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citizens of the reject Nation it’s meteor Erickson alongside my friend say your name I’m Aaron hello full name Alexander thank you find you Aaron today we’re gonna watch Saul and neither of us have seen it saw you have not seen it I’ve never seen a single saw I never saw a saw oh my goodness he never saw saw that’s sad because I’ve been to Home Depot seen many listen guys you gotta leave a like you gotta type in your computer you gotta leave a comment and you guys know you got a ring now also guys

thanks to uh prepper for the edit yep and also don’t forget to uh become the Patriots you can watch the full length Reaction watch along with your own copy and be a part of the super sexy reject Nation you guys know how that goes and if you don’t know how it goes you just get on patreon and then you’re like oh now I see how it goes Greg and John also cover several shows exclusively over there with reaction highlights and watch alongs included so you know get over there do the business I haven’t slept in

four days because I’ve been doing an overnight shoot so if this seems clunky that’s why okay you got anything to say about saw

or my performance here today Aaron uh I think you’re killing it four days of no sleep yeah overnight shoots you guys so right now I’m on and off schedule are we ready to watch Saw I feel like oh yeah we’re ready I can’t say F-bomb foreign yeah okay the dude from Princess Bride yes oh wow and recognize him about his mustache Shane I don’t think that’s gonna work I thought it would be

helpful Chief yeah if you get like a little flame and just like keep it there maybe I’ve seen that in a movie Once what’s your name my name is very confused what’s your name what’s going on here my name is Lawrence Gordon I just woke up here just like you you’re way too calm about this for a guy just woke up yeah except I feel like he was the guy talking in the dark um okay what’s the last thing you remember I went to bed in my apartment and woke up in an actual I was

on my way home from Mark and I don’t remember anything else you gonna tell me your name Adam that clock somebody obviously wanted us to know the time interesting yeah weird where’d you find it it’s in my pocket doesn’t that guy in the ground have a tape recorder he does have a tape recorder yeah a little snap to be getting into it now getting into it we’re starting to cook there’s your life but who gets to play it first and a bullet and there’s a gun oh snap someone’s gonna kill someone God they’re gonna have

to choose I bet used to the door throw it over here foreign I mean what’s he gonna do right I mean well I have the one bullet he doesn’t have a bullet right oh God are they gonna be like each one of them Out Of Reach of that oh that’s terrible how what are you sure oh your shirt oh yes okay so I thought he fell asleep like that or the whoever kidnapped them and put the shirts on right put clothes on them take him outside the box God also but that guy has a the

other one has a blue shirt on and he could be reaching for the gun and he is a bullet he could yeah he has an undershirt on it must be something a dirty ass bathtub that’s right he woke up in that it’s a dream stopper it is a dream oh yeah oh nice getting close I got it nice or I’ll tell you where you might be you might be in the room that you die in I am scared to see what this tape says someone angry yet empathetic but mostly just pathetic so you’re going to

watch yourself die today Adam Gordon you have given people that they’re gonna die soon now you will need a cause of death your aim in this game is to kill her until six on the clock to do what until what oh my God if you do not kill Adam by six then Allison and Diana will die last one Allison and Diana this is awkward the game began what follow your heart oh that means kill Adam because his heart was with his family x marks the spot though also um poopy heart oh this is where the

key comes in huh maybe oh God yes thank you oh my God please no I can nope nope nope nope oh my God why oh God oh so y’all better not make me vomit in a room nobody told me this movie was sponsored by Taco Bell oh oh please let it be something normal oh my god oh title of the movie oh and they both have one two saws God yeah I mean it’s like God there is no you’re gonna run you’re gonna like they’re gonna make the saw not useful anymore yeah dum dum dummy

dum dum dum through our feet only one of you can now I think I may know who’s done this to us really oh it’s not someone I know personally it’s just someone I know of oh last I heard police still hadn’t caught him the only reason I know that is because I was a suspect oh I know that guy yeah he looks so young right Danny Glovers okay oh what the hell is going on here yo victims of 46 year old male died of massive blood loss oh that’s rough oh that’s yeah it’s gross he

started at the back of the Cajun tunneled his way through that razor wire so fast it’s amazing he got as far as he did oh wow we also found this what Bud Light oh no oh it’s a tape okay look like a can for a second you want to die you just have to stay where you are but if you want to live you’ll have to cut yourself again he’s alive at three o’clock that door will lock and then this room becomes your tomb oh no it’s watching flashback he was given two hours oh my

God the jigsaw killer technically speaking easy not really a murderer oh right he’s just like setting he finds ways for his victims to kill themselves interesting selling traps if you’re so sick then why do I have so many photos of you up and about there’s a slow acting poison in your veins the antidote is inside the safe combination to the safe history on the wall oh but watch your step that’s a flammable substance smeared on your body oh God just might have their Revenge oh my goodness freaking gracious wow awful looks like our friend jigsaw

likes to book himself front row seats to his own sick little games he left us his pen right does he want to be found this patient has an inoperable frontal lobe tumor extending across the midline started as colon cancer the patient had his name is John oh this guy from Lost yeah it’s a very interesting person thank you for that information orderly’s form very special bonds with the patience give me sus Vibes guy obviously someone doesn’t want me to tell you what the patient has excuse me girl you’re in school right now are you able

to tell us where you were between the hours of 11 pm and 1am why is it that you’re interested you around with that girl it’s best if we do it down at the station that’s quite I can’t just leave I have my wife has oh he’s a cheater too this is your doctor oh so the killer was a patient maybe like and he told him you’re gonna die right and that and the guy he must have taken his pen look if you can’t be honest with me I was visiting someone it wasn’t a patient I

was cheating on my wife I checked your Alibi it holds up we have one of the victims who managed to escape want to know if you wouldn’t mind sticking around and listening to her testimony this man’s wearing a jean jacket for a blazer he’s ahead of his time he’s ahead of his time the first thing you remember I woke up I could taste was blood oh my God oh spooky ripped oh my God I’ll show you no don’t do that no no I don’t like it oh the demonstration is so unnecessary there was only one

key device soulmate ugh yeah girl meddle it out oh my God no ah but her mouth was bleeding in the room I don’t want it she did it she when she’s there yeah but is her mouth weird it’s a little weird and then I saw the body that person don’t look dead to me did you have to cut the question mark oh God oh my God oh my God he’s alive oh my god oh she’s doing it oh but it’s definitely not in the shape of a question mark she’s just going at it you didn’t

follow the lines no you’re supposed to trace oh you killed the you killed that guy you killed the poop out of that guy oh oh crap oh God seems like she got it light compared to the other ones oh yeah he’s just gonna have to live with those memories forever yeah okay maybe she didn’t oh boy what is that keeps going should be over she should have escaped what is this what’s going on oh that’s terrifying a puppet on a tricycle why is it like that why is it sweating oh God all right not anymore

why are you moist oh and that is why he picked you you sting why is he picking the people he’s picking he helped me they say helped her no you either tell me what is really going on or I’ll cut you with this you hear me oh oh is it two-way glass camera okay part of me feels like that body’s not dead that’s what I was gonna say because the other one wasn’t and I’m like but can a dead body stay face down like that on the ground without moving for six hours like you’d have

to be a sociopath right because he said he had from 10 until I mean how long have they been there I mean that body’s got makeup on the back yeah like a sedative or something how can you be the calm doctor guy when your wife and kid are out there thinking about that I am thinking about that oh my God Aaron’s gonna give me a freaking heart attack oh my goodness what is there something there no thank you oh he was home oh he’s home okay I’m in a bad dream again just gotta finish this

paragraph I imagine it’s the Kool-Aid man in the room oh yeah have to go to work sweetheart you know what daddy’s job is like now come on you know Daddy has to collect those bands you’re happy I am happy that is complete oh and it’s probably your wallet he lets you keep your wallet though I mean it’s not useful at this point it was nice of him that’s kind look at him keeping his wallet you can take his money beautiful so where’s the lucky wife there’s another pitcher behind the one you’re looking at it oh

God does he know oh my God oh God x marks the spot sometimes you see more with your eyes shut ah this photo you’re talking about is not here we’re just gonna keep the Polaroid of his family huh that’s messed up you’re creepy that’s the Lost guy was it it looks like his eye it really looked like the Lost guy’s eye what is in a sheet oh why is that so terrifying that he’s just in standing there in a blanket I hate it I hate it poor girl that little girl is a great little actor

she’s going through hell I believe her oh wait that’s not is it Danny Glover yeah so wait what’s going on now why is he there what’s happening I am so confused why does he have the camera and he’s looking what I never should have let you go oh missing person discovered at bizarre Museum oh did he walk into the guy’s apartment what’s what’s going on I’m so confused here Alibi it holds up meaning like like what an amazing story that poor woman told we keep jumping around with the events so is this happening while the

families get kidnapped no I think this is a flashback a flashback within the flashback we arrested at Dennis last week we like to play with kids a bit too much he lived two blocks from here the sewer lines run under this neighborhood too because present day is what’s happening in the room right but this is a flashback but the also the his family getting captured is a flashback too yes remember 118th Street k2k that game’s territory was only about four blocks now listen to this is that a bell is that a school like sounds like

check the directions for all the fire emergencies that occurred in that area within the last two weeks two 13 stygian Street okay let’s figure it out dang this makes me want Krispy Kreme though but I cannot eat it during this movie no way in hell laughs I love how Danny Glover holds guns in movies always ass out arm stretched ass out that’s funny oh it’s a replica of the guys all of the traps she’s ever done to this point must be right it’s like I’m gonna fight this movie ah what is that thing nope oh

my god oh it’s a guy oh why we got him that saw is gonna go and it’s gonna screw into his head y’all no don’t pull the thing I feel like oh God oh God oh awake already Jeff powerful track for tranquilizers next time you’re a test subject for something greater than yourself get him get him come on now get him no now you’ll make a choice just two of you kill him and then save him okay he will unlock it where is it you’re frustrating shoot him and make him do it don’t play his

game you have The High Ground what are you guys doing giving in demands right now for the life of another human being take his hood off come on now there it is thank you thank you oh my goodness junk yeah you guys come on now you’re being dumb you’re being dumb movie characters oh my God not this is not good ideas why would you give him enough time to okay I don’t trust these cops anymore I don’t think they’re good at their job you should have shot him when you had the chance you had the

perp there just shoot him thank you like that might not be that might have been some decoy yeah no no don’t do it don’t do it oh no no no no oh yeah no head what is going on that’s what you guys get for being dumb not the freeze frame so now because the killer used the word tranquilizer I don’t think that guy in the room is dead I think you’re right oh he’s lost his mind right now turn off the lights oh it might glow good idea yeah x marks the spot there we what

I want to know is why these two guys specifically in the same room because this is his right first not this I guess his first two alive person trap well now the other guy was alive with the girl but this is like a man versus Man Trap that’s the keys too oh yeah don’t if it freaking bounces and or a door or something I’m gonna be so mad I think you got it is there another gun or is it another bullet a cell phone and a lighter and cigarettes is that cigarettes in there most beautiful

invention on this planet are you guys hopeful as if he hasn’t coordinated this whole thing make that second most beautiful invention are you serious dude the cigarettes are harmless I promise smoking is only poisonous when it ends in Bloodshed I’m trying the police no one said the phone had signal This was meant to receive calls not make them this is this is four last night I’m sure someone else was there oh he’s in the car the whole time oh my God what is this what is that oh my God is that that weird pig mask

I think it is what the oh my God this is Ah hell to the no to the no no no no no no no no no no no that’s what gotta be here that’s what got him here we still know nothing about the other guy we know nothing about that other guy yeah you’re right we don’t here it is where did you get this it was in your wallet what are you doing he’s gonna be like I’m gonna get the gun in the bullet and I’m gonna kill Adam you don’t need a gun to kill

him when there’s that much poison in your blood oh so he could put the you say the cigarette in the gun I was like in the no in the blood because the blood is poisonous and maybe it explodes no this is all wrong I’m just like what in the is this there has to be yeah like put it in the blood but what is it gonna oh oh and then give it to him you still want that cigarette terrible so bad the worst actor I’ve killed him with the poison just like you wanted now where’s

my family hello what the f that’s electrocuted the chain oh nope can’t outsmart him you guys know you gotta cut your foot off have we not learned the lesson from him from Eminem you’re gonna break the other Solitude you guys are so dumb you said it out loud doctor he wants us to saw through our feet what are you doing I remember how I got here oh now we get to see your story okay a photographer interesting oh what what what maybe he’s not working for jigsaw but maybe the wife because she suspected the husband

of cheese oh right that she was like go take pictures I didn’t understand that last shot why there was like a peephole or like a yeah I think they’re trying to mislead us thinking it was related to the other crime from earlier with the guy with who got set on fire someone there killing me I think it’s the tricycle she’s sitting there yeah oh he only had he had deal six to kill him so now he’s like 20 minutes right oh God now it’s on Diana I’m scared Daddy oh everybody ruined here yeah there’s another

gun there’s two of them there’s more than one person because one person’s watching them while other ones with the family oh yeah is Adam there how do you know how do you know Adam don’t believe Adam’s lies oh what he knows you he knew all about you before today because you might be right but if you don’t call that did I just call that but why would she say his lies how does she know he is lying like did she I think maybe the guy told her to say that yeah it’s a great mistrust who

are you you know who I am stop the line what did you do last night Lawrence oh work at a hospital yeah saving sick children he’s the investor yep called the baby you don’t recall getting your picture taken in that parking lot are you the pictures that the whole time I get paid to take pictures of rich guys like you who go to CD out of the way motels they’re secretaries had these with you the whole time found them in there with the hacksaws oh it’s out of curiosity what did you do in that motel

room get out of there pretty fast um secretary yeah nursing student what’s wrong with me to make you come here but I thought we I’m sorry it’s for you I know what you’re doing he knows what he’s doing but is it because he knows because of the guy’s pictures because of Adam’s pictures or he’s just also following him he’s also following him yeah the person who paid you to follow me who was it he calls himself Bob and he gives me the money up front what did he look like now he’s a guy he’s a

tall black guy he’s got a scar around his neck okay Clover you could have started with that I don’t know what he looks like he’s just a tall black guy with a scar like yeah what detected up he was discharged from the police force the guy became obsessed convinced himself that I must have somehow been involved with the murders I mean it’s crazy what are you more pissed off about the fact that I took some shots of you or the fact that I took some shots of you while you were cheating on your wife oh

my God oh you remember something else oh you see something else what what are you saying oh he’s in the picture I know him zap what oh God what we’re out of time what happens now happens now well he said he would kill oh I was doing this from their house what Dr Gordon’s time is up I’m afraid it has to be you that tells him he failed you son of a so Barky you failed oh yeah girl get it get it get it get it stay on the ground bro you should give me the

phone let me get your neck cut like Danny Glover come on where are you I know I’m being held captive in a room somewhere please forgive me I’ve always been happy well we all saw that coming a bunch of dummies in this some people’s bro I swear my goodness got him wait how how is he right there oh he’s just was obsessed watching them the whole time I guess so okay well how is he so close and ready and available was he like in the apartment next door or something from us he must be then

why was he having him take the pictures of the doctor before he even got kidnapped yes I’m gonna kill your husband now Mrs Gordon that’s the cartoony little yeah and Kelly husband now a little dog too I didn’t know why he was so close I oh my goodness dang now who’s doing this to you is it on a timer it’s helper oh maybe a timer who is your helper is it the dead guy on the floor it’s weird that this guy hasn’t just killed Danny right now right because he sees him in the car driving

up right he could just like so but who electrocuted him timer might be right or like a helper well it’s a helper get the box and scrape the phone to you we have the technology yeah you can also take off your button-up shirt as that guy did your shirt take your shirt off oh my goodness take it off come on all right I literally had a gunfight Joe to another location to continue the gun fight yeah we’re just gonna have to sire leg off I mean he’s a doctor he’s gonna know how to cut off

the circulation so maybe maybe he’ll use his shirt to cut the circulation I’m sure he will listen to you yeah there we go there we go this is dumb I knew he’s gonna do that but he could also use the shirt to grab the phone you could be phoning it up and cutting your leg off at the same time buddy also I don’t know if that was a tight enough tie with that shirt I’ll be honest he didn’t have to do that guys you didn’t have to you didn’t have to die oh he really didn’t

retired man I absolutely could have you’re too old for this yeah he didn’t have to do that you could have just grabbed the phone guy you get through to him it’s all right I’ve called the police it’s the rules what was this part of the plan I don’t know oh yeah good good yeah Adam is the only one with good ideas oh my God finally somebody kill this guy oh my God no don’t try and stop him okay guys and bloody white shirts the phone y’all get the phone get the phone the freaking phone y’all

there’s a phone in there we still don’t have an explanation for why Danny Glover was taking so close yeah we don’t oh so far tape recorder hello Mr Handle or as they called you around the hospital I want you to make a choice slow acting poison coursing through your system which only I have the antidote for will you murder a mother and her child to save yourself uh uh so we still don’t know the guy yet he’s part of the game called it I called it oh no oh no oh my God oh my God

who the f is this oh my God oh boy oh okay to that chain is in the bathtub what what oh Daddy’s sink in that light in the light thing it’s a very interesting person I knew it oh cause he knew his name hello Mark Paul Amanda I want to play a game most people are so ungrateful to be alive but not you game over oh my God that guy’s just gonna be locked in the room with and like I starved to death whoa whoa did he make it to the other guy make it to

his family which guy oh that guy there’s no way he bled to death but he was crawling out maybe there’s no way there is oh my god oh wow I can’t with this I cannot no thank you I knew it was the guy on the floor oh my God oh my God cause he was there but then no one was ever paying attention to them and they always had reverse yeah like yes exactly but I want you to forget about him I also thought that like maybe they which one’s the volume to this this thing

I also thought that maybe they um that they like from in my brain I was like oh they’re probably cutting around the extras so they didn’t this is that a live guy didn’t have to lie there every time they had footage oh right but I think you’re more right because the guy would just be like I’m getting paid just lay there and like look dead but that would be like tough you thought it was like a logistical thing I did like to have him there the whole time and you know he looks real because I

looked a few times to be like do we think that that might be a dummy for some shots and it’s not it’s always a real obviously a real body and I was like oh it’d probably be a lot to have them either yeah probably both it probably is wrong there yeah well I I also think it would just be hard for like because if he breathes at all right you’re having a guy lay there and just be like don’t move at all I would hate that job oh my gosh okay so tell me your thoughts

initial like initial first thoughts what are you feeling my initial first thoughts on my feeling I’m feeling shocked I’m feeling yeah like that was a ride we just went on that was a roller coaster I Now understand why this is a 10 movie franchise yeah right that was crazy I’m also I’m like wow how did I go so long like this movie’s like what 20 plus years old yes I knew nothing about it this entire time that was crazy yeah me neither I think it’s like crazy too that this movie obviously there’s a reason it

probably blew up became viral became like a name but everyone loves it and at the same time I get it’s the the classic Trope of horror movie dummy Dum Dum Dums who never kill the killer that I want to strangle it was so frustrating just shoot the so easy it’s right there oh my God but still like really liked it even mixed with the frustration but also I’m like why was Danny Glover so close to the house is it just because he was obsessed so it would make sense if he was obsessed because he’s been

stalking that guy assume that guy had something to do with it yeah but why would Danny hire the guy to take the pictures that part we never got answers to maybe maybe in the sequel we find out but yeah that part is kind of a hole that we have that hasn’t been filled yeah like oh my God ah my favorite part is seeing the guy get up in the background and you’re like oh my goodness also that little girl 10 out of 10. so good she is really good and I know that the mom the

blonde hair I forget her name she worked a lot it probably still works now I just haven’t seen her in a while she worked a lot and like when was this made like early 2000s or late 90s or something maybe 2000 2004 or somewhere around that I like her too I mean everybody in this movie movie is actually legitimately really good I believed everyone uh and oh the pig why did it have to have hair why does it have to have a full head of hair pigs have hair sometimes terrifying a wig no they don’t

awful the one pig that came up that kill him in the garage is like full head of hair I can’t be doing that I didn’t realize the pig thing was from Saw because I’ve been to like horror nights and stuff and seen the guy with the pig but I never put it together if it was from this movie Pig with a wig now we know what was your favorite part oh man I think my favorite part might have been uh the whole scene where Danny Glover and his partner went to see the guy and he

had like the ass poking I thought that was funny oh but yeah his favorite part of saw was Danny Glover’s butt out while holding a gun it looks so ridiculous it’s hilarious oh man I don’t know the whole thing was just like a ride like I like the the non-linear storytelling because like you’re putting pieces together as like the characters are and just you’re just it leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end and you’re like I don’t know what’s going on they don’t know what’s going on we’re out here on

this ride together I’m scared they’re scared but yeah I just yeah it was wild and like has you frustrated with the characters as they’re trying to figure it out too and yeah it makes me excited I was like dang I want to see the rest of them yeah because I I from the little I do know it’s like they’re kind of treated as like chapters I think something without a fact yeah but I don’t know like anything that happens within those chapters I just know that um yeah obviously the the main killer is is revealed

at the end so obviously he’s gonna probably be in the other ones right um oh my God but I did I think I called out even though it was like my brain was getting there when we read that the cigarettes are not poisonous something about poisonous and then we heard the blood the poison in the blood and that’s why he dabbed the cigarette and the blood to maybe give it to Adam to smoke and then he would maybe die that needs to be revealed to me yeah well I think that right they were kind of

saying at the end is that the guy who was jigsaw he was sick so maybe his blood blood was poisonous yeah because he’s like poison coursing through my veins but I also was like but why was the letter saying something poisonous linked with the cigarettes even though it kept saying they’re not why was it that thing was like a that’s the part of a jigsaw that we haven’t unlocked yet I would like to read that note again and be like what was the link why did he dip the cigarette in the blood then because I

think he thought it would kill him because he’s because the note said that there was a kill right yes yes because he is so and then he gave adam the other one to not kill him yeah right okay but still uh there I just I don’t know I’m mad at the characters that went in and they didn’t kill him right away no I do love that of course the smart one in this is the mom who’s like let’s get untied we hear him coming fake it fake it girl thank you she’s not great because she

has the gun and can shoot him and like she stays close to him these are the parts that I’m like uh I hate this I hate this move away from him grab your daughter or shoot him in the leg if you don’t want to kill a man shoot him in the leg like come on now what are we doing here and also hang up with your husband and call 9-1-1 thank you like why are you like what do you mean you’re locked in a room what does that mean I’m like girl look at you like

you’re locked in her room with your kid what do you mean is that confusing for you like these things I go through it you see me you see I’m going through a downward spiral right now I get so mad at these characters but it was still very entertaining super entertaining like so freaking good um I give it okay we’ll give it 10 out of 10 stars um I’ll give it I mean that was fun it was fun I also want to see more of the little replicas I’m gonna give it like I’m gonna give it

a 7.7 out of 10 even though those those characters made me mad this was this was fun this was thrilling the entire time I really dug the Intrigue and the Mystery the dumb character moves take it down a couple points I think for me I’d give it an eight because that’s good I was gonna go eight but then I was like don’t scare dang make me mad Maybe so mad I just want I just want I want this movie like if they made it again for characters to be smarter but the killer to still get

away yes right like he’s shot and he’s like limping but he figures out like oh I don’t know I don’t know you guys I don’t really have the solution but like uh this was fun we’ll have to watch the other ones there’s like a million more oh yeah so we’re in it you guys gotta let us know what you think do you guys want us to watch the rest of the saws probably you guys are probably gonna be like absolutely yes don’t forget to leave a like leave a comment comment tell us what we missed

in this little please yeah because maybe we’re confused by something that you guys picked up and exactly I’m just trying to get the answers but don’t spoil please because we want to watch the other ones no spoilers about any of the other ones guys only comment about what we have said here today or of the saw number one okay and also if you’re not already patreon you should become one and and pledge up because then you could watch all the reactions all of it the whole the whole thing the whole Gambit with me the whole

thing okay so just get on it we love you so much and yeah I mean we’ll see you we’ll see you soon see you soon bye foreign

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