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video we’re gonna talk a bit more about inbox this  
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let’s get into it all right so this is the website  
of nbox you can access it by going to 
as per the website it is a collaboration between  
gamefi and guildfi who came together 
to create guild out 2.0 autonomous game  
fi and social fi platform so this platform is 
representing a box that is built with infinite  
possibilities of the metaverse where it 
is dedicated to decentralized tao guild  
services and it is also focused on 
uniting the global blockchain methods  
gaming communities and guild organizations to 
build a consensus shared and win-on-win blockchain  
community guild ecosystem so the entire platform 
is based on the idea of decentralized tao guild  
services so they aim to combine the global 
blockchain methods gaming communities guild  
organizations and by combining them and bringing 
them together they aim to create a consensus  
shared and a win-on-win blockchain community 
guild ecosystem you can also create this end guard  
for yourself so this end guard has really cool 
and amazing mining and game

fighting abilities  
that would kind of depend on how you cultivate it 
you can also create your own guild over here or  
you can join the guild so that’s one of the 
good way to generate the public revenue and  
also you can share it collectively by feeding 
the divine beast mining and fund management  
you can play games over here and you can also earn 
and create your own nft and have a richer play to  
earn experience not just that you can also invite 
your friends and you can join the nbox universe  
and basically everybody over here who you 
invite into the platform can win together and  
the best thing is that all the players out there 
would share 100 and box token you also get a  
chance to participate in decision making so you 
can participate in major decisions and the holders  
of the nbox token will also get a chance to vote 
for various decisions they make on this platform  
you can also get different privileges just for 
holding this token it would depend on the amount  
you’re holding the higher amount you hold the 
higher privileges you have on making decisions  
on this platform and box also offers multiple 
services on this platform like trading and so on  
so nbox is based on dao guild creator which 
actually makes it easy for the people out there  
especially like-minded players to kind of better 
organize themselves and form a really nice group  
but however through dow 2.0 governance it kind of 
unites the global blockchain metawars but however  
through dow 2.0 governance it unites the global 
blockchain meta universe game communities and  
grills out there and kind of helps in establishing 
a consensus shared and a blockchain community  
guild ecosystem which is accessible to everybody 
out there they provide wide variety of diversified  
services whether it is for metawars players guild 
converters or game developers and they also aim to  
establish a diverse inclusive active and mutually 
beneficial community for everybody out there  
nbox is basically a decentralized guild 
platform called guildfi and it is based on the  
bse blockchain technology and box kind of provides 
an aggregation platform for the players in the  
blockchain application ecology in this platform 
you’re using the dow 2.0 governance in very unique  
manner and you’re joining hands with everybody 
out there so that you can travel through meta wars  
through networking or nft or game 5. nbox aims to 
become one of the best blockchain game aggregation  
platform it wants to provide the players the best 
type of game that they need also the fact that all  
the storage of players are kept on a decentralized 
platform make sure that all the assets are  
completely safe and secure so it doesn’t matter 
what kind of a blockchain user you are you will  
always find a game that is suitable for you on 
inbox that you can play and earn rewards out of it  
also one of the really cool thing about inbox 
is that it is ultimately transparent and  
decentralized so that’s really good it makes an 
open platform for developers out there so the main  
core of nbox is its guild system so players can 
actually create and join a guild and you might be  
wondering what is guild so guild is an nft and you 
can attract more people to be a part of it through  
their community activities and it will overall 
enhance the value of inbox and each guild out  
there would have one divine beast nft which has a 
mining attribute to it and therefore it can be fed  
by all the members out there and eventually its 
hash rate can be increased they also have a fund  
which is a common property of all the members 
of the society and it is managed through dow  
governance and all the benefits that are achieved 
from the fund are shared by everybody when it  
comes to the activities it could be anything like 
chatting together mining together playing together  
and also having pvp battles between kills so these 
activities kind of build a really nice community  
so the idea is to have dow 2.0 governance 
which will be the management tool of the guild  
and that would actually help in achieving the 
true decentralization by consensus token smart  
contracts and smart algorithm now i want to talk 
a little bit about the end guard which is the nft  
which is really exciting so all individuals 
out there do have an opportunity to customize  
their nft cards which have mining attributes 
to it and also it can be fed so that you can  
increase their hash rate as well so that’s really 
cool so over here we have a little graphic that  
shows how you can customize your end card so in 
order to build more attention to this platform  
the decentralized game or game 5 is more like an 
extension of inbox so and that would also create  
more engagement towards it since it’s an open 
platform for developers so anybody out there  
who uses development tool and data interfaces 
can see how this platform works it ensures  
the transparency as well and also it enables 
the decentralization of traditional games and  
it kind of achieves a win-win situation for 
everybody out there using nbox so here is a  
little graphic that shows you the game fives 
or superhero and what you can expect out of it  
there is also something really cool known as 
divine beast nft which will be created for the  
guild and you can customize it using an image or 
you can also use this nft to trade in the market  
so if a certain guild has a divine beast nft then 
he has the option to recruit the members as well  
and collective breeding can also increase the hash 
rate and eventually it would improve the mining  
ability of the guild so here is a little graphic 
that i want to show you which gives more context  
on what you can expect from this game so really 
cool and exciting stuff i just wanted to go with  
this graphic because i feel like it would help 
you understand a bit more about how nbox really  
works so if you want to create your own end cards 
out there here’s a little video that shows you how  
you can do that so you can select different parts 
as i’m doing right now you can select different  
elements as well with different color variations 
you can select different outfit options meaning  
the kind of protection they would be wearing so 
that’s really cool a lot of fun and exciting stuff  
and eventually if you want to purchase this you 
can also hit the purchase button on the bottom  
and get it for yourself so once you’ve got that 
done you can purchase your own end card and over  
here is a little video tutorial that shows you 
how this game works so as you can see your end  
guard is kind of fighting all these elements and 
that’s really cool it’s a fun game it’s a kind of  
interactive as well and the fact that you 
play this game and you earn rewards out of it  
is really really exciting so you’re not just like 
simply playing game you’re actually playing and  
earning rewards and the more you play the more 
you become better at it the more rewards you can  
earn out of it so currently the token symbol is 
called nbox and this is the total supply they have  
and it is available on polygon erc20 and bp20 
chain the total circulation as per the website  
is 100 billion and it is referred to as inbox 
100 of those tokens will be distributed to the  
participants so that’s really cool and every time 
if you want to obtain any sort of inbox you have  
to get it through their games or community 
contributions not just that the development  
team can also participate in these games from 
time to time and they can use these games to  
mine the inbox nbox represents a digital proof of 
equity which is encrypted and tradable so that’s  
really cool and because of which it is kind of 
like the foundation of the nboxes governance  
so participants would own hundred percent the 
community platform would get thirty percent  
play to earn in guild would get twenty percent 
play to earn in games would get fifty percent  
the initial price would be zero point one usdt and 
the official and box repurchase activity will be  
held on the june of 13th so marks that calendar 
and the project team will purchase inbox from  
meraverse players at the price of 0.1 usd and it 
will be listed on multiple exchanges out there  
at the initial price of 0.1 usd you can also click 
over here to invite the friends and essentially if  
you invite your friends out there to join this 
universe you all can win together because you  
invite them they participate in the game you win 
token they when token so essentially everybody  
went out there so if you want to invite them 
you can click over here and follow the prompts  
so here’s the roadmap of the company which shows 
how the project has been working along so in the  
quarter four of 2021 the focus was on initiating 
this project so nbox and rnd was launched  
game 5 guild 5 community model was the focus 
and the end guard design or the nft was also  
in production divine beast design and the 
nft was also something that was going on  
in the quarter four of 2021 in the quarter 
one of this year the focus was in research  
and development so the superhero game 
for research and development was launched  
the end guard design was completed also they 
completed the construction of guild system  
and they also pre-launched the page design which 
was done so far and the even system construction  
was also completed in the quarter two the focus 
was on online so nbox 1.0 official website was  
bought online the nbox 1.0 guild was also launched 
online the inbox token was listed on decks as well  
superhero alpha was also conducted online and 
the second game fi rnd was also launched in the  
quarter three of this year the focus will be on 
development so superhero better launch will take  
place and box skill 2.0 online will take place the 
nbox end guard mining 2.0 online shall take place  
and the inbox nft marketplace online would also be 
something they will be working on in the quarter  
four the focus will be on the developer platform 
interface preparation so that’s really cool  
and also on the inbox identity evaluation 
function will be brought online so a lot of  
exciting and cool features coming up and this 
is the twitter page of inbox since this project  
is in its very very early stages it has received 
just 18 followers and over here they make regular  
updates about new happenings in the project 
so definitely worth checking out i hope you  
guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful 
overall and boxes in its very early stages  
but it does have a lot of potential because it 
is bringing together the dow 2.0 feature together  
so i’m really excited to see how that turns out i 
hope you guys enjoyed this video found it helpful  
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guys in my next one till then take care bye

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