Digiwards Review: Earn $5 Solving Captchas? – App Payment Proof + REAL Experience

or do I have an interesting video for you hello everyone Vince here welcome to my digiwards review digiwards is promising real money to solve captures but not only that play games and also complete tasks and offers I hope you enjoy alright so this is what Digi Wars looks like when you first launch it up as you can see it has a whole bunch of options straight off the bat here which is very nice to see I have to say everyone applications that make it very straightforward to actually earn on them are a pleasant thing to

see in 2023 top left corner of the screen you have your currency system and on the right side of the screen you have the ticket system I’ll get into what those tickets mean in a second at the bottom of the screen you have the Redemption button so here’s the interesting thing about Digi Awards the minimum cash out for PayPal currency is two dollars and you need 20 000 of these Digi Ward points we have five dollars for fifty thousand ten dollars for a hundred thousand twenty dollars for two hundred thousand and twenty five dollars for

two 250 000 so essentially ten thousand points equals a dollar on digiwards now apparently it takes three business days to process your requests Saturdays

and Sundays and holidays are not included I mean at least they tell you right but now that you understand how the currency system works and digiwards let’s move on to the actual earning methods so the first thing I want to show you is the capture earning system now this is very interesting you solve a capture and apparently you earn these points let’s find out how many points you can earn simply tapping

on the capture solving button will start it off now this is where the ticket system comes into play because you’ll need tickets to actually play this little capture solving game against other people because it seems that it turns into a 1v1 situation against other players from around the world pretty much who can solve the capture the fastest rules are you need one ticket to play the game solve as many captures as possible within 60 seconds all captures are numbers the player who gets the highest score will be declared the winner case of a tie the

faster player to solve the first capture will be the winner Bots are not allowed obviously okay so let’s give it a shot tap the find opponent button okay it’s found someone and we’re about to begin okay here we go now I’m playing it’s actually it’s pretty intense everyone I’m not gonna lie if you missed one you’re kind of in trouble because then you slow down completely at the top of the screen you have the timer and the score by the way looks like we’re about to finish up and it seems I actually lost that game

funny enough there are some power plays on here it seems but I still got five points I felt like talking during it distracted me so I’m gonna give it one more shot okay I won that game this time and this time I got 20 points okay so I have to say if you’re only earning around 20 points per capture game that is pretty bad everyone on an actual earning level let’s be real here at 10 000 points for one single dollar and with a 20 000 Point minimum you’d be playing a lot of this capture

game wouldn’t you now oh by the way an advertisement plays every time essentially when you finish up all right so now I’m gonna move on to the next earning method which is the Playtime rewards area I’m very happy to say that digiwards has a fully fun functioning playtime rewards area which is actually quite rare this year I found when it comes to Applications I don’t know what’s going on but developers aren’t really using this function that much in their applications I absolutely love the Playtime rewards areas and applications because you don’t necessarily have to you

know do too much within the application to generate points you simply install it and let it play on your phone now the only downside is depending on your country the Playtime rewards area is going to behave completely different you might actually have a system that pays you per level instead of pays you per minute so thankfully here in Australia I have the per minute Play Time rewards essentially each of these games are willing to pay me around 50 cents worth of currency or so but if you do have the Playtime rewards option available and it

does pay you pretty decent I definitely recommend you add it into your experience here on digiwards now what about okay spin I really dislike okay spin as a system because I believe it adds another layer of an application that’s taking your rewards and these ASP points can be earned by playing various mini games on OK spin but I mean look at this system everyone I tend to stay away from this stuff you have various other mini games available as well by the way okay spin has its own currency system where you convert currency all right

it’s pretty straightforward but I tend to stay away from it now there’s something called tap time but funny enough that’s not allowed in Australia apparently how about adjem so tap gem on digiwards definitely can be improved in my honest opinion the rates are actually quite low to what you’d expect for a money making application I just really don’t understand what’s going on here because if you have a look a mafia City offer is only paying 12 just to give you some perspective on an application let’s say like free cash this might actually pay you up

to 100 to complete but yeah on digiwards they’re cutting the price by like 80 percent at least here in Australia these are some terrible rates man and that’s why I say it’s so important to shop around with your offer wall selection now how about eight Studios again very shocking to see as studios off a wall is also terrible in my opinion this is actually quite crazy to me because usually a Studios had solid offers at least here in my country of Australia I don’t know if it’s the developers taking a huge cut or the offer

all providers but these are rates that are not acceptable in my opinion compared to other platforms that are openly available to the public right now this Vegas casino and Slots application is only paying about five dollars worth of currency whereas I’ve seen this on other applications up to 20 to 30 dollars guys easily it’s just super odd what about CPX research all right so the surveys on CPX research seem to be priced at around 30 to 50 cents which is pretty average for a survey but for CPX research that’s considerably low because usually these guys

offer the most highest paying surveys because they offer the highest disqualification rates as well in my own experience this is why I recommended the Playtime rewards function first over everything else on digiwards wa survey is not working for me at the moment what about fish so thankfully pole fish at least has some surveys that are willing to pay us around a dollar or so but then obviously it drops down pretty fast into the 50 Cent range and Below digiwards literally pays average to low at best when it comes to surveys but I mean if you

have a look at the account history you can see that playtime rewards dominated it and I mean was the main reason why I was able to achieve what I was today on digiwards if I left it purely to the capture game or surveys or offers I definitely would have earned as easy as I did on digiwards now the bottom of the screen there is an invite button this is Digi Ward’s referral program by the way when you refer your friends you get 500 points immediately you also get 20 commission for every task completed by your

referral and here you can find my invite code if you guys want to use it now let’s just say you run out of tickets simply tapping on the plus button at the top of the screen brings up an area that allows you to either watch advertisements for tickets or you simply press the free button which will grant you three free tickets at least it did for me understand the number might be randomized but let me just watch an ad to see how many tickets I am as you can see I’m currently on 20. all right

so watching that advertisement literally only generated me one single ticket so again really not worth your time essentially at this point I feel like there are much better options than that little capture mini game I mean I appreciate it’s there and I’m sure some people out there won’t mind doing it but I feel like there are much better options available at least here in Australia for myself perhaps in your country you might not have all of these options available which is understandable on why you use that little capture mini game but I would personally stay

away from it if you do have other options available such as playtime Rewards or the offer Wall Systems or even surveys for instance by the way if you enter my referral code you get a free 1000 points just in case you guys wanted to do that by the way I now have a Discord server so feel free to join at links in the description below so for today’s video on digiwards I requested a five dollar cash out and I am happy to say everyone within two days or so I was paid straight to my Paypal

account that five dollars worth of currency does that really make digiwards worth it I mean honestly it is a very average application in my opinion and I feel like there are better ones on the market but it does pay so perhaps someone out there might find interest in using Digi Awards I hope you enjoyed see you all tomorrow for another review

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