2022 Commonwealth Games coin folder review

so hello and welcome back to another video and 
in today’s video we’re reviewing the new coin  
set you can get from woolworths you can also buy 
it from coin shops you can buy it from the royal  
australian mint you can buy from a lot of places 
and they cost fifteen dollars for ten dollars  
worth of coins so a lot of people asking are 
these going to be low mint uh no if we look at the
previous folder so this is 
the 2020. uh oh where is it  
circulated here we go two dollar coin folder 
paralympics australia so we’ve got 150 000 of them  
so that’s the actual paralympic two dollar coin 
so here’s the actual coins i issued in circulation  
2 million and 150 000 in the actual folders 
and here we have the two dollar olympic coins  
uh minted to two million and the folders they 
made four hundred thousand so there’s quite a lot  
of folders so these are not going to be rare or 
scarce uh 2 million 400 000 that’s a common coin  
or a common set and don’t worry about two dollar 
uncirculated coin collection australian olympic  
okay mint collection so it’s a different set 
so four hundred thousand uh that’s basically  
i reckon they’re gonna issue probably that

of these three four hundred thousand depending  
how popular they are uh you should be able to 
go down to your woolworths and get these sets so  
but what i don’t like is the actual coin pack 
i know australia’s colors are green and gold  
uh but you know deemed grading into each 
other it just doesn’t look good green and  
yellow together it’s just not a good color uh 
they need something to separate it probably a blue
maybe different shades of green or just a border 
anyway then we got you know i’m not a big fan  
of this type of art but anyway these are what is 
represented on the one dollar coins so if we take  
okay we take that one the girl of the i think 
she’s doing gymnastics with a baton you can  
see the actual pattern is it’s a bit hard to 
see there so the pattern is there so that is
uh pretty much a description you should know 
you so this is mountain biking looks like um  
that’s they’re both probably a form of freestyle 
probably different distances they’ve got weights  
basketball fugby um i think it’s 
badminton little ball table table tennis
this guy pretending he’s got wheels 
oh my god no that’s disgusting uh  
we have slow ball boring cricket  
is there any aerial ping pong now you’ve got 
batman aerial ping pong i’m referring to the afl  
anyway there’s lots of different 
sports and you got information on here
and let’s have a look at 
the actual coins themselves  
so if you wanted to you can actually take 
these out so they’re in a plastic folder and
if you wanted to you can actually pop these 
coins out which you know plastic doesn’t  
look good in videos it actually 
makes it hard for you to see the coin  
so you just pop one out and there you go so if 
we actually see the s coin so a us for australia
the color pattern is pretty simple this time just 
got three yellow stars and a green background  
yes so there’s no real imagination in this design  
on this side 2020 you can see it’s 
a lot of scratches on that coin  
uh so these are just taken from the actual 
probably stockpile that they used for
uh issue in circulation these ones too you can 
see there is some damage on there and let’s have a  
look at that coin excellence so that’s okay let’s 
have a look at the rest i’ll just pop them all out
i only got one set because actually i didn’t 
get it my wife did and thank you very much so
i’m wearing gloves it makes it a bit 
hard to actually handle the coins  
so this one has the coat of 
arms so has the emu and kangaroo  
only two dollars this one’s a bit rotated so the 
color pattern on these is probably all rotated so
uh that wouldn’t make it any worth 
a higher value so the u has the  
main star that represents zelda state 
and federation commonwealth games team
and yet that one’s also demi so i think this week 
you can actually get the acorn in circulation  
in the change if you go there uh but i’m 
not even gonna bother two million yeah  
these have never really been a popular coin 
with people okay the one dollars are only  
issued in the actual coin packs yeah 
one looks pretty good grade then we have
yeah that’s not too bad a coin these are not 
really too bad i actually quite like them  
they have made worse coins than this before 
and so if you get one of these in your change  
there’s probably a few reasons why even someone’s 
brought a pack at ease and just spent the coins or  
the woolworths or wherever they are uh selling 
them just couldn’t sell these packs so they decide  
just break it up and use it as change because 
we’ll just probably get these for face value  
i know you you can’t really get information on 
the agreement between the mint and woolworths  
so the mint doesn’t class these coins issued for 
circulation that’s why they don’t put them on  
the two dollar coin lots the page on 
their website you have to go to these  
pick the class yeah classes wolf so private 
issue although they still are legal tender  
and yeah anyway let me know 
what you think about this set
um compared to the actual ever coin sets 
they issued this one is yeah not as good  
i would say that the possum magic is probably the 
best uh it’s just a really well designed coin and  
good executed and really not as but none of them 
are as good as the eternal flame i think that’s  
2017 so five years ago it was really good way of 
printing the actual ink this is pretty simple two  
colors basic design and gonna be common in your 
change sooner or later unless you live somewhere  
without a woolworths anyway thank you very much 
for watching my video hope this helps you with  
your coin collecting just remember 15 for the 
next six months probably don’t pay more than that  
unless you live in the countryside or somewhere 
where you have no choice but to buy them on  
the internet then you know you can still 
buy them from the royal australian mint  
but if you’re going to pay ten dollars 
postage put a bit off buying a few things  
uh coin shops same thing they usually 
charge about ten dollars postage  
so you’re better off also buying a few 
things as well just to reduce the pasty  
charge because most of them just charge you 
ten dollars and anything over they cover it  
and have an awesome coin and banknote 
collecting time thank you and goodbye

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