Kids Book Review: The Yawns are Coming by Chris Eliopoulos

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to recommend a 
silly picture book for you. The Yawns are Coming  
written by Christopher Eliopoulos is a 
2020 brightly award-winning picture book  
If you can read this entire book without yawning 
then you deserve a prize. Christopher Eliopoulos  
writes the popular i am books some of them you 
might recognize are i am walt disney i am rosa  
parks i am jane goodall and a lot more so his 
illustrations may look very familiar in this book  
geared for ages four through eight this is a great 
bedtime read that is sure to get some laughter  
two best friends are having a sleepover when they 
plan to stay up all night long plane but then  
the yawns show up as much as they try to 
outrun and hide from them it’s no use the  
yawns continue to catch them will our heroes 
escape their tiredness read the book and find out

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