citizens of the reject Nation everybody’s been saying I don’t say that and I don’t but now I have a shirt to remind me you know what I just remembered don’t you have your film always Lola out now available it’s coming out November 28th yeah wow that’s pre-order it on Apple now oh my God I know what I’m doing November 28th pre-ordering and then trying to find time to watch your movie that’s what I’m going to do you’re very nice I’m going to cry I told Greg I asked Greg if I could mention at the end

and then he brought up at the top because he knows more you guys are watching and that’s really sweet thank you you’re welcome anyway you you it but we’re doing trolls how are you going to not troll me we’re going to do a trolls movie and you’re going to be nice it’s opposite day apparently you know we’ve been keep this sincerity is making me uncomfortable me too I’m so uncomfortable we’ve been keeping things very local but I think it’s time for us to go on a world tour I see what you’re doing now things have

been really locally lies but now it’s time to take our trolls on a world tour give me the mic take me to Italy

that’s what we’re shooting this right now we have green screen in the background it’s kind of crazy that you built this set in Florence anyway I’m excited for this we love the first one surprisingly yeah we both loved it but it’s been a long time you didn’t watch nothing but horror movies here now and make you watch this cuz the third one’s coming out and if you guys are excited like comment subscribe

hit that notification do all that good stuff tell Greg how much nicer he is when he’s not Troll And if you’re super sexy okay let’s see if you’re the sexiest of rejects then you should sync up with your own copy because that’s what the patrons do where you watch along with your own copy on patreon nailed it from the camera it looks like you don’t want to look at me no I have notes I don’t want to look at you when I said no guys go over there that’s where Greg and John cover several shows

exclusively with reaction highlights and watch Longs included you ready for some trolls yeah can we shout out the shirts too we’ll do that after well look at them you want to do it later yeah I’ll do it after okay we’ll do the shout out after word wow I haven’t seen most of these most of what was that not just 25 images of trolls I there bunch of different movies yeah wake up rocks oh sweet animation oh we loved this two trolls one was named Poppy hey how’s it going the other was named Branch recap together

they saved the world poppy became Queen Branch found his true colors that’s right I forgot all about that was gray right yeah boom and that was pretty cute right not to me I’m the type of cloud that goes for that’s real Poppy and Branch didn’t know is that their world was a lot bigger than they knew like a lot lot lot lot bigger oh they’re going to go exploring this time I told you we’re on a world tour Greg is that pixelated what is this it’s like a puzzle piece we’re underwater which oan oh is

this around the world it’s why we getting da Punk one more time I should have said it with you I’m really upset about that I’m so upset right now I’m sorry we’ll get over it eventually we going to Cate all right let’s blast this family love and music family love and music they’re naming their themes got a stay frame let me see you jump wait for it wait for it viruses yeah but look how vibrant the viruses are virus hypnotic tech one more time going on Sal who is singing this uh I have no idea

Usher I love Usher Let me just take care of this real quick okay I recognize that voice who is that Rock Tour what are you doing invading here are there like a heavy metal what’s going on there he is they are like heavy metal of the Techno trolls right who’s asking Queen Barb of the Hard Rock trolls huh I’m here to take your string bro damn shots on this are way more Vivid if we lose our string we lose our music you mean your bleeps and bloops yeah that’s not music yes it is whose voice

is this Greg this is somebody very famous yeah I’m gonna definitely hear you you got it oh hell yeah all right let’s go oh he banged his head against the drum banged his nose and everything I loved that here I am rocking Like a Hurricane I love how much more physical and visual these everything is by the end of my world tour we’re all going to have the same Vibe we’re all going to be one nation of trolls under Rock no it’s about variety who’s ready to rock I am are you not I’m ready to

rock but she’s villainous but she said who’s ready to rock you always have to answer me okay I’m sorry well now now it’s just Girls Just Want to Have Fun woke up okay oh they changed the lyrics trolls just W to have fun was this Anna Kendrick yeah okay to get away from the world till I had my life Changed by a beautiful a I love how it’s a different rendition yeah but they’re best friends but he loves her I knew it I saw this coming oh he’s going to try to tell her she’s the

one I don’t know that Anna’s reciprocates she might have friend-zoned you buddy I hope they end up together by the end I think so I think she loves him too but it might take it might take her a moment to know her true feelings she’s had a lot going on Greg prepared an agenda for the day I hope it says singing dancing and hugging ow owow what we do every day yeah good times good G we have a good time Good Times They budget this movie threw down on different types of Landscapes and everything and

dimensions oh what’s happening here like turning into stickers guy Diamond what’s wrong I’m having a baby we on jumpsuit what are the implications I don’t know I guess they’re trolls so what should I name him H but why do they need to come there tiny diamond tiny diamond daddy M my body’s made of glitter and I’ll throw it in your face tired oh I love the song talk about variety they’re going like rock disco they had rap they’re going around the world oh and we’re back imagine being to walk with your hair that’s amazing seriously

the vibrancy through the roof on this one tiny diamond welcome to the family little buddy thanks a puppy and thanks to this silver haired daddy of M uh poppy there’s something I was hoping to ask you I I mean pick your moment this is a good moment any moment’s a good moment any moment yeah I know women better than you she’s a troll I I I I wanted to tell you that well she’s disinterested you’re crushing it at this queen thing oh branch thank you a being a good Queen is the most important thing in

the world to me other than being your friend ouch dude I feel your dog is my whole life what other than last few years fo for most of my life one of us is utterly alone and the other found an incredible wife whose life is this as a guy I really relate GoPro I thought they ended up together in the last movie didn’t they share like one little almost kiss or something gotcha it’s in my it’s in my I know it’s not but the animation looks more stop motion there you go calm down good boy

the attention to detail on their movement yeah I mean why do you think they would have changed that add more Dimension to it to Queen Popp challenge Barb the queen of rock announces her one nation under Rock World Tour it’s nothing it means nothing at all go there you go he’s doing the exact same thing these other trolls aren’t like us they’re different different like Lesley not being me skyscraper troll yeah different like me they’re different in ways you can’t even imagine I think skyscraper troll are all sitting on each other I think there’s the

physics behind you makes you want to snap your fingers tap your Tong to and wiggle your butt that’s our music That’s What Makes Us pop trolls we have to learn to accept others though they dance different why some of them can’t even begin to grasp the concept of hammer time they all look worried rock and roll is the devil’s music so we’ll see what happens in the beginning there was silence until one day someone made a sound our ancestors were so inspired by the sound they took six strings the power to control all mus they

could play anything had like energy representation country Hard Rock and pop and every kind of music in between there was something for everyone it was one big party Universal this is actually very cool trolls became intolerant of each other’s music there’s like a political undertone to this they fought over what kind of music the strings would play the elders realized there was but one solution each tribe would take a string segregation and go their separate ways hey segregation go a long way man techno country rock classical Funk and us the pops oh my God we’re

going to unite the Nations techno got its own one Jesus that’s why we need to keep our strings safe the pop music string wow pop you didn’t know about any of this yeah it’s just been chilling there and you never knew but I don’t get why techno has its own what is techno’s string I don’t think you’re looking enough into this I think you should read deeper into it okay I’ll try I’ve been preparing for this day for years we run you’re assuming the worst about someone you haven’t even met you’re not listening to me

you’re not listening to me oh is already a great message you don’t know anything about the other trolls well we know they’re trolls Branch look around troll Village everybody’s different even us this is a surprisingly mature direction did you hear something stop trying to change the subject look being queen means having a lot of power and it’s my job to use it for good responsibility what do you think she should do right now she should get to do I think she’s on the right path I think she’s on a solo journey and and her father

should be communicating more I think she’s a little bit of naive to the obstacles but I feel like in the end her message is going to convey and I guess I’m with I’m coming with you damn right you are I really didn’t want to go by myself there we go she really needed a friend no they’re lovas this one looks a little bit like me We have the same hat wait what does he represent reg hip-hop I’m trying to stereotype him in a way that’s not off I don’t know crazy oh that’s how I really

want to know who this is this looks like Mad Max this is the trolls place that I would have wanted to ended up I mean it looks pretty badass I get why you want to live under this nation walls the the a crazy train I wonder if this is the first time a lot of kids heard that song yeah I got the Techno string who knew world domination could be so much fun techno’s the worst of the strings to get though my dude that is a subjective take it really is when I was in college

I would have liked it only four more strings to go so the guitar is like the Infinity Stones yeah there you are dad I got the Techno string what’s a string again don’t you remember the plan I don’t remember oh great idea man the trolls under one music our music that is too much control man you’re not understanding the power of the strings I can’t look at them as villains because they’re my people they want to eliminate other sounds sucks to suck Rock will rule try one of these it’s either pink or Kelly Clarkson or

somebody like that it’s some big pop star I think oh oh my god oh hello sorry I couldn’t help myself you know how I am around cotton candy and there’s James Gordon it’s the only reason he would return as to get more screen time weapons oh well violence never solves a problem brand good good reflexes in case we need them we won’t need them unless these pointy sticks help you listen or these rocks help you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and what about these Knuckles they’re brass knuckles we don’t even know what’s out there

wait dude you may want to take a look at this it’s very hooville I do like the Embrace of the world a lot more actually surprisingly feels like a natural progression for this universe great transition yeah that really was actually whoa something gnarly happened here gnarly bro identify yourself are you nice or are you mean we’re really nice yeah but not too nice okay a so this was the Techno universe that they took over the string from it used to be called Symphony Ville where the classical music troll oh classical music no techville was underwater

yeah yeah yeah you’re right so this was the first string they got which was Symphony it was a place where all of the classical music trolls could live in Perfect Harmony I don’t want to get rid of classical I love class classical how heavenly it looks beautiful but then Queen Barb showed up I’m here for your string we will not go quietly have you seen Scott Pilgrim versus the world yes there’s a bit of that flare to it too our music she took everyone yeah you can’t take people’s Music Man someone’s really had a change

of heart I love rock and roll but it’s kind of rude to make rock the villain it’ been funnier if classical was a villain they’re like up yeah but then people would have like seen into it as like a you know conservative thing our string is safe what you brought your string you said this could be handled with hugs how are we going to hug our way out of this one when am I going to learn to stay away from the cotton candy that’s why he was on the ship right right right promise that I

will protect you no matter what pinky promise you know you can’t go back on a pinky promise never did never will in high school we used to call it RP for Roxy promise it was a non-broken promise from anybody I would never break a promise RP that would happen kind of I would be like RP a pinky promise I guess pinky promises are a serious thing will you come with us someone has to rebuild and Penny Whistle is that woodwin for the job it almost sounds like Marcel shell some people tell me my head’s too

big for my body and I just look at them and say compared to what what did they do to you my hairy little baby they bedazzled it pop trolls dear Barb oh no I have tons of great great party ideas maybe you and I can even be best friends I already have a ton of friends like Carol right Carol oh oh she’s just lonely and taking it out on people oh my God the lyrics empd worst of all it crawls into your head like an ID world I need that pop string and I know who’s

going to help me wow it’s really a movie about communication Jazz the smooth jazz troll the ratone trolls the K-pop game the yoders so are these people who are not in one place oh yeah they they’re like Freelancers yeah I mean K-pop is straight up pop but but better yeah it is great whoever brings me Queen poppy gets to keep their very own music in their very own territory right over here wow you are not a good ruler maybe it’s a younger pop star like uh Billy ish or something I can’t figure out who the

hell it is I know and you probably won’t until the credits start rolling oh we about to get country music I like this song for Big Hair is just incredible I know his tidy ass hat they pay so much attention to the differentiating each troll it’s great die you’re just name as many country song or artists as you can right now oh dude you know Dixie Chicks okay they literally are not even called that anymore they’re just the chicks Taylor Swift in the beginning I kind of like it but it’s so different oh they must

not know that music’s supposed to make you happy there’s an array of emotions Poppy I feel bad for them it looks like they got beat up by rainbow first things first these trolls need some serious cheering up how could she say that based on what she looks like we need to sing them the most important songs in the history of music oh no yes but which ones all of them yo I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want I’ll tell you what I want what I want tell me what but they can’t

take they can’t really absorb the songs the Dogs Out I’m just happy they started with Spice Girls Love how apathetic they are Good Vibrations is a great one to go to too come on let’s go yes the most important how are you going to not do a Michael Jackson song If you’re doing King of Pop stuff for the most important you guys don’t know what pop fully is like where’s your pop history hey these songs are great yeah but it’s just recent pop you suck whoa that’s harsh they had no Madonna no MJ no Britney

no Christina and have heard about this queen Barb and her fancy World Tour I got to go wash what you called music out of my ear I wish it was Dolly Parton you in real trouble now right Aunt Delta keep an eye on them growley Pete the solution is not in trying to force your music onto others I knew it who Let The Dogs Out too far okay Branch you can say I told you so I know you want to a it’s like when religious groups go to other lands to try to be like you

should become a a Christian here’s the Bible what’s that called when they knock on your door Jehovah’s maybe my dad was right the other trolls are different in ways I was not prepared for some trolls they don’t just want to have fun and that’s okay it’s kind of like the plot of inside out but with music instead of yeah guess we’re going home but accepting the other different genres it ain’t right to put you in jail cuz your music’s different it seems some folks around here don’t appreciate a red medley when they hear one now

that voice I recognize what’s your name name’s Hickory Branch this is Hickory Hickory this is Branch enough with the formalities let’s go the let’s yeah go get him clamper oh my God Hickory Dickory Dock what a lot of great moving shots what a kinetic mess man they did just only improve the detail of the animation work is also great yeah this movie does look phenomenal we’re not going to make it classic hope pop trolls can swim it’s kind of cool too how whenever they go into a different musical genre they also go into a different

movie genre is this why her name is Poppy I never put that together yeah you knew that I’m going to act like I did yeah yeah yeah I know things what are we looking at we found oursel this is trippy well he’s not a troll so he must have just found his people oh in like some other dimension yeah maybe hi I’m really glad you came with me me too yeah make out are woo I think we lost him we should be all right thank you this just right on him why are you helping us

what’s in it for you hey Branch I’m sorry about my associate I loved your message oh man oh we need to get to the funk trolls before Barb well quickest way is down that river guy probably doesn’t know the first thing about building a r coffee sh all trolls that look like me yes oh no oh no oh yeah oh hell yeah happy birthday oh my God what that was the craziest moment of the whole thing there’s such a psychedelic quality to this one so strange are you getting a weird vibe from Hickory no why

are you I just I don’t trust him well yeah but you don’t trust anybody Branch hey I just want us to be safe do you think hickory’s trustworthy or no nope I don’t it’s not Hickory you don’t trust it’s me I didn’t say that I thought we were friends Branch I’m starting to think you don’t even know what that means we are friends and sometimes that means speaking up if I think you’re making a mistake that’s not the way to a girl’s heart you have to always agree with them no I just think that he

would have hated anybody oh was Hickory one of the people who was the bounty hunters yeah I think it was poy I can’t feel my face oh no who they love the Jazz who does it yes I love how weird this one is hello hello it’s me look Nar the Marvel’s wishes this is what happened whoa there’s no need to get sexist on us Rox it is right I am against women Barb is going to have your string in the world to be rid of cheesy pointless pop music he used his saxophone as a pole

my name’s Hickory and I don’t much care for smooth J well you’ve just never had the chz experience the tongue there’s something provocative about it oo gumdrops soundproof and delicious not in your mouth who was that guy one of the many bounty hunters out there looking for you put us all in danger how are you supposed to save the world if you can’t even keep us safe wow you made a pinky promise to me Queen Poppy and you broke it no she didn’t what I mean they were almost just done for how he almost the

Blu guy if Hickory wasn’t there they’d be screwed but she’s the one reason why Hickory is there oh my God biggy left queen breaks a pinky promise she didn’t break a pinky promise what was the pinky promise rules what do they stipulate I don’t know just that he’d be safe or something I don’t know I don’t remember oh was so focused on telling you about what a good promis keeper I am I love how he is on his own jne this whole movie so hot oh cool son was complaining I’m saved are you now cuz

last I checked I was a morage that’s definitely Ron funches it has to be him oh no oh I’m done for and on top of that I never found any trolls like me let’s see them feet step in a frame you never found any until no this is the rock and roll ship I don’t think so Bubble Boy Something tells me you hard ain’t in this Mission Branch what do you mean I’m here aren’t I yeah you’re on the mission all right but your heart is with Miss poppy hey Hickory if you did tell her

who knows if she’d even hear you well let’s just say only one of you is doing the listening in this relationship and it’s not her it’s you yeah do you think that’s true about her a little bit it’s hard getting out of the friendo man the easiest way out is to never get in have you ever been in yeah 100% % are you kidding me I live in the friend zone y oh my God he got a whole civilization here is this a disco area welcome to VI City you are cordial guests of Prince Cooper

what are you doing here actually I’m over here how is this possible when we were both babies my egg got snatched out of the nest mom and dad looked everywhere but they couldn’t find me so you guys raised me as one of your own it’s like The Prince of Egypt that fictional story I think our search is finally over our soon it’s finally home that search is finally over you barely search for from king and queen of funk King Quincy and queen Essence oh it’s Funk you’re a funk troll you don’t have to be just

one thing I’m pop and Funk or maybe you’re hip-hop like me demonstrate yeah I think your map is a bit outdated Do Rap God that was really smart her map is outdated but King the queen anything but that let’s tell them how it was Prince step let’s go Funk man the variety here oh this black and white place is amazing I’ve heard this story before until the pop trolls tried to steal our strings that’s not what it said in our scrapbooks let me tell you how it really went down here we go and he’s hip-hop

we fall asleep even on the street when we disagre we did it on was we the of the made life complete this actual like made up song for this thing itans God I love the genre Embrace remixes it is only samples autotunes and remixes it’s cool they got an original song in her is it I don’t know I think it is I was wondering if like with other songs they change the lyrics too yeah isn’t it beautiful poppy she’s like an awe the pop trolls were coming for it all all for one and one for

all so the only way we saw what to be done leader grabbed a single Stringer said run wa oh wa so the trolls live in isolation because of what pop did pop tried to destroy our music just like Barb is trying to do damn that’s a Twist history is just going to keep repeating itself until we make everyone realize that we’re all the same but we’re not all the same it’s why all our strings are different because they reflect our different music this is so cute denying our differences is denying the truth of who we

are yes oh my God I hadn’t thought of it like that she is listening now so the last story was like a story of self-acceptance and now this one’s about accepting others very true Greg very true ass I feel like I’m watching like spiderverse or something yeah it does kind of feel like that actually like crazy Arab stuff no no let me help you are you kidding me oh no cut the P they riding dirty wow Barb I love how the Wreckers are like um actual hovering discs Hickory don’t worry I kind of trust Hickory

yeah I changed my mind on him I can’t go home until I’ve proven myself as a good Queen so that’s what this is really all about why are you so upset because your dad was right I’ve been backing you up even when you ignore them that’s not how you get her to like you good Queens actually live listen you know what I heard back there differences do matter they do you and me we’re too different to get along no that’s not what he saying waa dude don’t revert back to who you were at the beginning

of the last movie yeah character development let’s go bro we are really different so different completely out of Harmony completely I don’t even know why we’re friends neither do I guys why do I care about you more than anybody else in the world he swallowed his pride and he said it don’t let him go now he just did that that was an Olive Branch babe no go grab the Olive Branch grab the Olive Branch don’t stand there grab the Olive Branch the Olive Branch poppy this guy’s a good singer you it’s just the JT he

loves poppy a oh all Branch she really underwater Oh my God I don’t think so he’s dreaming her feel a poor guy I feel your brother I’ve been there man hate that again only one of us lives yeah I had like 27 years of knowing exactly how this guy felt but that’s the point until you find your person trial and error lot of Error 1 2 is he getting abducted by a tribe of women hi baby your name poppy oh my God this is how you get over her is K-pop yeah oh yes what if

you want him you’re going to have to dance for him I can’t live in a world without regon we can live in a world without Kpop do you think they got an actual Korean person to voice Decker I do think so it’ be wild if they didn’t I like that he knows every move CU he get embrace the differences why does Barb get to decide which music gets to be saved all music should be saved all right okay I’m listening Paw Patrol yeah I loved respect they both were like yeah respect good job this is

just like the Loki season 2 finale but way better what oh my God and also nothing like it all it’s about everyone must be saved but that’s about Loki must do it all alone stop ruining it me I was so desperate to be a good queen that I stopped listening to anyone but myself including my best friend it’s all because of this stupid string no hide it hide it no no no take the string and run as fast as you can you hear me what what are you talking about trust me just go there’s another

half I was wondering why he had four legs oh my God oh my God what are you doing Hickory what’s going on Hickory Run poppy Hickory oh they’re the yodelers oh no and the yers never checked in and you were going to give our string to Barb correct answer and you’ve been in back the whole time should never have gone to your side next subject please shut your mouth hole please we must going to break what the final notes of Pop I’m not going to let you do this this is who I’ve been worried about

this little pipsqueak All Is Lost people get your hands off me oh okay all right you’re feisty I respect that but you know who else was feisty pop Village what did you do everyone everyone no biggy oh there’s not going back now we got to murder her yeah I was just saying that she took everybody to volcano Rock City it was scary Rock Me Daddy I love that guy I’ve got to go back we’re coming with you biggy we’ll never make it past security we could overpower them with fashion okay pop Queens rock and roll

is this going to like end in some type of explosive finale of Music this looks like Bowser’s Castle Dam only rock trolls are allowed back here we are genuine hard rockers 1 2 3 4 rainbow un everything there’s all this pressure to be a great Queen and instead of real friends you’re just surrounded by people who just tell you what you want to hear yep humanizer that’s how it feels running real rejects you’re the best Greg music has done nothing but divide us now that I have the final string I can make us all one

nation of trolls under Rock Those About to Rock We Salute You she’s just misguided it’s actually a really good villain motivation there are things I prefer about the first one but what they they have for the villain motivation is really well done oh really good one cool build all right we’re going to go Barracuda on their asses it sounds like pink to me dude Jam Barracuda give it up for your former leaders Funk country Technic classical worst of all pop a she’s being booed who wants to see what the ultimate power cord can do does

it see or here what what would it do it how would it’s her boyfriend I guess a giant comprehensive manual does come in handy just in time it’s a weird entering line too late Branch wait oh wow it turned him into a rock she doesn’t even know what she did no break out oh my God he’s reborn rock girls love a bad boy though you’re turning everyone into rock zombies yep yo this is not cool man it’s mullet time no yo it’s not a bad look who wants to party without smiling feel like this gives

a bad name to rock and roll wow amazing performance oh oh fight it she winked she winked what are you doing you’re supposed to be a rock song me see gum drops gum drops and she did it with her eyes too a world where everyone looks the same and sounds the same that’s not Harmony hey Barb that’s Nazism maybe Queen poppy has a point if we all look the same act the same dress the same how will anyone know we’re cool yep took you this long to realizes a good Queen listens real Harmony takes lots

of voices different voices do you know what you just did though yeah it’s a blend yeah but she made everybody gray I know now share the color no you got to repair the strings my strings they’re not your strings to claim you’ve destroyed music give it up everybody thanks to the Queen of Pop Madonna history repeats itself pop has ruined everything oh no they got to perform together and that’s how you restore music the music comes from within the soul that’s right let it out perform it’s a beat right there nice it’s cool how the

second one is actually about music oh that’s beautiful they all could have turned on poppy but they didn’t Queen Bob can’t take away always something that is inside us exactly because that’s where music really comes from but now it comes from us it’s an expression listen to that barb can’t take that away I have chel Beau is just awesome start singing s Me O nipple chills a these two best color Dad it’s all right Barbara just let everyone be what they want to be including you he’s like The Beetles how come it wasn’t expressed to

your daughter earlier let moving see me do it like nobody else this is so adorable yeah but this is a pop song so it’s all the sounds combined kind of but does that sound like country to you or Rock to you no it sounds like pop is prevailing but it’s nice I’ll let it slide but it’s 100% a pop song it’s not stand and it’s just a big collaboration oh hell yeah there some goodlooking trolls I want the yoders come on yoders beautiful the classics have been restored 1 2 3 and four let’s go everybody

get on the floor your soul I want you to reach with your elbow I cannot wait to see this cast oh yes Cloud get it come on Barb embrace it let’s go Mohawk oh it’s different colors her hair yeah yeah you can only fight Darkness with light I should have listen to what you had to say and not run off like that I’m so glad you didn’t listen to me you were brave enough to believe things can change feel like the lesson here is don’t listen to your parents No it should be listen hear them

out but now that you’re not forcing me I hope we can be friends yes did you hear that Carol we have a girl group now Branch I love that we’re different here it comes and I love you Queen Poppy I love you to Branch a shall we now that’s a good connection but like romantically yeah you have to be able to listen to other voices even when they don’t agree with you depends who you’re talking to so whether your song is sad and heartfelt or warm and funky or even if you’re a little bit of

each yeah it’s all these sounds and all our differences that make the world your place I love this message right now I’m done with my nap and I’m ready to party glitter okay I am glued to these credits I know I am ready for the cast to come up so you can freak out let go let’s go oh only took five writers I get why and one of them was last name Burger which is like buron which is the first one isn’t that what they were called a solid observations yeah relevant based on the good

luck trolls created by Thomas dam is that just the troll dolls just like the executive M producer gon theore okay Anna Kendrick this we knew Justin Timberly this we knew Rachel Bloom no way James Cordon that we knew I can’t believe that was Rachel Bloom and I didn’t pull that Ron F okay damn his voice is so distinct Kell K Clarkson good call no but I thought Kelly clar was the other person Anders right yeah I thought it was pink or Kelly Sam Rockell oh my God we should have been able to pull that with

George Clinton wow I I’m feeling very and Mary I’m feeling very bad about myself right now very bad about myself iort this feel Thompson who does he play Jay Balin well I missed some of this Fula Borg this is wow this cast Aussie Osborne shut STFU oh who’s the dad oh Anthony Ramos that’s cool wow wow these mov just have such star studded voices damn okay now I can actually talk about it now that I know how bad I was wait who who played the person that I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know that who

played it Rachel Bloom that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s nut that’s crazy you know what else is crazy that if you guys are listening to this on Apple and Spotify would just listen to watch trolls World Tour and Roxy finally has a real reject shirt I do I have a real reject shirt which I’m stoked about because I’m a reject do you know what’s the store is called yeah it’s called you already know it’s right here no one here remembers the name of the store why would I know the name of the store no one remembers

it it’s reject naations that’s the first time you’ve ever said it in front of me yeah that’s not true yes I think so that’s impossible so we pull it reject naations reject naations you guess sure’s like this space babies the Galaxy also got our Pedro Pascal chop protection services shirt top seller we got a whole bunch of other te’s and is one of the best ways to support the channel personally my favorite way to support the channel when are you oh griffy I guess we’re late to the party a balls gy but

who’s going to eat my cheese balls babe they’re back he said balls I know I love balls when are you going to make a purge daddy shirt let’s see how relevant that’s that quote stays forever I think it will damn okay so get your shirts get a shirt guys get a shirt which was you could find that reject naations reject naations all right guys we are starting trollstopia this television show available on peacock season one episode one right now oh I didn’t even know this was a thing apparently um this franchise is surprisingly

good I don’t know why I’m surprised by it but I just didn’t think when we started this I was going to be in into it and by the second one I’m like they do just a phenomenal job differentiating these two like you talked about a little bit throughout from within to how you see the world uh I think it has really beautiful powerful messages and on top of all of the well written stuff it looks effing amazing it does look effing amazing it does did you prefer to Ser of the firsters what do I don’t

think so I think that well you know what interestingly enough I feel like the first hit me at a good time in my life for that message and this one is hitting me at a good time in my life for that message like yeah I think that you need the first one first right because it does start from within and knowing that bringing other people down doesn’t bring you happiness happiness comes from within and you have to find that in your soul and yourself and do the work but then also once you do that then

you’re ready for this one which is making sure that you don’t then put that on other people every everybody needs to feel how I feel everybody needs to look how I look everybody needs to see the world how I see the world have the preferences I have otherwise we can’t be friends so it’s like I feel they did this in the right order and so while the first one I think I I give the slight Edge to because I thought that I was going to hate it and I didn’t this one is almost I would

say equally as good just the first one surprised me more what about you uh in terms of which one did I pref like do I like this one more than the last one did you forget the question you had asked me because I had such a long-winded answer yeah and I was so invested and when you speak I listen that’s a a very big lesson to this one I’m I’m like Branch I like because I’m like Branch I’m like Branch I am Groot I like I like things about this one more I think overall I

prefer the first one there’s there’s definitely PR I mean there’s definitely things about the first one that I prefer I think the overall story of the first one I prefer like I found myself really invested in like the a personal Journey between branch and Poppy and then when they got the girl who they I forget her name that was that the Zoe Edition character right which one the two trolls the berens that we saw at the end here oh yeah yeah like when they may yeah when we got to them I I think I think

you’re right I think it is Bridget yeah like that storyline I was just so invested into but what I really loved about this was I think most of the time with animated movies when they do a sequel they up the uh the quality of the animation but they didn’t just up the quality they they added like a different layer to it the texture was a lot more defined it felt a a lot more tangible yet way more expressive and trippy and Vivid and wild and eccentric as super imaginative I thought the camera work was awesome

I love the versatility throughout and I like that this one was like the last one’s like yeah I mean music was a part of it for sure um but this one was solely about music yeah and about the preservation of music but using that as an allegory to be able to have a conversation and and then someone who’s had a week and you’ve had many many weeks of this uh for something much more real than a than a silly Marvel movie um just like you can’t like I’m always about I I like to be able

to have conversations with people I like to be able to heat for the Marvel movie oh God yeah that’s wild isn’t it crazy how much you could get heat for not liking something oh yeah no matter how Nuance of a conversation you try to have people just immediately you’re dealing with the internet you have like a black and white thinking and like you obviously there’s like real world stuff happening right and and uh it’s to have just a conversation with people a lot of the time because a lot of times people throw their own biases

in there about anything you know and and the subjects I’m referring to I’ve had my conversations with people too and it is it is just like I just want to like talk I just want to be able to talk even if we don’t see eye to eye I want to be able to talk and so I love the message of this one in a day and age where people don’t seem to know how to just um accept different perspectives a lot of the time it’s cool to to convey that to especially to kids who grow

up in a world of social media where the instant reaction to things cuz like that’s something I was thinking about I hate how communication gets so lost on the internet and like you and I are old enough to know of a time before social media ever existed and there’s kids who grow up in a world where that is how they’re going to learn to communicate is how people treat each other on Twitter and Facebook and comments and stuff you know with missing the the Nuance of a conversation and that’s why I love the message here

of being able to accept others in a way of knowing that it’s it’s everyone’s differences is a big part of what gives strength you know and and like that’s that’s why I love like all the people who come here on this channel and that’s why I ever try to like change anyone I’m like no because of what you what makes you different like do that you know as much as I want Roxy to like love certain movies that I love and I know she’s going to get crap for it I’m like what well better you

than me Roxy you take the that is the lesson of this yeah I do like even sometimes like they’re multiple lessons from the same event right even the even the troll and this the rock and roll guy who’s like uh how are we going to be cool if everybody looks like us and that is the truth you don’t want a million ‘s running around because then you’re not special and unique exactly but also you don’t want a million use running around because then you’re not your best self and also because it doesn’t create as good

of a world interesting of life or celebrate people’s culture so I like that that we had even random Side characters kind of throwing in these lines that hopefully cause because this is a kids movie right it’s a kid movie that we can enjoy as adults but hopefully when people are listening to this it number one introduces them to different genres of music because a lot of kids you know you grow up in whatever house you grow up in I grew up in a house that listened to rock and roll that’s what we did I grew

up in a rock and roll family uh and so it was always cool when you went to your friend’s house and they put on different kind of music you know you’re learning about that so I like that this kind of introduces you to different things and then it does have some really heartwarming messages about the kind of people that you’re connecting with and and being able to like you said have Nuance conversations but see the world differently and love each other regardless yeah and I think that they did a really beautiful job of this I

I am curious what their perspective on the listening situation is because it’s like we hear over and over again that Poppy’s not listening to people mhm but then at the end of it her dad’s like I’m glad you don’t listen to me and then I was like interesting yeah that’s an interesting take uh I think that hopefully people can take away the lesson like it’s important to listen to everybody and then still make your own educated decision after you’ve listened listening doesn’t mean that you’re going to do what they say just means you take it

into consideration but then at the end when her dad’s like I’m glad you didn’t listen I’m like H well I think it’s the I I I think it’s the manner in in going about the matter is what that moment was ultimately trying to convey if that makes sense like she still apologizes for not having listened like she went behind his back so she still apologizes for the action and while he was glad that ultimately she didn’t listen there still got the apology and the and her taking the accountability of maybe there could have been a

further elaboration of like I should have ran this by you first completely it’s not I didn’t ruin the movie for me at all I just when I’m of all the lessons that did land that one was kind of like H I wonder what this movie think about listening to your parents I mean that’s kind of a weird message that I think a lot of animated movies now kind of say is you form your own identity don’t listen to your parents which is not like in a nuanced way there’s it’s not bad you know like if

I just form my identity soly off my parents I’d be more of a mess than I already am you know so I get it like I totally understand uh it is just interesting that we live in a time where animated movies are often conveying like pix hard kind of does that a lot it’s like your parents put that movie on for you yeah like like we watched Brave here and they did kind of something similar I think yeah wow people loved that one and you and I felt who we don’t need to do that hey

it’s okay look do fine just please stick to the love yeah well I what I would say is that I’m excited for a third one of this I think that I would definitely want to see whatever they come up with we went from we will bring a camera to the theater are we going to watch it record ourselves no no no we’ll wait we’ll wait we’ll experience every what’s it called it’s called trolls Nation it is band together that’s not what you said I did say band together did you yeah I said band together wow

good job I just gasl you I know you do you do that o I love Andrew who’s Andre and D Diggs whoa damn D Diggs is a big pull my Thompson was Tiny diamond for Tone’s going to be in it yeah we know that because we know that uh in sync got back together for hot on a reunion oh to do trolls they were reuning for that so I think it’s the whole I think it’s all of them I’m not sure though somebody tell me I heard say something on hot ones about it that’s even

cooler because Justin Timberlake is still successful without them and then they got back together because it’d be one thing if his career went down to tube and then he did it but but the fact that he’s still like a superstar yeah it’s like why does that happen man like all I want is for Kelly and Michelle to be with Beyonce by her side still and like to go see a child performance like if Beyonce did that now it would be so cool but if she waits for her career to die then it’s not as cool

do you know whose career is never going to die Beyonce yeah I know it’s never going to die I’m not even that into Beyonce but I’d love to go to a Beyonce concert yeah I mean it’s like her and Taylor Swift right those are the two biggest performers currently on the planet I think that’s right well like opening up yourself I mean talking about the differences I’m I’m smoothly finding my way back into this did you think Keenan Thompson was M lemore or who did you think was M I was joking I didn’t think any

of them were Lally not a white guy that was the joke I was naming white rappers and I don’t think you picked up on it who was the one you said before Eminem atmosphere oh um anyway but yeah like uh the diff like I used to not like listening to Taylor Swift um I I could never get into her music and then when the aist to started rolling around I was like you know I bought tickets so maybe I should try listening I still couldn’t get into her music really and then I was like I

was exercising and then Spotify Auto played a song and I didn’t and I was like that’s a cool song let me hit the like button so I could add it and I didn’t know I was listening to a Taylor Swift song and I was like whoa remember it’s called I did something bad from the album reputation okay and I was like this is a dope song maybe I can like Taylor’s Swift and maybe my heart’s just been this whole like thing of have I just been resisting this entire time and you feel like that’s like

the troll and I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift like every single day since and went to the ays tour and then even today actually like I I uh and then watching the documentary and like open up my mind and that’s what I mean like I’ve I love having that and a lot of times I find myself like kind of judgmental of a subject or any little thing and I’ll question like wait why am I judging that let me inquire a little bit more and so I’m on a big so so yeah I really I think

this message really hit home for me but in terms of like narratively it it was more of like a great visual feast and like great music and stuff and it was more of like the surface things with message I really liked the emotionality of the first one hit me better I would say you know what I mean like the actual story itself hit me better yeah I agree with you yeah I’m reading trolls band together synopsis are you mad you do that okay but can you I am livid I am fuming poppy discovers that Branch

was once part of the boy band brozone with his brothers Floyd oh my God is it going to be all of them clay it must be and Floyd is kidnapped branch and Poppy embark on a journey to reunite his two brother other brothers and rescue Floyd tell tell me that doesn’t sound amazing is it gonna be can you imagine branch in a br Zone band is is is it going to be are they going to sing like like an N Sync song I I think that’s what they’re back together for are they going to do

like bye bye bye that’ be amazing I think they I think they have a new song coming for I don’t care about their new songs you don’t play the ones I know wow when you go to a Chili Peppers concert or you like play the one from the new we or you like no literally never to kill fornications it’s like when you meet somebody and they’re like my favorite song is Danny California and you’re like oh okay I’m sorry why that’s your favorite it’s not my favorite no I love that song no yeah I do

love that album I do I mean at least it’s not the newest newest but still okay anyway but you get what I mean I get what you mean yo dude look I gotta make make sure you get out of here on time we’re cutting it close and I know so we got to go um and what would you rate it what would you rate it out of what out of uh 100 what would I rate trolls around the world out of 100 World Tour World Tour World Tour 100 what would you rate it don’t just

follow me no I’m trying to think okay out of a 100 I would give it an uh an 85 out of 10 I would give it an 8.5 I think I would do a little higher than that probably like an 87 all right all right that’s what I’d rate it what would you rate US let us know that’s what I want to know I want I wanted I want people to talk about us specifically yeah that’s leave a comment thanks rejects um pick up the shirts like this video wear your pants right below your chest

that’s the way to do it I don’t know what to tell you it’s just where they go where it goes when I stand it goes lower but as I’m sitting and I’m I’m a climbing monkey so like what do you want from me okay well from here on out this is how I’m going to do all videos okay bye bye that’s good that’s where it looks best this is for the sink

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