Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Movie Review | Top 5 MCU Film?

”Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is a Top 5 
MCU movie as of this moment recording this video.  
Don’t believe me? Let’s get into the review!
How are we doing everybody, this is Let’s B 
Reel with Brad. Today, on our MCU Mondays,  
we will discuss the 10th film chronologically 
with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”  
This film is a top 5 MCU film because it totally 
refines the MCU in such a meaningful way, with its  
storyline affecting all the other movies to come. 
It also sets up the more severe action-packed tone  
making many of these upcoming films less cheesy 
comic book movies and legitimate superhero movies  
that can be taken seriously.
This movie’s most significant accomplishment  
is that it is a fresh, memorable, 
and unique movie because of its tone  
and the way it tells its story. This feels 
like an espionage spy movie taken quite  
seriously throughout, which mostly leads to 
positives except for a few negatives.
The story itself is what I like the most because 
it does change the whole franchise as a complete  
moving forward—the S.H.I.E.L.D. Organization is 
a significant part of the comic books that has so  
much history behind it. However, S.H.I.E.L.D. 
has been compromised, making for an exciting  

storyline that adds a stakes level, a first 
for the MCU. Yet, on rewatch and with other  
Marvel films being released, the re-watchability 
has gone down because you know what happens with  
these characters and events in later films, 
but I still think it manages to keep you on  
edge throughout. Captain America’s arc, which is 
the entire movie’s backbone, is easily my favorite  
aspect. Steve Rogers has always been known for 
his patriotic soldier mentality being loyal to  
the core, but since he has come back from being 
frozen in ice, he doesn’t understand the new world  
that he is in. The whole movie has to continually 
challenge those views throughout, seeing that  
loyalty and patriotism being questioned.
Steve does start to become one of the  
most compelling characters in the series due to 
philosophical changes. He starts to not trust the  
people he cares about, making him a more enjoyable 
and complex character. We get introduced to the  
Winter Soldier, who is a fantastic villain 
being a menacing and terrifying foe to Cap  
all throughout this film. He doesn’t crack jokes 
or any one-liners, just a one minded psychotic  
killer that added to the intense tone this movie 
took. Many comic book fans already knew who the  
winter soldier was, but this is a big twist 
that I know many have enjoyed for ordinary  
everyday people. Even if you are a comic book 
fan, the reveal was executed perfectly, which  
satisfied everyone. The final big battle sequence 
was unique from the previous Marvel films, which  
I enjoyed more. It had more than just the last 
fight with the villain at the end of the movie.  
It felt like stakes were involved with the 
ending, leaving many exciting unanswered  
questions that get you too excited for the next 
few movies to come. It was executed well as I  
wished more Marvel films took this route.
The acting is also pretty good in this film,  
with Chris Evans back in Captain 
America’s role, killing it as usual.  
Samuel L Jackson again returns as Nick Fury 
with having his most significant role yet,  
which I think he was incorporated perfectly into 
this movie. Scarlett Johansen was also in the film  
back as Black Widow giving a solid performance. 
Everyone else in the movie is solid.
The next positive I can give this film is the 
action. I think it is some of the best action we  
have seen up to this point in the series, with 
tons of kick-ass action involving hand-to-hand  
combat scenes and explosions being shot well. 
Since the movie’s tone is solemn for the most  
part, the action feels much more personal and up 
close, with very intense moments that don’t get an  
off-handed joke like in other Marvel films. This 
stylized feel to the action has been a trademark  
for the Russo Brothers in the future.
The directing is also done well by the Russo  
Brothers as they will play a significant role 
in the MCU series as we go along as they change  
the scope and feel of all their films.
The visual effects are also awe-inspiring,  
as most if not all the MCU films have. 
This is something we come to expect  
nothing less from an MCU film as all the action 
looks excellent with explosions, gunfire,  
and being able to make it all look lifelike, being 
a more grounded film than other MCU films.
The music is also decent as it has some 
hard-hitting music to fuel these bombastic,  
exciting action scenes. Even for the dramatic 
moments, I thought it was okay as it didn’t  
impress me all that much. The music as a 
whole was a decent addition to the film.
Also, the end credit scene is in my top 5 
favorite end credit scenes because it introduces 2  
new characters that are major in the Marvel 
universe, which was done so correctly.
This film does have a few negatives starting 
with the writing. As much as a considerable  
amount of dialogue is right, there is still a 
good chunk that is very cheesy and corny and just  
very bad. Most of the time, this happens when 
we get a stretch of only characters talking,  
which can lead to a boring melodramatic 
dialogue that doesn’t work for me at times.  
The humor doesn’t work for me except for a 
few jokes because it feels out of place when  
it doesn’t need to be there. The film handles this 
exceptionally well for about 90% of the movie, so  
I will take it.
As much as the action is excellent,  
the editing can also be very distracting in some 
parts of the film, with the story feeling clunky  
and hard to see in moments. A few times when many 
practical visual effects are being used in hand  
to hand combat scenes, they can totally see that 
those are body doubles and not the real actors.  
I usually never see this in most films, but 
this film looked quite noticeable.
Also, a nitpicky critique is that a 
character we have met before in the MCU  
is now old, but they use the same actress from 
that previous movie to add the CGI old look to  
it that was very distracting to look at. I’m not 
sure if I saw this movie for the first time in 4k  
because it added much more detail making the 
CGI old age look face, but I’m not too sure.  
Most of you may not have noticed it, but it 
stood out like a sore thumb. It’s not a legit  
critique because I appreciate what they were 
trying to do with the pretty good scene.
Overall, this is one of my favorite MCU films that 
I think deserves all the praise it gets because of  
how exciting, solemn and grand this movie is. It 
evolves the Captain America character into more  
than the basic patriotic, but someone 
who ultimately fights for justice,  
not being strictly loyal to one side of it all. 
The action is stupendous with one of the MCUs  
best stories along with memorable moments.
I am giving this movie an eight out of ten.
So let me know below in the comment section what 
you think of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”  
and where it ranks in your MCU rankings!
Next week we will be reviewing “Guardians of  
the Galaxy,” which is one of my 
favorite MCU films, so be sure to  
watch the movie before next week’s review.
As Always, I will see you all in the next video!

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