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Where is Skyfox?
What is the Reason for His Antagonism with
the Union?
Is Blackstar Dead?
What is the Significance of the Watch?
Is Chester Alive?
These are the questions that are rising in
viewers mmind after watching the Netflix Show
Jupiters Legacy.
Based on the eponymous comic series by Mark
Millar and Frank Quitely, adult sci-fi superhero
series ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ is a dark
and somber homage to the golden days of Superhero
Following three generations of the Sampson
family of industrialists, the story unfolds
on a grand scale resembling Homeric epics.
As the hastily sketched saga comes to a close,
there remain more questions than answers.
If you have found difficulty in comprehending
the web of narratives woven in the course
of the series, we shall try to give our own
justification for the ending.
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Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Ending: Walter
is The Villain!!
Walter is the domineering brother of Sheldon
who is known by his alias Brainwave.
Walter’s power is to imprison people in

own mind spaces, as is shown in the
troop’s battle with the Blackstar clone.
He holds the clone off in a simulation but
the clone breaks off and wreaks havoc on the
Walter is constructed to be a volatile character
from the very beginning.
In an unfolding drama marred by grey, we come
to recognize Walter as a coward and scheming
person who blames others for his own shortcomings.
During the journey to the other side, Walter
comes to mistrust Sheldon’s instincts on
multiple occasions.
In the present timeline, he visits Blackstar
in Supermax to get into his mind and know
the whereabouts of Skyfox.
As Walter tortures Blackstar, we come upon
the feeling that he is not the ideal superhero.
In the final episode, when he tries to tap
into the disfigured brain of Blackstar’s
clone, he is trapped into a shadow realm by
He is seemingly defeated by Skyfox, but then
Grace appears in the realm.
Meanwhile, Raikou keeps Walter in the state.
In essence, Walter comes out of the coma with
the help of Fitz, Grace, and Raikou.
But the final twist is bound to leave the
audiences scratching their foreheads.
Walter’s distant daughter Raikou can get
into the head of Walter and she finds out
a sinister truth about Walter.
It was Walter who created the clone of Blackstar
and released Blackstar from imprisonment.
He wants to separate Sheldon from his family
and preside over the Union.
It is not Skyfox who is the enemy of Sheldon
and the Union – it is rather one closer
to the home.
Upon knowing Walter’s secret, Raikou blackmails
him for money, but Walter finds it safer to
eliminate her instead.
Walter is a person who can even kill his own
daughter to fulfill his own means, and in
the finality of events, he is exposed as the
central threat to the integrity of the Union.
Is Blackstar Dead?
Blackstar is released from Supermax, following
which the prison facility goes into lockdown.
Blackstar is the most powerful opponent against
the Union and is a great deal more cunning
than his clone.
While all the other first-generation heroes
are busy fighting Skyfox, Brandon and Sheldon
are left to confront the formidable force.
Brandon is eager to fight but takes a hard
beating from Blackstar instead.
Blackstar teases Utopian to choose between
his son and his code and he is seemingly immobilized,
but in the nick of time, Petra Small appears
in the scene.
They manage to fight Blackstar and Brandon
beats him to unconsciousness.
But as Brandon comes to understand the meaning
of the code, he does not kill Blackstar.
While Sheldon assures Brandon that he would
choose family over ideal, what he would actually
do is up for debate.
Blackstar is portrayed as a super-villain
not caring for anyone, but his evil is more
transparent than the deceptive cunning of
While he is defeated in the finality of the
moment, he is still alive.
Where is Skyfox?
What is the Reason for His Antagonism with
the Union?
Skyfox remains absent for most of the present
storyline, but as we get a glimpse into the
past, we come to know of the unbreakable friendship
of Sheldon and George.
Therefore, the news of Skyfox’s antagonism
with the Union creates intrigue in the mind
of the viewer.
George also has his own flaws, but none of
them as glaring as Walter’s.
In the final episode, however, when George
imprisons Walter into a simulated space, we
come to realize that he is not far from the
gruesome villain that he is painted to be
from the beginning.
When intervened by Grace, he freezes her in
mid-air and goes on to show the future to
As Walter shows Grace, Skyfox is implicated
to be the killer of Brandon and Sheldon.
However, as we know that Walter can conjure
realities, we cannot be fully certain of the
We also do not know the reason for his exit
from the legion of heroes.
But the transformation of Chloe and the exit
of Skyfox stems from the same moment of rupture.
It also seems that the best friends fell out
due to their ideological differences.
While Sheldon does not want to get involved
in positions of power, George wants the heroes
to govern America and the world.
Sheldon and George’s rivalry unfolds like
the antagonism between Professor X and Magneto
in X-Men.
In all possibility, Walter also has a major
part to play in mobilizing the heroes against
What is the Significance of the Watch?
Is Chester Alive?
The watch seems to be an important instrument
in finding the location of the mysterious
The watch is seen in Miller’s house and
the pocket of Chester.
The watch breaks at the moment when the voyagers
are disturbed by the voices from the seas.
The watch also works as a compass which gives
the crew directions.
But its significance reaches beyond these
apparent aspects.
It seems that Miller and Chester were connected
to a bigger organization that attempted to
go to the secret island before.
When we revisit the heroes in their moment
of glory, Chester appears from what looks
like a magical flower to congratulate the
group for their bravery and diligence.
While previously only Sheldon could see Chester,
now everyone can, and we believe that maybe
Chester is alive.
However, in a world of graphic splendor, he
can be a simulation brought back by the creator
to give meaning to the moment.
Chester embodies the neoliberal spirit of
America as he rewards the worthy with superpowers.
The watch, on the other hand, symbolizes the
precedence of time in the plot.
Season 2 Plots.
So as season 1 ends, it leaves many timeline
and plot still to be unravelled.
The main plot for the next season would be
how walter manipulate Sheldon against his
family or vice versa.
And I also think that, he is the reason behind
the differences between chole and Sheldon.
Walter knows Chloe is too powerful and could
become next leader so he distracted her from
that path.
And now he is after Brandon and he will try
do the same to him.
Taking about chloe and Hutch, they steal some
kind of energy source and hutch is going to
find his father, George.
I guess they all will get together and uncover
the truth about Walter and remove all the
accusations on George.
And we will for sure see Chloe teaming up
with skyfor and going against his father for
And as for the brandon, he is still confused
and he could be easily manipulated by his
uncle Walter.
He will be the first one to break the union
and team up with walkter and go against his
At the end we see that, he thinks, his father
love his codes more that his own son.
So that will do the trick.
So that’s my theory and that’s all for
the video, what are your thoughts over it,
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