A full review of my Specialized Langster bike after 3000 km

Hi guys this is a review of my Specialized 
Langster bike. In this episode I will tell you  
about its advantages why I think this bike is the 
best and the most efficient bike I’ve ever ridden  
and I will also explain you some tech around this 
bike. First of all this bike is a single speed  
freewheel or fixed gear bike 
equipped with a freewheel cog  
which you can see here, that works 
basically as a free wheel and  
on the other side of the wheel you can see 
a fixed gear cog. So basically you can flip  
this wheel around to go from freewheel to 
fixed gear. Personally I ride single speed,  
so I’m not that extreme some people would 
say “Okay, you are not a proper fixed gear  
racer”, but I don’t really care about this stuff. 
I prefer my bike to be comfortable to ride and  
I don’t really want to go to the extremes. 
Tis bike is equipped with Tektro rim brakes.  
I really find them efficient and I’ve never 
had any troubles with these. It’s been several  
thousand kilometers that I’ve ridden on this 
bike and i still haven’t changed the rim brakes,  
and I don’t even need to change. So 
basically um they work quite efficiently,  

even in the wet conditions, even in the rain. I 
find them really useful and really easy to adjust  
so when I need to take my wheel off, I just 
put this little thingy up and it loosens the  
area so that I can take off the wheel and 
when the wheel is adjusted I just put it back.  
So it works like wonders. The 
frame in this bike is aluminum  
but the fork, the brand of work is called FACT, 
it’s carbon fiber. I ride the frame size 58.  
The weight of this bike is about 10 kilograms 
which is quite a lot for a single speed bike with  
no gears but basically I just find it really stiff 
but also quite responsive so it rides real fast.  
By default this bike is equipped with 25 mm 
wheels and I think the default one is Schwalbe.
I find these slick tires really really 
efficient so even though you only have  
like a really small choice of gears (basically 
you just have one gear) it rides real fast. The  
rolling resistance is really really low on these 
25 mm tires and I think as the next choice for  
my tire setup I will go for 23 
mm tires, but so far so good.
To tell you a bit more about the spec of this 
bike: the wheel set on this bike is Axis Sport.  
These are like really good quality aluminum 
tires: really light, really stiff. I’ve  
enjoyed it so far: it’s very responsive, very 
nimble. When you compare this wheel set with,  
for example, a gravel wheel set up, 
it’s not as efficient in terms of  
absorbing bumps. This wheel is quite responsive, 
light but maybe not so comfortable for off-road  
riding, but that’s not the main purpose 
of this bike that’s like not where this  
bike feels the best. This bike is for is mostly 
for city riding or for riding on smooth tarmac. 
The chainring on this bike is a five bolt chain 
ring, 48 on the front and I guess it’s about 17  
on the back. The ratio that Ihave here 
it’s like really good for riding on  
on on the flat surface but also it can be 
quite good for a certain amount of climbing and  
yeah of course for downhills it’s like it’s 
not enough you just freewheel most of the time. 
So, guys, a couple of reasons why I find this 
bike the most efficient bike that I’ve ever  
ridden. I bought this bike second hand on Facebook 
Marketplace for just about 1500 PLN which equals  
about 350 USD which is a really low price, and 
I made about 3 000 kilometers on this bike so  
far. The price that I paid is really low for the 
value that I got. Basically, the average spending  
on this bike I counted in price per kilometer 
it’s just about 0.5 PLN (0.15 USD) per kilometer  
which is like a really low price it’s probably 
like the lowest price that I’ve ever paid for  
a bike per mile or per kilomete. Usually the 
price would be about like 2 PLN (0.5 USD) per  
kilometer butthis bike is probably the most 
efficient spending that I ever made on a bike
To top it up. What do i like about this bike? I 
like the average speed that I’m able to sustain  
on this bike in the city conditions.
Basically when i do my urban rides  
my average speed is about the same as on my 
cyclocross or road bike. Basically when I ride  
this bike I don’t feel like I’m limited with 
the gear choice, because basically in the city  
one gear is more than enough. This bike has 
a really low rolling resistance which means  
that these tires roll really fast, but also the 
ratio 48 on the front 17 on the back it’s perfect  
because it’s good for flat but also it’s good 
for slight uphills and of course for downhills I  
don’t pedal at all so basically it’s just 
enough, this setup is just perfect for me because  
in the city you don’t have many uphills also you 
mostly ride on flat surface and you have to break  
and stop quite often and these brakes are really 
efficient, so personally this bike made me feel  
like disc brakes really suck and the rim brakes 
like feel much more efficient than disc breaks.  
Thanks to this bike I just really felt the 
difference between disc brakes and rim brakes.
On an average city ride I’m able to sustain the 
speed of about 26 to 27 kilometers per hour.  
I have to stop quite a lot at junctions but also 
I’m able to like gain speed real fast thanks to  
the gear ratio that I have. Also I don’t have 
to worry too much about the gear choice because  
basically when I ride a single speed bike I only 
have one gear so I don’t have to think about  
which gear to choose and it takes away all the 
hassle from city riding, because like you just  
don’t choose gears you don’t have 
to make choices: you just ride,  
and that’s what I like about this bike. Thanks 
for watching and subscribe to my channel. Cheers!

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