This Gîrl Could Manipulate Her Disappearance and The Whole World

a man is talking quietly to himself his wife is lying on his chest while he’s running his fingers softly through her hair the gentle gesture is a complete contrast from his violent musings he’s expressing his intent to crack her lovely skulls and unspooling her brain to understand her thoughts the man wonders three questions to himself what is his wife thinking how is his wife feeling and what have they done to each other on january 8 2005 this same man is seen at a house party in new york his name is nick dunn a charming writer

who writes for the men’s magazine not knowing anyone at the party he approaches his soon-to-be wife amy she is a fellow writer and writes personality quizzes for magazines they start to talk endlessly to each other at the party as they are walking home together they pass through a bakery on the street nick asks amy if he can kiss her charmed by his easy smiles and down-to-earth nature amy lets him fast forward seven years later in the morning of july 5th nick is driving his vehicle to a bar along with his sister margot they co-own the

bar margo pours herself and her brother a drink she points out that he looks troubled with a mournful sigh the man answers that it’s his fifth year anniversary with

amy he doesn’t look particularly happy and dread’s coming home to his wife after a call from his neighbor nick eventually goes home he enters the house and calls for amy but there is no answer he finds it strange and goes to the living room there the table has been flipped over and broken glasses are everywhere now worried he screams amy’s name and calls the police detective ronda

and officer james arrive at the scene to look around they inspect the place around rhonda notes a smear of blood in the kitchen above the counter she also discovers that amy is the kid in the book called amazing amy the book series is written by amy’s parents and named after her nick is brought into the police station for questioning after a few questions detective rhonda finds it odd that he doesn’t seem to know anything about his wife he doesn’t know any of her friends her jobs her hobbies or even her blood type the detective reminds

him to call amy’s parents to let them know of the situation while he’s on the phone he finds that his father is right next door the police found him wandering around looking confused after a long day nick drives his father back to his clinic and goes home to margot’s place back in the house detective ronda along with the forensics team are investigating the place before coming in a pregnant neighbor called noel approaches the detective she claims that she is amy’s best friend and asks about her condition detective ronda refuses to answer and promises to come

back to talk to her later inside the house she finds that the house car credit card utilities phone bill and even the bar are all under amy’s name unsurprising given her wealth the officer points out that it is still embarrassing for her husband inside the bedroom they find their first clue an envelope is placed neatly in a clothing drawer with clue one written on it the next day nick wakes up and heads to the press conference amy’s rich parents have set up voluntary headquarters a hotline and a website to find their daughter ending the press

conference the police bring them in for questioning amy’s father reveals that in the past amy had a stalker named desi he was obsessed and threatened to kill himself after amy broke up with him the family filed a restraining order against him 20 years following the incident although a long time ago amy’s father insisted that he just move to saint louis which was only two hours away he also named another assailant tommy about eight years ago tommy got violent after amy broke up with him she pressed charges against him but the family doesn’t know the whole

details by letting amy’s parents go detective ronda asks nick about the clue she found the other day he explains that it’s a clue for their treasure hunt every year on their anniversaries they would do one of these treasure hunts for their presence they follow the first clue to nick’s office where they find a second clue detective ronda also finds a red underwear and bags it for evidence nighttime comes and nick heads to his father’s old home where he finds the third clue arriving before the detective nick pockets the envelope for himself a few days after

amy disappears nick gets a mysterious text on his burner phone the text says that the person is right outside margot’s house he opens the door a young woman andy enters the house and starts kissing nick andy is nick’s girlfriend of one and a half year it turns out nick is having an affair with one of his students with him in the spotlight after amy’s disappearance he reminds andy to keep quiet about their relationship he also warns his girlfriend to never mention his intention to divorce amy the news have been reporting him as an unemphatic sociopath

for acting normal and not showing any despair if the media knows that he cheats on her he would definitely be a prime suspect margot later finds out that her brother has been lying she angrily asks him if the underwear in his office is margo’s nick and margot both can’t remember if it is nick opens up to his sister that his relationship with amy was rocky in a flashback it’s shown that after they both lost their jobs and moved to missouri they started having fights amy thought her husband was not understanding enough to make matters worse

nick’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away soon seeing nick interacting with people around him made amy feel unwanted to make up for this amy suggested having kids nick was against the idea and in the heat of the moment threw amy against the staircase during a vigil for amy nick is giving a speech to motivate people on finding amy his speech is interrupted by noel amy’s supposed best friend she loudly asks him in front of everyone if he knows amy is six weeks pregnant after sparking another media conflict nick flees the scene back inside

the house detective rhonda discloses that someone wiped a pool of blood in the kitchen this arouses her suspicion as the crime scene in the living room suggested kidnapping however a kidnapping would not result in a huge loss of blood in the kitchen which suggested homicide she states that most couples fight about their financial problems so the police went through his credit card records she points out that nick buys a lot of expensive stuff and is in debt nick denies any of this claim saying that he never buys any of them the detective continues on by

handing over amy’s life insurance policy earlier that year nick had bumped his wife’s life insurance benefit to 1.2 million dollars once again nick denies the claim saying that amy insisted on him doing it in the midst of the argument rhonda gets a call about amy’s blood sample result the call confirms that she is indeed pregnant noel even further confirms that the couple’s marriage is not ideal with all this evidence the police shift their prime suspect to nick realizing that his situation is getting worse nick finally demands a lawyer margot comes home and demands an explanation

for amy’s pregnancy nick admits lying to his sister in the past he confesses that he’s the one that wants kids not amy however at that time margot already hated amy if she knows amy was the reason they didn’t have kids she’ll hate her more nick doesn’t want her sister to hate his wife even more hearing this margot leaves the house disappointed she tells her brother that nobody is going to believe him now while nick is trying to solve amy’s third clue the detectives are busy with their investigation they talk with a shady dealer and ask

about amy the dealer reveals to detective rhonda that amy came by and bought a gun from him getting more convinced that amy felt unsafe in her own house the pair go back to nick’s father’s home in the basement they find amy’s diary written inside are all incriminating evidence against nick amy writes about being pregnant and how the child will save their failing marriage she also writes about being afraid that the father of her child may kill her it’s the reason she buys a gun from a shady dealer this revelation further confirms the investigator’s suspicion that

nick is the one that kills amy meanwhile nick finally solves amy’s third clue he heads to a wood shed outside margot’s house inside he discovers a large pile of goods these goods are the same goods that the police showed him in his credit card statement in disbelief his eyes wandered to a wrapped gift in the middle of the mall back to the morning of amy’s disappearance amy reveals the truth that she is alive and faked her death she is upset at her lying and cheating husband it leads to her plotting revenge to send him to

jail she wants her own husband to be accused of murdering her for a while amy has been writing false information in her diary she wanted the police to later find this fake diary and convince them to capture nick amy also befriended noel without nick knowing her intention was to have her friend convince everyone that amy was scared of her husband’s temper furthermore amy also faked her pregnancy when noel was visiting her amy took a sample from the pregnant noel on purpose she left the urine for the police to find the truth is amy is never

pregnant it’s noel’s that’s pregnant on the day of her disappearance she staged the crime scene to make her husband look guilty she let herself bleed out in the kitchen she cleaned the kitchen poorly for the police to find to hide herself she cuts her hair and beats herself with a hammer while the investigation is taking place amy lives in a small resort she uses the name nancy and befriends a woman named greta she tells greta how she went to surprise nick one day in his bar before going in she came across nick with another woman

during a snowy night he kissed her the same way he used to kiss amy that’s how she found out her husband is having an affair back in the present it’s now four days after amy disappeared nick finally opens the present he found in the shed inside amy gave him a letter and two dolls the letter confirms that amy is framing nick for her fake death nick and his sister are now aware of amy’s whole plan but are clueless on how to stop it he approaches a hotshot lawyer named tanner after listening to nick’s theory that

amy is framing him he agrees to help nick he gives him tommy’s contact information the lawyer tells nick to find everything he can about amy’s charges against him in the past nick meets tommy in a bar he informs nick that he made amy upset one time in retaliation she accused him of rape but the truth is they were having consensual sex tommy just confirms to nick that amy is indeed a master manipulator later on tanner visits nick’s house they come up with a plan to go public about nick’s affair before the police find out about

his cheating they will tell the public themselves the lawyer explains that they need to make him more likeable one way to do it is to portray him as the husband who regrets his wrongdoings at the resort amy accidentally reveals to greta and her friend that she has a lot of cash seeing this they both rob all of amy’s money now broke amy calls for desi’s help from a payphone desi meets amy at a payphone she manipulates him into thinking that she’s abused by nick she explains that she was afraid of nick killing her for real

so she disappeared dizzy takes pity on amy and agrees to let her live in his house before they leave a breaking news appears on the casinos tv andy just announces to the whole world of her affair with nick with this public declaration amy’s parents say they no longer support nick desi escorts amy back to his home desi takes amy’s call as a sign that she chooses him over her husband he becomes very protective of her and puts cctv everywhere in the house together they watch nick’s public interview on tv in the interview nick insists that

he did not kill his wife he admits that he’s not a good husband and he probably does not deserve his wife ending the interview he looks at the camera and tells amy to come home his interview completely changes the public opinion on him people love his honesty and finally cut him some slack however things get worse for nick again when detective ronda shows up at margot’s house they receive an anonymous tip that says there are strange noises from the woodshed this anonymous tip is actually from amy a few days ago to further incriminate nick in

the woodshed they find all the goods from nick’s credit card transaction with this proof in amy’s diary that says nick may kill her they arrest nick at desi’s house amy has to improvise her plan after desi leaves for work amy soaks her nightgown and wine she crawls to capture herself in a cctv camera and fakes her cries wailing in despair amy acts like desi has just raped her later on amy puts a wine bottle inside herself as she prepares for something she seduces desi who just comes home as they’re having sex amy grabs a cutter

under the pillow she slashes his throat drenched in desi’s blood amy leaves him to die it is now 30 days after amy’s initial disappearance nick is woken up by noises outside of his house he walks to his door and finds amy she gets out of her car and approaches nick still drenched in desi’s blood she faints in his arms amy is taken to the hospital for a checkup the doctor discloses that amy’s wounds are consistent with rape wounds there will be more tests to match the semen found on amy in her testimony amy makes up

another false story she tells them desi kidnapped her and sexually assaulted her every night he had her tied up in his bed and would starve her one day she managed to grab a hold of a box cutter fed up with his assault she admits to slitting his throat detective rhonda is not satisfied with her testimony she finds a lot of loopholes in her story pointing out that it doesn’t make sense because amy bought a gun before it also does not support the goods that are found in the woodshed however amy manages to convince the other

cops they all agree with her story and are just happy she’s safe with that they dismiss detective ronda’s concern the police also dismiss nick as their prime suspect with the testimony amy goes back home with nick upon arrival nick demands an explanation from amy he does not believe her story in the slightest amy reveals that after hearing his interview on tv she realizes her love for him once again he has finally become the man she fell in love with seven years ago the journey changes him from lazy hopeless nick to ambitious persistent nick that is

the reason she abandoned her plan to frame him it’s also the reason she killed desi to save him hearing the truth nick threatens to leave her for good amy laughs and replies that the public will hate him if he does especially after she just comes home from a big trauma nick tries to reveal the real truth by meeting with tanner and detective rhonda but without proper evidence there is nothing to be done tanner laughs and says they are the most up people he’s ever known he goes on to say that he probably should thank his

wife after the incident nick got a book deal a lifetime movie and even franchised his bar before leaving tanner advises nick not to piss his wife fast forward to seven weeks later nick is still determined to oust amy before an interview with a popular tv personality amy gives her husband a gift the gift is a pregnancy test it shows that amy is pregnant nick is surprised saying that he’s never touched her after her return she answers that she does not need to enraged by her answer he demands a lab test and slams her head against

the wall she tells nick that he can deny it all he wants but they are made for each other she points out that the best version of nick is when he was desperately trying to win her over nick does not deny this knowing her to be right he finally accepts that they are going to be stuck together again for a long time as he’s running his fingers through his wife’s hair he wonders once again what is his wife planning next subscribe to watch more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like and comment

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