Okay Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my friends wherever
you are, welcomebaaaack! still with me here Dhony priyayi, and as usual
today, on this channel we will review an item that is
not useful and useless and a waste of money, yes it is definitely an action figure
so what action figure I will review today let’s immediately figure it out this figureeee!

Okay friends, so today I’m going to review an
action figure character, and he is one of my favorite legends, who is he
so I don’t want to be more curious, let’s see
the action figure, so today I’m going to review the legendary character, so this is the
guitarist acdc, this is Angus Young, as usual on this channel
, we change all character names from foreign languages
​​to the Indonesian version, and we change Angus Young’s name to Agus young
so we don’t get curious, let’s see what the box looks
like. this is the release.. this is the first time i bought the BST AXN brand,
judging from the packaging, it looks like it’s definitely made in America. One of the hallmarks
of American-made action figures is that the box always has a hanger on it. Let’s see
here in Los Angeles or Washington , it’s

like this, my friends, and it seems that
you have got an official license, if you don’t get a license or it’s not an official brand A
will not dare to write the name of ACDC here, they also if it wasn’t official they certainly would
n’t dare to write the name of the real person here, and for the brand itself, it’s
a bit strange, BST AXN, it’s a bit difficult to memorize, and friends, you can see it here
on the back This is one of Angus Young’s iconic moves. Now if
ACDC fans know he’s an energetic guitarist, come
on. Instead of getting curious, let’s take the figure apart. To open this figure, we just open it from the bottom
so that the seal on the top looks like it’s still there. new, So we’re just srrrrrrrrrt, how hard is it?
Scratch! hit! sroooo! Yeah, I missed the inside, inside. It’s like… Wow!
a kind of backdrop, there’s a picture of some kind of graffiti on it, it says ACDC
and the figure is left in the blister, just like this, oh so the inside
is like this, let’s not get curious, let’s see
what the figure looks like so this is all you get in the figure package this is very little! first we get a pair
of open hands like this, half of the left hand that can form love like
this, like this, love shape like this my friends, this means to hold the
guitar, hahaha, And one left hand to hold the guitar pick, details it’s really really cool
that there is a guitar pick here, it’s really small and the paint is also very neat, and on the pick
so the colors between the pick and the hand are not united, so they are separated like
this, it’s really really neat they made it, and we also know for sure
got the guitar, because he is a guitarist, strangely enough, it turns out that this guitar is bent, my friends, wow, why is that? the
guitar is bent like this, it looks like the guitar hasn’t had breakfast yet, hahaha.. the paint isn’t very good
, especially here, the strings, maybe too difficult to make because they’re
thin, the color here is a bit black like that my friends, but
here it is quite neat, and here it is also quite neat
here and the guitar is also quite neat, and the back is also
very well made, until here, the paint is very neat, the paint color does not mix with
the black color, this is true
– Really
good _
Talking about the head sculpt, the head sculpt is really really ugly
huh… his face, his lips are like hooked on the tip of a fishing rod, Angus Young’s signature expression is
just oak His expression is not that well made, the eye area too, his eyes are high on one side, so
the height of the right and left eyes are different my friends, and the distance between the two is a bit far
apart from Angus young
‘s face, his face is very different my friends, his face should not be like this it’s
different the face is far
for this price, I can’t really complain, on this part the material is soft plastic
, a bit rubbery, and this is a typical shirt when Angus is at a concert
like school clothes for children in America, And one of
his trademarks is wearing shorts, and for the shoe
is quite neat, the laces are like that, the bottom is like this, OK
so that’s all the details are angus young, let’s try using the guitar because he is a guitarist
So first we put it in..a bit too tight, and here
his hands are like this , we install it here, it’s a bit tilted, it turns out that
we install the guitar here, one of the characteristics of angus, the guitar is carried a bit high like this is
not like today’s guitarists who are a bit down, similar to the position of the Beatles guitarist,
the guitar is a bit high, for articulation in the figure. First, the head
can’t see… can’t see… very little, to his left and right can be slightly
blocked because his hair is like this, so he can’t go up and down too much,
can’t go up and down at all and can’t turn it around because his neck
has no articulation, only at the top of the head, at the bottom of the head. here there is a butterfly join and
the butterfly join is quite far away, he can only lift his hands up so far
, I’m afraid to damage the figure, it turns out that it’s really far away and
this part can be rotated like that, this part can also be moved, single join on this part
, the wrist can be rotated, and can be up and down, for the stomach here it
is made of soft plastic or slightly rubber, in this part there is an articulation it can be like this
Like this, you can’t go left and right, there’s an articulation at the waist, like this,
your hands can go forward and backward like this, your body can’t bend down, my friends are
stiff, it’s really hard, you can only go back a little but in the future you ca n’t
, my friends. I know why, it’s like something is blocking it, so the distance between here is very small my friends
can’t go forward like that and he can split so far my friends
can go forward and backward so far there’s also articulation in his thighs like this the
knees are double joints can go this far, his feet can go up and down so far, there is no
articulation here, so only up and down and no articulation
at the ends of his feet, so that’s the articulation for this Agus, and the height of
Si Agus this is about 13 centimeters or 5 inches, so this is much smaller in scale, not
1:12 it turns out, Okay my friends, so that’s my review today BST AXN kara ker Angus
Young Highway to hell tour, so this is one of Acdc’s legendary guitarists, and I think
for the price of 275,000 this is in a pretty good category, for face sculpting I think
it still needs a lot of improvement, but for the figure
this already depicts Si Angus young, although his face is not yet similar, but
from the stature of this it already reflects Agus young, Okay friends, so that’s my review
today, for friends who want to buy can directly buy it at Tokopedia
so that’s my review Today’s BXT AXN Angus Young ACDC, hopefully useful and can be a reference for friends who
want to collect action figures, in the end I will resign to
keep collecting action figures, because collecting action figures is my way of ninja………

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