Just Watched SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE!! Reaction & Movie Review

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Fleet command today it’s a strap in Starfleet Cadets and set your phasers to fun all right so real quick the plot of this movie trying to keep it to what the trailers have shown us is to not spoil it miles he reunites with Gwen and gets flung into the Multiverse he meets a whole Squad of spider people who are basically the Guardians of the Multiverse these Heroes they start bumping heads on how to deal with this new threat they’re facing which is a fantastic debate by the way I’m probably going to talk a lot more

on that later on in this video that creates a massive conflict between miles and the other spiders so with this whole journey they’re upping their animation style and action sequences but really at its core it’s a story about acceptance and Miles having to redefine his whole idea of what it means to be a hero he’s got to dig deep and figure out how to save the people he loves most some serious soul-searching right here as bigger as this film is as higher Stakes as this movie is it’s also a much more personal more intimate film

about Miles Morales and especially about Gwen Stacy arguably this is just equally her movie as well in fact the prologue of this film without giving anything away is very much about her spot is as teased in the trailer is the villain as funny as he is in this movie he also becomes something that you can see is wow that is one of the most threatening villains you have to deal with John what did you think about it I’m still piecing my brain together which is a good thing this was spectacular in every sense of the

word but yeah coming out of the first movie which is such a lovely you know imaginative sprawling experience that also has this great Coming of Age story inside I thought they just managed to build on top of that and to keep the character heft the actual emotional story super engaged while giving you swaths of references and new universes and new visual Styles and languages Like It Is A Feast for the eyes and ears and everything in between it’s overwhelming but in a way that is really satisfying and fun and begs you to come back time

and again I would imagine I mean it’s overwhelming in the same way how the first time you watched into the spider-verse might have felt overwhelming at first as well there were things about it where I’m like okay is the pacing off a tadpe here is this too much that’s being thrown at my face right now instantly follow the thought of I bet on a re-watch it would not feel this way whatsoever because into the spider-verse out of the Spider-Man films it is my favorite of the Spider-Man movies I want to watch it again before I

say a statement like this I think I like this one more than the first one gotta keep in mind this is also a part one of a you know of a two-parter here for the sequels does it end on a cliffhanger yes it ends on a cliffhanger and man I didn’t want it to end though I definitely didn’t want it I was like oh man you can feel when it’s about time you’re like oh crap I forgot there’s supposed to be a part three to conclude this story he’s making a five hour movie go it’s

a complete film still for a part two the it’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie that really ends on such a cliffhanger where the story of this will not entirely be complete until you watch the next one yet it’s still like remember how the Lord of the Rings movies felt that way it has that effect kind of like an Empire Strikes Back or two towers the reason why it feels complete is because they have such a personal tale here of what Gwen Stacy has to go through and that’s where so much of the

personal journey and what makes this specific installment feel that much more complete without giving it away you know same for miles but he’s got so much more of his character to tell bigger Stakes of the film as it is and is more bombastic and a crazy cacophony of events that are taking place here it still had so many more scenes as compared to the first one that felt much slower more are intimate they’re just like scenes like dialogue character scenes that were not about crazy Vivid animation just character scenes with so many of the characters

that had so much dramatic heft heart and tension at times especially with the parents there’s some truly Exquisite scenes with the parents that propelled this movie forward and in fact so much of this coming of age story is also about parenting they’re spliced throughout this whole movie that also made this film feel that much more I don’t want to just say the word harrowing because I feel like I abused that word sometimes but it does it makes it feel that much more harrowing it is a bit of a harrowing journey I mean the fate of

the Multiverse hangs on the balance for also what’s personally at stake here for these characters it’s so much darker than the first one it’s a much it’s darker than a lot of the other Spider-Man movies we’ve seen you know what it does it really hones in on the hardships and themes that we know of Spider-Man characters and make such a great meta commentary on it but doesn’t get lost in the meta commentary on it it gets you invested in the turbulent trials of what one has to endure on such a grand yet small scale that’s

so impressive how they do it yeah and it’s also again super Universal and intimate because even though these are being applied to these science fiction Stakes so much of what is happening is building off of again the coming of age story that came before and just the confronting of life as you come of age as you become an adult as you become fully formed there are going to be trials and tribulations that you cannot avoid and sometimes life is going to throw you a bad hand or some kind of thing that you cannot negotiate or

just go back and fix and that is at the center of what’s going on here so there’s like a harsh lesson being learned and I think it’s something too that’s interesting to split into two parts because it’s something that we all bargain with to one degree or another it just happens to be applied to these you know comic book style stakes and Aesthetics and the art style too I mean as beautiful and Grand as it was the first time around I thought they made that even more expressive here so that the emotionality of the scene

work and even those scenes that are just breathing and aren’t so kinetic have the bolstering of the art that feels very alive and again like even though this is probably all made on a computer it feels like somebody took the time to draw it and really put that care into everything and the array of other characters too and and the little glimpses into their versions of the trials and tribulations of a Spider-Man Spider Woman whatever you know it all comes back to something relatable and Universal even though yeah it’s so high concept yeah there’s a

lot of these great dream like abstract Expressions that they’ll do that are just about the hardships and the terror that’s going on within like Miles Morales especially in this movie sequences where it’s like this is just something that’s taking place within his mind it has a bit of that cerebral effect of the horrors of the things you gotta face within that are also manifesting itself externally it’s it’s so much deeper than the first one and but it’s still really funny it’s a really funny movie at the same time I mean some characters that have been

teased within the trailers you know like spider Punk uh he’s hilarious rock star character Anarchist like this 60s 70s type of rock and roller anti-capitalism sjw yeah yeah just the Locust guy look out yeah but he’s still so freaking awesome yeah so awesome commentary he makes are made a lot of times for jokes it’s never like making a serious messenger point with him implementing him here with his crazy Expressions again with his animation style are awesome one character I was surprised by as well I don’t know how to pronounce his name the Spider-Man India character

he was hilarious what a wonderful addition to this whole universe and a beautiful world of Mumbai whatever the combination of Mumbai Brooklyn is yeah and then of course you got Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man 299 what I loved about it is in the trailers when you watch it you’re like okay is he gonna be a villain he does have this I don’t want to give it away because it’s so much more gray and that’s one of the coolest Parts about it is the film definitely has like an a threatening quality about him yet I wouldn’t categorize him

as a villain there’s such a debate at its core that was like kind of given away uh there’s so much more to it there’s so much more meat around it than what’s in the trailers there is a debate surrounding an inner conflict that happens between him and uh miles that involves you know what it really means to be a Spider-Man and certain sacrifices one has to make and it is a fantastic debate that this movie’s having because even I’m there and I’m rooting for miles at the same time I’m in my the audience seat going

is Miles making the right choice yeah we would all be in your shoes but also look at the big picture I get that Miguel’s a terrible communicator but I guess he’s just such an aggressive at the same time you’re like but what if Miguel is the one who is right about this right what if he’s the only one who’s willing to go through with what’s right yeah yeah it does a great job at painting that there’s not as much ben Reilly as I think some people might want in here kind of like soften the blow

a little bit there Jessica Drew was another very fun welcome addition who brings a lot of energy and commands the screen whenever she’s there the movie’s more suspenseful than the last one it’s more intense it’s more complex and that complexity is such a compliment to it because it easily could have been over convoluted yet it doesn’t go past that line I feel like this movie is phenomenal I think it’s inspiring one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen yeah I mean is it leave you off on a note that is as fun or hopeful

like the first movie while crazy is still simple compared to what this is yeah but this one absolutely leaves you wanting more right now and it leaves off in a place where you go ah but then you immediately feel that swell of having been through a cathartic and Grand experience and yeah it leaves you with tons to appreciate and anticipate all at the same time again on my first few women there were parts and specifically like the first 30 to 40 minutes because it could be such like a kinetic ride and then we got a

really serious scene here and it’s slowing me down and I was like I don’t know if it’s just because I’m coming off the high of that kinetic scene that sometimes I was like having a bit of a difficult time I wouldn’t even say difficult it was going to calibrate your brain you do got to calibrate your mind and hard at times to go okay now we’re slowing down yeah yeah absolutely but I wouldn’t have it any other way a perfect way to do a part two because it takes the events of what happened in the

first one and this is the residual consequences carrying over into here but still telling a different story but carrying on the same story is the next chapter of a life it’s a strong ass film man you’re flawless I can’t believe it was like 40 minutes and I’m like I can’t believe they just did it again like they did it again and better like yeah it’s rarely occasion that I come into one of these without like worries that they’re gonna clear the bar but they just effortlessly you know swept me off on a journey with this

and yeah this might be one of the greatest sequels to one of the greatest comic book movies a hundred thousand percent on Rotten Tomatoes I see you guys did you see this movie what are you most looking forward to if you haven’t seen it leave your thoughts down below what do you hope to see in part three which they I don’t know if they’ve revealed the title already but they reveal the title of the third one at the end of this movie if you didn’t know the title already so yeah uh anyway the title’s like

ah great title exactly yeah leave your thoughts down below thank you so much for being here we will talk with you all soon thanks again guys

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