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the film opens with catherine max a
lovely dating couple who were out for a
getaway trip to a cabin in the middle of
the woods
this cabin was indeed very remote from
the city’s cath was tired of the long
drive and endless navigation
max hastily arranged this trip the
reason for which we will know in short
here he encourages her to enjoy nature
scenery and trees as she had a keen
interest in them
finally in the evening these two reached
the cabin where one car was already
parked and it looked occupied
kath was surprised as they clearly
rented it out
these two saw a young man coming from it
where kath forces max to talk to him
max goes to and starts chatting with
that guy who clearly dismisses mac’s
claim of booking
he says he and his girlfriend booked

/> this cabin online and paid out front
max and this guy started arguing when
kath also joined him
upon seeing no way out max requests this
guy to let them stay here for a night
he throws an excuse of calf being
exhausted from driving and no other
cabin or hotel being available for stay
just then this guy’s girlfriend arrived
here she lets them stay
here kath does not wish to intrude and
wanted to drive away
but when max had a word with her
particularly about her already having
had a quite lot of adventures kath
quickly changes her mind and decides to
stay at the cabin
these two moved in and introduced
the other couples were greta and l they
were much younger in the spark between
them seemed diminished
in the cabin these guys drink chit chat
and enjoy
kath reveals her first encounter with
he was her student the chemistry group
from the first class itself max found a
board game lying there called pillow
talkers which claimed
a game to reignite the thrill of their
it seemed interesting hence all started
it involved doing passionate acts based
on the cards
here greta flirts with max who enjoyed
it and responded to it
for kath it seemed odd and weird
she was tired of the journey and hence
retires to her room rather early
max continued his game
when kath wakes up the next morning she
notices that she is still alone in her
bed max was missing
she stepped out searched the cabin but
no one was there
the mobile network was down allen
greta’s car was missing
she heads out into the woods in search
of max
at some distance she found sobbing al
who told her what had happened
apparently greta ran away with max
ditching l
kath was shocked to hear this
she thought how could he do this to me
he was with her for nearly a year
kath was heartbroken she took her car
and drove back home
after one week calf was cool about max
dumping her
despite starting off on a very good term
with him the differences between the two
are obvious
max seemingly liked dangerous
adventurous situations while cath did
while processing this cat’s friend
suggests she check on greta as to who
really was she
meaning what the hell max saw in her
that prompted him to do such a thing
kath curiously searched greta online but
couldn’t find anything solid
she then finds out about the owner of
the property that is the cabin in the
woods where they had stayed
she calls the owner and it is answered
by a man named nicholas barlow who
insists that he cannot give out private
details of any guests to anyone
hence cath lies to him about returning a
book to greta to which he says he will
personally retrieve it
the next day these two meet in cath’s
nursery she comes clean and explains her
these two head out to a cafe where
nicholas seemed sympathetic as he
understood cath’s situation
but he declined to give greta’s number
instead offering to accompany her to
greta’s place during the conversation
here a stranger walked in and recognizes
apparently nicholas had been a pioneer
in a biotech startup in partnership with
a stranger
this startup was being bought over by
glaxosmithkline for tons of money but
nicholas declined the offer
here we were shown a flashback where max
was in cat’s house attending a party
one of cath’s friends brings up the
topic of cult messages embedded in
spotify lists how spotify is unsafe for
max seconds that he says once i two
accidentally got hooked to it they asked
me to meet at a shady warehouse
there they sold me a rare collection of
max was all in for an adventure taking
he was a vivid collector of records
hence he went
later he makes an excuse of bringing
wine and heads to a supermarket
there he saw greta and al arguing
by the look of their hip culture he
thought they mean some kind of cult he
started chatting
greta liked max she asked him to tour
their gathering before initiation
greta and al took max to their base
offered drinks it had all sorts of weird
guys with heavy metal artists
here greta asked some weird questions
like is he 50 are you vegan
any cancer history in the family
many other weird questions
finally they invited max to that cabin
where a heavy metal ambient noise core
concert was arranged
being a hooker for adventure max agreed
later he lied and convinced kath to go
on a getaway trip in the middle of the
the next day nicholas and kath were
outside greta’s address
nicholas tells her about his dad who
died due to a genetic disease of the
nerves called synaptic hypertrophy just
before the deal was to be signed
this made him think about his life what
he wants to do with it and how to
prevent it
from then on nicholas spent his time on
research finding a cure
later kath sagretta entering this
building she and nicholas followed her
this place was the base of an
underground metal band where greta was a
facing calf greta awkwardly apologizes
to her for being a homebreaker so to
speak but her words do not seem too
she kind of suggests that max has
started a relationship with her and does
not really care about kath anymore
then she drops her phone kath takes a
glance at the wallpaper it had greta’s
face beside the face of max heartbroken
and feeling rather disrespected cath
heads back
nicholas consoles her he shares his
his wife left him with his son when he
was 36.
this broke his heart but he didn’t give
up accepted reality and moved on
here he suggests the same thing to cath
back at home cath burns down max’s cap
and letters she was ready to move on
for the next few days these two meet
nicholas talks about his research and a
transfusion therapy he was working on
which yielded satisfactory returns
we see another flashback where greta and
al were inside the cabin
al was not sure whether max will come or
these were up to something which made
him nervous
when he saw max with cath he panicked
he wanted to cancel the plan but greta
insisted on sticking to it
max in private told al about cath as he
wanted to surprise her
next as we know greta invited them
the next morning when kath left the
cabin in anguish al joined greta
max was inside a drum where he was
clearly these two planned something
sinister with max and the cult was just
a front
kath pays a visit to nicholas with an
avocado tree as an appreciation for all
his help
nicholas shows her home offers coffee
and these two chat
it seemed like the beginning of
chemistry here
later goes out to bring some firewood
kath was looking around she found a
photo of nicholas and altogether
al was his son
this freaked her out she grabbed a bunch
of keys and opened a sealed door
inside she saw a makeshift bed with many
tubes and medicines
she also saw a container out in the
in another flashback we see greta and el
here at nicholas house greta reads a
medical report which surprises her
basically these two kids kidnapped max
he was a match for transfusion
nicholas was horrified to know what
these two did he didn’t approve of it
al justified it by saying he grew up 23
years without knowing his dad and now
didn’t want to lose him
since it was genetic he was also at risk
nicholas had no option but to go ahead
if this got three would have been in
cath checks out that container she opens
it with keys
there she saw the horror of her life max
was alive but with multiple medical
incisions made on his body
blood bags were there for extraction
cath tries to wake him up but max only
replies with gibberish in a drug trance
just then nicholas al and greta quickly
arrived here nicholas tried to reason it
he says it was for his condition max was
the source of his transfusions
greta now makes a grave revelation here
she produces a medical document that
shows that barlow nicholas never had a
neurotic disease and was essentially
doing the whole transfusion therapy to
renew his blood cells
he wanted to stop aging was afraid of
being old and weak
great played along with it as she too
wanted to stay young forever
al was shocked hearing this he genuinely
believed his dad was ill and will die
pretty soon
nicholas apologizes to him and justifies
his action as this would have given him
more time
greta wanted to kill calf as she knew
too much
after hearing this kath plays to
nicholas’s sympathy and says that she
wants the transfusion too
she was dating young max to feel her
youthfulness in reality every day of
getting old scared her
she wanted greta as her source as she
was the youngest
nicholas agrees to this and convinces
his son al emotionally
greta begdell not to do it but for him
dad was more important than a girlfriend
these two grabbed greta and sedated her
during this time cath rescued max she
started escaping with him
but max being in a sedated state ripped
his incisions the blood started flowing
out and he quickly died due to excessive
kath quickly left the container alone
and locked greta nicholas al inside
covered in blood she reached her car
rested there for a few minutes and then
returned to nichols’s house she stood at
the window and started at the cabin
with this the film ends
kat first decides to leave and then
suddenly decides against it
whether she had a change of heart or
whether her intentions were something
else is left to one’s imagination
clearly she suffered a lot
first her boyfriend max lied to her and
took her to some cabin on the pretext of
the trip
then nicholas lied to her
if she believed enough is enough then
it’s justifiable
nicholas and his gang got what they
the film keeps you on edge it has a
mystery and is full of funny little acts
overall it’s enjoyable
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