THE LAST OF US Episode 4 Breakdown | Game Easter Eggs, Ending Explained & Review

okay so the Last of Us episode four is now out and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down all the Easter eggs hidden details and game differences this sees Joel and Ali arriving in Kansas City to find it run by a new villain that didn’t actually appear in the original game Kathleen brings in extra Dimension with her and throughout this video we’re gonna be going through everything that happens in the entry as always we will be saving games spoilers until the end of the video so you don’t have to worry about having click it

on the wrong one another way I’m your host Paul welcome back to the heavy spoilers show now let’s get into the breakdown now the entry starts off with Ali aiming the gun that she got from Bells at herself in a mirror instantly I got a lot of Vibes of Taxi Driver with a now feeling like she’s able to handle herself because of it in the original game Jill forbidder from having one initially and the plot with Belle played out completely differently it wasn’t the stuff with Frank unless she couldn’t just take one from his home

it’s also important to bear in mind that in the episode Joel says they’re in Kansas City whereas in the game it all goes

down in Pittsburgh we’re not in Pittsburgh anymore Dorothy and when talking about the gamer show I’ll use them interchangeably but it also means that some of the landmarks of the cities are different in the game you constantly had the yellow Bridge off in the background and this acted as a waypoint for you to get to upon arriving in Pittsburgh they went into the hotel that was at the start of episode 2 and

they ended up being split up with Joel having to make his way through the basement eventually he emerged on the other side but he was ambushed by a rider who then tried to drown him this doesn’t will get played up in this episode with a guy in the store almost killing him like what happened in the hotel in both instances says Ellie saves his life and after this Joel started to trust her he even gave her a rifle immediately after so that she could watch over him and then once he’d completed this section he then

handed over the gun now the gun in the game was originally taken from a dead Hunter and it was purposely picked to be the same model as the one that Marlin used in order to show how the two were linked the game developers modeled it after a Beretta 70 series lightweight pistol but in the game it was just called a 71 Jaguar now we see this whole scene playing out in a gas station bathroom and I love how they transformed the location to make it feel like it’s ripped right out of the source material gas

stations also appeared in the original Dawn of the Dead and the group there had a way more tense encounter than the punishment Joel subjected to mathematically this meant to reflect the ending of the episode in which we see Sam Ali is a child holding up a gun and it seems like it’s all pun in games at the end though they’re left with Sam potting when I Joel and we see how kids have kind of been stripped of their childhood they’ve been brought into this world that might initially seem exciting and fun but there’s people after

them around every corner she ends up having to shoot someone and I love how there’s these three moments that all mirror each other now outside we see Joel siphoning Peril from a car and it’s possible that he picked up this tank and Tube at Bill’s house in the game Bill gave it directly to him but obviously with him being dead last week he probably grabbed it from the storage here what’s this you’d be amazed at how many cars still got gas in them appreciate it Joe has to stop regularly because petrols pretty much turned into

water over the past 20 years and it explains why people aren’t just driving around in cars all the time except for those sky-high gas prices eh I’m all right am I right it’s topical it’s topical now else they weighed Ellie busts out something that comes directly from the game this is no pun intended Volume 2 with the two smelt like a t double o it’s a good joke and and it as I said it’s ripped right out of the game and even some of the puns we get in the entry of verbatim to what they

are on the PlayStation counterpart no pun intended volume two but we’re all Livingston it’s a joke book no pun intended Volume 2 by Will Livingston it doesn’t matter how much you push the it doesn’t matter how much you push the envelope it’ll still be stationary what did the mermaid where did her math class what did the mermaid wear to her math class what and algebra an algae bra I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went then it dawned on me I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went and then it dawned

on me now we will talk later on about how she got this in our super spoiler section as it is foreshadowing an episode that will probably get down the line it first appeared in the alone and forsaken chapter which took place in Pittsburgh and this episode’s basically adapting that storyline alone and forsaken is also the name of the Hank Williams song that they play in his car and this two appeared in the game as they rode into the town I actually did a trailer breakdown a while back that pointed this out but then the estate

of Hank Williams claimed it and blocked the video so no hunks I won’t be using it here I like the way I slowly grind my viewers down with the worst puns imaginable we see Joel holding back a smile slowly he is warming to Ellie and at this point they’ve been together for a couple of weeks like the game she busts out jokes from and at several key parts of the episode in which they go to sleep ever since the death of Sarah Jill spent his life around adults and Ellie doing this very much reminds him

of how much light his daughter brought into his life he has been completely called to kids and didn’t even Flinch when throwing the body of one into a fire he carried this in the same way that he carried Sarah but it was completely unemotional for him and now just a part of life however Ellie very much brings with her the possibility of regaining the happiness that he lost and this is why he becomes so protective over her when they sleep he always puts himself facing the danger and stacked in front of her because subconsciously he

won’t let anything bad happen to her no matter what we discover that the cars in the road have been shifted out the way by modified vehicles that were fed with plows sitting on the front this is very much foreshadowing the Run truck which two appeared in the game it chase you throughout Pittsburgh and was constantly pinning you down with gunfire as you made your way throughout the city Ellie finds a certain kind of magazine and the dialogue here is all pulled right out of the game sir right on the reading when it has some interesting

pictures light on the reading but it’s got some interesting photos that Ellie that ain’t for kids setback that’s not for kids please get rid of it use your horses I want to see what all the fuss is about whoa how how the hell could he even walk around with that thing get rid of that beat your horses I want to see what all the fuss is about iron orders Pages stuck together oh why are these all stuck together I’m just with you yes bye-bye dude now as they make their way out on the road we

see abandoned cars and theme parks which of course show the fall of humanity however we also catch a field of Buffalo and I think symbolically this has been chosen for a reason the fall of humanity hasn’t doomed the rest of Nature and throughout the game we see how it thrived in our absence bison were actually almost sent it to Extinction during the wild west and I think this animal specifically shows how the world’s moving on without us at this point they pass through a town in a bridge though it’s not the same as the one

in Pittsburgh I think this has been chosen because it resembles it and they want to give a little nod to the game as you made your way through the city you had this constantly off in the background and the yellow beams on it acted as a guide that would lead you out of danger and we see several boats in the river that have all capsized and it’s almost like a graveyard with everything falling into disrepair everything is a monument almost like a fossil showing what’s come and what’s now extinct you pass the FedEx Depot that’s

full of trucks and military vehicles lining up the road it showcases how everything and everyone was affected and how the entire world came to a standstill that’s now Frozen in place there’s a great Highway shot where we see a collapse train in the background I love how every Landmark they pass has its own story that’s likely a horrifying moment in someone else’s life now there was a section in part two where you had to navigate through a train station containing several collapsed trains which this could be a nod to the map navigation as well was

also something that popped up in the games when hitting open World areas you’d often use maps to navigate them and this ties in with the more subtle nods to the games that we’ve seen throughout the episodes we’ve had the workbenches magazines that have upgrade branches in them and Joel even slumped his backpack of his shoulders similar to what he does in the game when he’s crafting when discussing this on the HBO podcast the creative team said that they actually wanted every episode to open with a window that hinted to what would be happening in the

entry instead of the skip intro button they’d also have it say press play tying it in further with the games now we also see as I pass the sign for Orbeez which is a nice little nod to this line from last week if I feed you then every bum you talk to about it is going to show up here looking for a free lunch and this is not an Arby’s now this video is sponsored by Magic spoon since having kids I had put on a couple of pounds and I’d been looking to lose weight over

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for the story we see as they go off-road and park up in a forest in the game they continued on the road to Pittsburgh and after Ellie fell asleep you woke up arriving at the town when discussing this in the HBO podcast the creative team said that in the game you’re very much just constantly pushing forward but because you’re playing and they want to keep you involved however a TV show can take breaks and show us the nights and days that just wouldn’t happen in a game this is most notably seen in episode 2 where

they bunker down in Boston and in the game you pushed on through the night after leaving the qz and dude it being an episode they can do things like this instead of constantly trying to keep you playing like Cowboys in the wild west they eat food out of metallic plates and these were made of tin back in the olden days which meant they could be washed quickly they Feast on 20 year old ravioli from Bell’s supplies and Ali asks if they can light up a fire for the night Joel says no initially and she suspects

it’s because the infected will see the smoke the in fact it didn’t really perceive things like smoke as being related to humans and even lights themselves weren’t something that can set it to me and there were people in the area during the game you can wander around with your flashlight on because they just didn’t perceive that as being linked to a person Joel says that people are the real danger out here and this is the first real point in the season when we get the idea that humans are even more dangerous than the infected Raiders

and slavers were mentioned in episode 1 and though we saw some in Lincoln they weren’t things gel and I experienced this is different in the game and at this point you’d face stuff against fedra and Robert’s men however I didn’t even realize until now that it wasn’t until Pittsburgh that you actually encountered humans that weren’t acting in the QC there were some that would enslave people and others that would do even worse oh yeah at this point also has her bag out and we can see the little Cyclops head that he also had in the

game anyway they bunker down for the night with Ellie once more trying to read from the puns book why did the Scarecrow get an award why did the Scarecrow get a promotion all right standing in his field dick because he was outstanding in his field that’ll do put that thing away but y’all actually laughs for what what I think is the first time since Sarah’s death and no he reassures them that they’re safe he looks in the forest before turning to his gun Joe con rest then we then catch him standing guard in the night

looking out into the darkness it’s a very eerie moment filled with beer and paranoia and the fact that Jill is so wary over what could happen is because he’s done some horrible things he alluded to this later on after the Ambush and we’ll go into what this actually means now this is how he knew it was a trap and why he’s also afraid of what could happen here anyway Ellie looks out on the stars and in the game this could be linking him with something that I’ll talk about more later on I keep dangling that

characters to make you stay till the end of the video but there are very interesting points here that I think definitely are worth discussing now in the morning we see jealous making coffee and there were several points in the game where he talking about how much he loved it I did all the time just coffee I really miss coffee this happened during the hotel bed and we later learned he traded a lot of his supplies for a bag of beans in the second game any remarked that she thought it tasted like Burns and that line

sort of gets brought across here thank you acquired taste my ass it smells like burnt I Joel and Ali talk about where Tommy could be and they bring up Cody this is located in Wyoming and it’s a location that they mentioned before when discussing where Tommy is we actually learn a bit about him that we went privy to in the game and it explains the Desert Storm sticker that we saw in the first episode we touched upon this during that but the reason that Tommy got so high up in the fireflies was because he was

a skilled Soldier we discovered that he joined a group making their way to Boston and Joel went along with him in order to try and keep him alive yeah they met Tess and the HBO podcast for the show building some of her backstory that we haven’t really been privy to we discovered that Tess had a husband and son and when the outbreak happened she ended up killing the former she couldn’t bring herself to do the latter though so she ended up locking him in the basement much in the same way that Ellie was a representation

of Sarah for Joel she was also one for Tess but the scene explaining this was unfortunately scrapped a Joel is clearly opening up to her as he’s lowering his walls and it’s a complete 180 from last week when refuse to tell her anything in fact we just keep our histories to ourselves matter of fact we can just keep our histories to ourselves at this point Tommy joined the fireflies after meeting Marlene Joel says that he quit and we’ll talk about what happened to him in the super spoiler section now Joel says that he’s only taking

Ali because he made a promise to Tess and that she’s cargo this is what he also refers to her being in the game and she wonders why he even bothers living if he doesn’t have attachments or anything that he actually cares about you do kind of wonder why Joe keeps going when he doesn’t really have anything to live for but in the game he says you find something that constantly keeps you pushing to survive it’s also at this point that I noticed Bella Ramsay has a cut in her eyebrow and this is the same one

as Ellie has in the game you also get a scene that pulls directly from it with Ellie falling asleep on the road got it pretty early if you want to grab more sleep I’m not even tired she tried to get some sleep all right I’m not even tired no one making their way to Kansas they’re faced with the same issue that they had in the game on outbreak day many people tried to flee the area and because of this highways became backed up what sucks is that in the show he can see through the tunnel

to the other side but unfortunately they can’t get through it and the game he stops and says screw before taking a turn to the right this leads them directly into an ambush this is likely why the road was shut up in the first place as that’s what I always thought when I was playing the game as they drive through the city we can also catch a theater playing underworld and Matchstick Men which were both released in 2003. you also pass a pile of burnt corpses and in the game after surviving the Ambush you got to

the other side and found something similar to this it’s like you know it could over easily be new and it’s a harrowing sight to see that I think even has a child amongst them make matters worse bedra have been overthrown and the checkpoint gate is now wide open this is probably a good thing though I think as Ali likely would have been scanned and then shot for being infected anyway at this point we get the Ambush playing out and let’s play these together so you can see how the scenes compare are we gonna help him

your seatbelt on Ellie what about the guy oh he ain’t even hurt are we gonna help him now whereas in the game they were rammed off the road by a bus in the show their tires are popped and they end up crashing into a laundromat they use similar shots with a cameraman filming from behind them and we watched them drive directly into the crash point and this was one of the most tensest scenes in the game and they just immediately dropped you into the action without giving you time to breathe sometimes games will be like

cool mate cutscenes over and then they’ll put you into the thick of it which is exactly what happened here when you were playing it Joel almost got his face shoved into some broken glass and you had to fight to survive as Hunters swarmed the area when the episode early hides in a hole in the wall and Joel takes out the Raiders that close in we can see he’s carrying his rifle from the PlayStation classic and this is called a Mossberg 500 they really managed to recapture what it’s like being stuck in these gun fights and

you constantly have to shoot and move as the enemy AI would have them constantly bearing down on you at this point a guy busts in attack Joe loud and he almost kills him he’s saved by Ali who shoots the man there and like I said earlier this is riffing on the scene from the hotel they framed it in the same way with the writer being on top pinning Joe down and Ellie ends up coming behind him in the game it was sort of a deus ex machina as we didn’t know Ellie was there but here

we see things from her point of view we also sort of get an extended scene in which the guy doesn’t die and he begs for his life again moments like this appeared in the source material and when you beat a person badly enough they’d sometimes plea for you to let them go oh man let’s be cool man take it easy no no it’s okay it’s okay it’s over we’re not fighting anymore look man we can work something out okay we can trade with you guys we can’t be friends I didn’t know the guy here Brian

begs not to be killed and now Ellie doesn’t deliver the final blow Joel does during this bit Brian brought up his mother and we did kind of go back and forth in the heavy spoiler’s office about who exactly this was there was potential it could be Kathleen and that’s kind of what we debated over but she doesn’t seem that upset later on she seems more focused on having a reason to arm people against the Traders and she uses his death as a way to do this they push a desk in front of a door to

block it and this is something you’d often do in the game to stop the infected and hunters from following you and we see trucks patrolling the street calling out for Brian and this is riffing on moments in the game when he killed someone and their crew would call out for them all right God Zach what it’s Mateo he’s dead spoiler alert first introduced in part two this added a lot of depth to the combat and it was one of the key features that they pushed when promoting the game they even went back and added it

into the part 1 remake as hearing people call out for someone you just killed makes it all the more personal cut across to some soldiers who’ve made makeshift uniforms out of fedra body armor and helmets and went now with some Rebels here we meet Kathleen for the first time and we catch her interrogating a man that we learn as a doctor his band of rebels has just taken over the QC recently and they’ve added fedra in order to replace them in the game you pretty much got the idea early on that Federer were very bad

but when he traveled to places that had stumped them out he saw the rebels were even worse they have a sign up saying that those in detention still have basic human rights but Kathleen doesn’t offer any of these to the doctor she ends up murdering him and this is her basically showing a no tolerance policy for people that lie to her played by Melanie lynskey you might recognize her from Yellowjackets and even though she’s small and reserved she dominates the scene she’s in now we discovered that here brother was interrogated by Federer at some point

and that they ended up killing him being the leader of the rebels this likely pushed her over the edge and it’s what forced them to overthrow fedra and their fascist ways this entire interrogation is in order for her to find Henry and Sam oh we get a brief glimpse of at the end of the episode now Super Soap and spoiler section will be going through who this is and it’s clear they were some people like the Doctor Who were working with fedra who are probably playing both sides of the fence and the doctor would of

course be very valuable in this new world due to so few people having medical qualifications he says that he was threatened by Federer and this is of course murdered and Kathleen here showing how power can corrupt no matter who’s in charge my guess is that the doctor was some kind of informant or something and he snitched to fedra in order to get certain benefits Henry seems to have been as well and from the off a Kanga that he was the one he told fedra about her brother which led to them murdering him he feels secure

with a gun to his head and says that because he’s a doctor that she won’t kill him also talk later about why this line is really important and how Kathleen may be a reflection of another character now at this point she hears horns blaring outside and sees Brian dead on the ground there is a curtain his chest and it’s lucky that Joel stabbed him with a knife that Brian tried to give him so that he’d let him go makes me one day if the knife could pop up again and Kathleen may possibly find it on

Joel and put two and two together she blames Henry for this assuming that he’s found a radio and called Joel and alien which makes him an even bigger Target Kathleen initi wants to use the doctor to save one of their lives but after hearing he’s got no chance she mercilessly shoots him in Cold Blood Joel has very much inadvertently started war and this attack now allows her to arm everyone up in order to go and search for them even the killing of a doctor will likely be over luck now because she has a reason to

pin blame on him and people will forgive her because of how bad things have gotten throughout the HBO podcast the creative team have talked about how love is a big theme in the show and this can be seen in every single aspect ranges from Joel and Sarah Frank and Bell chill and Ellie and Jill and Tess it shows both the positives and negative sides with us often Landing in the ladder Camp when you love someone and they’re taken from you it can cause you to be angry and vengeful which is very much represented in Kathleen

he’s angry over her brother’s death and willing to kill anyone who could have had a hand in it and the trucks travel out and we see graffiti on them saying we the people these are the first three words in the Constitution and the UCA signifies the New Order they’ve brought in they very much try to form a new state but whether that’s good or bad is another question entirely we the people might also be another not to taxi driver as the campaign slogan in that was we are the people now we also see the Run

truck and this pulls directly from the game in which it plagued you at several points there was an automatic gun on the top of it that will constantly bear down on you and you had to sneak your way through the streets avoiding detection at all costs as they drive through the streets we can also make out the words bedra and in red spray paint on the back the soldier just on the building and homes looking for the fugitives Joel and Ellie lie low in the high low bar and we see newspapers covering the windows we

can see the Kansas City Star and a headline about a U.S troop hunt entering its third day as Joel sits down we see him moving his hand almost like he’s stretching it out and it still Bears the cut and his knuckles from smashing that guy’s face in like like it was the like button smash the like button I said and the conversation here plays out slightly different to how it does in the game which y’all basically trying to come for Delhi he says that she shouldn’t have to shoot people because she’s just a kid and

in the game he’s just very matter of fact about it and just so we’re clear about back there it was either him or me I’m sorry yeah though he apologizes that she was put in that position but she says it wasn’t the first time that she had to kill someone he hands her the gun back and shows her how to use it which mirrors the moment in which he gives her in the game about something there a little more your size it’s for emergencies only okay show me your grip Ellie was desperate to get a

gun at the start of episode 2 and though she’s finally happy to get one we know the weight of the need for this outweighs the fun Joel says to put it in her pack otherwise she’ll shoot your damn ass off but she ignores this and puts it in her pocket she might end up pulling this out later on and it could be how they get out of the situation with Henry and Sam next week across town the search continues with them discovering where the pair had been hiding it’s very similar to what Anne Frank had

to do during the second world war and this attic room above an office could be a nod to that judging by the time of the beans on the floor Sam and Henry were possibly there for a couple of weeks and we see drawings that Sam has made this is him and his brother as superheroes with orange masks over their eyes when we see Henry at the end he has orange face paint on like this which carries Across From This Moment another Rebels are through fedrat that doesn’t mean that they have control of the city in

a back room we see there’s a crater in the ground and this starts to move up and down as we know the in fact did moved underground and the fungus spread out like telephone wires this ran for miles and allowed the infected to build a hive my network this is far more dangerous than Henry and his little brother but Kathleen’s so focused on getting revenge she doesn’t want to deal with it they sweep it under the rug but this has the potential to actually bring the whole city down and my guess is they’re gonna regret

doing this now that night Joel and Ellie sneak into a skyscraper and in classic Last of Us fashion he gives her a bunk up into a vent so that she can lock the door this happened throughout the game at several points with her smaller size allowing her to open up sealed areas now in order to be safe they climb up as many steps as they can and along the way we get this line ripped right out of the game hey you know the guy who said he was hurt how do you know it was an

ambush how did you know no what about the ambush I’ve been on both sides been on both sides oh uh kill a lot of innocent people like that as a yes it was a long time ago we did what we needed to survive you and test and the people we were with it really shows the duplicity in Joel and how far he fell after losing Sarah he was so set on Surviving he didn’t care what he had to do to make it through the day and it makes you wonder what went on in those 20

years it’s something we’ve never really been privy to in the game and I honestly I don’t know if we should ever see it Joe is very much presented to us as a hero but there’s always this dark side within him that sets up some of the acts he commits you’re always wondering if there’s more to the father figure from Texas and add so much to his character just having this Shadow side to him now they make it 32 floors before they duck into an office the fact that Sam and Henry randomly end up in the

same one it signifies to me that it wasn’t random at all I actually think that the pair followed them up there and it’s possible I’d been tracking them for some time gel lay some glass on the ground so that he can hear if anyone sneaks up on them this is a trick I learned from Tom Cruise when watching mission impossible it doesn’t end up working and this clearly links to the deafness that we get touched upon here he’s said he couldn’t hear Brian sneaking up on him and this is also how Henry and Sam are

able to sneak up on them Ali asks if it’s because he was shot and in episode 3 he talked about the scar beside his Temple this is where a bullet cut him and it’s possible that this was caused by a soldier who fired at him and Sarah he immediately changes the conversation and ends up turning back on the other side possibly because the questions hang a little too close to home now he sleeps with his right side covered and this also explains why he chose his position in the forest he knows that his hearing is

off and has to account for it when he’s awakened later he’s on the other side with his left ear covered explaining why they were able to sneak up on them a juxtaposing the campfire scene from earlier this scene is much darker with Joel asking about her having to kill people eventually though she does make a joke from the book to lighten the mood and this goes did you know diarrhea is hereditary diarrhea is hereditary it runs in your Gene you’re once in your jeans anyway they fall asleep laughing but the mood is quickly changed with

Joel waking up to find Ellie being held at gunpoint and Sam standing over him with one drawn that takes us into a super smaller section so if you haven’t played the game and don’t want things thrown then I recommend that you turn off now now first things first we have what we have to talk about is of course Sam and Henry as you can probably guess from the Kathleen comments they they are wanted people and they want to get out of the city just as much as Joel and Ellie do because of that there’s gonna

be a team up and they’ll know that have to work together to make it past Kathleen all the stuff involving her and them is made up for the show and in the game they were survivors from half bed that entered Pittsburgh in order to get supplies the military had a band In the Zone and Henry and Sam suspected that the place would end up with a power Dynamic like Pittsburgh where kids were killed off because they slowed down others thus they headed out looking for another quarantine Zone which is when they pass through Pittsburgh at

this point they were attacked by hunters and the group they were in ended up being separated they’d agreed to Rendezvous at a radio tower on the outskirts of the city and this is the location they all end up heading towards now in the game as you are Never Getting Pittsburgh you jumped into a room through a window and at this point Henry ended up grabbing you initially he thought you were a hunter but he did start to question things when Ellie attacked him Joel almost killed him but his brother sampled the gun on the pair

setting up a similar scene to what we end with here and in the game it was Henry and Sam that were the ones hiding out like Jill and Ali here they took you to an abandoned office building but they turned it into a Hideout and you waited out throughout the night before heading out I’m guessing that will be what happens in episode 5 with a group now trying to escape this city and that’s where the other Easter eggs in the entry we have the no pun intended book making a big appearance this was actually given

to Ali by Riley and in the Left Behind DLC she read it at several points I’m guessing that she’ll be the one to give it to Ali in the show as we are said to have a flashback episode with her now when Ali was gazing over the Stars I was also wondering if this was foreshadowing the space scene that happens in part two in that Jill takes Ellie to a museum for her birthday and they climb into a shuttle which is when he gives her some headphones to listen to an Apollo left off wearing an

astronaut helmet she imagines what it’s like going up there and I was wondering if this scene here was setting up that down the line now another thing they bring up is how Tommy is in Cody he’s actually in Jackson in the game and this is about a five hour drive from Cody all right so Kathleen murdering a doctor I did think this could potentially also be foreshadowing Jill doing it down the line doctors are very valuable in this new world because so few people have the skills to be one thus killing one is damning a

lot of people’s lives that they could have saved Kathleen does this and Jill does this too in order to stop Ellie from being operated on just something I noticed and how the characters both did it out of anger killing the doctor also has dire repercussions for Joel as well which at this point I’m pretty sure will be happening in season two I know there’s there’s still people out there who think the show isn’t Gonna Do the Mario Golf Scene but hey to break your teammate uh they’ve been very game accurate here so I think they

probably are now the last spoilery Easter egg happens with the recess in the floor now if you listen closely you can actually hear the sound of a blowder this teases at them popping up in the future and potentially we might get to see one next week these highly infected monsters through acidic spores at you and they were actually teased in episode two so there aren’t super infected that explode fungus spores on you I hope not obviously Kathleen and Co they shouldn’t have left this unchecked and that tiny little door it’s not gonna hold the blower

back so fingers crossed that we get it next week and as for this episode I think this was another great one that perfectly managed to adapt the game whilst changing some things to make it more like TV unfortunately I don’t think we’re ever getting to the hotel now as we’re way past that point but the human drama has been enough to keep me hooked I think this is probably I’m gonna be controversial I think this is probably my least favorite of the four so far but it’s it’s difficult to really judge you for that because

you know the other one set such a high bar this also feels like it’s a two-parter so you can’t really judge it on that because they haven’t concluded this store yet now I can’t wait to see how it plays out either way and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so make sure you drop them below we are in competition right now giving away three copies of wakanda Forever on the 15th of February and all you have to do to be when the chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe

with notifications on also drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode repeat the comments at random on the 15th and the winners of the last one on screen right now save that to you then message me on Twitter at heavy spoilers you want something else to watch then make sure you check out one of our last of us breakdowns on screen right now go head over there I’m bloody telling you head over there now if not then thanks for singing to the video I’ll be poor let’s see you next time take care

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