Big 12 Championship Preview: Expect QB Max Duggan To Extend Plays Vs. Kansas St.!

birth with a perfect unbeaten season into the college football playoff. Max Dugan might have something to say in the Heisman Trophy race now capable yams is still a minus 1700 favorite to win the Heisman and I believe he is already locked it up. And deservedly so. But what can we expect from Duggan today at the helm of that TCU office? I do think Duggan could steal the Heisman Trophy. But that is with a 300 passing yard for passing touchdown with 50 on the ground and probably another on the ground. I mean, you’re like he will

have to have an unreal day in order to do that, but he is capable of it to me. The biggest number with Max Duggan. Today is the Russian problem. It’s a number that we’ve talked a lot about with Max Duggan where this was a consistent over and then the injuries played in. Well I think he is now sitting at 15.5 offering a lot of value on that number a state Has allowed that up against almost every quarterback that they’ve played this year, Joe and one thing that I saw with Max Dugan that stood out to

me was the game against Baylor, eight for 50 on the ground. It was the first time in a long time he got

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