Cinematic Insight: Film Instructor watches Attack on Titan 2×3 | "Southwestward" Review and Reaction

hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to episode 3 of season 2 of Attack on Titan oh my God there’s too many things happening like my my heart cannot my heart and brain cannot process all of this what the heck Titans in the walls a Beast Titan that can talk so many things happen but I’m also curious about the Connie’s Village because the Titan that is just there is kind of like suspicious to me it’s weird how did it arrive over there I don’t know very suspicious but I I have I have

known many theories other than it turned somehow because I like the eyes are the same as conics I don’t it cannot just be a coincidence coincidence it’s a very specific color like greenish yellowy and it’s the same colors it could be a big big coincidence but knowing how this show is doing all the specifics I don’t know I don’t know anyway before we get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of money reactions coming and you don’t want to miss them so now let’s go into

the video so Southwest world news industry this is the first time that I’ve seen Emir worried about something and I think her too she’s

like foreign foreign National s her family who is our family does she like hair it’s so funny how some of them brands oh it’s this guy foreign foreign they haven’t found the hole yet that is weird because it shouldn’t be that complicated to find right well we just need to remember that the world is massive foreign this is so weird is it that difficult wait what there’s no hole how the heck

you are going to miss a hole how did the Titans Go doesn’t make any sense unless unless there’s new ones which it will make sense with my theory of Connie’s whatever Cicero whoever it is that she was created or turned or whatever you call it I don’t know I don’t know how they I’ve got I I said I don’t know a virus course I have no idea how they turn but that will make sense if it’s you know um if it’s because they’re creating uh new ones maybe it’s kind of no it cannot be I

was going to say maybe it’s I don’t know like a curse that is triggered every now and then and people just turn or but that didn’t happen before because they never had this problem inside the walls unless someone it’s infected or something I don’t know they cannot be it’s it’s not like it’s not vampire type thing that they bite you and and you know maybe if you survive maybe just they beat you a bit and you survive you turn it oh so this is where they were okay that is true because the bodies they they

go away but maybe when they Harden the skin it doesn’t go away okay they are done like that yeah he’s like oh he knows foreign so do all these special Titans have visibility or they’re just assuming things it will make sense how long he’s going to need to train that ability foreign foreign again foreign foreign wait do the church want the Titans inside because he kind of like said hinted that but what why why would they want that I um or is it because he refuses to give an information I don’t know but that was

weird no no no no no foreign foreign what is this what the heck is going on why what are they hiding because also right now he looks quite conflicted the priest I mean because it looks like he’s really sad he wants to talk but he cannot for whatever reason what is going on and who is this person to monitor a person which person foreign or it’s someone that that it has been on the background a bit and we haven’t seen much or the other girls who are not there there is mikas and Sasha it’s Blondie

what’s her name I always forget her name and nasty girl emir but why monitor why well she said something about her family that made me like what about her family what is it um foreign you know what how to reward here I will be like that like like if you want to make me happy give me food that’s it I don’t need I don’t need expensive things I don’t need you know jewelry designer box just feed me that’s it so it’s Blondie very cute yeah what’s her name okay pull my head damn get up okay

don’t eat cigarette what’s happening with him oh they need to be really good why they look so shocked if my fear is correct why Reiner looks so shocked of him do they know each other do they don’t is he in shocked because it he knows that it might be a special Titan oh hi um foreign this music love it is he climbing climb you just climb onto the next wall s what the heck and yeah what the heck is going on so he can just climb the wall Maybe no I cannot be I was going

to say maybe he was carrying The Titans with me and just put it there in the world and curve it again and whatever but but that weird Titan that cannot move is just um because it’s not like they were saying that it cannot move it cannot have um reach the place that it is so it’s not like the Titan was walking around and then oh he had a nasty fall and I don’t know break the spine because even though if that was the case it will regenerate so that Titan is just weird but oh my

God what’s happening and monkey Titan really sneaky when everyone is busy it’s just jumping into the next wall and I’m also very suspicious of rhino his face and what happened they had a weird moment Reiner and emir that moment was really you know because it was just odd he he had like a kind of something and then he was like oh and she was like oh he caught me doing what stealing what happened in there oh my God the questions keep coming is it Aaron going to be able to do the disheartening thing I think

he needs to practice quite a lot to do that anyway oh my goodness who is this freaking Titan monkey Titan wait a second and where is Aaron’s dad because I said this before but just where is he imagine if he’s the monkey Titan because he just disappeared didn’t it he was like he went on a trip to do something and then no one knows he didn’t came back he’s not trying to look for error which is weird because you know the logical thing to do is I don’t know come back and and then start to

to look into and if he wanted to find Aaron I think when he joined the cadets and everything it would be a list or something like you know to find him but that didn’t happen on many years have passed so where is Aaron’s dad what the heck we haven’t seen him die we haven’t seen anything did we no I don’t think so my memory is crap so sometimes I I’m just confused about things oh my God there’s so many things anyway please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me also remind

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