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Before you touch your son Talking to you In the last few years, Bollywood has made its point, SRK’s Jawan is proving to be the most powerful movie of this entire 20-20 wickets, where on one side is D-Kashmir File Dr. A movie like Karala Story which makes money by selling hatred and enmity between two communities in the name of their religion, while other movies of Pakistan earn money in the name of this Muslim, but SRK’s Jawan is such a tremendous person with this 20-20 wickets. It is proving to be a hit in which there is neither

Hindu-Muslim nor Pakistan, despite this Jawan is making a splash at the box office. Now those who have not watched Jawan till now, this question will definitely be in their mind that when there is no Hindu-Muslim Pakistan in the movie. What is there in the tongue that people are liking him so much, then his answers are the story, one of which is this public message of SRK, do not vote on the basis of fear, money, caste, religion, vote for the one who gives better education to your children, gives you employment for you. Hospital Construction If you

have heard me before, my video is good then you would know that I do not make movie review type videos, this video is because Jawan is a special

movie in itself whose level is very high. Messaging Top Note for last many years. You must have seen that the level of Bollywood was falling rapidly. Movies were distributed, money was also spent, earnings were also made, but we will tell you further about some selective movies. In the last few years, Bollywood movies neither got any good story nor public. What was the message, nor did he get the

level of acting? What was the hatred, Islam phobia, Pakistan D Kashmir file, in which Puri’s Puri movie was kept communal by tampering with the original facts, what was the impact, Muslims were killed all over India and the movie was Rs 340 crores. Vikas earns only Rs., but Vikas also feels hatred. Those who earn money will not even need money for promotion. The situation of the country is already such that if you promote yourself, then money will be money and here has come Dak Kerala Story which is nothing but Probkanda. Ada Sharma, who is a flopped

actress, plays the lead role in the movie. The face is made scary with the help of make-up. The trailer of the movie is released in which Ada Sharma says that a dangerous game is going on in Kerala by converting 32000 girls to Islam. After joining, they were sent to Syria. 32000. This number is so big that after hearing it, people get a strange feeling. It means that 32 years of girls were converted as part of planning, they were joined and sent to Syria. The matter reached the court and the court asked to prove Marx’s claim

and when the truth came out, it was found that the D Kerala story was not 32000 but only three. Story of Girls: Makar was asked to put a disclaimer before the start of the movie, although the disclaimer was given but this number 32000 was repeated so many times that today we know that Kerala Story is the story of 32000 girls because that’s how many people are there. Those who read the disclaimer, Sampat Saral is a poet. He had said that if you lie, your vision should be big. Hitler’s Probekinda Minister Global had said that keep

repeating a lie until it is accepted as truth and this is D. Marx of Kerala Story followed the lie. The vision was also big and the lie was repeated so many times until it was accepted as truth and what happened is that Marx earned pearls by defaming a well educated state like Kerala and Kerala Story. The world wide collection is 303 crores. Now it is obvious that this type of movie is no less than a jackpot for Marx. More such movies will come in the coming time too, by displaying Islam in the name of nationalism

in the name of region, they will earn huge money because. Brother, this is the environment and in such an environment, there is a hope and strength to revive the young Bollywood. Maybe you know this or maybe many of you do not know that Bollywood was called the mirror of the society which was the mirror of its own. The story continued to raise those issues of the society which could create a beautiful society. It made people aware and gave a good message. Azuddin Shah’s movie Abus De is a perfect example of this. After the riots of

1947, a gulf was created between Hindus and Muslims. There was a time when such movies were released which tried to reduce the gap between Hindus and Muslims and promoted brotherhood, but in today’s time and environment, you know it very well and understand it, yes. Not speaking is a different matter, but for those people who used to say that SRK does not say anything on the situation in the country, SRK ‘s jawan has come up with the answer to their question. SRK has spoken and has spoken in such a way that his guns will be heard

for a long time. You might remember the first feature of the movie Tak Sunde Degi Zaban, although nowadays the habit of making mistakes or even making mistakes has become more prevalent, but still if you remember the absence of oxygen gas cylinder in B Medical College of Gorakhpur. Due to this, two children had died. Kapil Khan was imprisoned in Jai, however, later the court gave him a clean chit and released him. Do you know the full story? This incident has also been shown in SRK’s Jawan, where Dr. Kapil’s A character named Jahaan Do Hiran plays the

role, in which there is a scene which I would like to tell you. Do Iran calls the medical college day and says that there is no oxygen cylinder, in which the reply of the deal comes, the formality will be completed, the cylinder will reach. Will go to which Iran says Sir, if you do not take immediate action then I will go to the top and complain even if I have to go to the Health Minister. Bheem’s reply comes that even a small bottle of phenyl is not inside the hospital without commission. Shakti and this. Kabir

Saheb, the health minister’s department goes from middlemen to people like me. The higher you go to complain, the more commission you will get. Well, somehow Iran has brought oxygen, but later they are accused and put in Jai Jawan. At one place in the movie, there is talk of internal corruption, there is talk of caste, farmers and in the last, SRK passes a message to the public and makes a direct appeal, this finger which you point everywhere, you question everything. You ask questions to everyone about pulses, rice, oil and soap. Is there any adulteration in the

rice? This soap will definitely wake you up. How many daughters do you talk to every time, everywhere? You ask questions about everything. Shivaay do one thing while choosing your government, while choosing your government for 5 years, do not ask a single question, do not ask anything, ask questions to the person who comes to ask for your vote in the name of fear, money, caste, religion, ask him, what will you do for me for the next 5 years? What will you do for my children’s education, what will you do for me to get a job and

if I go to the insurance post, what will you do for my family? Ask questions with this finger because there is a lot of power in your finger and if you do this, you will get freedom. You will get freedom, freedom from poverty, freedom from others, freedom from corruption, use this finger of yours, do it to him, believe me, SRK has said everything, he has answered all the questions that were asked to him and has given such an answer which you will see in the coming 2014. A clip of the movie Jawan will go very

viral. Keep this thing in your mind, it will come less in future and finally, before touching your son, talk to you. You already know the story. You must have liked the video. If yes, then you would like, share and subscribe. in the next video

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