PIXELS (2015) MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Adam Sandler | Full Movie Review

you ready yeah citizens of the reject Nation I finally have a real reex t-shirt on and I think he might my name is Terra by the way it says RR reject of course it’s a real reject t-shirt I’m not going to lie I wasn’t 100% sure about red and white for that tea the services one you the guinea pig for it and I think it looks great I bought it and it’s fantastic I think it looks great it’s worth every penny spent listen we’re going to watch pixels we’ve both had a rough day so we’re

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it like what else do I have to say I don’t know Matt’s part of hosting a YouTube a thriving YouTube channel is you say way more things that the audience wants to hear never heard of them before yeah rocking and rolling already familiar music that’s a big part of Adam seller movies welcome to the80s it is summer 82 yes called it open come on hey give me back my I assume

every child is Adam Sandler’s children surrender Chris Columbus made this movie okay what else has he made don’t ask I was worried once I once you said it I was like I can’t recall any movies great I think you made Home Alone Peter dink just this shut up how are you so good at this you’ve never even played it before Destiny do they still have arcade championships oh good question I don’t know you’re l l lamon soft who told you that the government cuz I’m this close to figuring out the secret of the Bermuda Triangle

oh my God I love this kid this movie just got great oh waa my hands are blazing fast and also I will blast and burn all my competitor’s weak ass mood I can’t wait for little people jokes welcome gamer Dan first annual worldwide I really like that their style to the credits oh yeah it looks like a video game with the hope of connecting to and perhaps providing a message for extraterrestrial life oh space based on a short film oh that’s really cool that’s a like a dream come true to have a adaptation brought to

life that is not Peter Dinklage no it’s not not all little people are the same yeah I was like but then why why are we I think it’s a young Peter Dinklage actually okay yeah that’s what I was I think it is him but the age or something but it’s the got it either we’re both terrible people or we got well gentlemen how about we break this tie let’s play Donkey Kong hoot hoot hoot hoot visuals are surprisingly well done yeah I love the editing of that that’s cool yeah surprisingly cool little Scott Pilgrim Vibes

I love movies that edit with music hell yeah congratulations on coming in second you prick is he going to cry Blaster is the World Champ What are you how dare you is that boy going to cry after losing in public in front of all these people the thing he was really passionate about you’re still going to go to MIT and something that makes you a millionaire and maybe even marry Olivia Newton John like it’s just it’s Donkey Kong man we don’t got to cry bu yeah we do a plus you’re married to a woman who

hates you she doesn’t hate me she just doesn’t get it you know oh man I don’t have the free time to do stuff together like we did 10 years ago he always has Kevin James and shitty relationships in his movies catastrophic catastrophic I got it sweetheart okay damn great coverage on these yell at me you’re mean the casting for the kids is 10 out of 10 you got to learn how to read buddy it’s as simple as that I was on three hours sleep all right nice to see is he the actual president yeah I

guess so that’s why it’s all thrown out cuz he’s the actual president mean you incredible at video games back in the day but that’s a useless skill now it’s like being a great blacksmith I love that the president has time to talk to yeah Mr President if you take away all the library sir how will the children ever learn to read that’s a terrible friend right there oh this is like the video game what’s you call it t no no no the gala I forget I forget the names of all I know what you’re talking

about yeah I always play it too this that transition was dope hello I am a nerd from the nerd Brigade here to nerd out on all your audio and visual needs do you have to say that every time you show up at a house if I want to get paid yes isn’t that kind of demeaning only if someone brings it up thanks oh so it’s like 10 birthdays yeah my dad cheated on my mom with his 19-year-old Pates instructor when your son told me that your husband left you for 19y old I guess I thought

of you were going to be like one of those hot when we first met in high school oh just have a fling with him yeah do it Lady Michelle Michelle what’s her name Michelle Monahan yeah okay I did have it right but then I was like I might be wrong what the hell are those oh this is going to be like they’re fighting but fighting against a video game but in real life I love it I played when I was your age were you any good just a reminder Tara did not ever see the trailer

for this so she has no idea I don’t I’m probably saying a lot of things that you guys are like we already knew that no no it’s great not judging but what are you doing in the closet maybe she’s changing I’m mostly crying yeah a little drinking a little drinking probably equally crying and drinking something I do often also are you all right I’m sobbing on the floor my closet drinking charlot out of his sippy cup so I guess not that shot with the mirror is a surprisingly good shot yeah that is that’s awesome want

to talk about it no this is good this is when you take advantage of her in her vulnerable state that’s how you do it guys out of here wowza wow Whoa man if only these army people knew about video games it’s nice to see a comedy shot with a sense of style yeah whoa this is that’s cool I love just what happened just what happened just what just happened just what happened I love it oh oh my God get out of out of there get out of there cubed cool I mean this point I’d be

like just take me take me to Pacman or Mrs Mrs Pac it’s not even spelled correctly also it will end terribly for him she’s 19 but she’s probably hot I know but she knows nothing but when you’re having a midlife crisis that’s what counts what’s going to happen when she wanders into a bar and she sees a normal 25-year-old man and she’s like didn’t help us you already married the wrong guy you got the worst part over with true divorce is Good married the wrong girl divorce is great maybe it just means we’re going to

meet the right person now this is their meat cute in the closet with wine uhoh oh no no to no are you trying to kiss me absolutely not oh offense I don’t think my rebound guy is a 210 lb person that installs flat screens for a living no offense that’s very offensive uh rude I am not a snob that’s pretty snoby s i was a billionaire and we were out on my giant yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean sipping champagne and I went in to kiss you would you have kissed me back then yeah

I would have kissed the guy yeah me too give me more of that champagne when can I come on this yacht again for the record I’m an amazing kisser all us nerds are cuz we appreciate it more Amen brother you didn’t even brush your teeth this morning I hate a Tic Tac I will say compared to other Adam Sandler comedies as of late this one’s great I really love it and I like that there’s a different kind of dynamic with the love interest versus they just get along he got to the White House in 15

minutes that’s insane reminds me of the show 24 when they were like yeah I’ll make it to LAX in 10 minutes I’m like those are all lies we right on through Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel yeah what they just keep subverting expectations on the female leading stereotype Colonel Ben Patton you can go right into the Situation Room Mr berer the president is waiting for you in the Oval Office somebody’s more important Freddy can you keep the Riff Raff out of here like how they had to cut in on that because it obviously wasn’t Adam Sandler actually

doing it does that sound familiar to you yeah where do I know that from you freeze it yeah hold on this movie is like every slacker nerds fantasy hanging out with the president you take your gaming skills to saving the world I love it preliminary indications are that we were attacked by G Galaga oh yeah Galaga that’s what it’s called G gag sons of then let’s blow Gallagher to Hell who’s Gallagher this is the 1982 arcade version kind of Ziggy zaggy Ziggy zaggy is that the snobby term design these space bugs after an old out

of print version of a video game does she really get to talk twice she’s not even at the grown-ups table yeah and she’s a woman get this girl out of here if this gets out to the press that we’re pinning the blame on some old computer game impu you’ll be fine we’ve seen it your impeach end okay know is that a naked butt in the background it might be oh it is oh it wasn’t naked it was just khakis just jeans I was like what stop it’s me it’s me it’s l it’s l oh at

the beginning of the movie CIA has been tapping my phones ever since I found out this auder film has been edited JFK shot first llo it is you you’re the first guest I’ve had here Walt Disney that’s a shocker wow I think they really lean into their like sci-fi uh tones in a really fun Whimsical way actually I think if she was real things might just play out a little bit differently you want to know how I know that in the game if she was real a book written and illustrated by L soft oh boy

oh my God I love it she just why am I here right now why did you try to rofy me right thank you for reminding me uhhuh okay do you remember how there was a tape of the event in all the games that were played that was then put in a capsule and shot out into the universe looking for extraterrestrial life oh I get it and has sent down real life versions of of what they saw to attack us they probably thought that’s what Humanity was or what weapons are we are aace from the planet

vula we came to you in these familiar Earth forms to tell you we received your vessel this all happened on National Television you have two lives left losing both will lead to the total Destruction of your planet did they actually get Don to is that some old archive footage we don’t know about at least warn the people of India something could be coming the whole country thinks I’m a buffoon right now as it is I can’t risk it brener I just can’t and this is how they sold movie pixels in India whoa he’s going live

I think he’s just recording he’s going recording that the most relatable thing try record going to try recording I would have tried that is a disturbing effect actually we Now understand the entities that attacked this were made of energy intelligent energy morning Colonel good morning Michael what cool head Mel the cubes we recovered in Guam are normally pretty feisty oh he didn’t like it though I love how Adam Sandler’s attitude is always just so passive and unaffected and the uh uh slut-seeking missile I’d love to see that do you have that around here that’s great

that’s a great call back I so regret trying to kiss you I would kiss the guy in the yacht a 100 times before I kissed you of course snob oh it hurt his feelings civilian arcaders who we are required to listen to for 120 seconds starting I can’t do this I love ran know now I can’t do this I love no matter what genre Brian Cox is in he is so committed perfect someone forgot to send us the best of the best oops and instead dropped off a bunch of incontinent adult diaper wearing women baby

men people what am I looking at right now are you guys soldiers or the cast a magic mic what are you doing you do you feel me s You Beautiful Nubian man you gorgeous specimen of what God can make form extremely complex Mo defeats with hand eye coordination unique to a very specific cognitive Acuity I learned a lot of big words at the dorm room drug parties let us teach you a few things in the little time we have we might help you win this thing I love how they’re the two most qualified people like

yeah ain’t no way Ink’s catching up to you I want you to focus mostly on the ships no distractions just us oh my God his wife who whoa Big W from 30 Rock yeah Jane k Kowski the next battle is on at sundown tomorrow 5130 29 latitude 0942 longitude where is that London in London England everybody believes currently that I’m from there oh dude you’re nailing the near by there would you like small T I know how to do cookney pretty well London is more proper proper it’s a lot more proper that’s great oh my

God see it was a naked butt in the beginning we he’s got he’s got he’s going to die Shan Bean dies I don’t want to hear another word out of you walk in weer coat what wiener coat it’s really is just like one of those big a coat for your wieners yeah okay you said it was a big okay I get what you were trying to say I was trying to make a different point okay about how it’s like a big sci-fi movie of Alien Invasion W came got it I know right but yeah sure

big wiener I just want to touch it easy with those light cannons that’s a cool shot boom boom boom there’s some surprisingly good shots at this comedy movie yeah just remember who you’re talking to Missy move it colonel don’t worry they’re going to work he was kind that was sweet in case it’s Space Invaders I just thought of something I should tell please return to the support area we know where to find you all right now booger off but he’s the guy you need I love all these like quick moving crane shots it’s great it’s

so pretty though oh snap wa it’s centipede what a great advertisement exactly what we talked about right people are like what’s centipede got to go find it now I don’t know centipede centipede is a oh you know Cen yeah know I oh wow that’s why I brought you here cuz I forgot the how old you are yeah I’m 55 my God will you please find the pattern and anticipate I don’t know the pattern Sergeant death 12:00 oh wa Dam oh bye-bye kind scary oh no just got real the hell kind of be commercial is there’s

really great callbacks in thisal grab the done yourself dude yeah buddy there we go oh my God this the most badass he’s ever looked y he’s saving the world whoa this movie is making Adam Sandler look like an action hero something he will never be this is such a nerd fantasy I am eating this up you mess with the wrong planet from Len to Jon gr what the hell are you saying I know me no look at me I look delicious they’ll gobble me up like space dim some oh I can’t wait for the president

to get involved come on you’re the Wonder kid you’ve no authority to dispense weapons here Mr brener oh my God Mr President let let the Nerds take over what was that sir let the Nerds take over let the Nerds take over I want that on a t-shirt let the Nerds take over I would wear it every day yeah baby it’s actually a cool concept to take these arcade games to turn them into like villains that’s really dangerous there’s people back there what would you do after this is all solved though reconsider a lot of things

we can actually I feel like you would just get really good at video games you know a movie is working when you don’t even know what the game is yeah it’s like a basic concept to understand though yeah these effects are really good they’re surprising that looks awesome 30 years since I kicked your butt like there’s effects from movies right now that I’m like they don’t look good and this looks dope wow wa arms yes let’s take it for uh yeah that’s so dumb and cute how does she not hear this she’s old Gregory perfect

shot nice who are you mis son I’m just a loser who’s good at old video games well thank God for that bring down the US government you know you’re all right priner you’re all right too snobby you’re going to nurse that all night long or when are you going to start snobby hottie that’s what I’d call her she’s really hot m I was the Vodka shot record holder in my class at West Point that’s not vodka that’s a skull that’s tequila please accept one of our Warriors as a trophy of your Victory I’m pretty sure

they’re just taking this old footage and they’re doing lip dubbing that is so cool they’re doing duck hunt the details will be sent via this signal shortly there just some digital effects real leading two battles to one I think you might be right about the lip dubbing be it buddy there’s nobody better than you well not at every game o Peter Dinklage Peter Dage where is he know he’s R Runner come on now we don’t even know where to find that idiot yes I can’t wait made about 50 million before he was convicted in sentenced

to 20 years in prison he just such an ultimate badass oh God I love him get me out of here it’s that mean centipede killer I hope you don’t at me with his space gun sup second place oh in your Sidekick here this is why I don’t think I can have Brena on my team he’s just not really a gamer did he have a southern draw at the beginning of the movie yeah no no no hey he hey here come on sit down okay this like d personally speak to the parole board and I want

a stealth attack helicopter like they fly over the Super Bowl at my disp at all times you so I can fly around if you help us beat these things I think we can get you out of here and the Martha Serena sandwich pick one of them we’ll set up a coffee Serena Williams and we are closed hello he made the right call Serena’s the better understand but Martha Stewart knows how to decorate New York City oh forget about it it’s nice to see him let loose solid establishing shot damn it got a lot of big

uh Big Crane shots in this rookie just tell him what you saw it was it was awful nice like one of those monster movies you know but this time the monster was real and who was this monster Pac-Man yes Pacman boom that’s my jam boom let’s get us some little ghosts you want ghosts she’s got ghosts ghosts oh man dude I totally get how they were able to fun this movie awesome cuz it’s so awesome so much they’re going to go that’s so cool four many generators for each of the cars ghost we’re calling them

xm950 love how they had this prepared in case that they had Pac-Man why are there four of them there’s only three of us who’s our fourth may I introduce to you professor toru iwatani is that the inventor ofac creator of Pac-Man oh man you speak Japanese no sir what an honor thanks for all the joy you brought to our lives even in an accent I made your game my what is a b a mhm Buckle them in you all right yeah why L’s right you do smell good good luck yeah don’t buckle in any of

the other guys that way I know you really like me for me all he had to do is become a big Action Hero gentlemen I’ll be sending Pac-Man’s current coordinates to each of your cars GPS’s let’s locate and eliminate is this about to turn into the Fast and the Furious or The Italian Job have you seen that oh yeah that’s such a great movie that is awesome Pac-Man’s a bad guy uh-oh oh I created him to bring joy to all the people of the world I brainwashed him oh my God I love it it’s kind

gentle it’s one you can tell your troubles to or grab a hamburger with what is that your Pac-Man it is his Pac-Man this just some like you’ll see Recreation you’ll see I knew it I was like I hope he gets out of the car and talks to it and it’s like you’re not you’re not meant for this I would talk to him yes he’s my son no that’s a bad idea it’s a great idea I love everything about it he just listening hello my sweet little boy he’s going to die right like immediately think you

grown I know you’re a good boy he’s going to be chomped oh somebody kill the stupid be all right losers three on one let’s hit it oh they got rid of the inventor wonder if there was the actual inventor he is right I assume he is yeah whoa that was a cool shot yeah they have a great way of like because it’s part of the world that whatever it comes in contact with turns into a cube it makes it look more tangible and real yeah they couldn’t have made their cars faster they’re just Mini Coopers

they’re not that fast Mini Coopers are known to be so fast Neato whoa Eddie how did you do that so fast cuz I’m the champ lieutenant do it off screen I mean if it was me I’d be in like a 1967 elor a Mustang or a Camaro wen’t you guys ghosting it oh way’ it Go Peter but doesn’t it usually have three lives yeah they got to do it two more times I love Pac-Man all right Pac-Man number two just regenerated four streets away headed Northbound I would love to get a Pac-Man AR yeah that’d

be cool I would love to not pay you to be here and use all that money what you guys forgot to anticipate he’s coming for you know what he hate the power pellet Pac-Man’s got 10 seconds where he can eat us oh God I didn’t know it was only 10 seconds is whole my whole life I did not know that only 10 seconds you just got to survive oh which obviously you never did oh God don’t eat me don’t eat me don’t eat me please please don’t eat me oh gosh no oh that’s going to

be awesome if they show him just in a cut off car the rest of the time I’m going to die oh who all right one up let run PP your legs go baby someone’s going to run into him right now yay how the hell did he get over there so fast way to go champ there’s a dve Busters in the backr yeah thrilled one more to go in a happy hour I love that that was probably intentional oh no what oh no BR it’s on you Peter can swim there are still three other power pellets

out there so stay alert yo this is more than just a video game you are driving on the streets of New York City I feel like you could have gotten an actual professional driver instead of Gamers for this yeah true six that is some serious backward driving eight n whoa it’s going to bump into him 10 perfectly timed wow you are the most badass guy in the world wait a minute he was Zohan he can do action he actually did like Israeli military training for that movie he did yeah he actually knows how to yeah

I don’t know why that just popped in my head right now brvo yes then he’s also a Superstar nerd Fantom government will chew you up and spit you out though after this let me guess Michelle comes down and she’s like I don’t know I’m thinking about the line that she’s going to say we love you Mr President thank you for saving us I don’t know what would be worse them failing are them actually pulling this off this movie about to take a completely unnecessary turn I yes so do you recognize this game for my life

do you know what this game is is this left for dead no oh that’s the only video game I know and I loved it it’s The Last of Us come on up I feel bad because I was going to wear a real reject Last of Us shirt today but you got one on no I don’t one of our two he’s so cute oh no sorry oh good again I’m a snob I have mental problems I’m willing to overlook that for the evening I like their chemist I I normally feel like Adam Sandler wies in movies

like there’s no chemistry they just cast like hot woman you’re my likable wife agree and she’s they actually have like a build in their development of their relationship it’s like cute pass it’s cute yeah look at him oh my God he’s he’s he’s back from Hitch he just has to be himself well look at here Serena they threw me a big party to thank oh my God they got Serena he actually got Serena they promised me an island if I did this wower dang girl excuse me for a second like that’s his new future family

dance I like how everyone’s accepting this alien creature and not going like it’s shouldn’t we fear this yeah like it’s just it is what happened brush your teeth you brushed your teeth yes yes callbacks in this are 10 out of 10 man he’s musically trained you know who he is Olaf right yep does he sing a lot in that movie I’m not Olaf sings A lotf has a whole musical number even think about touching me I’m going to smack you through the wall I’d have it no other way should have gone with Martha Stewart then

I’d have a tasty Panini cooked for me or something you have violated the rules of warfare dudes violated the rules because of this you forfeit and your planet is now ours oh Peter Dinklage cheated what that’s why he was going so fast oh what the heck are they talking about me that song yeah oh oh you’re in trouble now the Pac-Man cheat code for super speed you’re a cheater so what I used cheat codes back in the day to help me dominate he’s not a real master that’s how I beat your boy brener at the

world championship oh yeah oh you son of a oh man I have everything I have to these bitching shads this ends now how could it apply to a car though drop dead Admiral you’re done all right hey guys it’s enough listen we tried something it didn’t work what do you think it’s going to be you going to be doggy Kong I really don’t know what about duck hunt oh we just saw the dog no no now it’s personal oh boy uh-oh this is no good where’s Eddie Eddie yeah crawled into a hole we’ll never see

him again oh and the little boy is the only one with the answers wait a second cubert is from there he knows all their secrets yeah ask him all the questions we have a positive can do attitude I’m kidding we are all going to die I’m just sorry oh my God Ready Player One waa have you seen Ready Player one yeah great film damn you Terra could have reacted to iter whoa wow they’re not even naming them now for me to remember what the names are just a lot of familiar imagery Tetris wa that’s a

clever way to make tet antagonistic yeah who is it nobody’s better at the oh the president’s here thanks for being my friend of course buddy I love you I go kick some ass you know everyone says Adam Sandler is like the nicest guy everyone says that yeah like real life I bet you he is some murfs so hot what is this game I don’t know what that game is get away from those kids now uh please paper boy in the background nice head shot oh my God she’s real the girl of his dreams damn she

does look hot hey girl hey is that ashle something one of those hot actresses that’s her she’s an actress and she’s hot I prayed for this but apparently you don’t feel the same no dude winner over you’re in luck the boss wants to meet you in person who is this I don’t know I’ve been trying you save your planet and destroy our Warriors put in the coms but if you lose uhhuh looks like one of those creepy ’90s sci-fi things at least I can die a happy man knowing that I found true love recognize him

she’s like so subtle in her reaction to it all wow Josh you lucky guy and I couldn’t even get a handshake from Serena Williams I had to prove to myself do this without cheating wait you cheated moving on perfect love I like this movie way more than I thought I would yeah it’s great it’s a lot of fun what is that noise it is is Donkey Kong I was going to say oh that’s really neat they set him up for so long that I was like it would be a real disappointment if they didn’t use

it that’s awesome the one game you suck at yeah oh they got a rescue hit oh that’s clever cool oh no oh no a God I can’t pinpoint that robot game it’s really bugging me Just Let It Go Greg Let It Go many of them I mean what’s that chef from I don’t know what a lot of these are from W awesome this is a really cool looking set yeah looks like they actually built something and mixed it with visual effect actually yeah yeah damn that was cool oh you damn I can’t do this there’s

no pattern pretend you’re the guy and you don’t want to die yeah man I couldn’t even beat any plant any plant’s a cheater that’s why he was so good in New York he used cheat codes he can see it now you know what that means right you’re the best I’m the Donkey Kong champion of the world Donkey Kong champion of the world doesn’t need patterns button I found that really funny oh love commitment to it sincerity of oh my God that was the most genuine delivery of that line that was so awesome rock you please

oh help him what no no dope this a remix yeah yeah yeah took me a second to pick up on it this shouldn’t be so cool but it is it’s so it’s so cool yeah damn you just needed the confidence oh this would have been so cool to be born yet when this movie came out to go to the popup bar I’ve been waiting to do this since 1982 yeah wa other than the one Frogger thing Kevin James really hasn’t done much in this movie but no in terms of like fighting the AL yeah he

was just kind of there my second favorite President you know Obama’s still my man right oh okay so he this is a fictional movie if Trump did beo president get ches no more taxes we did it baby we did it oh right I love Peter dig reaction to that he’s just like waa man Brena you are the best in the world the Donkey Kong lady Lisa she made an appearance and while you guys were out you know saving the world you kind of destroyed his oh that’s horrible Jen she’s so underused though oh yeah she

literally has had two lines I guess we get to keep the trophies yeah but he had a trophy wife can he morph into her which would have its own weird implications yeah I feel like what’s happening it might happen that mean they’re going to lose cubert though he loses his friend so she gets get the wife what about cu no one else is weirded out by this that was just cubert thank you I have broken a peace treaty with the Alien Invaders I think Chris Columbus directed one of the Harry Potter movies really yeah I

think so nerds are the greatest kissers prove it I’ll be the judge of that for want get a round of applause yay is it is it Martha Stewart is it did they get Martha oh Serena it’s a pleasant surprise oh my God got that’s so funny that’s a really funny ending are they just now leaving ah he’s back game over yeah my shirt literally or shirt literally says game over game over one year later what’s going on here did she pop out of baby for for him oh okay yeah oh God what is a funny

ass ending that’s great wow I like the music in this film I actually always like the music in Adam Sanders films cuz I’m 65 years old this was a fun movie it was fun these are some really inventive credits yes I love it also if you guys are listening to this remember on Spotify or on Apple podcast or any podcast make sure that you rate this episode please we love it and you now let’s get into the review I just rhymed you did just rhy I felt it you felt it everybody felt it yeah it

was very very impressive thank you now before we go into this review I did want to say Tera just another compliment what is it what’s it going to be those people on Apple and Spotify I probably can’t I don’t know I think there’s a video on there it’s been a while since I’ve I put someone else in charge of it PL I hope you’re doing a good job on there is it audio or video so are there are video now I’m not sure actually ah but that shirt looks great on you terara I’m transitioning everyone

here at the on the channel now has shirts I appreciate everyone who bought one buying that one and uh to everyone in reject Nation who has bought a shirt thank you so much I got this r on right now the game over shirt here it is on screen for y’all I love that one every shirt that you see from the reject Nation shop we have personally been involved with with helping to uh create ourselves then you know we also got like our space babies of the galaxy shirt which is another one of our favores I

got this America’s ass one which is a homelander but we got a whole bunch of other te’s seriously thank you guys it’s personally my favorite way for people that support the channel just because I think this is the first one you’re wearing can you attest that it actually feels we made sure that the fabric that we got is actually nice shirt that I I want to wear and even if I wash it it’s still going to be it’s going to be even more soft and cuddly because I have a billion shirts that I do not

wear because I hate they’re hard material they’re gross like these are not that they’re very comfy really care about the fabric and uh so yeah guys thank you so much but Tera please oh you want me to tell you what I thought about the film I want you to talk about it darling yeah all right and I really liked it a lot I thought it was a lot of fun I’m uh I like number one for me in the script all of the callbacks like if I were if I was reading this script I would

go the callbacks in this make this movie just like take it from like an eight to a 10 the callbacks are hilarious and they’re really the the pacing of this especially comedic wise of course with the actors because they’re comedic actors but specifically with the editing that does matter and all of the pacing of the editing was really spoton when it came to the comedy delivery which I really really liked um and just an real a very inventive and fun story like watching video games and having to fight him is rad um and I you

know like what you were saying about uh Adam Sandler and like his wives and like sometimes Adam Sandler films they come off to me like from the beginning I already know that I might be like taken out of it or that it’ll be too corny and this one I was like sold on it immediately like from the start also my last thing and then I’m all let Greg take it away the kid in the beginning who plays he played uh Josh Gat character where did that kid go cuz someone needs to cast him in everything

he’s hilarious like I want that kid to be in my short films that’s all I got to say no dude I’m sure you got more to say I love what you have to say I have a lot but I also I already talked about the music solid I I think this movie gets so many points from me I’m I am by no means an Adam Sandler I love Adam Sandler and I know that when it comes to you know review circles especially he is very much consistently critically panned for a lot other than his dramas

which he’s a fantastic dramatic actor yeah cuz it is strange he demonstrates so much of his versatility and and uh so much of his depth in his dramatic roles yeah and then he does comedies and usually he’s just like hanging out on camera like most of the time sometimes he puts a little bit more effort than usual but most even this is a great example like yeah he kind of just hangs out he just hangs out on camera and and and to me I can still see those Sometimes they come across like a lazy film

they can come across like he’s just on vacation and they got cameras pointed but sometimes that’s still enjoyable you know yeah uh what I so this gets a lot more points for me because I know so many of those other films uh and this you could really feel the conscientious effort I feel put in you know so already on that comparative note it gets a lot more points because I think directing wise there’s a lot of great effort here there’s a lot of cool like symmetry with the shots the visual effects uh the world of

them is really neat and then on just a standalone as a comedy movie you know I really don’t feel like we get as many comedy films now we don’t you know it’s kind of like a dying film genre yeah it kind of is and then whenever they come out in the theaters they tend to flop you don’t you don’t get just direct like theatrical comedies anymore yeah weird I’m now just it’s hitting my brain where I I’m I’m thinking like more recently it’s been like right it went like Barbie Oppenheimer and then we get like

well now it would be Expendables and these are movies I you are John Wick Expendables and uh what’s the one with uh I need to watch it equalizer equalizer those are I’m naming movies that are not comedies I don’t know I can’t name a comedy that has come out is it like a Dying Breed now there was Joy Ride and no hard feelings I saw no hard feelings so yes they do still exist they exist but they don’t like it’s it’s uh it’s doing well on Netflix but they don’t do well in the theaters anymore

in the theaters anymore it’s been a long time yeah I mean the last time I feel like I watched a like a comedic film is on Netflix would be like oh you click it at home right you’re not going to pay exactly they’re usually like streaming and a lot of times they have to be a little bit more High concept like something a little bit more akin to this where it’s like like it’s like action sci-fi adjacent to the comedy right so yeah I mean it goes down that path but I the reason I’m saying

saying that is that I was like it’s it was just nice to watch a comedy again and it was my the little nitpicks are yeah Jan Kowski or whatever her name is krinski sure yeah that’s John that’s John I don’t know what her name is yes I do Kowski monik is lazowski I think she’s Kowski I love him okay then there’s John krinski yeah then he did um quiet place yes and he was in some other comedy show and they think I don’t know but but you know something than more than you let on I

get what you do you play the you you weaponize your incompetence I do that in my relationship you do it on camera I do it on camera for the people for the public for all the world to see so but the this other than like okay yeah any comedy movie is going to have jokes that are not that funny that it’s just how the territory goes like you’re going to not and sometimes some my find every joke funny sometimes not funny yeah then and then Jane Kowski was um disappoint like yeah like why C two

lines she’s known for not cast her and you’re paying her a daily rate every time she is there on set acting and if they take a percentage and that’s how they got these people like they’re only on there for a second when I saw Michelle Monahan’s name I thought she would be utilized the way Jane k yeah but when I saw Jane kosowski I was like oh comedic actress this is probably going to be worthwhile and they did nothing like she’s there’s not even anything remotely attempting to be F playing a wife she’s yeah remarkably

straightforward count them there is no more than three lines that come out of her mouth yeah that was the most surprising part because she is uh she was the only thing I’ve seen her in is 30 Rock and and I thought she was incredible in that and but everyone else like to me when you put Adam Sandler in a comedy movie it’s great to have surround him by other like if he’s going to do the whole like he’s he’s just kind of enjoying himself on camera cuz whether he’s rich or poor he’s going to be

the guy in a t-shirt and shorts you know doesn’t matter he’s always going to be like the laid-back guy and to put him in here surrounded by a movie that has a good production budget that has uh attention to detail in the visuals that has an ensemble around him that’s really putting in a a concerted effort with the like Josh gad’s really playing a character even Kevin James is like doing a hybrid of you know Kevin James and playing the president you know he’s actually putting in an effort to play a character and Peter Dinklage

of course and even Michelle Monahan I think this is when Adam Sandler is utilized best uh when we just want him to be the relatable Adam Sandler that we all love to hang out with and I thought the rest like I like Kevin I liked everyone here and Josh Gad can be kind of Hit or Miss for me and I I actually like them a lot too that’s what I was going to say Josh cat is in this the Sci-Fi thing that used to be on Apple TV like it came out two years ago I

don’t even know the name of it I watched a few epod I’ve never seen it no it’s maybe it wasn’t on Apple it was like it’s a you guys know it they’re in space and stuff goes down they keep them on that spaceship listen Josh Gad was in it talking about and I was like I don’t like Josh Gad this I it got me off of him because I don’t remember him from a lot of films or TV shows before I just was like oh yeah that’s Josh Gad and oh crap he’s the voice of

Olaf and I was like he’s fine but I I didn’t really like him and in this movie I’m like oh I get the Josh Gad thing now meaning if I had seen this first I’d be like I understand why he is a huge fan base yeah because he is very funny and I really liked him in this movie he was this is that kind of clich that the mom’s basement nerd character is has been done to death yeah but you know implementing it with a conspiracy theorist and I thought he I thought he actually did

I’m trying to put my finger on it of what he did different than what you normally see like yeah he still got that disheveled look but it’s not extreme in the way it is he seem he actually seems smart and competent he’s not playing it like Kookie there’s actually like a Dr about it yeah I think it feels just more grounded in like internally who he is but kind of like uh kind of like sometimes when you see Jack Black and you’re like there there’s sometimes when he’s like more ground and still Jack Black but

then other times you’re like he’s going full on like 120% Jack Black it’s that vibe I like I like it when he plays a little closer to home I like that with most actors but um yeah that’s that is what it felt like in this movie possibly for him because I believe what you’re saying is the Sci-Fi thing I’m thinking of I still can’t remember the name he he does play I think like a zany kind of character and I yeah just it didn’t work for me that show kind of didn’t work I wasn’t very

excited by it but I watched a few you can’t even remember the name of it the I can’t good musical choices I like what I liked about it have you seen the Goosebumps movie with Jack Black no okay so it’s kind of similar and plot sort of okay in the sense of all these Goosebumps characters are coming a life and then they have to like outrun and survive and figure out how to put them back in the books oh cool it’s a neat plot now my one of my main complaints about that movie is whenever

a a character from Goose Goose mums came up it was kind of the same bit all the time character shows up and they got to run away from it and that’s pretty much it character shows up and they got run away from and what I thought was neat about this is sure I mean it gets to a point where it’s just like a bombastic cacophony of just shoot the thing like sure but I still think there was enough where they made an actual choice to Let’s create a level out of it you know yeah like

actually play it cuz they’re not really running in the beginning a little bit they’re playing playing it while yeah it’s like a VR experience but instead of VR it’s you’re actually it’s a threat you know so to have like the totally what was the first one the cic C what was that one the centipede centipede centipede uh the centipede one like even with that it was more than just shoot there was a strategy and the pattern the whole thing right of course Pac-Man um and then with and then like Donkey Kong and and when yeah

that one was dope cuz that was a real set that we partially they built and then also with FFX and I’m like I think they had them on um like a lift like when they put you on a lift cuz I’m like there’s no way Michelle manam but there was one where she’s running on that thing and she jumps over the barrel and I’m like it seems like they had them on a lift so they could do that and then they place them back down you can keep running but you just CGI the thing out

and I feel like they did that with the actual people with the actual actors which and I don’t know but it that’s maybe a reason why it also looks super dope yeah that’s all likely yes um and then uh uh the even like with the tetris one on the building oh that was so smart even though it’s brief I’m like that’s really inventive of how of how they’re doing that I like how in comedy it starts off where there’s a lot of like uh my God sorry no sleep there’s a lot of uh a lot

of there like a wack like a slightly wacky character and then there’s a straight man right there’s a lot of that kind of interaction and then as the movie gets a little bit later you kind of get um more wacky characters interacting each other like I actually really love the way that scene went down with Josh Gad and the and the girl when he first encounters her like how they just commit to the genre of whatever like weird fantasy this is at the time yeah of how she she plays it subtle she never speaks yeah

and um I think that actress is named Ashley Benson am I wrong about that um but yeah I love how she just never speaks and just the way her she emotes there or and like even Peter Dinklage was he wasn’t that funny at first no I wish I wish that he had gotten to do it in his regular accent cuz he would have been hilarious I feel like he actually might have been funnier if he did in his own accent way funnier cuz like Peter is so funny and the second he to opened up to

start to talk I was like this accent is not going to work and his delivery and tone and pacing is going to be totally thrown off by it and I wish that they just would have made the kid like from London but he still lived around and because Peter he’s Prime Time funny what he just didn’t get a chance with the accent there was like two or three moments later on like in the finale I can’t remember what but I was like oh that was hilar I can’t remember what he there was some line he

had that he actually delivered I was like that oh that he was like at least I’d get a nice tasty Panini out that Pini line was really well delivered the Pini line was really funny his reaction to Martha yes yeah oh even when like Josh Gad was like oh life and like his reaction to that was really funny so funny and even in the beginning in the prison I was sort of listening to that scene being so excited Peter dingl is in it but then he starts talking I’m like I don’t like any of this

the accent seems way off and more I didn’t like it but anyway when he stopped talking and he they were telling him about like you can’t have an island Camp these things if you just look at Peter Peter he is the best at quick subtle reactions that are so funny like a flint of the eye he’ll just like do a thing with like his eyes and you’re like what that was it’s such a brilliant reaction that I just want to see him on camera always yeah and I you know I I got to give it

up for I this is the kind of movie where I don’t feel like people will would talk about Michelle Monahan and not that she is the star performer of this right but she really kept up with the rest of the cast very well and they gave her a role that was different than than again like most of these unless you’re Drew Barry more than most of these like Adam s movies and um and I liked how she was able to play a character that at first just seems like divorce wife and then you find out

she’s actually this high ranking official in the government and she she pulls off the the whole layers of the character well and she had some there was like a couple of pretty funny like she that line about the Donkey Kong thing like the editing and the way she delivered it uh uh was it was so genuine it was so genuine and that’s what made it hilarious yeah I was I was really surprised by how much they actually used her and I thought having them as like a heart of the of the dynamic of of like

the the Romantic every one of these Adam s movies has a romantic angle but but I thought like that actually worked really well here yeah and didn’t feel like just a thing they had to do like cuz I like how came in they needed her to be in that to help the the story progress which is what we all want of like not just in there because like Jane Jane is just in there to be a wife to the president she is not needed as a character I mean maybe they just like he needs a

wife but like uh in regards to the script in like story building in the way we needed Michelle Monahan’s like character and they did utilize her in it with good intent cuz I think what most movies would have done is after he’s already like with the military Adam Sandler then he meets her and then and it’s like here we go Force romance but to actually have them Bond prior in a completely separate and then get into their their spat beforehand and then I was like okay this works much smarter as opposed to what the most

movies will do yeah I agree yeah and it gives us the build up of also with the sun and how video game Heavy he is like he’s a nerd and an adult and very you know thrown into that video game thing but then it proves to be useful all right so before we end this off I want to show you what Chris columus has directed cuz he’s directed a lot and I’m sure let me see where’s where’s okay he’s PR going so fast I’m I’m on the producer credit speed what’s going on here here we

go he’s directed a lot and for someon I can call the adventures and babysitting oh my God that that was one of my favorite home alone2 Home Alone movies Mrs daire 9 months so good he did direct the first two Harry Potter movies yeah uh rent ooh Percy Jackson i’ I’ve been wanting to react to Percy Jackson I thought we we going to do it let’s do it you you I haven’t seen any of them I haven’t seen the Percy Jacks movies Christmas Chronicles part two I don’t think I’ve seen so I might have to

watch that cuz he has directed some very good films that I love that’s insane yeah and he like a high prolific producer as well oh he produces a lot huh yeah he’s produced a ton of movies um yeah he’s a big ass producer but yeah man I I I really I’ve got I’m not going to lie I enjoyed the hell out of that film I I am good times I was reluctantly step I was just like let’s just choose one of the comedies cuz I just but that surprisingly uh that that brought me a lot

of Joy I had a really great time with that it makes me want to say Chris Columbus this is my this is my note to you I’m an actor put me in your stuff do it because your stuff is great and I am just realizing how much great stuff you’ve directed you won’t ever watch this or hear this but I’m saying there’s might be people that are like hey man I know Chris Chris is my best friend and then you’re like yo Chris Tara Ericson right and then you’re like get get on it get with

it get with it put me to work in as an actor do it yeah don’t anyway okay that’s it that’s I you have another movie to shoot with Aaron I do and I’m pretty sure he’s outside he’s outside right now probably end the video we have to go yeah we love you so much leave a like leave a comment tell us how cool we are and ring the bell and we love you so much by all the t-shirts become a patreon okay bye all right guys since we have uh only a few days left in

the month we have to make sure that we are getting everyone taken care of for our super sexies who get a patron of the day shout out so we’re going to have to do two shout outs in this video and uh so what two people do we know John just named I actually got a perfect two I think would go really nicely together who and that’s Maria Hammond okay and fev Doran fascinating because they’re both get this they’re both different you know walks of life different kinds of people however both uh bring this generous enthusiastic

spirit and I feel like if Maria was to adopt fev they could create like the most perfect wholesome you know uh uh uh the kind of family unit you would want to move into your neighborhood because you know they would be taken care of of you you know they would be bringing you gifts and things they would be cooking for you but they would also be sharing in your interests you know what I mean they’re two you know uh enthusiastic passionate people but who also seem to really want to care for the people around them

you know what I mean and I’m grateful for those vibes wow you know I was I I I thought we would just do a one at a time and just say what we’re grateful for about them and then you turned this into some crazy amalgamation about adoption and let’s do your version now I don’t know if we we could I think we got a roll with this one I got a yes and it but I wanted to interrupt with my no but briefly yes before going into the yes and here um yeah I like I

like where your head’s at than Maria’s a very tender woman yes with a and she loves to spoil those that are her children or on she considers to be like her children yeah and L is great at expressing his gratitude for those things so childlike wonder I think that the two of them together if they were mother and son there would just be a constant it would be kind of annoying the amount of appreciation they would just keep dishing back and forth to each other I they’re also both very passionate so I could see it

getting like really heated and it’s all flowers until they find that one thing they disagree on yeah they disagree on it then it just gets like oh ugly business and they probably don’t talk to each other for like 6 day business days and then eventually eventually they would come back around again and realize we need to put our petty squabbles to the side and know what we mad about yeah and then eventually they would remember and then ccle continue of gratitude vitriol just doesn’t stop gra a vitrio well damn dude um I mean I love

you both uh one gives us more than the other uh in terms of physical tangible gifts we can actually hold on camera and put on the set yes so you know there’s that meaning fed if you want more gratitude from us yeah spend more of your hard-earned dollars cuz that’s the key to my heart that’s my love language gifts yes um I don’t I don’t like the other love language I think they’ll waste of everyone’s time going to replace all the the links on the Channel Bio description with just your wish list please please get

more of those Nifty cabinets over there please man got some new cabinets in the studio was so excited no it’s not about that FL you give what you can which is not enough no you give what you can you got to always have something to strive for you know what I mean you know you always you’ve always been extremely generous with us via your patreon dollars but also with your time and your energy your thoughts you contribute to like every single live stream that we do and Maria before you know it I’m I’m expecting to

hear some loud tow truck outside called what is being hauled and then I’m going to hear like oh damn she’s just dropped off a cruise ship right into our driveway cuz that’s the kind that’s that’s the I mean let’s face it after everything you’ve given us Maria that’s just the next step is a cruise ship a giant boing vessel a giant boat just right outside our door can you imagine how cool a reject Nation yacht could be I know and we react live on the yacht yeah the camera would never stay still oh yeah it’

be very nausey in cuz will be still but the background will always be moving yeah cick reaction but all jokes aside uh you both are incredibly generous and both heartwarming souls in every regard it’s a good pair John good job thanks would make it weird you made it weird you all right talk to you soon thanks for being here

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