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hello everyone
welcome to a fresh new episode of our channel
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where stay defines your travel
behind me the beautiful skyline
will make it very easier to guess
that i am in which city
so i am in Kolkata right now
i have scooped out some very beautiful and luxurious properties
for you
and one of these is
JW Marriott,
this property is just adjacent to
ITC Royal Bengal
if i talk about its distance
from the international airport
which is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport
the distance is approx 16 Kms,
and it is equidistant from the city’s old business district,
in this video you will get to see
the room tour,
restaurants and lounges
which are catered beautifully,
secondly one of the biggest ballrooms in the city
so to enjoy all of this
please watch the video till the end.
This is the beautiful exterior view of JW Marriott
you will find this grand reception at the entrance
on whose one side is the restaurant
and on the other the lounge area,
so friends
we are finally inside our room
as soon as

you enter the room
the one thing i find the best and mesmerizing
is the view from here
so that hotel has total 24 floors
and our room is on the 20th floor
so whenever you come
request for higher floors only
because that’s the fun of this hotel,
starting is done
so now let me give you the room tour,
so this is the room
which the executive category,
and come above deluxe rooms,
let me explain you the bedroom area,
so we took twin beds here,
bedding is very much comfortable,
marriott all over the world is very much
responsible and popular for their bedding,
in the area excluding twin beds
we have the lighting controls in lighting controls
we have a master switch,
ceiling lamp,
walls scone,
and USP plug points,
other than this the dock with telephone
is a multi functional dock,
in which you can dock your iphone or ipad,
this will turn into a speaker,
it also has AUX, FM,
and since it is an alarm clock
so can be used for that purpose as well,
and to dim its lights we have a dimmer in place as well,
rest a blue-tooth speaker with volume controls,
if i talk about the telephone
then it has multiple functionalities,
you can place an auto wake up call as well
which will call you in the morning,
rest the other functionalities it has
resembles the same phone
which you would have seen in my Leela palace Chennai videos,
in that video i said
that if you are able to decode multiple functionalities
in that phone then do tell me also,
so if you come here
then try this
and explain it to me as well,
rest with these lighting control panel
you can control the curtains as well,
these are automatic curtains,
now let me show you the work desk area,
so this is the work desk area
and work here with
an awesome Kolkata skyline view in front,
you can place your laptop
and other documents as well
with very much space,
this is the reading lamp,
so that if others are sleeping
you don’t disturb them and do your work,
we have a charging port
and USB support as well,
the chair is comfortable
as while sitting on it
i did some work on my laptop as well,
same telephone set up is there
so that you need not getup,
and just adjacent to it
we have an LG television
so that you can enjoy entertainment on the go,
this is our wardrobe area,
so if i start from hangers
then we have hangers for luxury clothing,
rest we have
hangers for normal clothes with clips
so that you can clip some small clothing items,
here is the iron
and this is the iron board,
down below we have the shoe tray,
you can give your dirty shoes in this tray,
but for now bathroom slippers are kept here,
one pair of those i am wearing right now.
if you slide the mirrors
then in this section
you have the safe,
drawers down below are empty,
down below you can place your luggage
or any other wardrobe accessory,
above also same sort of closet space is given,
here is the luggage space
wherein you can place luggage properly for 2-3 people,
this is the mini bar section,
let me show you this cabinet first,
in the first rack
we have pringle chips,
toblerone chocolate which i love the most,
everything is chargeable
so you can decide what to consume and what not to,
these are PVR popcorns,
talking about tea
then we have multiple options
like jasmine blossom green tea,
Assam black tea,
Darjeeling black tea,
and green tea all come from newby,
coffee sachets are there,
concentrated milk is there,
sugar is there with JW Marriott branding,
brown and white sugar both options are there,
cups of course
are there and spoon to stir the same,
this rack is completely empty,
and in the last rack
we have a tong
and ice bucket,
let me close it,
its done
now let me show you mini bar fridge,
its actually different
as its a slider and not physical fridge,
we have drink options like 7up,
pepsi, red bull,
tonic water from O smart,
and a soda water of the same brand,
two juice options,
one flavor is anar shikanji
and other is nimboo masala shikanji,
no option of hard drink is here,
the menu i have in that also
its not mentioned
but i believe
you can get that placed also
as mini bar can be replenished on request,
and finally the last cabinet
has electric kettle,
which will only help you enjoy complimentary tea,
above you can see a wine glass and a whiskey glass
rest if you wish to get anything refilled
then of coarse you can including these water bottles,
a glass is also given,
so this is how mini bar looks like.
Now after the bedroom
let me show you their beautiful bathroom,
let me open the door for you,
for bathroom let start from the vanity area,
here we have a basin
with hot and cold water controls,
the lighting control of this vanity
also i will explain you,
talking about toiletries
from this side
then we have a luxury soap from forest essentials,
I have seen forest essential products in many Taj properties
but the other toiletries
are not from forest essentials
like dental kit, shaving kit, shower cap,
comb, loofa,
this is the tissue stand,
down below we have a hair dryer,
hand towel and bathroom towel,
on this side we have
a body lotion again from forest essential,
a glass, two water bottles,
a close view mirror
and for make up we have a light also,
rest we have a power socket down below,
for using hair dryer etc.
The vanity area lights are controlled from here
so here we have the vanity area light control,
and the bathrooms shower area light control also happens from here,
the other two buttons
are for blind controls,
the blinds of bathtub are controlled from here,
the most beautiful thing for me here is the bathtub area,
we will move step by step,
this is the rain shower area
and the bathtub area as well,
above you can see the rain shower,
on the right side we have the hand shower,
and controls associated to that only are given here,
for example switching between the hand shower and rain shower
and heating controls also,
other than this here is the bathtub,
the bathtub is not that eye catching
but the view definitely is,
toiletries again are of forest essentials,
this is given to hold
and a bathroom towel is also kept here,
here another hand shower is provided to bathe,
in the front we have blinds,
these blinds are controlled
from bathroom panel only which i have already told you,
so this is how this area actually looks like,
after the bathtub area
in this section we have the water closet,
a telephone is also placed in case of any emergency,
behind me to hang bathrobes
we have a hanging spot
on which we have Grohe branding
and all other fixtures come from Grohe,
Let me give you some pricing related to hotel,
so basically here we have two room categories
and two suite categories,
one thing which i have seen
from my personal experience is that
properties get some change in room categories according to packages
but still let me advise you on the basis
of the information available to me,
we have a deluxe room
then we have an executive room,
we have a deluxe suite
then an executive suite
with presidential suite of course,
talking about deluxe room rates,
the lowest which i have seen
is around 6-7K in times of covid
but for now you can get it around 8-9K
on double occupancy with breakfast,
talking about executive rooms
then they range between 13-15K,
deluxe suites fluctuate between 20-24K,
add 4-5K in executive suite category,
now see if you will open any website
including their own website
then you will get too see multiple packages also,
so in some packages you get
complimentary late check out,
with some credits,
sometimes you can enjoy food and drink options as well,
suite packages offer you cocktail hours,
sometimes airport transfers are offered
so on the basis of your choice
you can decide that what package is best for you,
but the prices start from 7-8K and
move till 25-26K
for the categories visible on the internet,
other than this
prices are very much dynamic
change according to occupancy,
so you can decide on your own that in which season
or which sort of a budget suits you
and your desired category.
see my verdict for business properties
is almost same
reason being i personally like leisure properties,
secondly talking about this property
then there are some highlights here
some things which you can take care of,
one thing which i like is that
hotel has 24 floors in total,
view is actually good from here,
two to three different views are here,
two city views
and a view of ITC royal Bengal as well,
see if you are coming to this property for leisure
then one day is enough,
they have merely two restaurants,
good thing is the pool
which looks almost like an infinity pool,
so if you are fond of pool
then you can definitely enjoy that,
other than this an executive lounge
will be opening soon after 15th december,
which will have some very good offers
if you are Marriott Bonvoy member
like gold or platinum
then you will be getting some good offers,
second thing is that their ballroom is quite big,
they claim to have one of the biggest ballrooms here,
so if you are choosing for wedding
then this is also one of those properties
which you can consider,
its a 250+ rooms property,
other than this the guest occupancy
or say wedding capacity
in their ballroom is also very good
so for both the things you can choose this property,
so overall in terms of prices
or in terms of occupancy
the property is good,
location is also good
but not for leisure
so in terms of business
you can definitely consider this property,
or else you have better options in the city.
so i hope you liked the tour of JW Marriott,
but high expectations from business property,
i only never have
so how can i advise you,
in leisure property you have a lot of things to enjoy virtually,
but still if you liked my effort
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