Book Review of Emotional Female by Dr. Yumiko Kadota (includes her numerology)

hey folks it’s sarah from
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1111 with my new voice
so um i’ve been offline for a little
while recovering
i’m just wanting to do a few lives to
get energy moving again
so first things first happy new moon in
um wow it’s a pretty big energy isn’t it
with the
the eight eight lions gate we’ve got
world cafe um
it’s very much about using your voice to
hunt down your truth again now
i’m wanting to do something different
this is a book review
this is a book that’s doing the rounds
at the moment
it’s called emotional female by dr
yumiko kodota
now she is a surgeon from sydney
um i don’t know her personally but this
book really moved me and i wanted to
share it with you
so it’s a brilliant young surgeon’s
journey through ambition and dedication
to exploitation and burnout now
this is something i can relate to i’m
actually from the same
city as dr kodota sydney new south wales
i also went to a selective school also
meant to be a doctor

i’m self-confessed workaholic into music
into yoga
always giving a thousand percent so this
is my review of her book
and i hope you enjoy it so
dr kadoda exposed the horror working
conditions of young doctors
in her 2018 blog post it was called
the ugly side of becoming a surgeon and
you can access all the links
um just have a look at the blog
link in the uh the facebook blurb
uh so she was
very much a driven person um
typical asian one could say uh
when i read her book i had this real
sliding doors experience
feeling i also wanted to do medicine
i actually failed
one of the interviews i was never sure
because actually i i knew what they
wanted me to say when they said
where do you want to work they wanted me
to say regional
australia and of course i said i want to
work for medicine
frontier i want to work overseas that
was a bit of a
bowl and a few other things like what
are your passions i
probably should have said chess or
violin and instead i
talked about circus juggling so there’s
a few obvious things and um
it’s only until this week that i i sat
with that and i thought
if i was a doctor i would have actually
quit medicine right about now
i’m with my personality type just the
stresses that are on doctors they’re
pretty inhumane
and this is what this book is about so
um doctors they’re supposed to be
you know they’re supposed to be able to
know more about you in a few minutes
than you apparently know about yourself
even though you built your own body and
have lived with yourself 24 7 for
how many years right so there’s
incredible expectations on doctors
and that’s from inside and outside
obviously medicine attracts highly
driven people
but also you may or may not be aware
there’s a lot of mental health issues
in the profession so obviously
it attracts people who believe in
themselves to begin with
and then when they have experiences such
as depression
there is a huge stigma against doctors
getting help
firstly because they’d often be being
treated by people they know
in the same hospital as happened to dr
coda which is their worst nightmare
um also they may be afraid of losing
their license
and perhaps even just the way their
brain is wired they think that they can
somehow fix themselves so we have this
disastrous combination for burnout
where there’s so much pressure on them
as we know right now it’s even
higher and at the same time they don’t
feel able to ask for help and
this book is about hopefully changing
that what i found confronting about this
book was
this kind of double standard the author
actually had for herself so
she has incredible patience and kindness
with her colleagues
and the people she treats but she pushes
herself to the brink
something i can relate to as an 11 life
there’s a lot of stories of of abuse
it’s kind of hard to believe but just
patterns of sexual assault
there’s a surgeon who stamps on a junior
doctor’s foot
and actually breaks it and she feels
unable to complain and
a lot more things like that so
this is actually proven by research that
female doctors especially if they’re not
caucasian have
some of the very highest stress and
worry rates
because they are basically constantly
fighting every day to be taken seriously
if you are a doctor you’re in the
medical profession
you’re wanting your children to become
one you have an interest in what goes on
behind the scenes in hospitals
if you’re interested in women’s rights
and racism recovering from a toxic
i would encourage you to consider
looking into this book or at least
checking out some of
dr kudota’s articles again i’ve linked
to all of that
in the facebook live blurb so it’s it’s
really interesting
she actually retired um in her early 30s
so a few years ago
and she’s now a fitness instructor and
yoga teacher and author
so i would actually wonder if she sees
the 11 11 and repeating numbers and if
she’s one of the flippers
so people who see repeating numbers
generally are those who
spirit finds hard to convince of his of
its existence
so because they walk past the feathers
and they don’t notice the nudges and
spirit sends those repeating number
codes like 1111
triple five etc because that’s
unmistakable proof and after a while the
really start to open up consciousness
and yes i was one of those people i was
a scientist and really didn’t believe in
i suppose new age things here i am
eating humble pie so here are some of
the quotes that really moved me from
this book
there have been some changes to the way
in which we talk about burnout which is
whereas in the past we spoke about
things like individual resilience
basically suck it up we now know that
this is an occupational phenomena
that requires institutional leadership
and responsibility
essentially as they say the fish rots
from the head down
and when you have unrealistic
um everyone’s trying to please everyone
else we’re all chasing our tale
and in the end it’s the patients who
suffer so this is a really important
issue to look at
moral injury that was my aside moral
injury has been proposed as a much
better term to use
to describe what is happening to doctors
semantics aside
um dr kudoda that also welcomes the
from blaming the individual to looking
at systemic factors
when it comes to the canary in the coal
mine the solution is not to make
stronger canaries
can you relate to that that’s a real
theme for this month
and actually my next video will be a
forecast for august
so let’s look at the numerology
something different
so dr kodota’s full name adds well that
i’m aware of adds to 47 which
adds to 11. the master number the
spiritual messenger
i also call it don’t shoot the spiritual
now 11 looks like an equal sign and it
is about building bridges
between different types of people and
heaven and earth
so she has this beautiful spiritual 11
name double endings double beginnings
it’s interesting that she quit her job
in 2018 which was an 11 year
and that really um was a huge turning
point for anyone with 11 energy
so um it’s interesting because her name
has that 47 vibration
if you want to know how to calculate
your name numerology you can go to my
go to find your life path and there’s a
table there with the alphabet numbers
or you can buy one of my webinars on the
topic i think it’s about 33 dollars
so her name has the same frequency as
the phrases
mental health mental illness and
so i would say she’s doing a very good
job of living up to her spiritual
because your name is how you make a name
for yourself
um and based on what i just discovered
which is that it was her birthday
yesterday on the 8th of the 8th
what do you know i was writing an
article on her on her birthday
it appears that she’s a very rare life
partner 41-5
now fives are having a massive year in
2021 this is a universal five year
and another famous 41.5 is
the author elizabeth gilbert liz gilbert
who wrote eat pray love
and it was actually at 41 that that was
turned into a movie
so i would wonder i think there’s big
things ahead for dr kudota
or yumiko or mikko as she calls herself
and i just want to thank her for writing
this really fascinating
cathartic and powerful book i’m sure
it’s going to help a lot of people look
i hope you’ve enjoyed this little
book review with some numerology um feel
free to comment
if you’d like to know more and again
this is a full blog on my site
so i’ll be back next with a little
august forecast just give me a couple of
minutes break
this is sarah from facebook
the numbersqueen and instagram1111
double peace signs to you all

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