Hi sea friends, everyone is back on this YouTube channel, OK? Now in this video
, I will install the undertail for the first generation Beat injection motorcycle and this is a
lot of fiber and for the price itself 200,000 rupiah and For later
, you can’t use this key, I guess it will be said that the hand is 10, so before installing
it, let’s just take it apart so we can skip it later, it’s already Trolled, just install it
okay, the station continues in this video, now it’s been trolled like this Yes, my friends and
this is already dirty, it’s rarely washed until it’s recorded in it and it smells like it’s in
here, this big fender bolt, it doesn’t look blurry on the camera and
there are four bolts that you have to remove in order to get rid of it. Hey, this is the second invoice
and On the back there are two seeds, one here and the other over there,
now this
is a friend. Now just install it, friends, unde rtaill he made of fiber and
Live inserted into as it is the later could have made
such pairs is yes and this term is that the PNP without having to change anything

/> and the material is also quite pretty thick so powerful
Hai and is mounted Yes easy for me man masangnya
Well to side him or the ecu can’t be placed in it, there’s no holder
in the fiber section, so it has to be wired to the tis in the frame, so it has to be moved, friends,
should it be behind the old fender, there is a place for the naro siedoo and this
must be replaced PC cable, now, friends, the holder is stuck here, it’s led to it at the
beginning and it can be here and here. It’s stuck perfectly without changing anything
Okay, develop it. Now, let’s see what the results are.
Hello everyone, here it is the installation results from the undertail for this TV
, bro. I’ve installed this once again, it’s a lot of fiber and it can’t use the key anymore
This contact must be used, yes, this is just a normal hand
and it’s very easy to open the case
and of course this can’t be used with part numbers because there’s no Tail TV here or the
winner’s number plate holder can be made again and make a new plate and maybe Next,
install the LCD, if I have time, if I don’t, I’ll take it off again. This is
a curiosity experiment. Actually, I’m laughing at the sight of Brother Under Tail for this BTF because I
want to use the Ninja RR fender and it turns out that I can’t call. I’ll take the
Ninja fender . I already bought it, now, my friends, Bagor Ninja RR, and I’ve
tried this, it turns out that it doesn’t work. Even if the team has a hole in it, it’s still going to be because of
this, so I have to make another plate holder so that Purple can’t be in a soft position like this, right?
maybe it’s good to install the Ninja RR fender, right because of the fire, but there’s nothing quite right about this
and this. If it rains, it’s definitely going to go up first with also can not dipasangin
that what the hook for Mudflap usually right there when the old Canada cenilan pants
that yes there are sticking sticking whatever his name was made nyantolin simutag that underneath
it is no longer there if you want bikinin it should be drilled later use bolt cropping
yo yo guys, for the video of installing the undertail for GTA Vi, just go here
and if you want something like this you can also click on the link in the description later I’ll
give you the link to buy it at the shop, yes, for the price alone, 200,000 is
quite expensive but for the precision it’s pretty good, it’s okay to have thousands and hi, thanks
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, if it’s useful, thank you for watching siyuda, the Rio
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