Film Instructor watches Attack on Titan OVA | "No regrets 2" Review and Reaction

hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to ATT on Tian no regrets part two I’m liking this very much the fact that how Irwin and Levi met and everything I want to I just want to watch more so but before we get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you don’t want to miss them so now let’s go to the video it’s so fun to see the previous generation you know for right he dirty how dare you

no problem with that it’s not clean oh my god oh so that was the plan fore foree is oh foree spe spee you see when I talk about villan eyes and whatever can can you see how Levi right now on this moment in time has you know like a really angry and all these crevices and everything making him even look angrier and and bad and evil now he doesn’t have that he still has what we call rest in face but that doesn’t doesn’t mean that he’s bad I’ve got that okay like if you I mean

if you are here you’ve seen my reactions and and my my just normal face when I’m watching something I look like yeah that’s my

normal face I look bored or something but I’m not it’s just my face but yeah we can see how he was more like a evil side I’m not sure if they this evil but I think you understand what I mean he doesn’t want to put him in danger so something goes wrong fore foreign fore fore fore I like her I wonder what his reaction going to be when he sees the first

Titan speech foreign fore speech spee spee oh for Fore fore yeah want know put them in danger yeah but maybe it’s too late oh he’s changing already you can tell they’re not picturing him in the same way as before oh my God but what happened to them because they’re not there anymore at least we haven’t seen them I love the music music is just amazing for them it needs to I cannot imagine what they are fa feeling you know because if it’s impressive for the people that that just in the walls imagine from them it’s

even you know I was going to say that yeah mhm yeah hello it’s like he’s waving spee ohoh oh my God I’m worried about the two friends no it doesn’t look like it was in the right place was it yeah it was okay fore fore foree oh oh oh no but he made sense oh well you have it already if you’re still on the scouts what about the friend h you’re not going to see them again I don’t think yep she looks a bit like Sasha uhoh fore fore oh wow oh my God oh my

God Jesus that is horrible I’m glad you cannot see much yeah you cannot see much but it’s quite graphic so probably YouTube wouldn’t be happy about this oh my God is that the other one oh wow I knew it both of them will die oh that one okay oh it’s it’s a whatever you call it abnormal wow Jesus Christ po Levi oh my God to see them like that Jesus he’s still there he he oh my God he just catch the blade like that he knew he knew fore for oh my God to to see

Levi so vulnerable oh my God Jesus no regret I think now he’s oh when he’s going to see the bigger picture you know about the Titans and the whole thing I knew that they will die like obviously this is why he gave the choices to Arin but he was like but you know fore foree kiss very very interesting I loved it oh my God poor the two friends I knew that they will die I didn’t expect oh I I don’t know why because after we saw what happened in in the series like why are you

expecting you know soft things no don’t don’t expect that was quite shocking to see them like that my God I think for now these ones are my favorites I need to watch a couple more but from the all of the ones I’ve seen I really really like to see the backstory anyway please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me remind you that if you’re a member of this channel among of the perks you will have Early Access to all my videos so you don’t need to wait for the premiere also

you’ll have some Attack on Titan emotes that you can use in the chat or in the comments or whatever you want and I also have patreon where I upload the full and edited reactions also with Early Access and if you cannot it’s fine just please like share comment this video and that will also help me a lot so have a lovely rest of the day and see you in the next video bye

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