House Of The Dragon Episode 5 FULL Breakdown and Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this will be my Full House of the Dragon episode 5 video there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs and references so we’ll break it all down if you’re brand new to the channel I’m doing videos for all the episodes be sure to subscribe to get them all careful for spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet but it was basically like our next Big Game of Thrones wedding episode now obviously this is House of the Dragon but it’s the Game of Thrones universe and you cannot have a wedding in

The Game of Thrones Universe without something bad going on but as far as weddings go this was actually pretty tame like Robb Stark’s wedding was pretty tame even though he died during the Red Wedding but if we’re talking about Royal weddings I think Joffrey’s purple wedding would probably be more apropos but we’ll start at the beginning of the episode and go through shot by shot talking about Easter eggs and WTF moments as we go along starting with the episode title we light the way which is a reference to the motto of house Hightower it references

the lighthouse in Old Town the Old Tower where the seat of their house actually is which they referenced later in the episode metaphorically and literally

like lyric strong literally mentions the light in the lighthouse like do you know what color it burns when they march to war it burns green mean as alicent walks into the throne room for the Wedding Banquet wearing the green dresser trademark green dress that she’s seen wearing throughout the rest of the timeline both of the different factions in the dance of the Dragon are called the blacks in the greens for

the colors of the gowns that the two wear so the whole idea is that during the episode during the wedding alicent is basically throwing The Gauntlet at rhaenyra like she’s lit the warfire’s house Hightower one of the other huge things in this episode too is this is the last episode with the young versions of the actresses when we get to episode 6 they’ll be like a really big time Jump and we’ll have the older versions I think they said it’d be about 10 years or so goes by like this is meant to be the older

version of aegon I’ll do a separate trailer video for episode six tomorrow they released a whole bunch of brand new footage I’ve already done one so I’ll link it below in the description it has some new footage the other one that they just released also has even more new footage from episode 6. as far as I could tell there weren’t any big changes to the opening title scene usually they only change it when there are new errors when there are new children born to the people in the line of succession like you see new lines

of blood come out of the special symbols so because so many children are born in the next couple of years between now and episode six and that big time Jump they’ll probably update the opening title sequence for episode 6. the actual opening scene is sort of like a small film in and of itself that takes place up at runestone in the veil on the coast when we meet Ria Royce for the first time Classic Game of Thrones introduce a big character that you’ve been talking about for a long time and then just swiftly kill them

right off the show she’s been married to Daemon for a while he was forced to marry her he wasn’t really happy about it and it also sounds like she wasn’t very happy about it either because she spends most of their conversation just making fun of him and it seems like she knows about all the things that he said earlier in the timeline making fun of people in the veil like yeah you said that we all do it with sheep up here did your brother kick you out of court again because this is the second time

he’d been banned so the whole joke here is that he’d been calling her the bronze talking about her like she was this terrible person but really she’s fairly attractive she seems pretty normal and she just really does not like him because he’s being kind of a terrible person the person she meets with her cousin here Gerald Royce is probably the person who’s going to inherit runestone eventually they mentioned Lady Jeyne like Daemon says he’s going to go claim runestone oh will she die we didn’t have heirs so all of her Holdings passed to me on

her death the big hill turn at the end of this episode is meant to be a metaphor for the way the dance the dragon sort of spins up like for a brief hot second it seems like rhaenyra and Daemon are gonna get everything that they want but then metaphorically at the end of the episode it’s meant to show you how things take a sharp left turn and it won’t wind up ending the way that they think it will so that’s a good way to explain what’s probably going to happen with Daemon in runestone the Lady

Jeyne that Gerald mentions when he’s trying to take him to Tas accuse him of murdering Rhea Royce is Jane Aaron the current Lady of house Aaron like the leader of the veil so anytime you did anything really big like that like try to claim titles or something like that you’d have to plead your case with her and it sounds like she probably won’t be a big fan of Daemon as well either they also had like a Game of Thrones season 7 Level transition like really crazy transition going on here too going from that rock that

he kills her with to the fish getting its head chopped off remind you of the transitions when they introduce Samwell at the Citadel at the beginning of season seven with the way that they were cut between like the grossest scenes possible but as we see viserys and rhaenyra heading to high tide on driftmark to propose the marriage to Corlys Velaryon to arrange how everything is going to work they introduced brand new Valeryon theme music for their house which they play a couple times in the episode later when rhaeny’s and later are riding their dragons back

to the red keep and then later again when they enter the throne room for the Wedding Banquet and even though viserys is very sick many times in the episode they remind you how sick he is like his declining condition I think the reason why he’s sick at Sea here is just because he’s poor at traveling at Sea I don’t think he’s getting sick because of his actual ailment I talked about this in my last video but the actor paddy considine actually clarified what his actual sickness is like what is actually killing him he’s actually suffering

from a form of leprosy so it’s not some crazy plot with someone trying to kill him by poisoning the iron throne and him cutting himself but him cutting himself hurting himself is making it worse it’s just that there’s the actual leprosy that’s what’s really killing him we meet Laenor Velaryon with Joffrey Lonmouth in the yard and they give you a bigger introduction to Joffrey lawnmouth before they promptly kill him off during The Wedding Banquet or Criston Cole kills him off but if you’re not a big book reader basically the whole idea is they’ve been lovers

for a long time and the way they talk about it later Corlys Velaryon his father thinks that it’s something that he’s going to get over like oh you know he’ll he’ll get married to rhaenyra he’ll get over all that stuff to make a very Game of Thrones reference his mother rhaenys is more worried about him being thrown to the Lion’s Den with all the drama that’s happening over the battle of the succession like our sun is going to be in danger you’re putting him in the firing line here when Corlys Velaryon says his whole aim

here is to put a Valeryon on the iron throne and he’s doing that because he wants Justice he’s talking about Justice for his house because they come from ancient Valyria like they are very old very powerful house they came to Westeros before the targaryens did but the whole idea is that because their family weren’t dragonlords in ancient valyria they had to take to the sea to earn their living even though they obviously became one of the wealthiest families in Westeros the Hawaii isn’t the Corlys Valeryon once a wrecking technician for all of his family’s great

Deeds all these many many years so that’s what’s going on with him haggling over the terms of the actual Arrangement like what is the last name that the children will go by well we’ll call them Velaryon but the minute that their son takes the Iron Throne he’s going to be using the Targaryen name when viserys says dragons have ruled the last hundred years they’ll rule the next hundred years the next hundred years puts them around the point in the timeline when there were no actual dragons like the last dragon died and then for a period

there were no dragons until Daenerys were born so he’s not wrong it’s just like this was really a sad connotation to what he’s saying like the next hundred years and then there aren’t going to be any dragons for a long time until a girl comes along and then they’ll be three you also notice that when Corlys Velaryon is talking about what happened to Daemon and Rhea Royce there’s this hint of doubt in his voice like he also kind of thinks that Daemon probably killed her too that’ll be interesting because it seems like Laena Velaryon now

who’s much older obviously very headstrong is pursuing a marriage with Daemon it seems like like Oh no you’re single again why don’t we get married now I’ll talk about her a little bit more in a second too they give us a really quick tour of the high tide Castle we’ll probably see more of it later in the timeline the reason they called the throne room here in high tide the hull of nine is because it’s named for the 9 Voyages of Corlys Velaryon the sea snake there’s a very famous story about his voyages that they

were actually going to do a spin-off for at one point I don’t know if they’re still doing it but that’s what that’s a reference to like all these great Journeys that he went on and acquired all these Treasures from them so like some of this stuff is from the very far east the big mural in the wall that you may have seen a couple times is basically meant to tell the history of their family going back to ancient Valyria the other big reveal here too is raniera and laner coming to an agreement quote-unquote like gentlemen’s

agreement we will both Let each other do whatever we feel like doing inside this marriage it’s just a political marriage they make all these metaphors about the things that they like to eat like you’ll continue eating whatever you like to eat I’ll continue eating whatever I like to eat we know what’s going on here the big surprise here with Criston Cole and Ranier on the way back is that he actually does try to get her to run away to essos with him like just leave it all behind forget about the Iron Throne all this stuff

we’ll go be together over in essos and basically What’s Happening Here is that rhaenyra is asking him to live without honor and that’s his whole thing like all he ever wanted was to be a knight is a very Brienne Game of Thrones type of thing later in the timeline all she ever wanted to do was become a knight as he says later his honor is basically all he has to his name and she’s kind of traipsing all over it like you know what just forget about the rules the rules don’t apply to me I’m Gonna

Be The Heir I’ll be the queen of the Seven Kingdoms so it’s one of those situations where they want to show you that there’s really no right person in this whole Dance of the dragons like both the sides have a lot of terrible people like raniera is doing a bunch of terrible things the rules don’t apply to me I’m a Targaryen we’re above the rules I’m Gonna Be The Heir which is mostly what alicent is pissed off at her about for the way that she seemingly flaunts the rules and tries to get away with all

this stuff and the way she bold face lied to her about what happened and kind of throws alicent’s honor under the bus too because the whole idea is that alicent went to bat for her claiming that she never Never Could Have Lied like puts her Honor on the line for rhaenyra we also get the scene with Larys Strong cozing up with alicent spilling all that tea he’s like Lord Tea spilling tea all over the red keep basically telling her that ranero was given Moon Tea not whether or not she took it but that she was

given the moon tea still lots of theories about who the father of her first child is going to be his metaphor about the flower from braavos thriving in the red keep in this foreign territory is meant to be a metaphor for alicent herself but also kind of a metaphor to him it even though his family is already in this position of power what he’s trying to do here is cozy up with her so that should aegon II take the Iron Throne he be in a much stronger position so he’s mostly doing this for himself I

don’t think his father would have told him to do this because this kind of leads to the dance of the dragons like alicent would have continued to back rhaenyra but then alicent gets Criston Cole to confess to the truth of what happened and that’s when she starts to get pissed at Rhaenyra like she throws the gauntlet down wearing the green dress and that’s basically like the beginning of the end for real for their relationship and when when he talks about his punishment gelding him torturing him is what they would normally do to a kingsguard who

did something like that when people become kingsguard they take a vow of chastity so regardless of who he slept with he be in really big trouble no matter what but a King’s Guard sworn to protect the royal family sleeping with a member of the royal family would really get it so when he says please take mercy on me by just giving me a regular death that would be a mercy normally his punishment would be way way worse they show you more of viserys’s ailment like I said he has leprosy it’s just getting worse and worse

and worse the special vial that they give him is milk of the poppy to help him sleep quote unquote you have to imagine that there’s going to be like a 10-year time Jump at the beginning of episode six think about how worse he’s going to be by then if he’s this bad now and when he asked Lyonel Strong how history is going to remember him as a king the maesters mostly recorded him as being a weak King whose poor decisions and lack of ability to make decisions directly cause the dance of the Dragons so history

isn’t super kind to him they played the new house Velaryon theme music again as they introduce you to rhaney’s dragon meleys her dragon is also referred to as the Red Queen because of the color of the dragon and we’ve already seen laenor’s dragon seasmoke back in episode 3. and the thing with the dragons on house the dragon they’re meant to be 17 total by the end of the series but we’re only going to see about nine of them this season they said they tried to make all the dragons look very distinct have different personalities but

both laner and rhaeny’s dragons look similar to the types of dragons that Daenerys had so a lot of people always ask are daenerys’s dragons descended directly from one of the dragons that we’ll see on house the dragon and that could be the case The Wedding Banquet happens in the iron throne room all the great houses enter they have that funny moment with the Lannisters like Jason Lannister walks up and kind of gets dissed by rhaenyra like yeah remember I turned you down earlier and then he also makes fun of her in front of viserys we

meet Gerald Royce setting up the drama with Daemon Targaryen later entering the throne room as well kind of shocking everyone like haha I bet you didn’t think you’d see me here and I love how loaded this whole wedding scene is now obviously Game of Thrones weddings make all the Red Wedding the purple wedding jokes you want but metaphorically What’s Happening Here is the viserys has all these Grand plans for the future of the realm that he’s set forth but there’s all this really shady stuff going on underneath the table so to speak like everybody’s breaking

the rules in really crazy ways doing really shady stuff and interrupting the speech about his Grand plans is alicent basically walking in throwing the gauntlet metaphorically wearing the green gown as Larry strong calls out like oh she is definitely coming for her when he says there’ll be seven days of tournament and feasting to celebrate the wedding the tournament is actually when the maesters later in the timeline date the origin of the actual Dance of the dragons in the blacks versus the greens like the gallons that the two of them wore but I think the whole

idea is is the actual Dance of the Dragons won’t really get going to like season two or maybe like the very end of season one this dwarf character in the back playing with the band might be a version of mushroom from the books in the books Fire and Blood is written from the perspective of an old maester in the court fool who was called mushroom who was just always hearing all this gossip because nobody took him really seriously or a big threat so they just had looser lips when he was around so he just wound

up hearing way more gossip and they’ve kind of given that storyline to Larys Strong like he is the person with all the tea when they start their dance this is also a big metaphor for the dance of the dragons like The Gauntlet is being thrown between alicent and rhaenyra that’s happening in the background but also raniera and Lena are both Dragon Riders and they are dancing so the whole dance is just loaded with meaning also when she starts dancing with Daemon their two dragon Riders their two dragons so to speak so it’s like the dance

of these dragons lots of dragons doing a lot of dancing on this week’s episode during the dance she also makes a reference to the outcome and that’s also meant to be a metaphor for what will eventually happen like the outcome of the Targaryen Civil War this whole scene with Gerald Royce and Daemon Targaryen is meant to be kind of a mirror for the scene with rhaenyra and Criston Cole where Daemon basically plays this whole thing like he’s above the rules like how dare you challenge me if someone in King’s Landing tried to slander me they

be forced to pay for their crimes like he threatens Gerald Royce’s life for even suggesting that he killed his wife so just like rhaenyra felt like she was above the rules like she wasn’t beholden to all this honor all these rules that Criston Cole was talking about Daemon’s doing the same thing so just meant to show you the dark side of their characters like they’re both kind of being terrible people I mentioned Laena Velaryon this is obviously much older version of the character now I don’t know if she’s already started writing her Dragon I believe

she has so hopefully there’ll be a scene in episode 6 where we’ll see that but I think because of the big time Jump she might be played by an older version of the actress the whole idea here though is they just want to show you that she’s a little more headstrong like she actually pursues Daemon probably knows about all the stuff he’s been getting up to too like she understands she’s not completely naive in all this I think she’s supposed to be kind of rebellious but not quite as bad as Ranier when it comes to

stuff like that like she’s got a little bit of bad girl inside her too then I think the whole idea with Joffrey lonmouth and criston Cole is that when he figures out that he’s the guy that Ranier is with any tries to make the deal with him like let’s protect their secrets because it’ll just be better for all of us that’s just what causes Kristin Cole to snap and that’s why he starts the fight and the brawl breaks out even though we don’t see the opening blows like you only see the actual fight once it’s

been going on for a second I think the whole idea is that he had the conversation with him then walked off and then eventually Criston Cole just snapped and went after him really important detail here too when the fight is breaking out they lose sight of rhaenyra lyonel strong looks at his son Harwin strong and gives him the signal to save rhaenyra there were a couple scenes earlier where you saw the two of them dancing I think this is just foreshadowing the idea that he is going to replace quote-unquote Criston Cole metaphorically and literally in

all senses of the word so everybody start your strong boys theories we’ll talk about that when I do my next episode six trailer video because in the episode 6 trailer you actually hear the older version of alicent making references to the strong boys from the books the fact that the father of her children might be someone other than her husband they also have the whole scene with Daemon talking to Renee era trying to talk her out of getting married telling like he’s gonna bore you to death don’t do this because he still wants to marry

her because he wants the iron throne and right now he feels like that’s the best way to do it that’s also the reason why he killed his wife because he wants to get her out of the way so he can remarry and the King will allow it but he also wants to marry rhaenyra because she’s the current Heir in funny side Note 2 we post all the memes but this scene is like the Game of Thrones version of the distracted boyfriend meme with rhaenyra Dancing with Harmon strong clocking Daemon who’s talking to Laena Velaryon about

them getting married obviously at the end of the brawl Criston Cole winds up beating Joffrey Lonmouth to a bloody pulp he’s dead and you have laenor just crying over his Lover’s dead body also trying to bite back the tears while they Rush their wedding ceremony like okay let’s just do this right now get it out of the way so if it wasn’t clear they are married now like the deed has been done but the meaning shouldn’t be lost on you that viserys collapses immediately after they finish the wedding ceremony like the clock is ticking King

is going to die any moment now and I love the way they juxtaposed Criston Cole in the godswood trying to kill himself until alicent saves him I think the whole idea like to make the metaphor she lights the way for him like to make a metaphor to their house motto she helps him regain his honor slowly but they don’t start a relationship or anything like that like it’s not quite so spicy as that her whole thing is that she’s very prim and proper she follows the rules that’s also part of the reason why she’s mad

at rhaenyra because rhaenyra lied to her like they were meant to be real close friends and she lied to her also they may have had some kind of relationship between the two of them as the actresses imply but also because raniera is flaunting the rules in a way that alicent doesn’t think that she should be able to so it’s not like alicent is going to turn around and start a relationship with Criston Cole or anything like that that’s not what’s going on between the two of them but it was actually pretty short episode for House

of the Dragon so far mostly episodes have been a little bit longer than an hour this felt a little bit shorter than that just a real quick Game of Thrones shotgun wedding if you spotted any other Easter eggs or references in the episode that I didn’t mention in the video just write them Below in the comments in my episode 6 trailer video we’ll post tomorrow they have a whole bunch of brand new footage so I’ll talk about what’s happening with that big time Jump and who all those new actors are playing my full episode 6

video will post next week after they release it too make sure you enable alerts for my channel so you don’t miss that everyone click here for my house the Dragon episode 6 trailer video I’ll update the link as soon as I post that and click here for all my other house of the dragon videos thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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