ytLove app Real or Fake | the fact and honest review | Use the ytLove app or not | legal or illegal?

if you are a youtuber and you are using the 
ytLove application or planning to use the  
ytLove application for your youtube channel 
free promotion or to get free subscription,  
views, watch time, watch hours this 
video is for you. I will explain you,  
if there are side effect of using ytLove, can 
you get monetized if you use ytLove application?  
if your channel is already monetized, can you 
actually make money using the ytLove application?  
Can ytLove actually boost your channel or 
is it go down? Beside this, is it legal  
or illegal to use the ytLove, taking into 
the accounts youtube community guidelines.  
Does youtube monetization policy allow the 
apps like ytLove, so many other questions. So,  
i will talk everything you need to 
know about the ytLove application.  
If you are already using the 
white lab app or planning to use  
i think it will help you understand what should 
you do after watching this video, please watch  
the video until the end.
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First and foremost, i just want to confirm 
that there is the apps called YT Studio,  
which is developed by a google or youtube parents 
company. please don’t be confused with the YT  
studio and ytLove, ytLove is not the app that 
develop by anyone from youtube or google. In  
this video i will also answer some questions which 
will help you better understand the ytLove app.  
Recently i met some new commerce youtubers who 
actually are using the app without knowing the  
consequences, then i read about the app, even 
ytLove itself says they are not associated with  
google or youtube. The app is only available in 
the android market, for this experiment video  
one of my brother and i use ytLove apps on 
his youtube channel with 80 subscriber to see  
the experiment result. Before 
starting with the answering the  
experiment result those of you who don’t know what 
is ytLove, let’s talk shortly how ytLove works,  
you log into ytLove app, create a campaign, watch 
others video, earn some coin and use the same coin  
to promote your video or grow the subscriber. 
So to answer the questions, can you actually  
get the youtube video views using the ytLove? in 
our experiment yes, we did get the videos views  
so you probably have a question what is 
the concern about using the ytLove app
The concern is when you use a ytLove app all 
your reviews will count as come from the external  
resource, the external source means your video 
has embed our link to our application our website.  
This is a good thing, if your video is embedded  
to a blog or website which does not offer 
buying or selling views or subscribers but  
in this case the story is different ytLove app 
is still new and youtube is there to find out.  
when there will be a lots of views and many 
channels start getting the views and subscribers  
from the ytLove app, the things will be 
different. The other question you may also have,  
does playing a video in whitey love apps come 
to our 4000 youtube watch hours requirements?  
honestly i haven’t met or found anyone that 
said their channel is approved and monetized  
using the ytLove app but surprisingly during 
the experiment process, the views and watch  
minutes in the video are count in our case not 
sure if youtube will remove them in the future.  
I also read and heard about youtube monetization 
process that youtube of course will check your  
channel data before approving your channel for 
the monetization. This leads to another questions,  
which you may also have, is it legal or illegal to 
use the white love app? Actually it is unfair to  
say any product is legal or illegal, especially 
one white lab itself says in their website that  
they do not offer the ability to purchase views 
or subscriber as it against youtube policy.  
they want the video to reach the many people 
which they do because monetization is not  
their concern. Regarding the monetization 
part, let’s check youtube policy page
under this SPAM, deceptive 
practice & scam policies
if you look into the Incentivization 
spam: youtube has clearly stated that  
content that sells, engage metrics as such views 
like comment or any other metrics on youtube
this also include content where the only purpose 
to boost subscribers views or any others metrics
basically when you use ytLove to your channel 
you will have this data where youtube can see  
all the traffic is coming from the apps that is 
used for the views and getting the subscribers
I know there are many youtubers are using this 
service and somehow getting the views but trust  
me you don’t want to do anything that puts your 
channel under suspicious. During the experiment  
process we also use his channel to get some 
subscribers to see how does this go. So this leads  
to another questions: can you get subscribers from 
the ytLove? i think i would refresh the question,  
can you get the subscribers that are useful or 
real? the answer is yes or no, so what does this  
mean? During the experiment process, we get 
the subscriber for our channel that we tested  
but they are logged into ytLove app with 
the fake user account just to get the views  
and subscriber or they will unsubscribe 
your channel once they get the point.  
Let’s talk about ytLove side effect. During 
the experiment process, we figure it out  
using ytLove, your channel overall 
search ranking will go down
The channel we use for the experiment purpose 
disappear from the search result very next day,  
the worst thing is we can’t even find his channel 
after searching for his full name. The channel,  
however is back to search result three days 
after stop using the app. I strongly suggest,  
if you are in youtube for a long run this app is 
no go for any channel that want to make a money in  
youtube using the youtube monetization program and 
have a decent ranking and source organic result
If you are using the ytLove and successfully 
accepted in the monetization program please  
let me know in the comment below. 
thank you for watching this video  
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channel until then see you take care

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