Charles Schwab Debit Card Review

Should you open a Charles Schwab Debit Card?
The Debit Card has a chip, contactless payments,
and you can add it to your mobile wallet like
Apple Pay or Google Pay.
You can lock it and unlock it straight from
your phone.
It is a Visa Card with Extended Warranty and
Purchase Security when you buy something with
the card.
Price protection is yet another valuable benefit.
Travel accident insurance makes it a fine
choice to buy tickets.
The associated checking account has no annual
or monthly fee, no minimum balance, and has
a free complimentary checkbook.
However, the most important feature of Charles
Schwab Debit Card is the way it handles ATMs.
Schwab Debit Card has unlimited ATM fee reimbursement.
It also doesn’t charge your foreign transaction
Schwab makes the Debit Card one of the best
to use if you’re traveling out of the US.
Another nice feature is overdraft protection.
You can use your investment account to withdraw
funds if your checking account does not have
enough funds.
However, if you don’t use the overdraft
protection Schwab will charge you $25 overdraft
fee up to 4 times per day.
Another downside is that you cannot use a
Schwab debit card to deposit funds.
This card is good if you

retired early and
just slowly withdraw funds.

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