*INTERSTELLAR* IS INCREDIBLE! Movie Reaction & Commentary Review!

hey everyone welcome back to our Channel we’re dos Cavazos and today we are watching Interstellar so this is a movie I have never seen however Casey has um I love Christopher Nolan uh he made obviously The Dark Knight trilogy he’s made Inception he’s made the prestige which I really enjoyed which I’ve actually been trying to get Casey to watch that movie as well too so let us know if you want to see Casey react to that an Interstellar is just one of the ones that seem to like have uh not slipped my radar because I

did know that it existed but I just I guess never made the effort to go watch it I remember going to see this movie with my parents in the theater and it was like so crazy singing in the theater like once you start watching it you’ll understand what I mean but like seeing it on the big screen was like unexperienced it’d be awesome the only thing I really remember from the trailers from way back when is that I think that it takes place in space or it goes to space at some point um and then

we obviously have Matthew McConaughey and I believe Anne Hathaway in it yeah I’m not gonna say too much because I want to see his reaction for the first time just for

everything and I’m just excited so this is like one of the few times where I’ve seen something that you haven’t like those farmer everybody else back now of course he didn’t strike that way I got this yeah so this is her dad I’m assuming Casey’s not gonna tell me honestly I don’t even remember I don’t remember the first part so maybe that already happened to

him you’re dealing with it some PTSD I thought you were the ghost isn’t that Renesmee I just remember her digital face on that freaking baby that freaking demon baby let me guess there’s your ghost I knocked off my shelf is that Timothy Shaman love I can never say hello she’s single Melissa supposed to mean repopulating the Earth start pulling your way young man in your own business that seems more than just like a uh you know like I want you to move on get together like it seems like you know the it’s like the end

of the Earth so it makes me wonder like trying to get off the planet like it’s Humanity trying to get off the planet well that is the spare so did you hear that they call her Murph because of Murphy’s Law like anything bad yeah anything that can go wrong will go wrong like you saying that statement like it has a oh oh okay let’s go I feel like there’s a lot that I don’t remember from this movie from the beginning part solar cells are you trying a solar cell can power an entire farm right now

so you like hacking it you almost got it don’t stop don’t stop dad I feel like Common Sense should have kicked in there I’m sure like crash it so they said this is from a different country I think they said India right yeah it might be a bit up there that’s all down same as ours ten years ago let me just let it go it wasn’t hurting anybody like the rest of us I’m confused now I think it was like a AI type okay remember because he had said like like their mission control went down

around the same time ours did a few years ago like 10 I think they said I think I’m not 100 sure but I think that’s what she meant by that honestly explore assembly isn’t High Enough so why 32 I’m about 33 NC I’m not sure I see what you’re getting at are you telling me it takes two numbers to measure your own ass but only one to measure my son’s future oh we didn’t run out of Television screens on planes we ran out of food the world needs Farmers good Farmers like you and Tom so

they’re like pushing the issue um don’t take Farmers for granted I love books I just want a big bookshelf like that he’s just trying to communicate I’m trying Morse dropping dashes but I just don’t think she’s trying to talk to you she thinks like a ghost yeah imagine a ghost doing Morse code so this doesn’t seem natural then like it’s not like talking about the dust dust storms or something like that something is being caused or something’s causing this that isn’t just like I feel like nature possibly summer Jack if you go to like the

panhandle of Texas you like get bad dust storms like this sometimes one time we got stuck in one it was terrifying I would not be trying to drive right now I feel like I would just pull over and wait that’s what we did unless I’m missing something I mean that look the way that it’s like Landing yeah that doesn’t look like a normal dust thick is one Thin is zero coordinates coordinate but how are you getting coordinates who’s giving you these coordinates you’re riding and driving oh no she’s snuck in what do you think it’s

funny you wouldn’t be here he was like laughing too like father-like daughter yeah she gets it from you you’re an Explorer she wants me too angry bolt cutters she sees a gate and that’s her first instinct Mars where’s my daughter you had the coordinates for this facility Mars what the are they are they like mechs cars Mars you had the coordinates for this facility cars where did you get those coordinates where’s my dog take you down again what the father Professor brand Essa you flew for I guess this is like what became of them what’s

left of them seven years ago okra this year now there’s just corn so there’s a lot of blights on all these produce the last people to start will be the first to suffocate and your daughter’s generation will be the last to survive on Earth so soon you sent people out there looking for a new home the Lazarus missions that sounds cheerful leisurers came back from the dead sure but he had to die in the first place super I can’t tell you anymore unless you agree to Pilot this craft oh so why didn’t you seek him

out earlier yeah that is true I wonder why after seven a disturbance of space-time hello appeared 48 years ago it leads where another galaxy like a Gateway a galaxy far far away mission was to assess their world and if it showed potential then they could send out a signal bed down for the long nap wait to be ready it’s a bravery no like you’re prepared to die yeah dang yeah that’s what I’m saying my kids that’s what I guess that’s why it’s Plan B yeah that’s like save Humanity at any cost I guess find us

a new home by the time you return I will have solved the problem of gravity we’ve only been dealing with it for I know as long as we’ve existed ever I’m gonna be all right but you’ve got to make things right with murder I will without making promises you don’t know you can keep you might never come back exactly 50 years right now right now I need to exist Mark they chose me you saw you’re the one who led me to I regret it you should have left your window close either way they have to

be successful because we see the stories of the old people this might be the young people of this generation oh that’s gonna freak her out yeah that was like the worst thing you could have said oh no you’re going decent up until that point Murphy like me and I know that’s true but in the Sun and everybody else oh that was very go check on that book seems important go check out the book don’t just leave no oh damn it do not check on the book that gravity’s trying to tell you something but that’s my

kid now that’s probably his last goodbye with him like I’m not trying to be morbid but he’s a little old I’m not oh they’re not gonna say goodbye like a proper goodbye or they’re not upset at each other good morning I guess her being upset at him oh this is hand over to you it’s crazy okay so you want to whisper that’s like so much stress I can’t imagine having to fit it right this would give me like motion sickness I’m already getting dizzy just watching this this should happen like in real life then I

would be one of the people having to be left on the earth to die I couldn’t deal with the spitting I get vertigo and die gosh that’s some serious spinning though like dang it’s gonna spin the whole time I guess you just get used to it ping so do they have to be like awake for it or can they be like you know Frozen like alien Style is that what that is yeah it is okay I mean I’m assuming it looks like a tomb cars I don’t know if I trust tars tar is going to

be up too during these two years he wanted me to bring it for your brother he sent you a message oh yeah I like a marble I like in these movies that everybody has like a specialty I always thought that was cool wow it’s crazy freaky The Other Tomato right are they some of them at least you hope oh my gosh wow this movie is really visually stunning it’s like the traveling light speed like in Star Wars oh wow that’s interesting to look at him wait it’s what them should get that checked out like don’t

touch the space gooeys wavy stuff so could they pull the planet in seven years back on Earth oh a little bit Gargantua and serve fuel minimize thrusting to make sure we stay in range of Miller’s Planet you got it crazy that there’s people like on those planets well a person that I’ve just been there is that person alive like if so much time has passed for them honestly I don’t remember like a lot of this stuff is fuzzy to me I’m gonna use the Rangers aerodynamics take some fuel air brake I don’t want to get

down fast don’t we actually we want to get there in one piece so they’re still going there to lose time but it’s just like the amount of time they’re gonna spend there because if you spend time on that planet you lose it I think they’re just trying to limit it you know so like one hour was seven years yeah spiral down on top of it everybody hang on oh my gosh there’s too much spinning involved in space travel oh yeah how’s that supposed to oh seven years per hour here let’s make it count I thought

I was gonna have multiple kids by the time we get out of here no case or are you tired I think they brought case right uh because Tara’s jokes too much xeno’s coming from here this planet’s Not Gonna Fly what though it’s right under y’all they’re dead next planet yeah this wasn’t this planet’s a bust so did they just crash and it was just a beacon was kept going off you better run oh God it’s literal Water World yeah oh my gosh you need to hurry the hell up oh my gosh oh I’m leaving y’all

oh my God her data sucks this planet is not gonna be sustainable not with waves like that and no land I don’t give a case go okay okay at least case knows yes you are yes you are like I’m really getting stressed out and I’ve already seen this freaking movie come on earlier he was going so slow go come out oh wow get in getting get again we don’t need to lose anybody on the first planet I already lost a scientist oh my gosh we lost him oh okay he’s dead that’s her well why I

feel like that didn’t need to happen like he was just like standing outside you’ve lost somebody for that data but he also like wasn’t it like why didn’t you just go in I mean I think the words windy or something honestly I’m surprised the ship even survived that crash that’s a massive freaking like how would Humanity survive on this planet like that’s why I’m saying why is the data even necessary they’re like the surf’s good here but I don’t know where’s Johnny Tsunami oh my gosh and the question is how long have y’all been here

uh I still say this is only an hour so seven years maybe if you get out of here within the next you know you lost 14. and I told you after the difference is one of us are thinking about the mission right we were thinking about getting home why would you leave though without the data what was the point then yeah judging by them racket shoes broken up by a wave soon after in fact oh my hands are ready to stay together after all these years so it’s like this planet was never because of the

times oh my God what’s the initial status isn’t that crazy that is why and that’s why they were receiving it this whole time but it like wasn’t so if they actually went there the way that they were supposed to go there they would have saved time and probably saved her yeah okay I can’t remember just can’t right the only thing that can move across Dimensions like time is gravity gravity solve gravity whatever the hell that means honestly when they explain in this like movie or just like other things in general I just go with it

yeah I’m not the one to argue with that like with any logic that you throw at me get your job okay foreign like I said I get you one of the data but like this was not going to be a viable planet in general once you saw the wave I would have been like okay like just go yeah I know it must be it’s 23 years 23 23 freaking years just for that little time that they were there yeah they were probably there for like two and a half hours or something yeah or a little

over oh my gosh that’s like I just like this lost like I’m sure your kids are good but I remember this like whole part like rocked my world like 23 years like oh I’m so sad oh my gosh and he missed it all and it’s not like time went by for him but that’s crazy that that mistake yeah cost him 23 years just like today my birthday and it’s a special one because you told me oh his age right that would be a real good time for you to come back oh my gosh that’s so

freaking crazy how long ago was this one sent yeah tell me that’s current it was 23 years and she was like oh he’s still alive I guess yeah so back to the fourth iteration let’s run it through some new Fields okay new Theory his daughter’s gonna figure out gravity whatever that means but the trip took years longer than we anticipated we no longer have a fuel to visit with Prospect so you have to pick one so this planet was such a big mistake it should never came here he has a right to know what happened

no yesterday true oh well I didn’t know I thought that she got the other guy killed it’s the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space maybe we should trust that even if we can’t no I don’t trust you so I mean you only have one shot so like I feel like we should really consider our options oh so they’re going the other one If Only They would have done like the other plan where they went to the other two first and then the Water World lasts I don’t want to

call it funny but it’s kind of funny that like her like decision like resulted in the fact that they couldn’t go visit both let me I have a friend who look at this oh my gosh so just because of like all the dust yeah they said that they would be the last generation so like it seems like it happens a lot yeah it was dug deep there was no need for him oh like does she not know about Plan B is that what this is about you can use your father died he had no pain

he was at peace I’m very sorry for your legs she’s got a few L’s and yeah session like freaking got somebody killed not gonna see your lover your dad died yeah um I mean that’s not what your dad went for mm-hmm he wholeheartedly believed he could find yeah Planet a but I don’t know if it was like what he was trying to say Michael Kane’s character was that there’s no reason necessarily that he has to come back like you can still achieve like you know the mission by staying there oh wow that was like an

ice yeah cloud s that doesn’t seem good for it no there he goes seems cold planet that’s where the the guy was but like they said that they weren’t receiving messages from him yet or anymore right because he only had a certain amount of like stuff to keep him alive I think they said they could have stretched out for 10 years yeah and like who knows how the time works on this one I don’t know decades I don’t think that they’re losing time though here I think it was just because the other planet was in

close proximity to whatever the hell they’re calling the black hole or what I feel like he’s a botanist probably didn’t expect anybody to ever come back for him I didn’t expect Matt Damon to be in this movie it’s cold is it good can we use it and is really a message for you from Tom station oh our dad oh it’s sad and that’s the first thing that she doesn’t see her love or whatever either I’m sorry to tell you that your father died today they left us here I mean they found a planet here yeah

but they’re not gonna get brought there your father had to find another way to save the human race from Extinction Plan B A colony she knew how hard it would be to get people to work together to save the species instead of themselves it was yeah so it was like a ruse save them Evolutions that’s simple barrier we can care deeply selflessly about those we know so all those people knew then this um like hoping to find survival I know I was gonna say they’re trying to survive another day well people have a right to

know man I won’t help we just have to keep working isn’t that exactly what Professor Rand was manipulating he gave up on us well it’s like when she was mentioning that whole freaking figuring it out she was like you’re doing it the wrong way it was simple so he was already just dismissing her because he had already known it yeah it was just all just to like okay go back to the ghost my dad thought I called it a ghost because I’m scared of it go back to that book that fell that one day very

cool yeah I have a suggestion for your return Journey I have one last crack of the black hole oh let’s say there isn’t some way that the probe can Glimpse the singularity and relay the quantum data if he’s equipped to transmit every form of energy that compuls just went to this probe centaurs throw his ass into the black hole all right 32 hours yeah Roger that Cooper now I want to re-watch the Martian the Martian was a good movie um is he lying to Matt Damon’s character or are they just like they’re still gonna go

you have attachments and even without a family I can promise you that that yearning to be with other people is powerful I’ll Trust Matt Damon I feel like he’s gonna try and keep him there don’t trust him program trust Matt Damon thank you for example a father don’t touch me you’re too close he’s he’s like leading up to something I don’t understand Matt Damon was doing weird remember he’s like don’t I don’t want to ruin the archives yeah he did some weird nothing worked out the way it was supposed to just become obsessed with this

planet and go crazy he’s gonna push him oh you you this dude I can’t let you leave with that what’s the others realize what this place isn’t we cannot survive here I’m sorry I’m sorry but this place isn’t can’t survive here oh it wasn’t the right Planet they should have gone with love downtown Grandpa did he’s buried out back oh my gosh she’s too stubborn yeah I’m not coming back he never was coming back it’s up to me You’re Gonna Save everybody his dad couldn’t do it he’s still trying he’s fighting for y’all right now

oh it’s just so sad like if only they knew they lived their whole life like yeah like they never really knew who he really was no but you need to look in that room though oh her no take the book The book’s been calling to you said your dad left that day stop it should have left your ass on Mars oh my God I’m just gonna steal your helmet then you oh my gosh it’s like you knew your mission though this was what you’re going for and not only did he screw them he technically screwed

Plan B too because it’s like this isn’t viable for anybody foreign she gonna burn the crops to like force out her brother to save the family’s lives thank you gosh gosh get on the ship before uh Matt Damon comes back down the hill I think he had turned off his uh intercom though like I didn’t have to hear him die or whatever that’s probably why he didn’t hear him call man it’s lying they need to get the other guy and yeah go Damon’s a piece of ah was that like what happened the kit was that

kit did it self-destruct is that something that he rigged Dr brand Cooper there’s been an explosion just look at him there he freaking goes oh man I hope you crash so like he was just gonna leave them all yeah oh I didn’t look just scurried out of there uh he takes control of that we’re dead it ruin us absolutely he loved me for death don’t give a doctor man please respond he doesn’t know the endurance docking procedure the autopilot does that’s his toys disabled it oh you go Taurus got more Humanity than what’s his face

does so if it can’t dock it could still damage this right and like they won’t be able to use it override I don’t know hopefully he dies in the process he likes so frustrating I feel like before NASA sent his ass up there they should have freaking done a psych exam if he’s like like by himself for 20 something years or something like that is he gonna be able to be still sane oh in perfect contact okay no but you can’t override that like if it’s not right you locked on yet that really sucks perfectly

Dr Mann knock him hit him hit the ship that seems like well like knock his ass off and then take the thing like maybe it’ll just break his ship but what’s the alternative how many places can you dock is there only one he’s gonna kill himself if he tries to open this thing foreign oh but if it’s like imperfectly connected though then what does that mean like but I’m taking command of the endurance and then we can talk about completing the mission oh my gosh you don’t even know how this is about all man pop

there is a moment oh my gosh and it freaking ruined everything oh my gosh this guy and like that was their freaking ship I mean you have to avoid all the debris that thing is coming at you but I mean what do you even do now thrusters oh my gosh is necessary it’s going so freaking fast the dirt City stratosphere and we also had to gloss over that like ROM Lee just like got blown up and left oh my gosh it’s like what if she blacks out what if you both black out well no he

told tars or case to do it yeah I was like what tell the AI like tell the non-human oh it looks like he might we’re gonna put humanity and ai’s freaking hands right now and also if you dock then then what like can this little thing still be functional honestly it’s impressive he did not black out yeah she’s like what I miss you wow okay it’s good under pressure is there a way to fix it it’s like straight out in his face is there like a button you could push to like seal that part off

and the rest of the ship and repressurize the generator kicked to the system’s stable they’re all good good okay the eggs honestly I forgot about the eggs Gargantua pull us down close to Horizon and a powered slingshot around launching us towards Edmonds Planet manually that’s what I’m here for can you get the information okay three two hours send that data okay guys nice wreck was flying learn from the master Ranger two prepared I like times better I would have sent case oh my gosh and he let her go because her also her lover yeah she

loves him oh my gosh guys it’s all blackness you read me over because I can’t communicate eject what the is going on what what is going on don’t tell me this is a bookcase did he push the book he’s the one who push the book don’t go oh my gosh this looks like the back of a bookcase oh my gosh okay so was him knocking it down the whole time ah what else can you look at I feel like looking at so much don’t go you idiot go go yeah of course Morse code oh it

was him the whole time mm-hmm hey Dash Dash break the bookshelf why my dad’s stuck in the bookcase which is funny because it was his message to her that she relayed back to him yeah this has to be like the time right when he was about to leave and he knocks off that one book it feels like it turned into like the quantum realm and admin Ed how do you talk to her current self you’ve seen that time is represented here as a physical dimension you have worked out that you can exert a force across

space-time gravity the message affirmative I mean you were sending messages through time you’ve got to figure something out right the people on Earth are gonna die think think think they didn’t bring us here to change the past yeah they didn’t bring us here to change the past future hmm oh yeah so he said we brought ourselves yeah literally Cooper all of this legit feels like the quantum Realm find a specific place in time they can communicate it oh just like I found this moment power we love tars love it’s just like Grant’s head no it’s

like what she was talking about oh is that why it was like freaking doing that thing count the dead into the movement of the second hand oh it looks like that anymore Cooper what if she never came back for no you’re also asking questions that are like what else the hell are you gonna do I wonder how long that took okay putting it together he’s getting ready to fight foreign and then he’s just gonna die as the four dimensions we know it’s about collapsing on itself now oh at what point was this this was like

when they took off I think oh oh it was his hand oh yeah yeah one of the weird happened throughout the movie you see he was the one who kept uh Matt Damon’s from docking like blow up Matt Damon when where and how are you I feel like he’s dead after him what year is it I mean it’s been 123 years well no he’s 123 never mind yeah Lazarus endurance oh the quote oh whoa oh no they built it like that all the other people just wasn’t enough food was that her I mean I thought

that at the beginning but it was like a museum yes bring them back to life much we’ve been through me and an AI saved like Humanity 95 percent confirmed five five more percent we already found this planet you want to find more wow so this is like his his like distant or yeah you know what I mean like that’s crazy you never get to see that far oh foreign and he’s like still like young and it’s just so crazy The Watch because my dad promised me no have my kids here for me now you go

no maybe Anne Hathaway’s like lover wasn’t alive and maybe you can get together say hi to your son is he alive so weird like that all his family that just don’t know anything about him so is he gonna go get her so that wasn’t even the freaking planet then okay so that sucks in a strange Galaxy he died tars in the back so are we Advanced enough to like be able to send this little ship and make it back we had like Star Wars level yet okay um so with that last little bit I feel

like I’m a little bit confused like was he going to go like to her because the planet obviously was sustainable I mean she was able to take off her her helmet so she could at least breathe there um it seemed like she had a little base set up I initially thought where he was waking up was like you know the the planet they already on I was like what is this like cylinder planet um it was like a space it was a spaceship that’s a space station yeah whatever I’m I wonder I mean it’s been

a lot more years maybe they just like Advanced what that was originally supposed to go up there then Michael Caine was talking about that’s what I always had assumed that it was like that that they had used like and made I mean obviously she was an old woman so she could have clearly came up with some sort of plan but then I think my biggest question that I still don’t really fully understand is like what was the information I guess it was just the way to go like where to go I the information transmitted into

the water well I mean it’s like information that they like transcended like time which it was interesting and you know from a lot of Christopher Nolan films that I’ve seen um and not just like I would say the Dark Knight trilogy well actually kind of in the Dark Knight trilogy in the last episode I mean spoilers if you haven’t seen the Dark Knight trilogy but you know like where they thought that Batman died and then Michael Caine ironically enough was off Alfred and he saw him and and Hathaway um eating dinner in like I think

Italy or something like that I forgot what uh what country it was but um I mean I want to think that this is all positive you know that it ended positively and that he went and found brand and they lived together yeah yeah that’s kind of what I’m hoping for you know I mean I’m not hoping for this movie came out freaking eight years ago but I’m you know like uh another freaking uh Christopher Nolan film that spoilers uh spoilers for Inception but you know it was left a little ambiguous you know how it ended

in a little topper like did it fall over or not I always like to think that it did fall over and that he was actually there um I feel like you know this one is a little less up for interpretation in my opinion because obviously the Space Station’s there I feel like they’re making their way to that planet it’s really just about like did he actually get there and not and did they get to spend time together I like to think that they did you know Christopher Nolan has a very um distinct like way he

makes films they’re very visually appealing the story is usually intricate there’s usually some sort of like not full-on twist at the end but like a reveal you know and that was the case here when he pressed eject when he went through the freaking black hole I was like what the are you ejecting yourself into you’re about to die um but obviously he ended up in like this freaking weird like Quantum realm looking place um and then he said like this is what we would be able to like make in the future so it’s humans that

invented this technology it almost makes you wonder if they knew that one day he would have to use something like that so maybe who knows how long had to invent that for him to be able to use it I mean that has to be so much further into the future because I feel like the people from Earth had to transfer themselves to this new planet and they had to develop even further so that’s probably like so many years in the future that they were like okay well we built this technology but we just have no

way of communicating and then he was the person who was able to communicate but his daughter like you know had her own family I’m assuming with a freaking Eric Foreman um and you know she lived her whole life and it’s it’s kind of weird and sad and like but it’s still happy in the same like light just because you know that he actually got to you know have that last interaction with her but like minus like him leaving that was like their last interaction before like she lived her life so it was very sad to

think about all the time that was missed I think my favorite part of the movie um is like the whole time thing is like the relativity thing like you know how he was a hundred and something years old old because he still looked the same age when he left but then everybody else was super old now that time and it’s just that I always thought that that part of it was like the coolest thing but the craziest part too I really like this movie a lot and um you know there’s been I think there’s actually

another Christopher Nolan movie coming out soon with Killian Murphy in it I don’t know what it’s about though there’s another movie that we never saw tenant but let us know if you want us to react to that movie because I’m down to watch more Christopher Nolan he makes great movies I really want to get Casey to watch The Prestige because I feel like she’ll really enjoy that movie this was a fun rewatch for me because I watched it so long ago probably when I was in high school still so there was a lot of things

I didn’t remember like kind of and this is also a really long movie so I feel like like I remembered certain main plot points like I remembered the first planet where they lost the 20-something years like I completely forgot about Matt Damon’s character and like what happened there and then I I did not remember how it ended at all so really yeah so it was kind of cool like I remember the beginning part a little bit but then some of that was Fuzzy so I guess I didn’t remember as much of this movie as I

thought I mean when you watched it in 2014 that’s eight years ago that’s a long time it was cool this was a good time for a re-watch because it’s like I got to you know re-experience it but still I knew that I liked this movie and I’d like it just as much again so this was really fun and it makes me want to go back into Sci-Fi movies again all right well thank you so much for watching and we will see you next time bye everyone thank you

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