You can feel the waves here between your chin and neck You can smell hair burning of smoked squid I feel my skin getting fresher I feel my eyes area relaxing Hi, I’m Korean Soyeon Today I’m going to show you my home skincare devices I bought myself two years ago I have 7 devices lol I’ll give you my honest review Talking about the effect and how to use it Before, enjoy, subscribe and turn on the notifications So let’s go with my home skincare devices ? First one!! Medicube AGR DERMA EMS Here you have Slim, Up, Body

options I never used the Body function I use it here for the chin and jaw It uses electromagnetic frequencies, stimulating muscle movements And prevents the decrease of firmness Good to use 3 times a week I read some reviews from people Who felt sensitivity in their teeth and eyes Really, I feel it more potent than others And since I have sensitive skin I use at level 1 Let’s see the effects now! I woke up in the morning all swollen I will use my EMS Pretty big, huh? I always start at the neck, then remove the accessories

I don’t use it that often 1 time a week! When I feel some swelling When I want to take better care of facial lines I do 2-3 times a week It

has three modes, Slim, Up and Body Who wants to define the face more, go to Slim I will clean to use I’m going to use the AGR Booster Gel from Medicube It came with it when I bought it Looks like aloe vera gel I apply in the neck region I will use it in Up mode Slim turns green Up in red And the Body in

orange You can feel a mini shock I was scared when I used it for the first time And they say it’s good to avoid here in the middle of the neck I’m going to massage the lymphatic points here You can feel the waves here between your chin and neck After massaging well I’ll go to the face Clean once Those who will buy the tool I think it’s good to buy the gel together I recommend buying the kit together! When I do this, I feel something in my tooth And I don’t apply it near the eyes

I bought it for the Chinese mustache region This is how I lift mine from the Chinese mustache And then I put the Chinese mustache here I think it’s good for those who want to focus on firmness or lifting I did this for 5 minutes Really, you can see it smoother here You can see that the face has become more defined, right? Getting in your 30’s, we start to take more care of the firmness of the skin, right? I recommend it to anyone who wants to give more firmness Second Medicube AGR ATS Airshot It’s effective in

shrinking pores With each passing year, my pores feel bigger I bought it about 3-4 months ago And now I’m going from level 1 to level 2 And every time I touch the skin Makes that burnt hair smell So I use it here in regions with more pores So far I haven’t felt a drastic effect My friend Jessica uses it and she thinks it’s really good! These devices and these products I think the effect starts to emerge with continuous use Today I’m going to use the Medicube AGR ATS Airshot Got out of the bath now First,

I’ll wipe it off with the toner pad Tchan~ Product by Bycos It gets super refreshing because of the skincare fridge Wow, very refreshing From Bycos! Clean like that, on the neck too Look at the absurd glow on the skin just using the toner You need to use it on dry skin Let the products absorb well The skin is very dry I leave it at level 2 It’s not supposed to touch the skin like that Leave it a little off Or give little taps like this You can feel a little stinging near the nose You can

smell hair burning of smoked squid I do it very well in all corners 5 minutes like this Since I have sensitive skin, it gets a little red But it comes out soon I was scared at first, but I got used to using it They say that after use, the skincare absorbs very well I saw some photos from 1 to 4 months of use And you can clearly see the difference And I’ll already see the effects on me, right? And after 5 minutes, it tells you And after 5 minutes, it turns off automatically And then I

clean I always take care of my pores I am using Medicube zero pore serum When I use this tool Pores care done!! Third Glamon Hot & Cool Galbanic It uses frequency waves for 2 focus massages And it makes skincare products absorbed better As I have sensitive skin and live in a hot country I use it to refresh the skin And to lower the skin temperature Here you have the option of hot and cold After applying toner I use it to refresh and make the skin fresh Because the temperature can dilate the pores I use it

almost every day I’ve been using it a lot lately And after absorbing all the product I always come out a little hot after a shower, right? I’ll use the Glam on product I press here Did you hear the noise? Wow, very refreshing I do the same here I feel my skin getting fresher I’m loving using it I use it when I take a lot of sun on my face After applying the toner and serum I use it before applying the cream Because after the cream, it gets a little slippery And then I use it in

refreshing mode And then I apply the cream And then after a while, I turn it off and apply the cream When I touch it, I feel the product all absorbed even Fourth They all look alike, right? Bellocure LED Total care Device Only it does various types of skincare Looking here It says it’s going to start skincare with LED High frequency, eye wrinkles, lifting, pimples and total care There are 5 levels here I use this product a lot When I want to increase skin firmness When I want it to improve skin absorption I use it in

Total Care mode after taking off the face mask If you want to take care of different types of tool I highly recommend it! I will use it in Total Care mode for face mask I’ll start the Totalcare This mode lasts 18 minutes After about 10 minutes of face mask It absorbs like this And I apply a little product and start massaging I feel no pain or hurt It just makes noise Here on the cheek I feel less But passing the septum here, you can feel it slightly I can feel a slight frequency I will do

level 2 At level 2, you can really feel the frequency more First I do it like this in level 1 And if it’s ok, you can level up I have sensitive skin and I don’t feel any irritation I did it for like 5 minutes And then just absorb Who is in doubt to choose I think this is good for being complete I finished today’s care! I will introduce the fifth Makeon Thermowave Eye It generates temperature to improve skin firmness I don’t have pimples, but instead I end up having more wrinkles and lines because I have

dry skin That’s why I use eye cream every day Then I apply it in the eye area Since it generate heat The region becomes warm and heated It is effective for firming the skin I apply after eye cream Before the cream, I apply the eye cream Lamer cream And I always pass here in the Chinese mustache region Apply in circular motions like this, not just underneath And absorbs giving light taps Eye cream is essential in my skincare I look up like this, when I apply and absorb Make On Eye Lifting Product You can choose the

levels with the buttons I’ll do it on the first level Heat levels I think I’ll do level 2 So it warms up over time This way too Super warm I feel the eye area relax Very warm And then I tap lightly And I let it absorb well Now, this heavy one here Panasonic Facial Nano Steamer I already showed this product in the night routine video It has the function of replenishing hydration and removing dead cells Lately I’ve been using it instead of using the hot towel Once a week I always exfoliate This vaporizer opens and

dilates the pores, right? And then I apply the oil and massage it to remove blackheads Today I will use this product from Panasonic Facial Steamer I use it once a week I will remove the blackheads Need to fill with water here Need to open and wait And then the steam comes out here And it works as a steamer If you don’t have one, you can use the steam towel! After opening the pores And then apply the oil making circular movements And some even found it improved dry eyes I don’t have dry eyes And then, I

apply the oil like this And I make circular movements I don’t use exfoliant I like to remove blackheads this way And as always I do a complete cleansing I really feel that it accumulates less blackheads Now the last one, hair product Re Fa MTG Grace RF-GH2114B It became super famous for Jenny from Black Pink It has 2 levels I use it after washing my hair And I use gua sha before washing my hair And then I finish with it later, feels good Instead of just massaging the face Always good to massage the scalp Because it’s

like an extension of our face And meanwhile I massage my scalp I massage before drying my hair This reduces swallow And I’ve been liking a lot If you don’t have a massager, use gua sha to relive this area Today I showed my 7 skincare devices Hope you enjoyed my honest review And next time, I’ll introduce my favorite item! I hope my review was useful for you Enjoy, subscribe and activate the bell!

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