Turing.com Review | How Turing Gives Me a Fulfilling Career

Hello everyone.
My name is Danial Amin
and I am from Pakistan.
I’ve been working in the fields
of Data Science and Machine
Learning for the past five years.
Actually, it is an interesting story
that I started as an Aerospace Engineer.
I did my Masters in aerospace engineering.
When I was doing my first job, I
came to know about Data Science and
that’s how I got an interest in it.
And I decided to pursue my second Master’s
from Georgia Tech in Data Analytics. But
then something terrible happened. Back in
2019, I got diagnosed with lymphoma and
that’s when I actually decided to shift
from a full-time on-site job to a remote job.
When it came to finding an opportunity
in the remote scenario, the things
weren’t as good as they look like.
The opportunity for my career
ambition wasn’t actually available.
But then I came across Turing
and as it came across Turing, the
vetting process became very easy
and everything was really great.
I haven’t found a vetting process as easy and
fast as Turing in any other tech sector.
So, kudos to the Turing team for
designing switch a wonderful vetting process!
At present, I’m working as a
Data Science specialist with a

project in the E.V. environment.
Not only I’m working on an impactful
project, but I’m also working with a
team of very well, qualified engineers.
So at Turing, the ideal balance between
my work life and the personal life, it
actually helps me in growing on a personal
scale and as well as professional scale.
So with pandemic happening and
everything that is revolutionized
all across the globe,
the remote opportunity
is the right fit for you.
It has a perfect balance of work
and life, and you can actually spare
moments with your family without
compromising on a promising care.
So what are you waiting for?
Just sign up on Turing.com
and have your first test today!

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