Unboxing & Review S.H.Figuarts Vladilena Milize | Eighty Six 86 Anime Figure ( ENG SUB )

Hello guys! Back again with Quirkless Hobby!
First of all I want to say Happy New Year 2022!
We meet again in another unboxing and review video
This time the figure is S.H.Figuarts Vladilena Milize
So this is my first video in this new year
Hopefully we can enjoy this year together
with the figures that I will be unboxing and review
Let’s take a look at this figure together!
First we’ll take a look at the box first
So for Vladilena Milize, I will call her by her nickname Lena
because it’s easier for me to say her name
She is the main character of anime Eighty Six
The current anime season is still broadcasting
Several Season 2 episodes got delayed due to production quality
The delay even goes as far back as March
This is the instruction, it looks like a lot but it’s really simple
So no need to worry about it
Let’s take a look at the articulation first
The articulation for this Lena figure is standard like most SHF
There are some legs movements that are obstructed because of her outfit
But I don’t think it is a problem at all
The first thing

that I must say about this figure
When the figure arrived I’ve been thinking about it
When I saw the preview pictures I was thinking whether
it will come with an important item for Vladilena Milize character
You must know when you watched the anime
It is none other than the Para-RAID
When I saw inside the box, the Para-RAID is not included as a part
so I’m a bit disappointed
Later I will discuss more about this
Now we’ll look at the sculpting and painting, I think it looks good
Face similarity with her character in the anime is also good
This figure of Lena is done well in terms of appearance
The outfit, hair and face looks good
Overall I think it’s nice
Let’s discuss more about the Para-RAID
I’m confused whether it is just me that think
it is important to include it as a part
Then I’m thinking that Para-RAID is worn visibly on the neck
It’s a bit difficult to incorporate it with this figure
due to the way the figure is sculpted as it is currently
This is the extra head part that comes with the hat
there is the extra face part as well
The bottom part of the hair can be attached from the other head part
So it is not a problem
These are the extra parts, I think the extra parts look good as well
There are the happy and the more serious expression face parts
So for the parts that come with the figure, beside the face parts
There is the extra head part with the hat
There is this thing which is a clipboard
The rest are the hand parts
Maybe it is just me that’s paranoid regarding the Para-RAID
Because I know it’s difficult for it to be visible on the neck
with the current upper body of the figure
But I think it’s an important element,
maybe it can be made as separate part from the figure
Now let’s create a pose
We’re going to create a pose with Lena holding her hat on her hand
I apologize if almost the whole unboxing I was talking about Para-RAID
But if you’ve watched the anime, you would know that
Para-RAID is an important element
Especially for Season 1
Not Season 1, it’s part 1 of the season
But I saw it called Season 1 & 2, I kind of forgot about it
(Instead of Cour/Part 1 & 2)
Anyway as for the pose, because the parts aren’t a lot
and most S.H.Figuarts have simple parts like this
(At least the ones that I own)
So it’s easy to create the pose
Maybe beside Para-RAID there are several things that can be included here
Maybe like the drawing that her squad given to her
I’m not going to spoil anything (By describing it in details)
There are the names of her squad in her table that can be included as well
We’re done creating the pose
As usual S.H.Figuarts figure can stand on its own (without base & stand)
We’re done assembling and creating the pose of this figure!
Now we’re going to do size comparison, first its with
Haru Okumura / Noir from Persona 5
Then it’s with Banpresto Prize Figure Kanao Tsuyuri
Next it’s with S.H.Figuarts Shang Chi
Lastly it’s with Nendoroid Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2
Now let’s get into the review!
In terms of appearance, the sculpting and painting is good
All the face parts that come with the figures are nice
So in terms of apperance of the parts and the figure, there is no problem
The only problem for me are the lack of parts that should’ve been included
Especially the Para-RAID, which I have mixed feelings about it
(I want it to be included but it can be difficult for this figure)
I still think it’s an important element,
maybe it can be made as separate part
No need for it worn visible on her neck, maybe as a part that she can hold
(Para-RAID is visible on the neck but also on the ear)
But anyway without it, I still think this is a nice figure to have
It is still a recommended figure
Especially if you like Lena and the Eighty Six anime
This is it for this first unboxing and review video in this new year
(I said 2022 as 2002 here lol)
I mean 2022, sorry for saying the wrong year LOL
What do you think about the figure, do you like it?
Do you think the Para-RAID need to be included?
Please let me know down in the comment!
For the next video we will do unboxing…
My bad! I meant figures pre-order round up episode 10!
Please wait for the next video!
Once again I wish you a Happy New Year!
There will be a lot of videos for this year
Hopefully you still enjoy with the content I will post for this year
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See you guys! Bye!

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