UNBOXING REVIEW TWS PRO 4 BLUETOOTH 5.0 – Jangan beli sebelum lihat video ini @Bang Gete19

I have tried this, I took cycling
because my goal was to buy these TWS earphones to
take my friends on a bicycle, for my entertainment on the road
and earlier when I tried it
I thought it was good but….
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
How are you guys friends, wherever you are I
hope we all stay healthy and always happy my friends
today want to unbox bluetooth earphones, TWS
which I bought at the end of the year, December promo friends
and this is a requirement from the seller to video the package
So if there is a shortage
, you can the basis for us to complain to the seller
of this when I see comments from buyers at this shop
for these products is
mostly, almost all of the buyers have
commented positively these comrades
I bought at the store that this product is sold over 10,000 units, my friends
…. for a second I saw the
name of the product is pro-4 TWS wireless earphone
bluetooth 5.0 headset
, I bought it at the wrong place atu online store shop comrades
okay we will try to see how the performance of this thing these

he had the mic
he has the ability to set up round the track
we will look at the ability comrades
okay, these comrades earphonenya
we go to
use Bubble alakadar , very thin
but hopefully he has no problems
I bought black
Oh this has a charger cable
it’s like a regular charger cable
like other cheap ones
I bought at this promo
price how much does it cost
if it says here the original price is IDR 600,000
but I I bought this for IDR 94,000
but I don’t seem sure if the original price is IDR 600,000
but OK, let’s see the capabilities of this erphone, friends,
this is an English and Chinese manual
OK, let’s open it,
let’s open
this guys . ooo ass ya know

it’s like baseball is a statement
of right and left no description
o … there
is right for
the upholstery right where ya
what he’s got plastic coating, maybe
there is
n’t this there isn’t any
So when he comes in, he immediately charges our friends,
we put it in, it charges,
okay, we open it,
okay, let’s try to connect it here,
we try to connect it to
our cellphone, turn on the Bluetooth,
OK, we open
this, we open the lid,
we open it. this way
he will be looking for
this scan
there is a button, we press
TWS, okay
already met
us connectkan, mounting
is connected to a call and audio, battery power remaining 40%
have read the remaining capacity of the battery these comrades
read on the screen our phone
okay we will try, we hear
how the sound of the earphones is
okay by me good
sound bass good, treblenya nice then the vowel good
in my opinion good for a price below 100 thousand
is nice
we will try the sound micnya comrades
how micnya,
Is he too good , we’re going to try it
now, I’m using this earphone mic, friends
, the distance from the camera is about five meters, friends,
OK. guys, how is the quality
I don’t know
yet can’t listen to it guys
I just got home from cycling guys it
was raining earlier
so I went out this morning
around six o’clock but it started raining on the road
so I went home
I’ve tried this
I take cycling
because my goal was to buy these TWS earphones for me to take my friends on a bicycle
for my entertainment on the road
and earlier when I tried it
I thought it was good but
when we turned to the left
there were a few seconds he was cut off friends
but not often , only a few times
I don’t know what the cause is
but there are a few seconds when we turn to the left like this
he was disconnected for a few seconds
So in conclusion, I think
this TWS earphone is good for your voice, friends,
for bass sound, you can get
then vocals can be
good for This is the
recommended sound for the sound
because I actually bought this for my friends’ voices
for entertainment when I exercise I don’t ride a bicycle
but for this
mic , I don’t think it’s recommended
because this mic is too small, the
sound is too small,
so we have trouble
when we talk,
people who will listen to our voices with this mic will have trouble hearing our voices
, friends, that’s all my video this time, hopefully
this video will be useful for all of you friends,
don’t forget to stay healthy and always be happy.
Finally, I say
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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