Film Instructor watches Jujutsu Kaisen 1×23 | "The origin of Blind Obedience" Review and Reaction

hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to Jutsu guys and episode 23 of season 1 let’s see if they can stop this freaking course that is making no he’s not making anything he’s just killing people let’s see anyway before we get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of morning reactions coming and you’re don’t to miss them so now let’s go to the video come on by the way it’s cold that’s why I’m like is coming there’s a lot this has been too

easy seems too easy what the heck who’s that for all the brother what the 0:01:59.840,1193:02:47.295 heck oh bye-bye who’s that oh he’s fast I think her and I had the same reaction I was like the heck is he doing stoping yourself weird smell maybe he farted before pulling her up oh Wolfie the Wolfie is more like a werewolf Now isn’t it it’s like because before it was a black and white one and now it’s like mixed what what for yeah because it has been many years isn’t it for some of them oh it’s a we’ve

seen that that CSE before didn’t we or it was very very similar oh it’s the same one I thought it died it was

the same one yeah oh it’s stronger oh God thank God Wolfie oh my God ohe for okay he’s got beautiful eyes oh shoot ouch oh thank God for that I don’t want to know Wy today oh oh he’s sensing something the GS is like H what what’s happening what is he doing whoa wow not getting him nice nice M who Jesus so all his thingies are there wait did he kill them no

please oh they killed them well done I’m loving that he shined oh I’m tired oh oh my God poor poor M me oh he’s happy he’s very happy oh oh no he’s L on his own puke no fore for foree oh oh foreign fore yes so what are they going to do with a finger oh why he walks like that insecure oh oh okay so that’s why oh no she St it as well oh it gets musty what technique oh what oh what and where are they going what are they going to do what what

the heck are they doing to him oh my God what what the what for me there were just sabotaging him pointlessly because he wasn’t even flirting he was just giving directions to someone the fact that the three of them were oh my God this was fun oh my God good okay going back to the episode what the heck stinky boy stinky back rotten his technique makes you rotten now I understand why he is always a bit insecure you know it gets musty gross if you’re talking about rotten oh my God I hope you never smell

that it’s horrible to smell a rotten thing you know a rotten something um animal horrible so of course that’s why all the smell anyway now is the three of them over there so what is going to happen happen the finger is around they need to be careful so the this this rotten guy and the other thing don’t take it away which makes me think maybe you know if the finger is in danger probably juji needs to eat it they cannot just you know maybe that is what is going to happen they he’s not going to

have another Choice than eat it we shall see next episode is the finale of season one I’m very curious what is going to happen anyway please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me remind you that if you are a member of this channel among other perks you will have access to all my reactions without needing to wait for the premiere so you will have Early Access and I also have a patreon where I upload the full unedited reactions all also with Early Access so check the tiers to see which one

do you prefer and that will help me a lot to create more content and invest more time and create more content for you guys and if you cannot this find just please like share comment this video and that will also help me a lot so have a lovely rest of the day and see you in the next video bye

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