Aston Villa v. Southampton | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/16/2022 | NBC Sports

Team news for both. f…. Danny, starting with the home side and Aston Villa, and they make two changes as um, comes in a ride back, the cash and then we can see the continual. He also gets another opportunity. I think defensively with Villa, when you look at them to send up a partnership with a four different Partnerships within the six games of the plate so far, but fullbacks will get four but they can leave themselves wide open. You just welcome again and runs it. They’ll try and join in at times but the go-to man has

to be coutinho and he has to pull the strings and get Ali, Watkins and Bailey into the game. No player has got more than one goalie. So that needs to change and as the South Hamilton. Well, you look at it. It’s a very, very young team now. So the way to look into gold is an experience that can be naivety to a certain extent, but they have a way of playing. They have an identity but what they will do in particular away from home Mizuno he will go along to others on a continuous basis than

the look to get you. Never one arm stronger, no Unison playing off him what Clausen? Be Allah will just sit and try and protect Masters walk

appear as a robe. They will go forward in the to Center back Partnership of silly soon. Bella caught Rob has so much offer so much Offering promise. And so, on this night is a great emotion. The Premier League regimes. It does. So with Aston brother, take you to live themselves after their underwhelming start of this season, Southampton hoping to build upon the more encouraging signs in their first month of

the campaign. And the greater have you alongside me here. Tonight course, you play the both of these two sides, the atmosphere somewhat surreal. Some fans have began the campaign pretty fearful before they’re back at seen, you act of bathing. Continue by Bailey. I think it was meant to Watkins but stay off harmlessly behind What away with it the end did indeed for the nodded that back couldn’t me. You never give all that to get past Luca Di good turn and face. There’s the ball bearing that’s a wave icons did well their concert? It was a

devilish. Dross boarded been behind going to be a corner. Fantastic for me. Watkins. Betty always got past Allison. Has the ball? Been the games there. So it’s good. Seeing you perhaps his way though. Watkins back. Padeen continue stretching, brother. Koch are gonna have a corner. That’s better from the on Bailey, much better. It’s beyond wall trace and he goes to God for. That was a flash of what he can do. Correct. Who’s the same to that to Liverpool? Didn’t we off that side? Stepping in on the right foot really whipping things this time because there’s

an onrushing Southampton Defender. He goes for absolute power. Hits it ever so hard and sweet Philippe? Coutinho just doesn’t get the dip on it. That’s still Rising, here’s the corner work to continue again. Walking’s. Jacob Ramsay. Well, bazoo, new gonna keep an eye out. And that’s them further on this evening with the hoping to kick start. Their campaign have got the opening goal. I mentioned the significance of the first goal that’s massive. Massive breasts of Bella, they’re a little slow Southampton in stopping this delivery. I’m just seeing their Jacob Ramses in an offside position. There’s

a fair bit of play that goes on. Off to that look you see Ramsey right in the middle of a six-yard box standing in an offside position. It’s just whether or not there is there just when that header comes in from so on means Ramses in an offside position. Does he affect the goalkeeper? Is he looking for it? You could argue not but when you’re right in the middle of the goal and you’re in an offside position I find it hard to think why should be allowed the first Contact there? You’re in an offside position

you end up knocking in the net. I think you have to deny that when I do be interesting to see what happens. But it has been checked and we’re told that check is complete the goal given and ask them whether do lead. We’re going to first half stoppage sign, which there are three minutes. Baby, that’s deflected. Not too far away with the corner that’s better for me. On Bailey. The crying crying shoots. He’s gone for a little while but this me touch designed by Pazuzu as a wry smile bear from Douglas to he’s as a

good delivery. It’s one that the goalkeepers having a little panic over. Wave, I saw this suit. Bailey back in Watkins with it. Header, links back to goal. Ramsey is way very kindly step or block certainly was good jump there by better culture. Where’s the clock reaches? 70 minutes? Applause? Breaks. All right below Park in tribute went again to the late Queen. It’s a marker, 70 years of service, and devotion. Confidence is low and you got the got a winning the palm of your hand. It’s so vital, you hang on to it and again gets involved

with Jeanette. Well, they’re to move away for this Captain has a bit more happy between Jeannette. Oh now and Amy brain. Dear You just take you back seat, letting things calm themselves down together, carbine show, pics, of James Fortress from Tony Harrington. Give one initially than the John McCain. And then I think that one actually from James ward-prowse stepped over the line, begin felt a bit of greed, that that quite rightly got involved with an airport. But the referee I think has made this good call there because that was the foul from the ward-prowse that

really instigated all of that. Every player in the ran that bit of box. Now bar, one player back to the States crows. Are sure what to do. In keeping with what has been a very below-par night this at absurd. Wow. Wall tries tries again and there might be a chance here. Let’s put away behind all the walking’s helping out back there. In a good position to deal with that. He is the corner, the Zulus up there to try and meet it. The goalkeeper has to get that out really quickly useful for the way into any

eggs and Daniel just gone for goal and a miss by 20 years. Don’t blame him. With it. Can warp rice, send the ball back. It is pigs on, but harmlessly away in behind and in time, now, on stoppage time, And that is called, it has to be this night and that’d be nice, but they got there in the end and one goal. What is the goal scored by Jacob, Ramsey, not long before half-time, his first goal of the campaign, a scrappy goal that we’re Scrappy game. But the further this could be between the momentum perhaps

finally building for their slow. Start this season the Saints for Well own way but hate their best tonight. They’re young team very much a work in progress but the Steven Gerrard vindicate their second win of the campaign on this – tributes and for the park acid better beat Southampton by one goal to nil.

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