What is Liz Truss's vision for Britain?

Liz Truss has been selected on the slogan of ‘Trusted to deliver’, but what is she actually promising to do? People will be going to Rwanda, if they’re not on this flight, they will be on the next flight. I am a plain-speaking Yorkshire woman and I know that a woman is a woman. – President Macron, friend or foe? – The jury’s out. If I become prime minister, I’ll judge him on deeds not words. Britain is facing the worst economic crisis since the financial crash more than a decade ago. Soaring inflation, rising interest rates, wages are stagnating

and we have potentially a recession coming up, so there’s massive pressure for her very early on to spell out exactly what she’d do and very little sign of how she would do it. – My tax cuts will decrease inflation. – Can you point to a single chancellor, single governor of the Bank of England, single leading economist? – Patrick Minford. – He’s not one of the leading economic thinkers in this country. Unless Truss gets to grips with it very soon, it will go deeper and longer than really this country is able to sustain. One of the

big focuses of Boris Johnson’s administration was net zero targets. As Defra secretary, at the Department for Environment, she made huge cuts, which meant that the monitoring, for example, of sewage and water

pollution was slashed, and we’ve seen the outcome of that on our beaches this summer. I support fracking in areas where there is local support and what I would also do is make sure we’re using the resources in the North Sea, as well as moving forward quicker with nuclear power. She potentially is going to move No 10 away from the green direction that it had

previously. Liz Truss is fascinating on Brexit because, of course, she was a remainer who campaigned to stay within the European Union Well I think the British people are sensible people. They understand fundamentally that economically Britain will be better off staying in a reformed EU. Somehow she has reincarnated herself as more Brexity than the original Brexiteers. – The reality is the vote needs to be implemented … – But what about the people who’ve changed their minds between then and now? – I don’t think people have changed their minds, everyone I speak to … – You have.

– I have, that’s true. – Right. – In the other way, though, Eddie. – Oh, I see. So people can change their minds, but only if they go from remain to leave. And then of course she put her foot in it with our revelations that she had said that British workers needed a bit more graft. Liz Truss like many recent senior Tories has pitched herself to the right on cultural issues because increasingly it looks like that the big divide in this country is a social one rather than an economic one. – Liz Truss, I have

to ask you, is a trans woman a woman? – No. I’ve just said … I’ve just said earlier a woman is a woman. And there is too much leftwing identity politics. One thing we journalists will be looking out for is how she deals with the media. – This is the problem with the way that every question is framed. – Well, excuse me for framing the question my own way, but can I just frame it this way? – You’re framing it in a leftwing way, Tom, I’m afraid the whole media does this all the time. –

Alright, we’re all leftwing. – Drives me mad. There have been attacks on the media and she has refused to commit to appointing a new independent ethics adviser at No 10. – I always thought you had high quality standards at GB News, but … – We do, we do. – It’s not the BBC, you know, you actually get your facts right. Ultimately, Liz Truss has won because she’s the members’ darling. She’s pitched herself to the right, she’s pitched herself as the candidate of hope, she’s pitched herself as the continuity Boris Johnson candidate and also she’s not

Rishi Sunak, who many of the members blame, rightly or wrongly, for sticking the knife into Boris Johnson and ending his premiership.

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