News 2 Movie Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

After the critical and financial success of knives out in 2019, Netflix wanted to get in on the whodunit genre by purchasing 2 knives out sequels for a total of $469 million. Now the question is, was that level of investment worth it? Thankfully, that’s not my judgment to make, but what I can tell you is that glass onion, the first of the two sequels, leans into the fun and visually engaging nature of the 1st and cranks everything up to an 11. Benoit, Block the detective. Mr. prompt. My Canada overstate my gratitude to be here when the

murder mystery start. Meanwhile, Blanc is back in glass onion. The eccentric detective is inexplicably invited to the private island of tech billionaire miles Braun for an annual party with a strangely incongruent group of friends. Oh my God, what happened? In classic whodunit fashion, what starts off as a simple murder mystery party begins to take a turn as the detective realizes each one of these people has a motive to see Braun dead. Who killed the party? Lies and secrets are exposed, but can block solve the mystery when everyone is a suspect. The game is afoot yet

again as Ryan Johnson UPS the ante in terms of style to deliver a charming and unique spin on the whodunit formula glass. Onion is an absolute delight from beginning

to. By creating these memorable characters that seem as if they walked off the clue board game, Johnson ensures that the audience is in a constant state of guessing and sleuthing, just like blank himself. Once again played beautifully by and against type Daniel Craig. Without getting into spoilers, glass onion sets itself apart from the film prior by playing with the audience’s perception of events. And while the emotional

beats in this one lacked the same heft, it trades that in for sheer story, driven intrigue and a colorful cast. In particular, Janelle Monáe dazzles. Her multifaceted character in arguably her most versatile role of all time, she’s an undeniable highlight. However, anything else I say could easily weave into spoiler territory. Go in as blind as possible and you were promised to film that, while I didn’t love as much of the first, is one of the most funny, engaging, and just plain entertaining films of the year. More, please. I’m giving glass onion a news to approve.

You can watch it only on Netflix.

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