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hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to episode 21 of season 3 of Attack on Titan there there there we got we got a lot of answers I’m so pleased and I think now we know where eron’s that got the Titan but before we get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you don’t not miss that so now let’s go to the video so poetic yeah attack Titan oh his nose is bleeding wow foree wait is that

what happened because she was a no but I don’t know I don’t know how it works but the way the thing that he just said that she she is a Titan with you know true Royal Blood whatever you call it and then if we remember when uh Aaron saw her second time they kind of like like did do you remember it it was a weird scene I I remember being quite confused as to why he just punched her and then some you know some lightning whatever and after that it was when he was able to

control the Titans I don’t know if it’s related or not but it was a weird scene like the punch it was just you know

and then I remember seeing I think I I like a little not explosion because it wasn’t nothing like big but you know something happened so it was him to CH well yeah of course I think he’s dying or something I I really think that when you you know when when you get the Titan Powers it takes a big toll in you like let’s remember Rod reace brother I don’t remember his namey

something like that he looked like chit and and and he was H the younger brother the blood this is what I meant like some of the Titans honestly act like children the the ones that like we’ve seen them they’re like you know they’re like more playful more whatever Jesus that is so bad I don’t have much time Jesus like he had a horrible position because obviously just himself he couldn’t do anything so he needed to you know just play the role for years Jesus that is so bad until until you know someone came along that

is he’s like okay then we can do something but till then yeah exactly exactly so basically it was two it was two sides going for the founding Titan it was him and Marley because he’s dying so okay then it makes sense as to why Rod didn’t want the power it was like just 13 years that so he put his oh my God he put his little brother his daughter then he wanted to put the other what a what a piece of crap he was wasn’t it Jesus but that means so Erin Armen Annie all of

them are going to die quite soon I wonder what happened to her oh it has just eight well because you say it because you want to believe it okay again is that face of ER and attempt your memories and are s through those path that is going to be important in this serious this thing that everything is connected to everyone that is going to be important so essentially now every everyone is connected to Aon for okay oh so essentially Zeke has Royal Blood as well right is that why he can control some Titans or not

I don’t know for oh yeah otherwise he will just die oh oh the picture like you see how like how he’s fighting everything gisha I mean this is why when when Rod was saying ah yeah he’s a cold blood murderer blah blah blah I was like he cannot be look he’s so conflicted he doesn’t even want to continue anymore like he’s he’s giving up he he’s not going going to give up because obviously he we know that he got the Titan and everything but you see how how you know how he’s suffering so I don’t

think he was a cold blood murderer at all taking out Freedom oh I heard that name before I’ve seen that name before somewhere I don’t know I didn’t see from along with memory through paths which transcend space and time his face it’s getting worse and worse I’m not calling him ugly I’m just saying that he’s going to become naughty I think like he’s got all the signs look he is this is not just tired you know I I must say teenagers you know are very um like hormones are just crazy through their body so like

she’s right in what she’s saying but if you gave them that much power that is danger that is freaking dangerous having that much power and not you know not having fully developed and grown up and matur as a person like when when when we are teenagers we are more you know and and do crazy things that as an adult we wouldn’t we we would think twice before acting um how do you call it like an on an Impulse I don’t know if it makes sense but yeah the fact that he’s 15 for him Masa you

look like what is happening to her why she not eating because she’s worried oh oh that’s the letter isn’t it love l oh I miss fore no who that sh this shot is one of the most beautiful ones in this series I must say it’s just gorgeous how it’s done like I’m just watching it and and I’ve got gumps oh wow oh she was going to get eaten it was the same type of ceremony that her that did so she’s said and who ate her and how did she is because she also has Royal Blood

hystoria that’s why she you know she could see those things because it was kind it was kind of like similar when she touched Aaron wasn’t it foree oh s for what is happening with a AR right now I feel that he’s really really conflicted because he thought he was humanity and then start haed on Titans but then he was turn a Titan and then he realized that he’s not Humanity Humanity wants to kill him what the heck it’s that that I don’t know how he’s not in in an asylum just going right now because oh

my god of course he’s like this right now he’s just like you don’t even know who you are anymore for whoa um they’re talking about this again the first time I was like if they’re talking about it is when they talk about such a big thing it’s like it’s like all these films um I don’t know for example a asteroid is coming to Earth blah blah blah you know is going to do something it’s going to it’s like 2012 and you know all these films that are about a bad thing happening of course that bad

thing is going to happen otherwise what what’s the point on you know but this is the second time that they’re talking about it the first time I was like yeah it’s very suspicious that they’re talking about something as big big if they are not going to give it to us you know because talking about a big thing like that it it hpes you it’s like and then if it never happens if it’s just a fairy tale that it doesn’t they are not going to ever talk about it again it’s kind of like it it leaves

you kind of like but they’re talking about it a second time so it’s not just a fairy tale because that was I was thinking maybe it could be you know just a just a bluff to to make them not H you know to not attack them it’s like oh if you attack us this will happen but it’s just a bluff but they’re just talking about it again for his face so he has all this power now right right so that’s that’s why all of them at the beginning were like yes we are going to you

know kill the Titans and do whatever and then as soon as they got the founding Titan they were like never mind no saying no but they just said oh this is I’m I’m thinking about something but I don’t know how to put it in words yeah after he touched the Royal Blood woman Titan so could it be that that was like the you know the start of he being able to control the founding Titan because he touched someone with royal blood but because he is not royal royal Maybe that this vow is not going to

affect him so maybe he will go to war is it dead what’s happening yeah because we saw that and then it diding he just realized he just realized you scared me what is wrong with you oh oh for our tight why is he keeping information I don’t like that I don’t like that oh no no no no no the fact that they say that like this is how the the the puzzle starts they are saying that they couldn’t go to war before because this is stupid vow Aaron loves to fight he wants Freedom probably whatever

the cost so oh my God and the fact that they are villainizing him like you can see it on his face well his not right now but you know his face place is changing to be more oh my God I don’t this is not going good fore spee fore what what do what they did to her she’s a Titan how does he know about me an Armin they weren’t even born what what is this is this the connecting thing that also tells you a bit of the future as the past because how the heck he

knows about Mikan arming what oh my God the the way that this is unveiling it’s I don’t know but it doesn’t look good it doesn’t look good especially for Erin I’m really worri worried about it will they well they cannot go they don’t have anything to go to Marley do they but they don’t they don’t have boats well they do have boats but not there because I remember at the beginning in season one they they had little canals or whatever you call them rivers and you know so they can they can build them but yeah

this thing about Freedom that eron is going to go to war for sure he’s not going to you know just be like okay well they want to attack us it’s fine no he’s going to go to war for sure and fight for the freedom that he wants that he always talks about I wonder how how that is going to happen are they going to wait for another attack are they going to well they still have to deal with you know doggy monkey and Riner now that they lost birth what are they going to do are

they going to go and try and second attack because there the one that could win that it was bird to be honest because now rer is on on a more vulnerable position with the Thunder Spears the monkey if Levi is around bye-bye it was birn the one that had the edge to win because he didn’t have a counter like that and the doggy one I don’t know how use useful she is I don’t know if she has another Power she she she’s quite fast and to transport things I don’t think you know it’s a I

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