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hey everyone welcome to Heaven awaits if this is your first time checking this channel out I’m glad to have you here my name is Lee and I narrate the near-death experiences of those who have died and have seen the other side my videos are meant to show people that there is indeed life after death if you enjoy these videos please consider hitting those like subscribe and Bell icons to be notified of new content doing so is free and it does help the channel grow to my return viewers welcome back sit back relax grab a cup

of coffee or tea and enjoy today’s narration today’s experience comes from inans while letting her dogs out to relieve themselves the experiencer has chest pain and drops to her knees it is then that she says that she was being held by millions of light beings while she went through a Life review it was around 10 30 at night I let my dogs out to go potty and I was out in the backyard with a flashlight they started barking at a raccoon so I made them go back inside I went back out to pick up their

mess and I was crying I had a severely Broken Heart my mother was kind of mean my whole life and the husband that I

was so in love with had left me I thought he was the only one that ever loved me I was trying to cry quietly and I had been somewhat atheist for the past 25 years but I was reaching out to God asking him why and saying I forgive Jesse so why do I hurt so badly and I said no one is ever going to love me again and I was crying so

hard I felt this horrible pain in my chest and I was having a hard time breathing I asked God if this was how the phrase broken heart came to be I wanted to die I was torn because my two dogs would be left without someone to love them I dropped to my knees from the pain then all of a sudden this remarkably bright light surrounded me it didn’t hurt my eyes and millions of souls were holding me and I recognized them all and I felt so loved they told me I would see Jesse again someday

I stood up at some point I was looking straight ahead in my entire life and experiences were all there in a still picture no such thing as time but I could see it all I could see when I made someone feel good and I could feel the love and joy they felt and when I was mean I could see and feel their pain and I said to them telepathically so there is Judgment but we judge ourselves and they all said yes not in English but in my head all at once I felt proud of when

I was good and very ashamed of when I wasn’t they said I needed to forgive myself they had forgiven me immediately and I said I couldn’t that I needed to go back and fix things and be nice I couldn’t believe some of my pettiness I understood that I was one of them that I was part of them and also I was an individual so I was both joined and individual at the same time I also knew that we are all connected I would ask a question and they answered it faster than I could think of

it when I was reviewing my life I cried when I hurt someone or something then I turned away from my life picture and realized that Jesse was going to be hurt when he died because of how badly he had hurt me so I begged them not to let him hurt I told them I wasn’t hurt anymore and I forgave him and please don’t let him hurt they told me that they loved him too and that they would be holding him like they were me that he would feel unconditional complete love just as I did and

that he would have to go through it but they would be with him and he would be okay I pleaded with them and they said he must see his life so that he can grow I remember saying to them when they first held me oh this is what I am I am one of you I am pure I am light I am 100 love and they said yes I knew I was one I felt at home it was Bliss I understood every religion all at once I felt my dead dog’s presence behind me he had

passed about five months prior I was so torn all of those months they said you can turn around and see him and I said no I can’t I am not worthy of looking into the light I have to go back and be better and they said yes you may you must forgive yourself you must and you will and I said I can’t they said you will I could think of any question and I knew the answer immediately I asked if suicide didn’t send you to hell and I instantly knew that you ended up with them

the same way the difference is the pain you feel when reviewing your life if your loved ones suffered for the remainder of their life on Earth you would have a harder time forgiving yourself I felt bad for not being super sweet to a dog we had and I was never really mean to him I just wasn’t loving to him we had given him away I finally felt okay about every animal that had ever died now because I knew they were fine I also knew we are all connected including animals plants and the universe they forgive

everyone immediately we are the ones that punish ourselves they hurt for us I asked about murderers and knew they were also made out of love and had a horrible time forgiving themselves I felt so sorry for them they felt so much emotional pain the light people there were millions of these souls or light people Millions like enough to fill the universe everything alive has a soul I knew I just borrowed this body I know this life is a gift for me to experience things I know now that my job is to be kind and to

lead by example not to ever judge never judge but I still do so much happened in about 15 minutes there was a lot more maybe I can fill it in as I recall more things anyhow all of a sudden I was standing on my lawn in the back of this three-dimensional world and I was laughing this place looks so fake now I know I am trapped in this gift of a body I’m homesick and I talk to them they have answered me once in my head mostly they just make sure I’m okay I immediately started

looking this up on my computer and I knew I was blessed the rest of the week was crazy I could hear birds doing the weirdest sounds I heard a banana make a sound of escaping gas when I opened it I got a check in the mail for 289 dollars from the Gas and Electric Company I went to Smart and Final for this roasted chicken and I was prepared to be disappointed because they were usually sold out at that time and this man across the store held up a chicken at me and I shook my head

he yelled lady stay there and he brought it then he said lady I don’t know you and I am not religious but God told me to bring you this chicken and he left and I hate casinos but I went with my boss later that week and she was playing slots and I was bored and I would look at the machines and one winked at me I told her to play it because it winked and she said no then she lost a lot of money so we went to a different area again I was bored and

a machine winked at me I told her to play it and she said no machines don’t wink she lost more money and we left the next day she wanted to go back and I said no I said I would watch the store she owned a dealership she usually takes about five hours but this time she was back in about 90 minutes she came in the door and said you won’t believe it a machine winked at me and I played it and I won twenty one thousand dollars and I cashed out and left I smiled and

said that’s the only time it will ever wink I knew God gave her back her money then Jesse called me I was shocked because he was never going to speak to me he said he had a heart attack and it was around 10 30 at night on the same Sunday night that I had my nde he had been in the hospital all week my life well actually I have been different ever since I’m weird now I read all the time Science History nature anything as long as it is factual everything is completely different now that

does it for today’s experience do you all believe that God will sometimes wrap Us in his love especially at our darkest times like he did this woman let me know in the comments section below foreign

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