Amare Mediterranean Restaurant | Swan Reserve Hotel DINNER | Vegan & non-vegan review | Disney World

hello everybody princess and the bear here and 
we’re at the new swan reserve today and we’re  
going to new hotel meets new restaurants 
so here we go be sure to zero to hero
we arrive mra and we get 
a sebastian’s bistro night
i already asked about the vegan options 
it’s modifying one of the three salads  
but it’s really not it’s a modified one
the running man because i think the 
orange peel’s running man what sold  
me is not just the mezcal but the 
vegan egg powder i’m here for that
oh that’s beautiful it’s like sweet but like not 
too sweet almost like a syrup but not like a syrup  
and it’s a really delicious drink i’m gonna give 
that four out of five running men are waterproof
my napkin on my lap like i actually have some 
home training even though you know i don’t but  
here we have the running man which is a very uh 
pretty looking cocktail with some interesting  
ingredients oh my god this melted will put you 
in your behind but uh let’s actually see here
a serpent too strong i’m curious to use a vegan 
egg on it it’s really tasty never the normal  
cocktail it tastes

pretty similar in strength 
like what you would expect out of like a martini  
but it’s not harsh it’s smooth all the way 
through a little bit sweet but you still  
taste a cake of alcohol not mad at that 
presentation drink a four out of five plus
here we have a smart dolphin exclusive the fins 
and feathers pale ale now i don’t like pale oils  
but i do like the words exclusive illusions 
are grand shirt either way uh we looked up  
and see if it was vegan inconclusive 
we normally do pre-checks on all our  
alcohol for the princess drink some but since 
we can’t figure this out this one’s all for me
i mean it’s actually rather smooth i would seem 
to be really hoppy and it’s really hop forward but  
it’s moves out towards the end to makes it fairly 
drinkable and light not too heavy not too harsh  
it’s a great podcast anything over bud light
i always judge a good restaurant by its bread 
unfortunately they have no plant-based options for  
bread they do gluten-free but even the gluten-free 
bread is not vegan which is a shame because you’re  
like this beautiful uh olive topping on top 
of hummus like it would make such a good vegan  
spread it’s just a couple of extra steps to make 
this so much better but let’s go ahead and dive in
i guess the one upside is the princess hates 
olives so you know i’ll top and i probably  
wouldn’t be here jamie a nice healthy dose nice 
crusty bread some oats in it uh let’s top this off
you’re very strong all the top 
and not like smacking your face  
nice and crisp nice crust to it nice and 
soft in the middle hummus is nice and smooth  
it’s definitely probably average for table 
red three and a half out of five possible
i have this large beautiful salad and i’m actually 
very appreciative of the fact that i’m not eating  
a wedge salad because i feel like every salad i’ve 
had recently has been a wedge this one is quite  
beautiful you have all this like dill lettuce 
got onions this artichokes these look like my jam  
olives want to avoid those and cucumbers 
didn’t check to make sure that the  
dressing was vegan as well so 
i’m gonna get just a little
i bit know if i want like a whole piece on damn  
this is like you can’t even puncture this this 
is like super shredded lettuce this is like  
what you’d find on a burger like a fast food 
burger style shredded lettuce force is with me
the ingredients are certainly 
fresh the flavors are very light
it’s very bland i don’t think that 
fett and cheese would save this either  
it’s been not seeming like much but this salad 
is a demonstration of the exact reason why we  
started this channel in first place you’ll go 
out to eat with your friend partner otherwise and
you get a meal and they get something on a plate
yes salads are vegan but sometimes you want more 
than a salad especially for a nice dinner it  
doesn’t seem fair you feel bad sitting in a table 
you know you brought your friend to get something  
to eat and this is what you get this smoking 
this suppresses me you have what’s basically slaw  
with a pile of olives some raw red onions 
i guess some seared artichoke and cucumbers
it looks like a bad salad
but i digress maybe the flavors 
are there i have no hope for this
artichoke with cucumbers a single olive and 
this absolutely decimated lettuce to plant food
everything tastes fresh i don’t like the shredded 
lettuce it’s too wet no christmas to the salad  
it literally just tastes like slaw like a 
wet like it’s something i would eat on me  
wrong it tastes healthy it’s good 
the flavors aren’t bad it’s just
a lot of meat
one and a half out of five loss i’m feeling mean
whereas the friend says look like a florida swamp 
likely looks like a playground we have mahi mahi  
which you know if you’ve been here long enough 
i’m extremely partial too this is a weird looking  
israeli kushi set up like a wall over here with 
some uh colored broccoli on top and then you have  
kale and a pureed something or other and then a 
pour and you know we like pores on this channel  
i have no idea what it is because i didn’t read 
the menu that well but hey let’s go forward
as i have no idea what i’m about to stick in 
my mouth here i took two magic pills so don’t  
freak out but we have a nice grilled mahi 
mahi and use some more grilled topped with  
the sauce and this puree i’m gonna go ahead 
and do the fish by itself into the sauce  
because this is bad we’re gonna have problems
huh is that you get a little bit of flavor to it 
seasonal well it’s all it’s part in the pork good  
flavor i’m impressed leave that on some three 
and a half out of five plus i’m just trying to  
get a complete bite a little bit of fish get some 
that puree in there sneak some kale around here
and even some couscous we’re going to all invite
very savory and buttery couscous goes down nice  
cook well it’s like kayla spinach here it’s a nice 
little touch gives a little brightness to the fish  
everything goes well together there’s i mean 
definitely skill i love putting this dish  
i just wish they had done just as much 
for our plant-based people that watch our  
videos this tells me what you can do better 
all in all i’m gonna get the plate uh four  
out of five paws the fish is good i’m not gonna 
knock him for that i just wish there was more
there was smoking over this first so here 
i got the madagascar old fashioned i’m  
the world is determined to get me to love old 
fashions one way or the other but i like smoke  
i like parlor tricks i’m very easy to please 
when it comes to alcohol so uh smoke a bonfire
that’s a good old-fashioned
i’m not an old fashioned pro yet but uh 
i would definitely body this whole drink  
it’s four and a half to five pounds it’s 
like that much below a smoked turkey
i can’t remember the last little fashion i 
read anywhere near that high i’m impressed
bear forces me to drink these 
old-fashioneds as soon as he  
finds out that everything in here is be friendly
okay so number one i love that like oaky smell it 
smells like a bonfire oh i’m here for it and then  
like the aftertaste is like cherry but not too bad 
it’s not too harsh either this is probably one of  
the best old fashions that he has ever made 
me try i’m five out of five bourbons for me  
on this one i just love the smell there you can 
have this drink back i just want to smell it all
night keep it on my tequila 
trend and i got the palomita  
but it has grapefruit juice in some tequila
it tastes like fresh squeezed juice this is better 
than one i would get at the ritz that’s for sure  
three out of five grapefruits
we have a brick oven cooked beautiful 
cauliflower steak look at this beautiful char  
there’s no way you will ever be able 
to find a cauliflower that looks  
better than this with some 
hummus and all this goodness here
all right i’m gonna slice here
oh i don’t even need to cut it it’s like buttery
oh my
wow and then there’s like so many things 
just happen in my mouth right now i like  
this cauliflower just melted in my mouth beautiful 
hummus and then followed by this whatever this is  
afterwards it just gave it this like kick at the 
end oh my gosh i’m gonna share this with man this  
is really good i’m gonna give this 4.5 flowers 
this is uh way better than the taco bell salad so  
you see this you see all this this is done 
with stuff that they already had in house  
the cauliflower all of your hummus you have like 
potato popping on top of it oat grilled or not  
oven grilled popcorn steak you see the smile 
that was on the prototype’s face that’s what  
i like to see when she comes to the restaurant 
that’s sort of like ran across the right it’s  
delicious like i said i knew they were capable 
of it they they definitely have something here  
a little bit of everything like the princess did  
a little pistachio look at that 
look at that it’s like an oasis
and the most recent one i can 
remember is big fire universal  
walks all over that like dom paredo in like a 
quarter mile like this why is this on the menu  
this is amazing about this i 
would have this over the fish  
that’s saying a lot i might joking like uh 
i can see what she doesn’t want to share
it’s another bite before disappears  
five out of five balls can you give me the set 
this is it’s been a much different conversation  
i regret almost everything else mother’s on fire
what’s in that salad whether that 
cauliflower we have no cloud anything  
for social media ever but anybody ever watches 
this channel a chef otherwise that that’s food  
that one’s better than my fish better than better 
than my drink that is a meal i remember and this  
is the menu i’d be telling people come here all 
the time that was great that was really really fun
okay so i’m super excited for this we 
got a dark chocolate goodness we got  
raspberry goodness we got raspberry caviar 
and these guys remind me of flamingo cake  
so i’m super excited for this and then the design 
of this beautiful cake reminds me of coral reef  
mad coral reef vibes here all right 
so i think i’m just going to go ham
this is probably way too large of a bite
actually i’m not gonna go to 
this ham i’m gonna cut it in half
and then scrape it with this
all right we’re scraping 
together here we go cheers
it’s like a dark chocolate raspberry tart almost
i like a dark chocolate vibes and i like how 
the raspberry like balances with it usually  
dark chocolate is a little overpowering for 
me but i think the way they have each piece  
together is really good and then the little 
like flamingo cake thingies they just set it off  
it’s still rich but delicious so i’m gonna give 
it um three and a half out of five raspberries  
that’s a good dessert not what i would probably 
come here for but definitely a good dessert
i’m just an innocent bear 
before she eat dessert yet again  
boil chocolate some random creams raspberry 
caviar i have no idea what that even means  
but i promised you guys more desserts and here i 
am yet again doing this for you so we have this  
little chocolate bar here this little like trail 
of delectable looking stuff gotta look at this
vegan has this cream here
here we go
i’m always worried about dark chocolate being too 
rich because i don’t like hyper sweet things but  
given even all the chocolate and raspberries 
and this still comes in and like mildly sweet  
like down overpowering it’s like a nice texture in 
the mouth nice and smooth all the way through the  
crunch from like the chocolate bar and the 
raspberry caviar on top but flavors that don’t  
make you want to run your dinner chair honestly i 
kind of like it three and a half out of five plus
amare i’ll have to admit in the beginning of 
this review i thought this was going to go  
way way back pretty much ready to write the 
restaurant off because the salad was like i  
said a taco bell i’m sorry but that cauliflower 
was so redeeming that i forgot about the salad  
the dessert it was it was i’m gonna say 
overall a three and a half out of five  
princesses yeah i think this place has a lot of 
potential making food like they do especially if  
that cauliflower ends up on the menu or a special 
or something else that was absolutely amazing  
props to the chef because he came in late to the 
game he realized after we’d gotten our entrees  
that we were there and was like oh you’re eating 
a salad i’m sorry let me take care of you let me  
give you the best cauliflower of your life okay 
thanks chef yeah thank you that combined with the  
service is an amazing time this is the most fun 
we’ve had at the dinner in quite a while i would  
say if you get a chance here definitely let 
them know that you’re vegan but definitely at  
some point i think you should come here and give 
it a try the drinks and the desserts alone are  
worth it agreed uh but i definitely wouldn’t 
want to come back here if the menu changes  
something different i think apparently there’s 
some other restaurants in this hotel we need  
to try one more yes um quick service and whatnot 
they also do breakfast here so like this video if  
you want us to do breakfast here yes you guys get 
enough of those uh those those like thingies and  
of course we’ll come back because you know what we 
like to eat but we want to know what did you think  
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