Wrike: Best Project Management App? Full Review

So today we’re taking a look at project management software which is called Reich and it is really popular with marketing teams and sales teams for managing all of the projects but it not only lives as a good one for that it is a good allround project management software we’re going to take a look at it today and give you a better idea of whether it’s right for you and your team and give you an insight into whether it is got the features and details that all of your team need and value so welcome my name

is Franchesco if you’re new here welcome you can subscribe but you can also jump over to tool finder now to find any productivity tools so if you’re not just in Hunt for Reich but other productivity tools project management specifically then you can find them all there as well as a detailed review of Reich if you’re interested and a little bonus I’ve done a full Deep dive into Reich which you can find over in the link in description so R is a really interesting one it’s a good allrounder because has a combination of Integrations automation s

and also the ability to set up forms and project management and as a whole there are sort of Three core pricing plans uh there’s free uh there’s premium which is almost

like your middle ground or they call it team pricing and business pricing as well and to be honest without talking too much about the pricing they have pretty much a similar structure to what you’d expect with a project management software reasonable pricing and per head naturally which is fairly good to get you going now as a whole we were using the business plan pricing which

gave us access to the dashboards widgets Ai and also some of the resource management software so I’m taking you through it from this perspective but some of those features are limited in the team plan which you might decide to go with so views and tables are one of the core parts of a lot of project management software and so many of them do the much better these days and it doesn’t go without saying that Reich does this too it actually has a range of different views including table Gant calendar and Resource Management as well as

boards and other such classic layouts and in particular their Gant view looks really detailed and much more classic in terms of comparing it to other applications that specialize in Gant chart management this is actually almost on par if not very close to what they have now inside of each of the projects you can create a task and within tasks you can add a lot of context points obviously all the stuff you typically get in a project management software like due dates start dates end dates duration and recurring much more detail but you can also add

much more context to some of the notes so you and your team can collaborate on files comments and much more inside of the table and well all of the views you can actually add custom fields which allow you to see more detail and you can move them about to your liking this is Sim similar to what we get in dat databases in notion and other such applications and a great way to customize and change the look of how you and you your team set up tables and Views now everything’s organized in spaces which means you

get a personal space and you can create a space per Department as well and invite people to those spaces for setting things up and to be honest there’s not as much education around getting started uh in terms of uh not necessarily the video guides but if you were to select like a template there’s not many of those that I found when I was setting up a Reich account however it doesn’t take too much time to get to grips with most of the features and there are a lot of features in terms of filtering sorting an

advanced setup for some of your views and grouping which make your views look a much denser now if you’re looking to save a little bit of time and on the talk of templates they have a feature called blueprints which is part of the business plan and essentially if you’ve got a project a task or a folder you can create something that can get get routinely created in an area that you want it to this also links in with the likes of automations in case you wanted something to automatically populate once uh something has been triggered

or completed in a work workflow which is really interesting little setup that they have now one of the features I was able to test out as well was the forms for internal external use and this is available in the teams of business plan and actually you are able to set up these forms that can be used internally and are a great way to set up little tickets that you can use to make sure your team are on to things and you can share them externally as well they can naturally be used on a website to

really take advantage of re’s abilities now this is part of the business plan there’s a feature called Resource Management where this is probably much more suitable for managers or maybe those who are looking at things from a 30 or 50,000 ft view a bit higher level then there’s a feature called um I think it’s called time L where you can track your time inside of the application which gives you a breakdown of how long You’ spent per different task which is really nice and you can narrow it down per date and details like that there’s

also a workload feature where you can see all of your team and how long they’re spending on certain activities and you can even fill in the duration that they spend on those activities so that you don’t overload them on a certain day and indicate that they aren’t working too many time or too intensely on something um you can spread out amongst other team members now workflows is also an ability to change the way that statuses are loaded onside inside of Reich and it actually works quite well alongside automations for setting up simple triggers that are

built inside of Reich and this is really helpful for saving a bit of time Integrations themselves were also powerful but they really seemed um a lot looser than other applications in the project management space but you do get two-way Integrations with a lot of popular applications like Microsoft teams slack and a few more which gives you a better integration uh for example there’s a Google Calendar one for seeing two-way uh tasks that you put inside of your Reich areas that you want inside your calendar as well now to be honest a few notes in terms

of performance Reich wasn’t Snappy as I’ve had with other applications like monday.com in terms of its experience but does have a wide variety of devices it seems like it’s works on a lot of web based stuff but I didn’t have too many problems I just found it actually was less Snappy less fast in terms of performance than those other project management softwares now to be honest this application is really designed for those who are looking for an all around project management experience and it will give you that great ways to set up views uh really

nice G Gant view that’s quite classic forms and some of the traditional blueprints as well as some of the resource management stuff that you’d expect for managers but it ain’t going to blow your socks off with design but it will blow your socks off with features there’s a lot of features in this uh project management software that actually are so tucked away inside of the experience so folks I hope you found this review of Reich useful please do let me know if you have any questions and of course you can find any project management software

over on tool finder or if you fancy it a full in-depth review of Reich as well as our rating over on tool finder so thank you very much folks I look forward to seeing you in a future video and hopefully we can help you find the best productivity or project management tools for your work in life I’ll see you all very soon I am sure

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