Trying WILD Lingerie from SKIMS?!

– Get ready to be buh-leh-eh-ssuh-duh. – We’re getting Wild With SKIMS – Wow! – Wrapped, (beep). – Oh my gosh, we’re not gonna put this on! – IRL or not! – SKIMS has become as much of a household name as Kim Kardashian herself and honestly, I love it. I love SKIMS. – I am on her email list. There was a drop today. It was soft cotton lounge. I already checked it all out. It had some wonderful blue colors. – Amazing. – There are a lot of things that are on her website, as much people love

her, there’s questionable items as well where it’s like “why is that little thong the size of my pinky?” So today we are gonna be trying some of her wildest pairs of things that she has on her website. Cause we like to get crazy and wild here. – The girls have gone wild. – We’re going to put on these wild and crazy SKIMS items to determine whether we’ll wear them IRL, or leave them on the internet. – That thong. Somehow, I don’t remember that being really – Thong, thong, thong, thong. – Like think of what you

think as itty bitty – Yeah. – And then cut that in half. – Make it smaller. – A little eye patch for your cooch. – Yeah. – Are ya ready, kids? – First up,

we are in the woven shine tie front Teddy. It is $108. – Woo. – Which is pretty damn expensive. I do believe this is supposed to be an under boob type of situation. I think it’s supposed to cut directly just across your nipples and have some boob on the top, boob on the bottom. None of us are wearing it like that because

you don’t need to see it. Okay? I kind of just don’t love the design of this altogether. That being said, I do think the material’s really soft. It is made well and I’m not like, “Oh my God, Like I wanna put on my woven shine tie front Teddy”. – No – The material is very soft. I will give it that. I am not crazy about the way it’s just on your body, cause it’s not flattering. Sorry, Kim. – This can’t be true. – I think the whole design’s a little off. This kind of reminds me

of like the old school, like, in the seventies and eighties underwear, like this right here. – Yeah. – I think she was trying to do like a new spin on something that was a little old school but it just wasn’t executed good at all. – No. – It’s not my favorite. – I think this is an older SKIMS collection. – This is actually part of her woven shine drop. Obviously it is a little bit woven. It does have that very like maternal retro vibe to it. – Maternal. – Listen, I’m a mom. Okay. I’m not

hating, I’m just saying. – Your mom is cool. – It is very revealing if you do go completely commando. – I have undies on, but still like, – But it’s not, like, it doesn’t – If your bend over, your cooch is gonna be out. – That’s what I’m saying though, so it could be sexy. – It goes up your butt, but because this is so loose, it literally looks like you have like a loose (indistinct). It’s not flattering at all. – It’s just the cut is wrong. The cut is wrong. IRL or not? – Oh

yeah. I forgot. (roaring) – I am going to leave this on the internet. – I’m gonna leave this on the internet too. It’s a no for me. – Yeah, I’m gonna leave it on the internet. I don’t absolutely despise it but it’s not like I’m gonna wear it. – Not my style. – This two piece set that we’re wearing comes from her after hours collection. Which makes sense because you goin to be doing some things after hours in this little two piece. Well there’s not really a two piece. They’re separate pieces. So we have her

Cami and then we have these like, open leg short thingamabobs and right off the bat, I put these shorts on, everything’s exposed. – Everything. – Everything. – It’s pushing down on your lower back. Pushing up right underneath your booty cheeks. – Yep. – So it’s a nice little cup holder for your ass cheeks. – A hundred percent. – And so when you see it, you’re like “whoa!” If it’s after hours, you’re like, “WHOA!” – I know the difference. – Normally I hate any kind of wording on a lingerie piece but I actually don’t mind it

here. And they’re fuzzy. – Soft. – What I love the most is definitely the shorts. I’ll wear the shorts just walking around my apartment. Just go straight to the toilet. Fine. Don’t gotta take nothing off. That’s the impractical. – Devil’s combo. – I think 88 is a little steep for the body suit. – It’s sheer. – I would pay $44. – I would too. – I would too. – A hundred percent, I would. – I feel like the body suit would be cute. Just with some jeans. – Oh yeah! – Super cute. Throw some pasties

or a bra underneath. – Yes. – And the shorts are definitely for fun sexy time. And it makes you feel like very. – Liberated. – Yes! – I agree, actually. I do think it’s incredibly soft. I would not pair these two together, but you totally could. Yeah, it’s weird but I still kinda dig it. – All right, ladies IRL or leave it on the internet. – I’m wearing these IRL. – Yeah, I’m definitely wearing these IRL. I love these. – Yeah. – I feel so sexy in these. – I’m wearing these tonight. – Do sexy.

– Next up, we are in the wrapped knit lace. – Rat? – Wrapped, (beep). – (laughing) – But it, but it was still wrong. – This sent you back $148. – Damn. – I am obsessed with this. The only caveat was the crotch out because if the crotch was normal, I could totally wear this. – Yeah. – Obviously, it’s crotchless for a reason. But I agree the crotchless thing is such a bummer because I totally would wear this too. I think it is actually very fashionable. – It’s so fashion. – If you’re lucky, you’ll get

one use out of it. – I agree. – I was putting this, – What do you mean? – I was putting this, no, no, no. I was being so gentle putting this on. I even have pointy-ass nails and I was very delicate and I just did this and it tore. I’m like, “NOOOO!” – It’s ruined. – They put holes here so that your hands are free and they’re not covered. Again, that would suck if you wanted to wear this out, and there’s like holes right there. – No silly. The holes are there so you can

easily smell your perfume. – Oh. – My gosh! – But all in all, like I think this is very well done. I think it’s so great how it fits you perfectly. I love the high neck. I love that it’s super long. – It’s backless, too. – Oh yeah, backless too. I agree. I think the black is a little bit more sexy. – So sexy – The pink is still really beautiful too. It’s just a different vibe. – Yeah, yeah. – But I think it’s safe to say that we’re all gonna say we would definitely not

only wear this in real life, but like outside. – 1000 percent – Outside the bedroom. – I love this. I think it’s really dope. – It looks seamless. – It does. – Until (whip sound). – Totally forgot about the crotch. – Snooping around her crotch. – So do you guys, like, remember in the beginning of the episode we talked about that micro thong? – Yes. – It’s a little eye patch for your cooch. – Yeah. – Get ready to be buh-leh-eh-ssuh-duh. – Yeah. – Ew. (children cheering) – Oh whoa. – Whole micro. – (using baby

voice) It’s a little baby thong (baby sounds) – I’m a very sexy baby. – The micro-thong will set you back 14 bucks, which at least it’s cheap because. – Yeah. – You’re not getting much, so. – Fairly priced. – Yours is insane. – Yours is so small. – Like it’s the smallest thing I’ve ever seen. – It looks like a Polly Pocket blanket. – It does. – Best day ever, just like Polly. – I’m wearing an extra small, which is the only reason I could think that it’s this small. Even in a bigger size, this

is still much smaller than I would wear. I’d rather just go commando if I’m being honest with you. – Right! – These are stripper thongs. These are like the ones that you find down in the south where they barely wear anythang. – At the (indistinct) – Strip club? – These were like the thongs that initially came out way back in the day, the G strings. – My mom, sorry, I’m just gonna throw my mom out there. Sorry, mom. My mom used to wear those. I remember them, but they were like eighties-nineties style. – Yeah, –

Very thin, which, to be honest, I really like this. I like feeling like my underwear isn’t there. Especially if I’m wearing like tightened jeans or like ow, that sounds like it hurts. Or like yoga pants, you know? Like I don’t mind this. This is nice. – This is very nice. – Yeah, I like this. – And stretchy. – I’m gonna say something and you guys already know what I’m gonna say. It’s gonna be gross to some people but this is ideal if you don’t wanna wear underwear but you also don’t wanna put a tampon it.

You just put this bad boy on it’s gonna catch all the sneezes. – This is why I don’t like you, Drew. – I don’t have a large underwear selection so I would wear these in real life because I don’t have many, and whenever I get a pair I just, I do wear them when it’s important. – It’s a great reason, though. – Truly. – I think because this is obviously meant to be lingerie, I say wear IRL cause it’ll be sexy, like, with the whole little get up on it, you know? – Yeah. – This

is a tough one for me, okay. Because I don’t see a big difference between this and going commando. So like I wouldn’t be like, oh my gosh I’m not gonna put this on. But I also don’t really see the necessity so I’m so indifferent. I think I would try this IRL, but I’m not like rushing to the internet to buy it, if that makes sense. – And yet nothing does. – Who would’ve thought that we would’ve decided to wear this IRL? – Totally. – Others, what? Why would you talk at the same time, go ahead.

– No idea. – What was the start of your sentence? – All day. – What sentence are you even gonna say? You just said others. – I was gonna say, others say go big or go home. – Oh, I see. – Kim says, go small or go smaller. – That’s a good line. – It needed to be said and not interrupted over. (whooshing sound)

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