Cemetery Mary Review & Gameplay | Free Steam Visual Novel

The fact the main lady here is nicknamed 
cemetery mary, well it gives you a bit  
of a sense that we’re probably hitting 
some interesting themes here! Today’s  
free game to check out on steam is the choose 
your own adventure murder mystery game called,  
well as I said earlier, cemetery mary, 
and I’ll go through what to expect with  
this free title that you may have seen 
in the past with it’s itch iteration.
But onto the steam release. It actually came 
out today and I was curious to check it out  
even though I don’t really venture into the 
visual novel text style game all to often.  
Something different at least, and you quickly 
get a feeling that this game is going to be  
about character choices, and be expecting 
a whole lot of reading. That’s a given.
Mary is introduced to us as a meek, eager to 
please style character who interestingly enough  
enjoys spending time in cemeteries and attending 
random funerals. She shows a strange lack of care  
about the rumours of murders occurring in her 
home town, and this is despite the fact her  
uncle and aunt have just been murders, and her 
parents have disappeared with no clue other than  
a nightly text exchange with a mysterious 

It’s all pretty standard stuff.
So what would a young lady 
do in this circumstance?  
Go out and meet strangers of course to unlock 
this interesting narrative that quickly moves to  
paranormal style events, mysterious 
character motives and a whole lot  
of Mary putting herself into situations 
which could probably lead to her murder.
But the story is fun, and I got to say that I 
enjoyed playing through and finding out more.  
It’s not a huge investment, and there’s a lot of 
decisions that you get to make that will change  
what’s happened (I just selected Reginald with 
every option because the dudes pretty creepy)  
and fans of the genre will get some 
pretty fun time out of Cemetery Mary.
Free to play on steam, if you like free games  
subscribe to the channel and let 
me know what you think of this one!

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