Garmin Forerunner 255 / 255 Music ausführliches Review

yes we come back on a channel i
finally got one of the two front ones here on the
table, namely the Forerunner 255 here, in
this case the normal version and not in music
version i just want to show you what
the watch can do i have several days now
worn have identified a few citizens and
just show you something based on the data
the watch has everything to offer because this is
a very extensive video and i
show all functions i have
divided everything into chapters as usual, i.e. when i
something employed not interested you can
also go a chapter further or
if you want to see something again you can
watch it again but I would say let’s
let’s start right now, yes, we already have
the good piece this time in blue and we are now
here quite classic here the front ones that we
actually already know there are followed
actually hardly any differences we have three
berlin for the left and two remained buttons on the right
and the operation is the same as with so that
the left side becomes unknown once here
then mostly selected or the right side for
the whole thing because you want to do the sport with it
start your

activities accordingly if you
turn around we see that here again
Heart and sensor have now been installed and also a
pulse oximeter, we have the typical Garmin one here
connection for the charging current and we can see
that there is another possibility here too
swapping the straps of the watch
also offers the option of a quick – if
now here at the top left press the button longer
we get a quick menu here
So a small overview is displayed
once the phone is connected or where the phone is
search with it could also search for the phone like on Saturdays
I have here for example
timers and stopwatches are still set up then
the device will be locked or we can say
I want the heart rate because you have
the option here if he then and somewhere
are on the move and activity can only be sent can
only be received using Zwift then can
contact her corresponding duke here too then
we also have a flashlight that I can find
I’m a bit exaggerated as a flashlight, so
I really don’t have legs in front yet
here the display is simply made to believe
then of course we also have the option die
turn off the clock that can also ask some or
turn off it is then built in here or
even then call for help here, but there
is also the possibility here once the deck
to do or if I now
press the button at the top left for three seconds then it works
here if you are attacked now or if
something is or should be here
accordingly let go completely and then
the emergency contact is called yes but i say
then let’s go to the appropriate apps, no,
a lot has happened there, new ones have been added and
as if a bit on let’s just go for it
the first app in i have the whole is
but according to the way I
wanted to have it for me, you can use the apps
then he pulled a share we would like to have it once
via the watch or then accordingly via the app
or is a talent connect so
here we have the weather what we already have
classic and we know it for a reason since
we get the garmin ears here
the prognosis once the location was known, especially since
the whole thing has been determined, then we’ll see
here also the next hours that come here
or the days and then also the uv index and you
it is friendly that is currently 0 was
currently no sun shining for me and
Accordingly, there is no more  UV radiation here
, then we also have the sunrise
and sinking and here we can also
look at the future, that is
we now go into every switch I get
then also displayed as it is in the next few days
looks or I can see
the insulation here on the white bar
begins and when it gets dark here accordingly
, then we come to the garmin typical ones
fitness trecker so what actually
every gaming now has that would be
once here, for example body battery, that’s the way it is for everyone
who doesn’t know about the type of human battery
or is it then simply calculated how much you are
in order to then decide accordingly whether
a citizen can do it there just  have a
look I have now loaded 38 points or 70
points unloaded the eu has to get to
know me a bit then it will be a bit more precise
and then you can go a good
bit further a hundred then I’ll go then
also so-called stress level and here can no
longer look at the stress accordingly
so that means how worked disabled
and in quotes if we for example
If you have infections then
your heart rate will increase accordingly and your body will have one
burden of which he maybe he
didn’t even notice at first he gets that accordingly
displayed how the whole thing worked for me
when I was sick linking the robes as
video there we actually saw it quite well
we can see it then works then of course he did
also a sleep tracking once the classic
sleep tracking what you know from Garmisch and
What is then new is that we will then
get one here accordingly
evaluation when i get my sleep blitz after
i get a score for sufficient i then
the time is displayed and if i’m far
down in the meantime i still have a breakdown
between phases of deep sleep it is easier to wake
up and also such a small temporal resolution
or another small text to explain the whole
year a bit only recommended now
then of course the watch has the classic
pedometer where you can then set your goals
or calorie counter if it goes in then
also gets a breakdown of what is now active and
passive calories were therefore passive in the sense
that you naturally have a reason to consume them
is made by me in 1952 and would be active now purely on
the movement of the steps i put it in today
workout done that’s why it’s so little that
means if now here for example a
training makes it even reminds me is
that i should be able to move now i can
set accordingly says hey move
times that now have now seen and we
just see here i didn’t go on vacation
so we just have the normal active
calories I collected today about my
steps I took and if you still
at all does that add up accordingly
you can do the whole thing with mine, for example
fitness paul connect the link times the video
there could then correspond to calories themselves yes too
no one wanted to lose weight or
maintain their weight, there are both directions
can make a corresponding weight ranking that
we from k supports me and there you have it here
then always synchronization according to the
gaming connect from then on we have the floors
Of course we count the corresponding floors
and then we come to the sports area
that it is now here the performance status I
don’t have all widgets here now
if you also see the same i have but there
are many matches which are then summarized
which can then also be booked individually. I
have now selected a few here accordingly
and that’s why we’re starting here in the sports area
, where we get classic VO2 max
displayed that’s still 46 for me at the moment
so hoped for more with the training when we
there under scroll also get the
lactate threshold you can probably current
take a test while running or buys or run in your book
since then he always gets it
Appealingly the current value is displayed here because
it limits your whole heart then we’ll see
also the race prediction that came
with the fittings, there are
actually from the Fenix ​​7 and Epix 2 and
we see here I have now changed the watch
So even so I switch back and forth between
came and unfortunately they are not always complete
everything is in sync and see you here for the
forecasts, there was a small deviation now
some callers have worn other training
but here are the five anyway
Kilometer forecast if it is at 27 59 and here too
the whole has deteriorated a bit
again this is just the curve we see
then i get the whole thing again for ten
kilometers displayed you would predict 1:01 for one hour or here half marathon two
hours 21 and the marathon with 5 hours 16 if
I could manage that I won’t do it now
undecided but that would be the race prognosis now
you come to the training status
now here reservation also because I once
participated explained what all that actually is
means I’ll link it and if we
get a real detailed one I’ll get it
some new things are displayed first
here is a small overview that we used to have
not even we are just here it will be
more informer stop but we see kvf here
I don’t have a condition yet, but that  ‘s because
the watch only has to be worn for three weeks
get a value here by going
into more detail about two max consistently current
load is optimal and then you can
continue to enter my switched there we get
just a little detailed
overview here we see the current one here
strain that then quasi the training lot what
we have with it and we’ll see here
get the graphical overview and let  ‘s see
here that I’m now in the 250 and 400 range
should move so it’s easy to understand that
every run only gets who that means when I
now a strenuous run makes as an example
now makes in the forest then get 250
points if he runs easy now he
might get another 70 points and you have to stop
move between 215 and 400 points then you have
an optimal training then we still get
the stress focus that’s what we just
saw in the graphic here
then just get told which area
I haven’t trained enough so would be optimal
of course if he then according to you always
moves in these white boxes when we are here
up there I’m simply in the optimal range
here I’m above there I’m in that
means I would have to
adapt the training accordingly so that I here both yes that I
come back in here optimal areas have
to come out here but you also get daily
We’ll see training suggestions in a moment, too.  The watch will
help you a bit, respectively
you have such a trainer on your wrist who then
simply says what you should do back then, here they are
to achieve optimal values ​​to improve your fitness
then we are also at o2 max
they always get displayed is always
here that I am currently increasing we are here
a small point on sunday and now here on
thursday i improved by one point
through my trainer and i, my sprints that i
did lead to a new one
widget so there is also a single one I
don’t have it integrated here now
the hvf status just give it in and
here is the heart variability at night
yes, measured and with one you get the
nightly course here and get it after three weeks
I then also make a corresponding evaluation and
you can then simply look at it again
quite spectators looks I stay you that’s
just presented one on the garden side
and so you get an estimate of how you
can train accordingly and how optimal
then yes, be prepared for that, I have to
say again if you only buy a new one or completely
if you are new to gaming you just have to
give yourself a little time to get to know each other a little
to learn the need this algorithm means
not equal to two max get it
it just takes a couple of people better what’s coming
or even the hfv status the clocks
I now have hard edges that before
he doesn’t have to get to know me first and
Accordingly, it actually takes a certain amount
of time until you have all the data and then we have it
the last point is recovery and
of course that’s 10 hours now because there are two training sessions
days ago that means I’m
fully recovered here and can now be here directly
get started then we have gaming coach and
garmin offers a very brief summary
appropriate training here you have
three trainers here for five kilometers
ten kilometers and half marathon and then
just get introduced workout respectively
the training plan introduced here is supported
a bit with videos and stuff
to explain why you do something or
trainers then also explain what they do
should and yes then I would also
lead and lead a workout here accordingly and so built it
Spokesperson for that. I did it all
over again in a blog. I can do that again
link there I presented how the
whole thing works and have also been successful there
my goal achieved then of course we have the
classic heart rate monitor and the whole thing is
so it can also be adjusted so that the whole
42 17 measure what is called day and night and
do i get the last course of the last
four hours or can i get the heart rate at rest
look at the last few days and the dimensions
and can therefore already see whether
maybe I’m not here at all out of calm
stress or because I’m correspondingly ill
then because the resting heart rate is a little higher than
you are normally used to, the watch can still work
measuring the breathing that’s actually not
that spectacular measuring the grave there wars
I just want an overview is one thing for me now  yes it’s nice but I’m using it now
actually not at all what is to be added now
is also the pulse oximeter we are here now
I had set it to 24/7, we can set it up so
that sleeping in once works
or only on demand so don’t want
to have anything at all or your 24 mesz and me
Got it for the test because I’m doing with full
operation of the watch I set it to 24/7
and then you get an overview of what
your blood oxygen is concerned, then you come too
already to the compass the watch has a compass
so it was a classic topic here
a compass that we can use with the
altimeter and the barometer but here
a why match altimeter is now installed and
we can also go straight into switch again
go down and just see the
altitude you can do that during the
show workouts then we’ll see how
the whole thing went, we’ll get a yes
the barometer shows how the air pressure is, which
can also be related to the topic per metric here
we also activate a storm warning, i.e.
if we stay longer on the
press the middle button and
go here to sensors and accessories then we see here when you go to
that go into the barometer then we can also
equip the whole thing here with a storm warning
and have now set a status and I
just said 45 billion here
hours if that happens now then
he will also get a severe weather warning accordingly
shown on dogan came in handy when now
somewhere on the go times is not able to see
So dense forest or a mountain and so
you get a signal as close as you come now
actually two widgets or one
widget what I really like and what
I definitely missed a phoenix watch and
here are the competition widgets we have
just down here once the competition
calendar there we can go in the topic just the
next runs I have now simply created
as we can then simply connect here in garmin
go in and add to the calendar and to events
you can create your own events
but you can also look for events so
marbella just to that is now muenchen run the
I’ve now looked for the is then also thought
deposited and can then accordingly
depositing it here on the calendar is
then displayed here which is good I now have that at the top
next upcoming event that would be here now
I’ve taken a basic run are my own
put the event, we’ll just go
in, but I have the opportunity to look at something here
here the dates are in ten kilometers on june 30
, i just chose it, i did the whole basic run
mentioned are two weeks five days then
we see here the race prognosis would currently be one hour
21 and it’s like I’ve saved a route
we’ll see that again here if you look really quickly
here without scrolling we see here would be a
route stored for me i just have any
selected we don’t have any
cards here, of course, but the profiles because we also have one
navigation on board and that’s what you will do. the route
and the route has a certain elevation profile
that’s nothing spectacular 15 meters down 13
meters up what I’m doing is really great if
let’s go further now we see
the average temperature here too
and the 30th of June was always around 20
degrees, so at 10 a.m. the run got there, yes
a little orientation how warm
and cold is everything I now but really great
found if you go all the way up
if I hold the top right button a little longer
If I press I get daily suggestions,
just go in and we’ll give you one
kind of small training plan displayed so base
run today then a day of rest and so
it supports the whole thing up to the run
and I can only make a plan
overview then we’ll just see again
here what you should do and get
here are a few tips to hand i can
also make a setting by i
simply says hirt regens and wise one or long
training so here I can then accordingly here
also everything possible unanimously it would like to have and
I find it really very well done around here
just preparing for a competition, especially
if you’re in the amateur field
very helpful in competitive sports, of course, you have
your own trainer, who then usually supports you
he also has a music function i don’t have it
here in the music variant i only have that
standard normal variant but he also has the
possibility to take the Forerunner 255 music there
you can then save up to 500 songs offline
and take with you everything from spotify amazon and
this is not possible in the law
but i can still control the music here
if i want then i still have classic
notification that he just here now the
phone notifications as we see each other
missed calls if you can still whats app
you also read you can’t
reply to the prescription but at least the message
then I get an overview of the
last training and what we of course
both lawyers have an autumn snapshot that I’m
glad I just did it, that’s sort of
such an image of the current state of health
i just sat down and had to
then sit for two minutes and then have
the values ​​that we see here and here you could
make a comparison now at the same time made
such an orientation as you are developing there
Of course, you also have the
option of downloading user apps via Garmin Connect
so extensions we have here now for
example got its battery app you can use it
let’s also have a look, we can see that
here the battery charge is at 78 percent and then
let’s just see here what percentage 2.8
percent per hour the app currently loses
I just loaded it now means
I have to get to know the whole thing a bit first
but that’s how you have an overview again
and you can take a look
yes, when was the last access or six
years ago you had such a small overview
like the whole here soy city which is upgraded
and because it has already mentioned a comment
the garmin connect itunes store is
also a separate app on both google play and
even with apple, it would have to be
downloaded again accordingly, I don’t find that in the
garmin connect app then have a pen here
you can go on it then come accordingly
edit so sort it here of course
or if we want to add some that
just for example in hiv status you are actually
and so i can then have a calendar for example
Add watch recent activity logs
or lower stress levels to the body in advance
have seen the battery because also
add number one special that would be the prettiest
now here by default on the
watch but the most important thing is actually the athlete
Of course there are the sports shooters that we have
and there are also some changes, namely
some that i find really positive we
have a classic of course the whole run
widgets run trail I also have it
here as I said a bit after my good ones
ski ass a bit and we can also
see between again that’s not here now
garmin more specifically this is now from dispute you
can also use the dispute workout again
it also now to the star and works
quite well and can then here accordingly
herewith watt run so all those who don’t know
it’s a kind of measurement on the foot it’s a
connect your own device here and you can
work outside speaking with beard measurement
then we also have mountain bikes with us in neurath
and what’s new, of course, is the triathlon
the watch can now also do triathlon and that’s the
way it used to be
one for triathlon the forerunner 745 needed
that can now also the 255 means if
now step since and say i
only had the watch or the more expensive watch because of triathlon
yes then yes yes that’s there only then we still have  open water with us
swimming pool hiking pilates so
all the classic stuff, yes, because my
pilates go to training, i have myself
also show something, if we
say here in training and then yes again training
is also a lot and – sometimes I’m allowed to do
appropriate training from the garmin connect yes
I also showed you a video about playing that, I
would also like to do the whole thing there
I just go on it now and get
an overview of what I do
should do and what I have here now is
here at every training session means you get that
The whole thing is then also
presented here in a small video, which I then did
who is supposed to exercise then of course we have
classic cardio haiti yoga strength training den
saw the autumn fair, but also the running track and
indoor rowing, but that’s just the things
which I have set as favorites is far
from all the apps that exist, so let’s have a look
go further down there is an extra treadmill
that is then measured here
classic cyclists the foals that was only
mountain bikers they also have classic cyclists
and that’s the battery that
‘s the app that was just seen the
chain isn’t one of them, then add four
, there’s multisport again
means you could also
put together your own sports activities, you can just go in
see triathlon duathlon and then we can make the
whole thing user-defined and
can now give us names and then
we still have to assign the activities here accordingly
a virtual then a hall were so we
see e bikes are also supported here
when it comes to skiing, snowboarding, classic cross-country skiing,
then everything that has to do with water, brother one
breathing exercise cross training stepper and then we’re
almost done climbing the stairs here and
everything that is then no longer shown here
would be tracked here accordingly by others
I would then like to run, just show you what
else you can do, we’ll just walk
in here then we’ll see the daily
training suggestion here and I’ll explain it
very briefly how to read that at all that was
already read the question you read that at all
it’s actually quite simple because you’ve
understood it and know what it’s like, that’s what it means
just 5 x 15 seconds 4 35 currently running
but that means these sprints these peaks
we see that there is ahead and
warming up and running a cooldown like this
and the whole training takes about 29 minutes if
you follow the instructions and then you have it
training completed here then I get
a small ad again what that means when
now here long presses on the middle button
then we also get to a run setting
of course, the training times have the classic
look, but we’ll check the app again right away
since it could meanwhile i also have to
set the app it would do clock we can
set the alarms if i go in again i
can just say run heart rate here
go pace time and can
choose accordingly on what we also see your performance yes
the watch has a power meter or something
similar here the power measurement is here
but it’s not like that over the corridors that the
whole thing is then actively involved or at a polar one
that is measured on the wrist, no, you
need an additional part accordingly
on the gaming page it was written that
you need the hm product, yes you need it in
hamm chest strap but it also works with this one here
i tested it that is now the normal one
chest strap and even the old one,
I think it’s already two years old
because it also has a performance measurement built in
and the app we use here is an app
which has actually been around for a long time at garmin which
is just installed natively I installed it
link you to a video because I
explained how it can be used with everyone else
if you don’t have nine clocks now, you’ve
got me power measurement on it and it’s nothing
different at the point that doesn’t mean that
you can do something different here, no it
will simply
integrate here, of course, now it would no longer have to be integrated via app
add extra without receipt, of course, then
no more connect space on the training times
all those who don’t have it now could
enter a maximum of two fields, of course they have 1
1 more that of course the added value because you
then have the place then we have classic again
the 3d distance and speed then have
something new added gps there you can also
let’s go in here
for a moment because now the watch also offers the multi band
so we have the option of just using gps
, all systems, all plus multiband or ultra
track that’s the one with the lowest
yes accuracy but the longest battery life
and as I said, we now have the multi
band, even with the smallest watch
the phoenix clock at 6 o’clock made a difference
because one only built expensive rhine
here it comes from multiband,
I can choose that now and then I have it here too
doing it and it was really very good so I’ve had
very good experiences with it too
the phoenix watch is really very
accurate you really have a very good one
stretch figure I want to
test the whole thing during the migration if it
then here is an improvement with more of the crumb
navigation and maybe the whole thing
the instinct to compare two that
doesn’t have it if it’s something of interest then let it
also like from or so that you don’t miss this video then
what he is of course then
training there we have the trainings so
probably daily suggestions or you can also over
training plan and then synchronize it or
do the whole thing again via garmin connect itself
listed here or for the palate coach
also this here again if he then
I clicked away for seeing or you can simply
define intervals yourself, i.e. say I want to
just everyone does it, just enter it, then
you would be guided, then there’s another ps pro
plan that means you simply enter a target time
and then the clock slides for the target time
can do the current test I’ve
already seen that before and then lactalis accordingly
to test or you can compete against an old
activity as is called the one from the
protocol that means you have already done an activity
or if you now have one and it is asynchronous
is you have can also only
synchronize to me, for example, the current one
can now choose and I could
then compete directly against him and see that I mean
time, which I was a businessman to improve at the time
, then there is also a navigation that we know
yes, let’s go in here I
can speak then select the routes and
then also the activity and I can also let myself be
navigated here, but now there is no map
deposited as means you have
to make the whole thing here a green camp then we have another one
live tracks that means you can then be so active
that you, for example, have children or whoever is there
as an emergency contact so that they firstly know that you
are gone when he is on the way here
the gps data update has been
sent to the people selected here and then i know
accordingly, whenever we are on
the road, they receive an e-mail, which can accordingly
but certainly check that the carrier as
you then have a mobile phone with you accordingly
it’s all in sync with yours because this isn’t an
old version and can’t change anything that means
always have
a mobile phone with you, otherwise live does not work
Is it so also have the app open in the background,
otherwise it doesn’t score either, so here always yes
As I said, the app is on in the background and the
cell phone then works on live check
then I always give such a small overview I
would like to have adjusted the whole thing a bit
we see here i don’t have the whole thing anymore
to the classic field i have this up here
the first way to look here is already the performance
falls what you can enter here what now
looks a bit different here than according to
now where it’ve been seen before then
I also get the balance ground contact time
displayed here and then also the vertical one
ratio and the step length but it is important
that you really put on this chest strap here
must wear otherwise he gets no will so
now no will the native on the watch is easy
then to be determined, the whole thing then runs here
via the chest strap, as I said, from the red helmet
chest strap or then according to the yellow
the samples I don’t have there at the moment could then
we also determine the values ​​here accordingly
, so we already do that with the garmin connect app
we’ll see each other again here we’ll get a
complete overview of what we’ve already come up with
have seen the clock, it is simply
adorned here in such a way that you can simply take a look at the details
also get a little explanation when
I’m there, I’ll just protect ours now
here what you were the last seven days the on
-board battery eg developed or even then
here the intensity minutes and everything I then
here we’ll see each other again very briefly here
we just see the calorie consumption i didn’t quite enter my food  today
here again adjusted target that would be 2039
have to lose target for example in there and there
as we have seen, the active calories are
also added or included here accordingly
630 and can then
follow the whole thing here administration directly here on my fitness that
The whole thing is really very well integrated here, which I
would like to show at this point
here the setting of the clocks  can be done in
this way is finally quite easy there we see
driven up here now simply on it and
then come right here on the
o’clock and then we’ll see here garmin pay is
now also supported for the demanding
255 and I still have the opportunity to
set various things here on the one hand
I have the possibility to manage activity and apps here
, so we have to deal with them directly
on the clock we can then
manage it directly here too, once the possibility
here which ones to add is just wonderful
scroll down to add he gets you all
if this is displayed here then the rudder would be
here in the selection menu system now here that is
here the rowing and I can also say I
would like to work on it all and say, for example
I wouldn’t want to have it here anywhere else
and can then upload it here accordingly
scrolling then I not only have the option
to add to change the whole thing here
we can also go into the activity itself
, like running, then we’ll see
You can also get a few settings here,
for example you can also copy activities
e.g. interesting if I said okay now, I got it
in the mountain bike pro, but I would also like to go to the Kremlin
in profile have power and perry in profile because
maybe I would like to have different dates and
then it could be copied accordingly and then the
grilling baixo you want to have a coherent one
then I also have the possibility to
set the run, of course, that individual
of course wants to show and then we see the
overview of the running setting who once here the
round metronome so all things that we have just
seen here in the clock
can we actually use gps directly again and
I have the option here at the top of mine
set training pages it has to  be done
then we can see the training times here too
the currently created are once
the distance party ps which then the running efficiency
training times by carmen herself or here
the performance range that I have now set
let’s just go in here and see that
we have the capacity here in the field
up here we have 42 power
components that might change again and if so
change the whole thing we have the opportunity
to tell her i want different fields
we see here up to six fields are
possible i just say sometimes have two
then we have two more or i would like to have
the power display up here, for example
because I said okay I just want to have
something else here just give us a here
performance field but advance performance display so that
it is up here and then have the opportunity
according to each workout what he
wants to have there is a comment already read
may have been interesting for some
at the open water you can now too
display the temperature and always just
set it to open water and then you can
add data that occurs to you, also on
training sessions, and then say
just say users finds a field and
then there is also the temperature falls like that
how to get it from it said and i just say
temperature and you can then here when i open
I have added the corresponding field to save,
you can also work again
then I can also put the field right at the
front here and it’s interesting for me
is yes and how it is then as said the temperature
and so you can then your watch then also completely
using the app to set security
fracking was then also the option
yes, to manage his emergency contacts or live
carries would also have to switch on that’s not
are automatically set yes that you are already
allowed with we are here with me it is already
had to make the sample and
then you can also maintain contacts in an emergency and then he did
according to everything there, how the whole thing works
, another point is now new on the clock
there is the so-called morning report, so
when you get up in the morning you get a report
displayed when he wakes up wanted to have the data
the whole finds century representations
so that I can also manage
what data is displayed, let’s go in
the morning report has been added here
and we can simply say one report
show so it can also switch off that didn’t
want to and would like to be so annoyed and you can
edit report here could also select
what he would like to have displayed, so now
sometimes he says he wants to have the intention to have minutes
then just go to the plus and we’ll see
here then the whole is assigned or if he
says want to take can’t have the whole
also throw it out or then stop here
again at places we would like to have it and so on
he gets in the morning then as said is
reported tomorrow have been such a strong day
minister new status is yes i hope i was able to
give you an impression of the long ago 255 i
I’ll put the watch through its paces
, that is, if I’m really interested
I also like to subscribe because if I’m generally interested in
sports I have a playlist
done that and all reviews of sport and here
on the channel respectively if you
exactly on the channel until you have and my best
is done you can stop by then
get a small impression of what else there is
from the channel, otherwise I would be happy
welcome back to the channel
thank you for your time see you next time

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