Inside the NBA reacts to Grizzlies vs Lakers Highlights

have been in the in season tournament. They may be going to Vegas. >> They want that money. They may want that money. They went up by 100,000. And as they’re the number 30 defensive team, but they hold Portland to 99. >> Meantime, the Grizzlies and the Lakers and this was this might not be a game this was not a very good game. >> This is not now this was a game. I’d be like LeBron Strus. LeBron subbed out. I’m leaving. You know what? >> And this is the kind of game they need. You know, he’s

been playing 35 minutes a night. He only had to play 22 minutes tonight. >> Get him. If you had scored 16 points, get up, Wun. >> Hey. >> Hey, Desmond, stop it. Oh oh, Oh, That’s a Come on, man. >> What you gonna do? >> He ain’t going to mess with Desmond Payne. I get you guaran tee you that. >> Oh, come on. >> Oh, come on. >> He ain’t going to mess with Baynes. I can. I can promise you that. Big arms don’t mean nothing. >> It’s been a struggle for the Grizzlies so far

and now Marcus Smart goes down on his left ankle. He would not return. Oh, you can mess with a lot of people being one of them. Oh, he had

19 and 11. Yeah, baby. Bang bang ad. Oh 7451 at the half. >> Right. Then I would have left. I like that beat trap. Beat the traffic. The tennis got fire on it, so I got me some brown. >> Oh he ain’t going to dunk it though. Ooh >> Left right now I’m not trying to get caught in that 10. I 10′ traffic. Oh get that out

of here. >> Mumbo jumbo that gets blocked. >> Let’s go. >> I’m telling y’all, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t want to get caught. >> Leave now for an ad on the net. >> 3. You know when it’s going, I feel bad for the Grizz. >> Why? Why? >> Because 107. >> When you own a team, when you own a team on your own, on a team. >> When you’re on a team, you have a responsibility team. >> You have a responsibility to the other players. And it’s a suspension of him. And we know who I’m

talking about. >> John Moran put this team in a no win situation. >> And it just that’s not you. It ain’t always about you. Even I’ve done stupid stuff, but I’ve never got suspended that much. Well, because they probably going to be out of it when he comes back. More than 25 games in I think they’re think they’re out of it. >> Yep coach they’re not going to win more than five 5 to 7 games right now. Two and nine after that loss tonight, 8′ and the Lakers going to six and five, two and zero

in in group A and Memphis Zero and three in Group A. Anything else you want to talk about on those two games or should we just take it to break and then get into the eastern take it the break because I told you I’d have been gone out of l.a. >> Out of that game. >> Well, i know, but that has nothing to do with the show that we’re doing. But we do have, we do have some more games. All of those in the east. Kenny is 180 mean. >> Oh, yo. >> They got us

a little longer than when they was. Hey you kidding. We’re getting out of here at 122. >> I’m down Tyrese halibut had himself a night tonight in Philadelphia. >> Highlights on t

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