Wild Cash App Review – Free Quiz to Earn Crypto! (Pros & Cons Revealed)

Is the Wild Cash app really a great free quiz to earn crypto or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I have tested hundreds of different free ways to make money online. And many viewers have recently asked me about this app. So in this Wild Cash app review, I’ll give you an inside look and reveal both the pros and the cons because it definitely has both, and then you can decide for yourself whether this is the right opportunity for you or not. So before I lo into the app and show you

how to use it to earn, then let’s go over who can join. And from what I’ve been able to find out you can join Wild Cash app from basically all countries. But you can only join it from an Android device. It is an app so you need to download it but it’s currently not available for iOS devices. So if you want to earn from an iOS device instead, then I have another video about that. I’ll leave a link in the top corner for options for that. But if you do have an Android device, you can

download it for free uh through the Google Play Store. And it is a platform where you can earn crypto. And it has its own

crypto, let me just show you that on Coinmarketcap so you can see that it actually is a real crypto with a real value. So what you earn is something you can take out because some apps where you can earn in free crypto then it’s a crypto that doesn’t really exist yet and you don’t know if it will ever be listed or anything like that. That’s not the case here. It is actually

a real crypto with a real current value uh so you know I can’t of course predict whether will go up or down in value or whatever. But that’s just to show you that it is actually something of real value you potentially can earn. Whether it’s then worth it or not, it’s a whole different matter. So let me now log in and then we can take a closer look at that. So I have now logged into the Wild Cash app and it can be a little bit confusing to use at first in my opinion. But anyways,

the whole name of it of the app is quiz to earn. And that’s the main way to earn here. You can see there are a couple of different options. You have this one here uh a quiz there and then you have this crypto camp. And in this quiz you can see this is where you can do it once a day um as far as I’ve been able to find out there. And then you play it and then uh when you play it, it’s a quiz you need to go through and then you compete against others.

There’s a total uh reward and then depending on how well you do, you will get a part of that reward. And you can see at the top there is 10 questions. So you just need to reply to them as fast as possible. How easy it is you know of course depends on on on your knowledge because all of these quizzes are about crypto or you know and blockchain. So you need to be interested in that topic or you can learn about it also. But this is uh you know this is is the quizzes. These are

the type of questions. You just need to continue reply as quickly as you can. What I do like about it is that that I’ve tested all the similar apps if you then have a wrong answer, then you need to watch some kind of spammy ad before you can continue. That’s not the case here.Iit is just a quiz um you go through without any spam ads. I really do like that aspect of it you know. How easy you find it you know, that really depends on your knowledge. But this is one of the ways to earn.

I’ll just quit now because no need for me to sit here and then actually do the quiz in front of you there. It’s just to show you where to do it. But that’s more like a one time thing. You can also go to this once once in a while, they have this quiz once a day right. So you can also go to this crypto camp and here there are other quizzes you can just take and see if you win right away. This one for example that’s the easiest. It give the lowest rewards. This one is

a little bit more difficult. And then you can take this one here uh so you you can do this and then just press go. And then you will get these questions uh so you know you can just submit it there and then then move on. And then you see if you get right, you get a few coins there. And then you need to answer 10 correctly and you just need to move through everything here. And then you will earn a little bit. But as you can see up there, it’s not a lot I earn. Exactly

how what it’s worth we’ll talk a little bit about that later. If you don’t know anything about crypto then it will take some time to go and find it and learn it. So in one sense you do learn here because if you answer wrong, then you know you will see it of course. But in these quizzes it’s it takes some effort because if you then reads nine correct questions but then answer wrong then you don’t get a reward. Then you have to start over and things like that. So that that’s of course you know frustrating.

But that’s how the game works. But in addition to these quizzes, there’s one more way to earn we just need to talk about. So there’s also a mining option down here. They also do have this one here ToDaMoon is called there and this is also another quiz where you can participate or you can get like free tickets into a big draw. But um this mining is one where you can be a little bit more active. And what I need to do is I just need to click this big tab one here and then he will

start like tapping there. And then supposedly I I will earn uh by doing that. I think this I don’t really understand the point of this um game. I’ve seen other apps where I can do this and I don’t really particularly like that. It’s really annoying to say I’m sitting here clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, so you know but it’s something you can consider uh to do also not an option that I personally will be using anymore for sure. So these are the ways to earn inside Wild Cash app. But how can you then get paid? Well

this is when it gets a little bit confusing because you earn uh gold as you can see up here uh you know and and then I need to convert it uh into this hook here. And then I can also uh withdraw it and they they promote uh you know Binance quite a bit inside here. So I don’t know if it’s in cooporation with binance but it said like to withdraw there you can also buy uh the crypto in here. But you you need to first of all convert it here. But if you do that you

also see that there’s a transaction fee. So you need this amount of these u u ggt and 100,000 but then there’s a transaction fee of 50,000. So you know that’s that’s quite a lot of course. But I don’t have enough to actually do this transfer now but then you that’s what I say that then they say like oh but you can buy some uh with binance instead if you want to. But also up here I can choose exchange what I have earned and then you can see but to exchange that into uh this USDT I

can then potentially convert into this hooked crypto. Then then I need to to earn you see 800,000 of these coins and you can see for the quizzes I earned a little bit here. And there um so that’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort. It can be a way to earn but you know exactly how much you earn well I would say like even to just earn like $5 or so that will take a lot of effort. It’s only really interesting and relevant if you really just like taking crypto quizzes

and want to do it without ads. Because there’s not a lot of ads popping up here compared to many other similar apps in my opinion. So to sum it all up, Wild Cash app can be a way to quiz and earn crypto. And I think the game itself it can be quite fun, the quizzes, and you can learn something from them. But if we’re talking from an earning perspective, it’s just not really worth it in my opinion and experience. I have tested hundreds of different ways to earn online and and uh if you’re looking for

ways to earn free crypto, this is just not very effective. It’s only if you’re really interested in that particular crypto and really want to support that project. Then you can use this uh app here and potentially earn some of it for free. But it does take some patience and you need to be aware of that but if you do have that patience and you want to earn that specific crypto then you can go ahead of course and download it. It is free to download and it is free to use also. If you want to use

other platforms to earn free crypto that in my experience and opinion are more effective and where you can earn more, then I do have a list on my website for example of the best ways to earn free Bitcoin, also of the best ways to earn free ethereum. I’ll leave links to that below then you can go and check that out. But no matter what, I hope this video helped you. And if it did, make sure to hit the like button, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit the notification bell, so

you won’t miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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