is actually I I didn’t I didn’t remember until like moments before like oh yeah she’s in this movie uh I think Chloe Grace Moretz is really good in this film it’s kind of cool how she can go from being like hit girl to this person yeah the Innocence played as well as her like insane violence place like some people can’t do the foul-mouthed you know blah blah and then also scene innocence and she nails that and that’s not an easy role to go from like you have to be so sympathetic for

her that you’re like yeah you kill all those people like he should put himself In Harm’s Way with this girl he knows from a diner yeah and I also really like that everything he did was so detail-oriented like the the details he gives to help people the details about the guy’s hands the the details of looking for weakness like his ability to curate a room felt very plausible like they gave you rules in this movie that I’m really excited for it to be a series because I’m excited to see him like use things so it

was like a Sherlock beats like Jackie Chan like how will I use this weapon in this space but he also uses it for like logic like the hands thing that wasn’t weaponized but it was showing you how much he notices I love that yeah and then the eyes he took my point yeah I was gonna say I was thinking my head like when he’s done talking I’m gonna say Sherlock Holmes he said exactly I think there was a warehouse scene I’ve always wanted to see Jackie Chan fight in a warehouse I had pretty sure he’s

done that um has he yeah I’m sure he should watch a Jackie Chan fish probably shoot a lot of those actions he’s done in a warehouse in order to accomplish that I always think about Jackie Chan in warehouses maybe I’ve had a subconscious memory yeah I’m pretty sure he’s done that yeah the the action itself was really well done and I I do I’m trying to think of a point that we didn’t say during the reaction we talked a lot hopefully people are okay with that I mean yeah there’s some like points to that had

to be made um okay so we covered the action drama casting the Oh The Supporting Cast was really good too A lot of the time a movie like this you’ll go I’m kind of bored when it’s not Denzel but not have that but I actually was really endeared to the rest of the cast as well I thought the villain was really great A lot of times they botched the villain David Harbor crushed as a supporting David Harbor at times have seemed a little bit like a little melodramatic preachy when he was saying some stuff about

being a cop well oh I know what what it was that I wanted to say was what to your point about watching how he likes to sort of mentor and instill good values and stuff that makes it believable when he is doing the Vigilante stuff because it’s not just self-serving in him wanting to be you know like you buy into it that he’s really doing this out of a place of good yeah because you see that he likes to still help people out mentally first and emotionally and he always gives him a chance to be

better yeah exactly uh so I think that’s really that that was a part that I thought really aided the film and brought a little bit more to this is what this movie really is is a lot of other action movies we’ve seen just a little more just more fleshed out and thought up yeah than your typical action movie like it has it’s kind of like how I likened my experience of them have you seen the movie Nobody yeah yes I was like okay yeah there’s a this is a genre in and of itself there’s a

lot of tropes but it’s more fleshed out and that’s what I would say here is it is a lot of the genre tropes that we’ve seen especially and and like structurally but they mess with the structure a little bit on where to focus and they they actually developed the character of of Robert Moore than you would normally get they kind of do that all around yeah everyone gets a little bit more time and every every scene gets a little bit more patience yeah even the Trope like abused girl that is gonna go you know get

Justice for that’s a Trope in and of itself but I actually wasn’t bothered by that Trope normally I am a little like and this trip is a little Annoying and repetitive but this time around it actually didn’t bother me because they did want to disgust you like there were moments I was like repulsed like some of the dialogue about it like they didn’t lean sometimes showing like actual assaults yeah yeah but they let it be like really uncomfortable like just showing the guy in the limo was enough for me I was like oh okay like

they did a good job making your opposal without making it gratuitous about that subplot because I usually can’t watch that stuff yeah exactly that kind of stuff does bother me because it does become like a Trope that I I’m sick of seeing in movies and it’s it’s just like they lean too much on it but they actually really did a good job on painting the relationship with Chloe Grace Moretz and Denzel Washington uh in the early Parts like when they’re walking on the bridge and stuff like that like those scenes I thought were really well

done they did such a great job before their first action scene uh yeah you mentioned it was like 20 minutes in and like I also love that he had a protocol like how they even the line of dialogue establishes their relationship and her breaking it and that escalating and all those things and then yeah it’s like 20 minutes in until there’s even action but there’s been so much like verbal action there’s been so much like tension yeah you know what I mean good choice of music all around yep um I can’t wait to watch it

so so excited I’m I can’t wait I don’t don’t look up the runs I didn’t know David Harper was in this one I’m excited to see who’s in the next one I don’t know Bill Pullman Melissa Leo like this cast was stacked I’m excited to be like who’s 2018 equalizer it was a surprisingly big cast considering I researched David Harbor for interviews I did not remember equalizer and I’m so excited to see what like pops up for the next one and it must have done well because the third one’s this year uh yeah they’re really

spread apart the second one second when he has hair look at the poster what oh now it’s getting real that’s not my equalizer no look at that man’s hat I don’t trust it oh looks like it goes somewhere oh well don’t read it oh no equalizer one is five stars uh um out of 57 000 reviews crap out of 57 000 reviews it’s only four and a half so clearly clearly a dip in quarterly as we learned with Kung Fu Panda 2 which had a lesser rating it’s clearly a lesser film yeah watch us watch

out this is the one it’s about family oh it’s and fuqua’s back that’s exciting I was always afraid I’m pretty sure he’s done all I’m pretty sure he did equalizer three as well I just get worried because when directors change it you know sometimes oh he is back for that is he back for equalizer three let’s find out what’s he been doing yeah he’s bald he’s back to being bald back to the crit back to the baldness all right guys that’s exciting for all three that’s what I want to hear well guys what did you

think about The Equalizer I can’t wait to watch the second one and to do that we need you to like subscribe comment let us know which is your favorite of the equalizers and if you’re Denzel let us know if the third one’s any good yeah and if you’re a Denzel please I would not like to run into Home Depot but you seem like a nice guy guys falcoi and um hey let’s do a patron of the day shout out let’s I know Adelia she’s a sweetie everyone knows Adelia so shout out to Delia she is

like The Equalizer of our YouTube channel she really is actually she’s the perfect person to shout out for this Adelia Chamberlain in case you didn’t hear that depending on the edit you are The Equalizer of the YouTube Community you’re everywhere you’re a force of good you’re a force of being equal and you’re a force of being everywhere on these internet streets making sure they’re clean and safe also for helping me figure out how to run a Discord which is like equalizing these streets can you tell us why he’s named equalizer let us know your subtext

uh also thank you for being a patron uh you’re an absolute Delight every interaction we’ve had a new interneting has been wonderful and the opposite of the violence that we just witnessed matter in person once she was a total dear she really is everywhere like I just did an interview for a podcast for this other thing and then I was talking with one of the people who helped us running and they’re like oh do you know dealing in chamber let’s just start working with she’s always around and always helping and a lot of times she

used to do a lot of stuff just rather kindness of her heart incredible obviously that you finally got a job doing it Delia love you so much and uh you’ve been part of our patreon pretty much since the beginnings and you’ve been in for years now so thank you so much for being you talk to you all soon

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